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  The Two-Word Story Game!
Posted by: a-boy-playing-with-rubiks - 09-19-2021, 19:20:42 PM - Forum: Forum games - Replies (17)

Post only two words at a time to form a story. Don't smash two or more words together to form one word.


Once upon

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  Unpopular Opinions
Posted by: Guma - 09-17-2021, 17:16:30 PM - Forum: Misc - Replies (7)

(Because TV Tropes bans these threads for some reason.)

As for me, I have liked The Last Jedi ever since I first saw it in 2017, more than what came immediately before and after. I've come to realize its flaws ever since then, and it's not as good as the originals, but its style, structure, filmmaking techniques, and what it set up is unparalleled. Would have loved to see Supreme Leader Kylo Ren expanded upon, in particular.

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  Free Association: Part One. Day 6: "Graduation Day"
Posted by: Florien - 09-07-2021, 20:25:18 PM - Forum: Murdergames - Replies (1145)

No questions then? Good. Though, knowing you people, I'm sure you'll come up with something the moment I close them. Your contact in the force is waiting for you down in the Catkin. I'll let her introduce herself on her own time, so go there when you're ready. The CSI reports for the C.L.K. case should be with her today, your addresses are not currently registered with the department, you see. If you ask her nicely, she might tell you a few things about this region. Insider information.

The Spymaster seems to be wrapping up, when suddenly, the Spymaster speaks again.

Oh, and mind, there are more hazards out here than just your fellow consultants. Some might be fatal. We don't want to see you dying in some horrible household accident, accidental death is certainly a possibility, so try to not do that. Thank you, you may go about your business now.

With that, your earpieces turn off. You're free to go do your "job" now, and free to associate with whomsoever you choose.

[FORMERLY] Active Agents in Territory:

Lindsey Clipton: [DEAD: "YOU ONLY DIE ONCE. NOT TWICE."]

French Terezi Pyrope: [MIA]


Wario: [DEAD. "Trent Reznor, the Boss, Shot Wario."]

Sariel Elakha: [DEAD: "NAILED FOR CRIMES."]

Scott Cameron: [DEAD: "I'VE FALLEN! AND I CAN'T GET UP!"]

Kaikoku Onigasaki: [MIA]


Squid Ink Cookie: [DEAD: INSERT:[Calamari_Joke]]

Anaheim: [DEAD. "SEEN VENTING."]

Wood Man: [DEAD. "CLEANED UP."]

Runner 5: [MIA]

Evil Jay Leno: [DEAD. "NOT CHICKEN."]

7: [MIA]

Mathra-19-150-M: [DEAD. "BLASTED OFF."]

Dr Fischer: [DEAD: GRADUATED. "SEWER CATS! (Hell yeah)."]


Clara Corey Meitner: [DEAD: "ALL COP is BASTARD and DEAD"]

The Man in Green: [DEAD: "PICKED OUT AND OFF."]

Peter Romero: [DEAD: "COULDN'T TANK THE HIT."]

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  Free Association Signups (Full)
Posted by: Florien - 08-23-2021, 21:59:52 PM - Forum: Signups - Replies (18)

Welcome to Tripford!

Tripford City (Officially incorporated as the City of Tripford) has many problems, not the least of which is the infamous "Nine Blocks." The T.C.P.D. has its hands full enough suppressing any dissent against itself and its historic reign of terror violently, much less actually solving the growing crime problem marked by the presence of arms dealers and other things. But the T.C.P.D. is content to worry about the small problems, such as a notorious serial killer in the very worst part of town, the Catkin District.

That's where you come in. You are consultants on the case of the Catkin Lane Killer... or that's the official story anyway. A story which doesn't hold up to much scrutiny, at that. You all are renting apartments in the same building, for one, and not one of you is a local. None of you have any spending history beyond the past few days, and if any of you were asked about your concealed earpieces, you'd just brush the question off.

The reason behind this is that you all woke up, missing an indeterminate amount of time, in the lobby of Willford Apartments, with earpieces talking into your ear.

I'd like to remind you that you signed up for this.

The vague, staticky voice comes over your earpieces.

Very well. I've been reminded you'll need an explanation. You see, I've erased your memories of the past few months where you've been working with me. Call me the Spymaster, if anything. Nothing else, please. No pronouns. I'm just "The Spymaster" to you. Anyway... Think of this as a... Final Exam. It was optional, but unlike the rest of your classmates, you insisted on going the extra mile. I don't pretend to know why you requested to do this, and you likely don't, considering your erased memories, but you very much did, so don't complain when I explain the terms to you again. Got it? Good.

The Spymaster doesn't wait for a response, simply assuming you agreed.

You've been enlisted as consultants at the police, to work a case. This is a cover, and the case is irrelevant. I'm going to need you to listen very carefully to the next part. Is that clear? Crystal? Good. Now, here's the explanation of what's going on. Do not do anything until I say you may begin.

There's what sounds like the crinkling of paper in your earpiece, and the Spymaster begins reading.

Right. This is a pass/fail course. If you pass, you graduate, and will be taken to a safehouse, where you will await the conclusion of this test, before entering your job as an agent of our group full-time. If you fail, normally, we'd reserve a place for you back in the lower-skilled group, but seeing as failing in this case means dying in the test, I don't believe you'll need those reserved spaces. I will now explain the test. Please remain calm when I explain what is going to happen.

The Spymaster pauses.

You must remain inside the area known as the "Nine Blocks" at all times during the test, unless you have graduated. To leave and not return is a failure, and you will be killed. There are four ways to graduate, because, after all, there are many ways to be a good spy.

The first way is you can successfully catch the Catkin Lane Killer without getting yourself killed in the process. Unfortunately, this may prove difficult, as the Catkin Lane Killer has caused us a number of problems in the past, in other cities. Once you've found the killer, whoever manages to make the arrest, dead or alive, of the Catkin Lane Killer immediately graduates. They may choose a partner to graduate with them, who helped on the case, but only one.

The second way to graduate is... well, there's no polite way to put this. You need to kill one of your fellow "consultants" and get away with it. There's arms dealers and various shops and places to steal equipment from, and you each have some money on some prepaid cards I've given you. I'm sure you can think of a way to manage it. You may work with a partner and they will graduate too, but only one partner.

The third way to graduate is to simply be one of the last three standing. Clearly you have something going for you, survivability-wise, if you've lasted that long without ending up dead.

The fourth way is up to my discretion. That is to say, any other thing that I think adequately shows that you are a good spy, even with all your advanced skills and your memories of the training taken away from you, will be taken into consideration and I may graduate you early. Also, I may fail you early, but hopefully it won't come to that.

There's another crinkling of paper.

Any questions?

Rules, Standard.
1. This is a Danganlike. Anyone may attempt to kill anyone.
2. Anyone can (and will) die. Only enter characters you're okay with that happening to.
3. No Godmodding, Puppeteering, whatever you want to call it. Your characters and other people's characters are yours and other people's respectively, and should be treated as such.
4. No editing posts. Holler a mod to edit your post if you mess up formatting. Double post if you mess up wording.
5. No Turbolurking. Try to post at least once a day phase. If you need to take a leave of absence, tell me. If you need to drop out, drop out, a replacement will be found.
6. The Game is divided into day phases (wherein everyone can see what's going on) and night phases (wherein actions are done via DM, and interactions happen there too. Remember to CC in Florien when Dming other people so events can be better kept track of.)
7. Secret actions can be taken during the day phase, those are DM'd.
8. All actions will be rolled on a D10, ranging from 1 being "fails hard" to 9 being "works as well as it ever could" to 10 being "fails in spectacular fashion". Please avoid repeating the same action over and over. Some rolls will be shaded (invisible to the player(s)) if there is no reasonable way they would know how well they did something.

Rules, Special!
9. INVESTIGATION: COMPLETE OVERHAUL EDITION. You're police consultants, you aren't CSI. You will receive all evidence found at the scene after the body is discovered, so there'll be no wasting time with ">find all the evidence" and ">bash your head against the wall until you've been explicitly told you've found all the evidence". You'll need to be clever and come up with your own tricks to wheedle more information out of the evidence you're provided. Of course, a murderer might take evidence away from the scene and dispose of it elsewhere.
10. EYEWITNESSES. There's people everywhere during the day. If you're not indoors, there's usually a few witnesses around if the sun is out, and if an attempted murder goes on longer than two actions in a place where witnesses see it, the police will try to lock down the area and arrest the culprit. If it's over quickly though, the witnesses don't have time to process what's happening before the culprit escapes.
11. EYEWITNESSES PART TWO. An Eyewitness, if they only see the victim and not the killer(s) (for example, if the victim is sniped from a different area, or the killer manages to fatally wound the victim before eyewitnesses realize what's happening) will call the police to the area, and CSI report will arrive next day phase. If the Eyewitnesses see the killer, however, a description will be given along with CSI the next day, making it much easier. (You will be warned if an action would alert nearby Eyewitnesses to your murder attempt.)
12. TIPS. Votes have been replaced with Tips. They're formatted as /Vote <Name> for the murder of <Victim> and are DM'd to Florien instead of announced. They cannot be retracted once issued, so vote carefully. A plurality executes if no majority is reached, as the police close in on the suspected killer. A player can offer multiple tips relating to different crimes. Tips can also be given for a noted attempted murder. Those tips will lead to the target merely becoming WANTED instead of being outright killed however.
13. GETTING AWAY WITH IT. A player is considered to have gotten away with murder if someone else is brought down for their crime, or if no tips relating to their crime are sent in for three days running.
14. POLICE PRESENCE. If an attempted or successful murder is witnessed, the block is locked down. The police will attempt to kill the individual who they suspect of being the murderer or attempted murderer, and the individual must escape. If the police spot the attempted (or successful) murderer during their escape, they become WANTED, and will no longer be able to vote and will be attacked-on-sight by police. However, they will still be able to "win" by fulfilling one of the objectives.

Combat Rules. (Oh dear)
First, a term needs to be explained. A "Point Difference" is the difference in numbers between rolls in combat. It is cumulative throughout combat. This will be elaborated on in the example at the end of the section.

15. FIGHTS. Obviously, there's always a chance an attack won't kill the target. Poison kills based on treatment, and does not require a roll off. An unforeseen attack gains +2 (10 turns into 9) to its roll. Attacks are handled in the following order. (P1 Surprise Attack, P1 Continued Attack, P2 Response, P1 Response, P2 Response Etc.) A fatal wound occurs when there's a 5-point difference between rolls, so combat will tend to end quickly, especially when the target is surprised.
16. FIGHTING NPCs. NPCs come in a few types. The most commonly encountered types are civilians, who die if there's a 2-point difference against them, and require an 8-point difference to kill. These include eyewitnesses, store owners, and other individuals. Then, there's police and criminals, who die if there's a 3-point difference against them, and kill if there's a 7-point difference in their favor. Then there's certain NPCs who may have 4-6, or even player-equivalent (5-5) combat skills.
17. DEFENSE. When attacked, Defense may be rolled. Defense non-lethally contributes to the point difference, and a player may choose to continue using defensive actions, especially if they cannot see their attacker. If a defense action succeeds and wins the encounter, the attacker is disarmed and rendered unable to make an attempt for a while.
18. THE REFLEX. Reflex rolls are made for the defender every time an attack is made, and can eliminate the point difference created by an individual attack. They cannot increase the point difference in the defender's favor, however.
19. GANGING UP. Multiple attackers may attack a single target. They form a "team" which will contribute to the same point difference against the single target. Their defense point differences, however, are separate. As a result, two people attacking one target at once is actually stronger than two people attacking at different times, and is more likely to result in survival for both attackers.
20. ADDITIONAL MODIFIERS. Sometimes, conditions on the field or that the target or attacker has developed may interfere with combat in some way. These will modify rolls, whether beneficially to one party, the other, both, or neither.
21. EXCEPTIONS TO COMBAT. Sometimes, combat won't happen, such as in the event of traps, poison, arson, or some similar thing being the method of attempted murder. Those have their own separate behaviors which will be covered in a different section.

With that out of the way, below are some example combat scenarios.

Example Combat Scenarios
Scenario 1: Kissinger wants to kill McNamara, and has brought a knife to do it. Kissinger Jumps McNamara in an isolated location. (Topics covered: Basic Combat)

Kissinger attacks with the knife, rolling a 8. McNamara didn't see this coming, so that 8 gets a +2, becoming a 9. (9 is the most powerful possible attack.)

McNamara needs to roll a 5 or better to not outright die on his reflex. He luckily does so, getting a 6. The point difference is 3-Kissinger. Kissinger wounds McNamara with a stinging cut, but not lethally.

Kissinger attacks again, because the first round was a surprise attack. He rolls badly, getting a 1. (Thanks, Random.Org.)

McNamara rolls reflex again, getting a 9, a very good roll, and fully avoids getting hit by the second stab. The point difference remains 3-Kissinger. It is now McNamara's turn. He chooses to attack back by wrestling the knife into Kissinger. He rolls extremely well again, a 7.

Kissinger rolls reflex, and gets a 3. McNamara has a 4-point difference, and the difference is now 1-McNamara as Kissinger's wrist is twisted painfully in the struggle. Kissinger continues to attack, getting an 8 again. McNamara is in trouble, it seems.

McNamara rolls reflex again, but only gets a 2, for a difference of 6. The difference becomes 5-Kissinger as Kissinger manages to plunge the knife into McNamara's heart, fatally wounding McNamara, who dies. Kissinger can now get to work tending to his wrist and cleaning up the scene.

Scenario 2: Kissinger wants to kill McNamara, and is attempting to snipe him from a rooftop, with a sniper rifle with five shots. (Topics covered: Unseen attackers, Ammo Counts, Defense actions.)

Kissinger surprise-attacks McNamara, firing a single shot. Random.Org screws him, though, and he only gets a 2, +2, for 4. McNamara's reflex of 4 causes the bullet to miss. The second shot doesn't fare much better, with Kissinger rolling a 5 to McNamara's 6. That shot also misses. It is now McNamara's turn.

McNamara can't see or reach Kissinger, (indeed, he does not even know it's Kissinger trying to kill him) so he rolls for defense instead of attack. He rolls quite well, getting an 8, diving for cover. Kissinger's luck continues to be poor, and he rolls a 6 on his continued attack. He fires and misses a third time. The point difference is now 2-McNamara-defense.

McNamara takes the advantage to figure out what's going on. He uses his response to try to figure out who's attacking him. He rolls a 7, which is determined to be good enough to see Kissinger on a rooftop taking aim again with the sniper rifle. Kissinger fires, rolling a 6. McNamara rolls a 7 on his reflex, and the point difference remains 2-McNamara as Kissinger misses his fourth shot.

McNamara, knowing who's attacking him now, continues to seek cover, getting another 8, and Kissinger continues to fail, rolling a 2. The point difference is now 8-McNamara-defense. Kissinger misses again, his gun empty, and accidently knocks his second clip of ammunition off the building instead of being able to reload. (which would give McNamara a second turn) As it falls into the street below, he loses sight of McNamara, who escapes. McNamara announces to his friends that Kissinger attempted to kill him, and many of them tip off the police to Kissinger's attempted murder. There's trouble in Kissinger's future, as he becomes WANTED.

Scenario 3: Kissinger and a friend, (Dulles) want to kill McNamara. They've cornered him in an alley, Kissinger bringing a Hollywood-Silencer'd pistol with eight shots and Dulles bringing a fire-axe. Little do they know McNamara knows their plan, and has skills of his own. (Topics covered: 10s, Team Combat)

Kissinger tries to shoot McNamara, rolling a 6. McNamara knew Kissinger and Dulles were coming though, so there's no +2, nor a surprise round. McNamara rolls a reflex of 5. The bullet grazes him, and the score is now 1-Kissinger. Dulles steps in and swings the fire-axe, rolling a 3. McNamara rolls a 5, avoiding the strike. The score is now 1-Kissinger/Dulles.

McNamara tries to dodge past Dulles and get the gun away from Kissinger. He rolls a 6, and Kissinger rolls a 4. Kissinger is punched in the face, and McNamara wrestles for the gun. The Score is now 1-McNamara against Kissinger, 1-Kissinger/Dulles against McNamara.

Kissinger and Dulles attack again, Dulles getting a 1 and Kissinger getting a 10. McNamara easily dodges Dulles's strike, and Kissinger fires two shots into the air during the struggle, hitting no one. The score remains constant.

McNamara rolls to attack Kissinger, getting a lucky 9. Kissinger's reflex is comparatively bad, only a 5. The score becomes 5-McNamara Against Kissinger, as McNamara wrestles the gun away from Kissinger, the gun going off in the struggle again and shooting Kissinger in the head, killing him with a "pewt" noise. Kissinger bleeds out on the pavement. The score is now 1-Dulles, as Kissinger and Dulles were both attempting to kill McNamara.

Dulles swings his fire axe, and McNamara's victory over Kissinger is looking short-lived. 7 to 10. McNamara successfully dodges, but the gun isn't so lucky, getting knocked away by the fire axe. McNamara falls prone, scrambling to get the gun back. (A 10 on a dodge, melee, or defensive action causes the next turn to be skipped, or a firearm to waste one extra shot, and the score to remain the same.) Dulles swings again, a 9 to McNamara's 3. The score is 7-Dulles as the axe embeds in McNamara's skull, killing him. Dulles walks away from the scene, Kissinger and McNamara both dead. That didn't go at all to plan.

Traps, Poison, Arson, and Stunning, and other delayed murder methods.
TRAPS: Traps are set up and have a roll built into them during construction. That roll determines how easy they are to set off, and whether they work or not. For example, a trap with a roll of 4 will be difficult to set off, (in that when a player walks into the mechanism, it it has a 40% chance of not activating) and unstable, (meaning that it has an additional 20% chance of breaking instead of activating properly.) A trap with a roll of 9, on the other hand, has only a 9% chance of not activating, and a 1% chance of breaking. A Trap with a roll of 1 will always break, and a trap with a roll of 10 will always break in spectacular fashion.

POISON: Poison requires only a roll to be applied. Once the poison is ingested, inhaled, or absorbed, it takes effect. Symptoms set in as appropriate, and unless the victim receives proper treatment, death is inevitable.

ARSON: A fire has a roll built into it, like a trap. Tens are rerolled. A victim must meet or exceed that roll three times to escape the fire. If the victim fails three rolls within the fire, they die. As a result, fire pairs well with blocked doors, and even a weak fire can become deadly if the escape routes are blocked.

STUNNING: A taser, a shocker, a can of pepper spray, all these can work wonders. A roll is made to attack with a stunning item, and if it succeeds, the target gets no reflex against any subsequent attack, meaning any attack roll five or above instantly kills.

OTHER METHODS: Perhaps you will come up with an exciting new method not mentioned here in your attempts to kill others. Perhaps you will find some innovative way to kill combining these methods. These ideas will be evaluated and processed as the GM sees fit.

Maps of the City and of the blocks. (There are a lot of maps.)
The Nine Blocks:
[Image: The_Nine_Blocks.png]

The Individual Blocks:
[Image: Block_1.png]
[Image: Block_2.png]
[Image: Block_3.png]
[Image: Block_4.png]
[Image: Block_5.png]
[Image: Block_6.png]
[Image: Block_7.png]
[Image: Block_8.png]
[Image: Block_9.png]

Signup format is as follows:


Description or Image: 




Size: (Rough Height and Weight)


Additional Notes: (optional)

There are 16 slots. It is first come, first served, as usual. Anyone beyond the first 16 may enlist as a replacement, in case someone should drop out.


* Kennifer AS French Terezi Pyrope. A French Spy, whatever next? A Bostonian Scout?
* Dookie AS Snap. No, not the rice crispies mascot. No, not the derivative of Jerk either.
* TalesofUnder AS Wario. Hopefully he avoids getting shot this time, what with firearms everywhere.
* wingedcatgirl AS Sariel Elakha. A Paladin, and thus an ideologically motivated murderer. That seems reasonably spy-adjacent.
* TheGeekArtist08 AS Scott "Phone Guy" Cameron. <Insert Hotline Miami Reference Here> I mean what?
* Subparman AS Kaikoku Onigasaki. Umbrella Sword: Hilarious Joke or Epic Spy Tool? Find out here!
* Zanreo AS B-Sha. Young people and their giant robots these days.
* IsThisAPikachu AS Squid Ink Cookie. The inky blackness of their heart is not to be underestimated.
* SomeLibre AS Anaheim. Sorry, we had to disarm you. Improvise a bit.
* Despair's Archon of Memes AS Wood Man. Unrelated to Tree Dude from hit video game SuperHot.
* PointMaid AS "Runner Five". No Zombies in this place, but running may prove to be a good skill here.
* Matthew AS Evil Jay Leno. Oh, the joke-making spy is back in fashion apparently.
* The Map Maker AS Seven. From 999. Not Seven of Nine, this isn't star trek right now.
* MadameButterflyKnife AS Mathra-19-150-M. No relation to Mathra from that one edutainment game. Probably.
* TenOfSwords13 AS Dr. Fischer. That's what, the fifth chemist who turned to manufacturing illicit substances after a life-altering event?
* Magolor AS Lynne. Professional Dying Skills against Assassins? Sounds well suited to this line of work.

Replacement Roster:

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  Trying to learn the ins and outs of Thread RPing, so here we gooo!
Posted by: TheEccentricInkling - 08-23-2021, 18:11:16 PM - Forum: Roleplays - Replies (9)

There's just no plot here, mostly random RPing. Here because
1 - I want to give others another free space to RP in
2 - I need to adapt to forum RPing compared to Discord like I'm used to

So sorry if I'm not quite the best at this, as I'm still learning how TroubleCube works

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  Prefix request thread
Posted by: wingedcatgirl - 08-21-2021, 00:30:04 AM - Forum: Misc - Replies (6)

Request new prefixes to be created.

Prefixes are forum-specific, so you can also ask for existing prefixes to be expanded, if you think they should be.

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  Close Circle
Posted by: Matthew - 08-21-2021, 00:00:01 AM - Forum: Murdergames - Replies (1641)

Mansion Map
Floor 1

Floor 2

Floor 3


1. Kim - Kennifer
2. Gutierrezia "Snakeweed" Took - PointMaid
3. Mike Ehrmantraut - Weirdguy149
4. Chili Pepper Cookie - MadameButterflyKnife
5. Soseki Natsume - TalesofUnder
6. F̶a̶k̶e̶ ̶K̶i̶r̶y̶u̶ ̶-̶ ̶Z̶a̶n̶r̶e̶o̶ (DEAD) - INNOCENT He is not faking his death.
7. Y̶a̶s̶u̶h̶i̶r̶o̶ ̶H̶a̶g̶a̶k̶u̶r̶e̶ ̶-̶ ̶S̶e̶n̶̶ͥt̶r̶̶ͣe̶̶ͫt̶ - REPLACED BY El Presidente (f)! (And Penultimo) - Florien
8. F̶u̶y̶u̶h̶i̶k̶o̶ K̶u̶z̶u̶r̶y̶u̶u̶ -̶ p̶s̶y̶c̶h̶e̶d̶e̶l̶i̶c̶a̶t̶e̶ REPLACED BY  D̶u̶o̶ ̶-̶ ̶D̶o̶o̶k̶i̶e̶ (DEAD) - INNOCENT Give a hoot, he's dead.
9. Rywa Hiroki - Goose
10. Escargoon - CustardAndPie
11. K̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶D̶e̶d̶e̶d̶e̶ ̶-̶ ̶I̶s̶T̶h̶i̶s̶A̶P̶i̶k̶a̶c̶h̶u̶ REPLACED BY Joe Miller - Magolor
12. L̶o̶r̶e̶n̶m̶i̶n̶k̶h̶o̶ ̶-̶ ̶w̶i̶n̶g̶e̶d̶c̶a̶t̶g̶i̶r̶l̶ (DEAD) - INNOCENT Threw votes around like candy before throwing away her life.
13. Y̶u̶k̶i̶c̶h̶i̶ -̶ S̶o̶m̶e̶L̶i̶b̶r̶e̶  (DEAD) - INNOCENT He was a cop that was made of cop, but not THAT kind of cop.
14. Dr. Alto Clef - TheGeekArtist08
15. Sho Minamimoto - Tophat_E
16. G̶i̶n̶ ̶I̶b̶u̶s̶h̶i̶ ̶-̶ ̶S̶u̶b̶p̶a̶r̶m̶a̶n̶ (DEAD) - INNOCENT Couldn't sniff out the fire on time.

Sign-Up Thread


Each and every one of you are greeted by two towering men in suits. They come to you with an offer you can't refuse (there's your obligatory Godfather reference). Whether you go in willingly or feeling hesitant, you all find yourselves inside one of the nice luxurious limousines traveling around Crunch City. As you ride around, you see what the city has to offer. Glitz, glamour, or even the seedier sides of town. You realize you all have an opportunity to make something of yourselves. Eventually, the limos park right in front of a very slick and beautiful-looking three-story mansion. You all walk inside, and the lobby is glorious. Decked with all kinds of works of art. Seems like whoever owns this place definitely has a lot of class. As you all wait around, a man with a beard and a white suit comes down from the second floor. He is accompanied by two figures: one having gray skin and opaque glasses, wearing a hat and a black suit. The other is a giant crocodile person, with a crown and a red cape. The white-suited man begins addressing the newcomers.

Good day, everyone. You're all probably wondering why you're here. My name is Carmello Bianchi. I'm something of a big boss in the making. And these are my two people helping me run the show.

He points to the gray-skinned figure.

This is Incognito, my consigliere.

He points to the crocodile man.

And this is King K. Rool, something of a muscle for me. I'm doing him a favor. Work for me for a bit, I'll get him some resources to help him deal with a couple monkeys that's been giving him problems. We will have some business to discuss later on. But for right now, get to know each other, relax a little bit, and have a look around the mansion.

He heads past everyone into his office.

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  Close Circle Sign-Ups
Posted by: Matthew - 08-15-2021, 00:00:04 AM - Forum: Signups - Replies (24)

Welcome to Crunch City. A city, which like most of the big name American cities, has its glitz and glamor. A popular spot for vacation, with big name entertainment with the football team The Crunch City Chokers, the theatre scene, a hot spot for gambling, a nice place to meet friends and hang out, and also a city known for its diverse population, bringing in all kinds of people from all over the world. Crunch City has it all. But of course like most of the major cities, Crunch City also has its own crime problem. With drug dealers, killers, thieves and gangs. And one of them being the crime lord named Carmello Bianchi. He's a man who's hungry for all the money and power the city has to offer. Quite ambitious, but knowing he can't do it alone, he has his consigliere Incognito (LavenderDream) to help run his organization. In addition, he's brought in 16 new people to work under him, to help him rise among the ranks and form one of the biggest criminal empires in Crunch City. The hard work they all have to put in aside, it seems simple, right? Wrong! Among his ranks of his 16 hires, there are four undercover cops, hired by corrupt Officer Frank Shannon, who have their own job; to kill off the 12 mafioso members and to take down Carmello and his entourage for good. And these people are all violent killers; they are most certainly not your friendly neighborhood policemen. Can Carmello become one of the biggest names in Crunch City and take out all his enemies? Or will Shannon's cops erase them all from the city limits? Whatever side you fall on, make sure your wits and your brawn are top-notch, otherwise this city will eat you alive!

Meet Your Hosts

Carmello Bianchi (Played by me): A power-hungry gangster who started off as a hitman before deciding to branch out to form his own criminal empire. He's made quite a name for himself so far, but now he's ready to take the next step and become the top dog of Crunch City, that is if the other criminals or corrupt cop Frank Shannon don't take him and his organization out first.


Incognito (Played by @LavenderDream): A serial killer who eventually go tired of killing people alone. Impressed by their handiwork, Carmello brought in Incognito as his personal consigliere. They are somebody he greatly respects for their smarts and killer instinct.

Close Circle is a mafia-style game, with 12 town players facing off against 4 scum players. The goal is for all the town to vote off the scum, while the scum tries to kill off the town. The town wins if all the scum get voted off, while the scum win if town members are equal or lesser than surviving scum. Initially, all alignments will have no special abilities to start off with, but will be able to gain some, buying them using money earned from completing challenges, to be described later.

Every day, there will be an investigation to figure out who killed the latest victim. The investigation will incorporate RNG rolls going from 1-10. And evidence can be destroyed if one gets enough bad rolls. If the players think they have enough evidence, they can call a meeting, where they will be taken to The Meeting Room and can vote off whoever they think is guilty of murder. And for added incentive, the money of the victim will be put to stake. If the innocents successfully vote off the killer, the money will be split between the surviving town. However, if an innocent gets voted off, then the money will go to the scum. And after this, there will be the daily challenges, where players will be given a series of tasks to complete and for a chance to earn money. The success of these tasks will be determined by RNG. Whoever has the highest score will win the biggest cash prize and immunity from kills during the night. However, for those who do not do the challenges by the time the deadline ends, they will not receive any cash prizes at all. The money the players earn will be PMed to the once night phase begins, which then they will get the chance to buy and use the abilities, which will be detailed below.

Both town and scum members will have their own abilities to buy during night phase using cash players earned completing missions. After buying the abilities, players can choose to use the abilities or save them for another night. At the beginning of each night, players will get a PM stating how much money they have or any abilities they still have and can choose to do whatever. And note, just to keep things balanced, only one ability can be used at once. For example, if three players choose the Watcher ability, one will be picked randomly so their ability will take effect. However, the ones who don't get chosen will still keep their ability to be saved for another time, unless they get role-blocked, on which it will be gone forever. Both town and scum will have their own abilities to be used as well as the prices as follows:


Watcher: (Costs $500) Any areas you think may be a hot spot for cops to come into? Then take charge and watch a room for the night. Whatever happens in there, you will see. Players who activate the ability will be able to watch one room for the night and whatever happens in the room, they will know. Cannot be used on consecutive days.

Protection: (Costs $700) Do you know someone whom you fear for their lives. They could use a little protection, just in case someone tried to off them, right. Put this into play to save them from any cops. Players can choose anyone of their choosing, which will save anyone that gets targeted by a Cop. Will not protect from Cleaner kills.

Background Check: (Costs $1000) Do you want to see if someone is on the level or do you suspect they might be one of the cops? Run a background check on the person and see how they're on your side. Players who run this ability picks a player of their choice and will find out if they're one of the Mafia or a Killer Cop.

Contract Killer: (Costs $1300) Does your gut instinct tell you that someone suspicious may be a Killer Cop, but they're still at large trying to off your guys. Then hire a contract killer to off that someone suspicious. Players who use this can target someone they think is a Killer Cop. If they are a Cop, they will get killed and you will live. But if they are a Mafia, they will live and you will die instead.


The Blocker: (Costs $500) If you don't want to kill someone just yet, but rather you want to prevent someone from using their ability, this is the one for you to stop them dead in their tracks. Players can use this ability to block one from whatever ability they're using, if they're using it. And if they are, then they will waste the ability.

Investigator: (Costs $900) Do you want to see who has certain abilities and see if a player is dangerous or not? Use the Investigator ability and see what the player has in stock and discuss it among yourselves if the Mafia member needs killing. Players who use this can find out what abilities a town member has.

Cleaner: (Costs $1300) Do you think someone may be too dangerous to live, or maybe you just want a free kill. Hire the cleaner, and whoever you choose will disappear without a trace, no questions asked. Players who activate this ability can choose anyone to kill, no body, no evidence found. It cannot be used in consecutive days.

  1. No god-modding allowed. Your character is the only character you can control. No one else can change other characters or settings without the permission of the hosts and/or players (if it involves one of the players).
  2. No turbo-lurking allowed. It is expected that anyone who signs up to play this game to participate regularly as much as they can and not give out any meaningless posts just to skirt by. If two game days pass by without any significant posts from a player, their character will be killed off. If you can no longer participate, let the hosts know and a replacement will be sought.
  3. (For the scum) If you become a scum, it is expected that you kill someone everyday as it is your role in-game. One person has to be killed every night, so don't stall. Failure to kill someone when the night phase is up will result in one random player being killed off. It could be a town or a scum, so get killing. It will be in the best interest of everyone.
  4. While jerkassery is all right IC, it is stated however that you don't be a jerk to your players OOC. Be respectful and cool with your players.
  5. And while jerkassery and the occasional off-color comment is acceptable, no NSFW, inappropriate or otherwise disruptive actions (i.e. Bill's Brother or Elizabeth Afton) will be tolerated in-game.
  6. Remain in-character in thread.
  7. If you're dead, you can no longer post in the thread. You are still however free to spectate. However, do not give away the killers or any clues outside the thread. Otherwise, you will be permanently banned from the game.
  8. For anyone sending messages to the hosts, please send the messages to ALL TWO HOSTS (i.e. Me and LavenderDream), so we can all be in the loop and we can log all the actions within our private server as soon as possible.
  9. And above all else, have fun with your characters and the game.

Sign-Up Template
  • Name:
  • Appearance:
  • Age:
  • Gender:
  • Height, Weight and Size
  • Abilities
  • Other

Our cast:

1. Kim - Kennifer
2. Gutierrezia "Snakeweed" Took - PointMaid
3. Mike Ehrmantraut - Weirdguy149
4. Chili Pepper Cookie - MadameButterflyKnife
5. Soseki Natsume - TalesofUnder
6. Fake Kiryu - Zanreo
7. El Presidente (f)! (And Penultimo) - Florien
8. Duo - Dookie
9. Rywa Hiroki - Goose
10. Escargoon - CustardAndPie
11. Joe Miller - Magolor
12. Lorenminkho - wingedcatgirl
13. Yukichi - SomeLibre
14. Dr. Alto Clef - TheGeekArtist08
15. Sho Minamimoto - Tophat_E
16. Gin Ibushi - Subparman

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  Herd Any Good Jokes (Joke/Pun Thread)
Posted by: NebulaChimera2211 - 08-06-2021, 09:07:30 AM - Forum: Misc - Replies (10)

This is the place for any jokes/puns you find or think of and want to share. Just remember to keep to the rules.

The title is not a typo, for reference.

I'll start with this.

Where do birds go when they're sick?
To the ducktors.

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  Last Summer
Posted by: CustardAndPie - 08-01-2021, 21:00:22 PM - Forum: Murdergames - Replies (903)

Arcade Map

DATE: Summer 1983
LOCATION: Somewhere in the rural Midwest...

When you awaken, your eyes are immediately assaulted with neon lights and wood-paneled walls. When you look down, you see that you're laying on gaudy arcade carpeting. To your left and right are rows upon rows of upright arcade cabinets. There's plenty of classics - Donkey Kong, Pac Man, BurgerTime - and ones you've never heard of.... wait, is that the arcade prototype of E.T. over there? Nevertheless, there's a variety, all beckoning you to waste your quarters with their colorful flashing title screens.

If you are not from this time, everything seems... dated. Very dated, in an strange way that you just can't quite put your finger on. You may even feel a sense of deja vu....

But no matter, the intercom - wait, why does an arcade have an intercom anyway? - suddenly crackles, please, do enjoy yourselves tonight. Take a little moment of respite, because for the next several days...

The intercom pauses for an unnecessarily long time, clearly in an attempt to sound dramatic.

...You will be begging for it.

Also go slow or I'll break your kneecaps

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