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Meta Madness - OOC - SmilyCube112 - 04-03-2022

Meta Madness

What you need to know
Meta Madness is simply having fictional characters - be it of our own creation (OCs), or of other people's creation (e.g. Canon Characters) - watching and reacting to either real-life events; their own series/movie(s); or other character(')s show(s)/movie(s).

Purpose of the OOC thread
Discussing what the characters will be reacting to, and also which character(s) are used by whom.

In here.
  • {1} Take turns using canon characters. There's only one of each, and having multiples of the same character is only allowed if it runs consistent with their canon (e.g. Twice from MHA being able to duplicate himself and others).
  • {1A} If you wish to use another user's OC, or a character currently in use by another user, please ask first.
  • {2} Given the nature of the main thread, then yes, screenshots and OSTs from canon material are allowed in the main thread.
  • {2A} Clips are allowed as well, but only if they do not break copyright laws.
  • {2B} Fan-made creations are safe to share in the OOC thread, but not in the main thread if it wasn't made by you. It will only be allowed in the main thread if you created it, and have it attributed to a character you are currently using in the main thread.
  • {3} This one should be obvious, but please keep all chatter in the main thread consistent with the character(s).
  • {3A} Permadeath is not allowed here. Period. There's a system in place in the main thread to keep that from happening anyways.
  • {4} Even though the characters can see/hear through the fourth wall, that only applies to real-world events (read: Olympics), or televised shows/movies. In no way does that apply to any OOC thread at all.
  • {4A} It does, however, apply to video games.
  • {4B} Yes, it does apply to other Roleplay/Murder/Mafia games - but only the ones on TC and TVT.

I think that covers everything. One last thing - I am willing to let the TC mods step in if need be.

RE: Meta Madness - OOC - SmilyCube112 - 04-03-2022

Just as a heads-up, main thread gets activated tomorrow. That should give people enough time to get things ready.