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  Escape From Zombie Park Island 2: Sign Up
Posted by: PointMaid - 06-19-2021, 15:07:58 PM - Forum: Signups - Replies (20)

Escape from Zombie Park Island

Hello, there! We're glad to have you aboard. My name is Doctor Francine Frankenstein, but you can call me Frankie. I run this place. I've been trying to take care of it on my own, after my original scientists employees fled, but, well, you know, this place is a handful. Help is so hard to find these days, you've practically got to kidnap it yourself! But I do now have my trusty assistant Blaine. He, at least, has a history working with dangerous animals. He's been such a help!

You've been recruited to staff a cool new theme park that's about to open! It was supposed to be like Jurassic Park, but have extinct animals from every age in history, up to those caused by humans. Oh, and to make them and keep them alive, park scientists had to infect them with a zombie virus. Surely that couldn't go wrong? But I have outstanding loans for the park from my cousin Victoria, and she's trying to take it back if we can't make money on it. So I've been forced to make it into a more mundane animal sanctuary for endangered species. I'm keeping my zombie project carefully contained for now. Still, you will have certain tasks you'll be assigned each day.

     Dr. Francine "Frankie" Frankenstein  [PointMaid]


    Blaine Crockett [MatthewLM]

2. Loophole correction rules: Park security cameras have been upgraded and are unhackable. You may not use a character's powers to pull zombie cures from nowhere. Just because there isn't a rule against it, doesn't mean it's ok: please use common sense, for instance, nothing that's gamebreaking.
3. Nobody starts out infected. If you get bitten by one of the animals, you have a 1/6 probability of turning into a zombie (or your immune system may fight the zombie virus off).
4.  Half the number of players will be bitten each night. If you turn into a zombie, you can still win — by keeping the uninfected from knowing you were bitten so they can't vote for Management to deal with you, and turning or killing the innocents. Zombies will act like a Mafia; and whether they turn or kill someone they go after will be determined by a roll of the dice.
5. If the zombies roll higher than any zombie defenses the player targeted may have implemented, the player will either be killed or turned. They will have a one out of six chance of being turned and a five out of six chance of just being eaten for brains. Players will be able to vote off more than one possible zombie each day, as many as they like.
If you ''don't'' get zombified and survive the week, you could escape the island and win a good referral on your resume! (Er, win the game). There will be seven potential game days.

(As in previous games, 6 will mean "Went Horribly Right." +1's will also turn 6's into 5's). Zombified individuals lose any role powers they might have had.
The Medic: May tend one person each night and make sure they don't turn into a zombie.
The Animal Whisperer: +1 to actions dealing with animals
The Orator: Gets an extra vote when voting off zombies or not
The Athlete: +1 to actions requiring athleticism
The Techie: +1 to actions requiring technological knowledge
The Dodger: You may designate one day to have your reflexes on point. You will dodge any animals that might nip you. (Must say this before the conclusion of the daily challenge.)
The Saboteur: You may sabotage one person's challenge each day.
The Gunslinger: Dr. Frankie doesn't like guns (tranq guns notwithstanding), but you secretly brought a shotgun with you that will take a person's (or a zombie's) head clean off. You only have a single shotgun shell. You can shoot one person during the course of the game, during Night Phase. If they're a zombie, they will be dead before they can kill someone else, and you'll be vindicated . If you were wrong, you leave yourself open to being voted off and executed by your colleagues.
The Framer: If you become a zombie, one night (and only one night), you can leave a misleading piece of evidence.
The Twins: You're eerily in sync. If one of you becomes a zombie - both of you become zombies!
The Zombie Sympathizer: You don't want to see anyone dead, even a zombie -- especially a zombie! If a zombie gets away scott free after killing, you get immunity to being bitten in the challenge the next day.

Sign Up Template
Abilities and Attributes:


1. Hitomi Elakha [wingedcatgirl]
2. Kirby and Ribbon [Oggy123]
3. Dr. "Iceberg" [TheGeekArtist08]
4. Tina Belcher [Kennifer]
5. Stuart and Bob [SomeLibre]
6. Herlock Sholmes [TalesofUnder]
7. Rom and Ram [Zanreo]
8. Eyjafjalla [Billy5545]
9. Claire [arachnidsGrip]
10. Spot and Dot [KungFuCutbug]
11. Komaru Naegi [Huney]
12. Ignatius J. Reilly [Magolor]
13. The Kid [door-kun]
14. Yanny and Laurel [Dookie]
15. Grover Cloneland and Grover Cloneland [Florien]
16. Sayaka Miki [psychedelicate]

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  The Delete Game
Posted by: wingedcatgirl - 06-19-2021, 03:20:14 AM - Forum: Forum games - Replies (9)

Let's bring this game back, huh? The rules are simple: First, you take the above post and selectively trim out letters and words until it says something silly. It's kinda like those Speed of Lobsters memes. Second, you point to the result of your trimming and pretend to respond to it like it's a serious post. The result is generally Hilarious™, at least if you do it right. Let us open this post with an example:

Quote:Let's bismack, huh? The simple Fist, you punt those SLobstersS, you ass post™, at least you dont pix:
Yeah yeah yeah, I know, I'm rusty at Monk. Kill the adds, then DPS the boss.I just wanted to mark this duty off for my Wondrous Tails, no need to call me names or imply that I'd gpose in the middle of a fight. Toxic-ass weirdo.

... actually okay i gotta ask, why is it trademarked

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  Signup and replacement thread
Posted by: wingedcatgirl - 06-10-2021, 18:23:57 PM - Forum: Mafia games - Replies (5)

For when you want to join literally just any Mafia game at all. Post some words to the effect of "/in for next" and we'll add you to the list.

This is also the thread for replacements. Post something like "/in to replace" and we'll add you to that list.



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  The Turned Tables
Posted by: Dookie - 06-05-2021, 23:31:34 PM - Forum: Murdergames - Replies (1514)



You wake up in a purple room.

The first things you see could include a record player, a TV, and doors.

And of course...other people.

Including Audley.

“Wake up. It might be your last time to do so. Why don't you introduce yourself to your...friends?”

Signup thread, for reference

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  Think of Something that Leads to the Above Response
Posted by: NebulaChimera2211 - 06-04-2021, 19:18:27 PM - Forum: Forum games - Replies (50)

Remember to keep to the rules and to have both a setup to the previous response and a new response in your post.
Other than that, your setup to the previous response can be anything, as can your new response.
Have fun!

Example rounds
Player 1: To get to the other side.

Player 2: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Burn it.

Player 3: I found some evidence you left behind.
A mouse, obviously.

Player 4: I'm unarmed and in a cage full of elephants. What should I use to defend myself?
And so on.

I'll start.

Can you explain how this game works, please?

A blue whale.

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Posted by: LavenderDream - 06-01-2021, 19:00:45 PM - Forum: Murdergames - Replies (1120)

After what seemed to be forever, the plane finally came to a stop near the Hotel. As you and your fellow players take your luggage off of the plane, a woman with white hair wearing a suit frantically rushes to the plane.
Greetings, everyone. I'm Scarlet, and I help here at the hotel you'll be staying in. Your host is currently busy, so please use the brochure map to find your way around. 
Whenever Scarlet walked away from the group, it seemed as if she was muttering about something or someone. Eventually, she turned around to face the group again. 
Oh, and please make sure you go straight to the lounge. No shortcuts.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  Regular-Ass Mafia Game (Cancelled)
Posted by: wingedcatgirl - 05-30-2021, 23:58:21 PM - Forum: Mafia games - Replies (177)

Been nearly three more months, let's get another one going.

This is a regular, non-roleplay mafia game based on MafiaScum's Enemy of My Enemy setup, consisting of Mafia Amnesiac Seer and Goon, versus Werewolf Amnesiac Cop and Goon, versus nine Vanilla Townies.

Mafia Amnesiac Seer
Factional communication: Can communicate with their partner, the Mafia Goon.
Factional kill: Each night, they or their partner may target and kill one player.
Amnesiac investigation: Each night, they may target one player to Investigate and one player to Inform. The player they chose to Inform will be told whether the player chose to Investigate is or is not a Werewolf. They may not target themself with either part of this ability, but may target their partner.
Mafia win condition: They win when all non-Mafia players are dead, or there is nothing to prevent this from happening.

Mafia Goon
Factional communication: Can communicate with their partner, the Mafia Amnesiac Seer.
Factional kill: Each night, they or their partner may target and kill one player.
Mafia win condition: They win when all non-Mafia players are dead, or there is nothing left to prevent this from happening.

Werewolf Amnesiac Cop
Factional communication: Can communicate with their partner, the Werewolf Goon.
Factional kill: Each night, they or their partner may target and kill one player.
Amnesiac investigation: Each night, they may target one player to Investigate and one player to Inform. The player they chose to Inform will be told whether the player chose to Investigate is or is not a Mafia. They may not target themself with either part of this ability, but may target their partner.
Werewolf win condition: They win when all non-Werewolf players are dead, or there is nothing left to prevent this from happening.

Werewolf Goon
Factional communication: Can communicate with their partner, the Werewolf Amnesiac Cop.
Factional kill: Each night, they or their partner may target and kill one player.
Werewolf win condition: They win when all non-Werewolf players are dead, or there is nothing to prevent this from happening.

Vanilla Townie
Town win condition: They win when all non-Town players are dead.

Day Phase

  • Deadline is 10 days on Day 1, and 7 days on each subsequent Day.
  • Hammering an elimination or no-lim requires votes from more than half the players (that's half plus one if even, half rounded up if odd).
  • Once the hammering vote is cast, it is Twilight. No further votes may be cast or changed, but you may continue posting in the thread until I lock the thread and declare it night.
  • If no majority is reached by deadline, there will be no elimination.

Night Phase
  • Deadline is 2 days.
  • Anyone who fails to send in their action before the deadline will automatically take no action.

Other relevant rules
  • Mafia and Werewolves will share a group DM. (One per faction, that is, not with each other.) Other than this, communication outside this thread is forbidden.
  • No quoting PMs from mods.
  • After your death, you may make exactly one "bah" post containing zero game-relevant information.
  • No encryption or provable randomness.
  • If three consecutive day and night phases (six phases total) pass with no deaths, Town will win.
  • Prods and replacements: If a week passes without a particular player posting, they will be prodded. (That is, we'll send them a DM telling them to get back in the dang game.) If another week passes with no posts, they'll be replaced. Players may also be replaced at their own request, or if they pull some nonsense that obligates us to kick them out.

Interested in replacing in? Post over here, or shoot us a DM.

  1. Dookie
  2. Goose007
  3. Kennifer
  4. KungFuCutBug
  5. MadameButterflyKnife
  6. Magolor
  7. MatthewLM
  8. NebulaChimera2211
  9. PointMaid
  10. SomeLibre
  11. TalesOfUnder
  12. TenOfSwords13
  13. TheGeekArtist08

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  How To Buy A Table
Posted by: Dookie - 05-29-2021, 13:29:17 PM - Forum: Signups - Replies (16)

So you're a host. You've either hosted a game like this or you're going to in the future. You wake up in....the clue mansion?

“Welcome,” Audley says. “I hope you love the taste of your own medicine.”

“You all either killed others, made others kill, assisted someone who did that, or will do that in the future. Well, most of you anyway. The point is, you've done wrong...and it's time to make things right.”

“Kill somebody else who deserves their death, and you're free. If you stay though...you might be the next to die. When 3 are left...I'll deal with them.”

"By that, lady, I'm guessin' ya mean me?"

“Shut up, butler!”

[Image: EC5712C2-DD7F-457F-8D3C-8C23945129F0.jpeg]

There is also a top room with the lounge (with a television, a couch, and a record player) and all of the beds, as well as three more bathrooms.

Ok what the fuck is this
So this is a Dangan-like (AKA anybody can kill, no roles) murdergame. No roles.

Any character can kill any other character, as long as they tell me who they kill and how they do it. In the morning, the dead body will be found and everyone will try to guess who killed the dead person. They vote for who they think is the killer, blah blah blah

Why am I even doing this anymore? Everyone knows the rules to Murderverse games by now.

So what's the twist? Well, the players in this game are all hosts or co-hosts. They have hosted or co-hosted a game before, and now, they're a contestant in one.

I've never hosted a game, can I participate?
YES! There are 2 things you can do:

1. Are you wishing to host a game in the future? Then just enter your future host! (Although please do not insert a random character you do not actually intend to host with). Although if you do present a character for a future game, I need evidence that a game is being planned, like a thread on the Murderverse discord server, or a Google Doc with info. Don't just say your character is the host of a game that you've only made the title of.
2. If you are never going to host a character, take someone else's! Here's a doc of hosts: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cM2o...t7Spg/edit. You may take any one of them with a checkmark next to it, although please study who you are going to borrow before doing it, as mischaracterization would be bad.

1: Make your votes clear during voting periods

like /vote Shitass

2: Don't godmod.

3: Please make sure you can participate before signing up. I don't want anyone to be AFK for the entire game. If you need to leave, please say so by DM.

4: Editing is allowed, because this is a roleplay, but only for spelling or grammar mistakes.

5: If you are dead or voted out, please don't post in the thread until the finale.

6: You only have one character. Use it wisely.

7: Please do not quote any of my DMs in your posts word for word.

8: Only host characters are allowed. Please do not try to shoehorn a character in that is not a host or co-host and will not host in the future.

9: To add onto that, do not insert a character you say will host, but you haven't even come up with a game idea yet. I need cold, hard, evidence that the game idea will actually happen. Again, you can always borrow.

10: If you need to quit the game, please tell me and I will find a replacement.

11: Just because it isn't a rule doesn't mean you can do it. Use you common sense. No, you can't take out a gun and shoot Audley down.

12: Killing multiple people is allowed, as with day kills.

Meet the hosts!
Jimmy “Shoehorn” Scott is known as being a main co-host in the game Life's A Beach. In it, he selflessly defended his island from Victoria, the hotel owner. He is known for being a nature lover, and wa stranded on the island after losing his wife during childbirth. After the island fiasco, he somehow ended up here.

Dr. Frankie Frankenstein is known for two things: Having a cool ass zombie theme park, and hiring kids to work there. In her time in Escape From Zombie Park island, despite being a zombie, she has seemed to be one to fight for the greater good, helping her employees along the way. And hey, she's part of the reason the famous Science Team exists!

Tory is the (hesitant) host of the game Flicker. Tory, despite being the host, cares for her contestants, and is only stuck there, not knowing how or why. She does a good job of being a good person, despite hosting a literal killing game. Isn't that an accomplicement?

Planeswalker Glasya is the host of the short-lived God Complex. They have a taste for cat food (nyever dog food, though), cockroaches, and blood. In fact, they're so in love with death, they made a game where only one person will survive at the end! And it seems their streak of killing won't end there....meow?

The Arch-Mage of Space is the geeky teen host from Sinister Starlight. Even though her game was short lived, she made a huge impact and had a very promising premise. Hopefully they can fully show themselves...and clear themselves!

Mr. Zecro is the host of the virtual Murder RPG. Despite his experiment not completely going as planned, it sure was a fun experiment, and Mr. Zecro fits right into this cast. He's certainly more flattering in the virtual world, but his personality stays the same!

Nikei Yomiuri is the current main host of the game Bottled Time. Known for being the first canon character to host (He was previously in a Danganronpa fangame), Nikei has brought his journalism and time cop skills to his game. Bringing a plethora of time periods together, Bottled Time is the story of a group of Time Cops...and the traitors within. Is Nikei also a traitor, though?

Helena is a co-host in Brothers In Arms. She is known for her terrible voice, signing or otherwise, and her pea-sized brain. After being introduced in BIA 2 (to negative reception), she appeared again in BIA 3...but this time, we learned a secret about her. When she's drunk, she's actually a person...you might not want to kill. Can drunk Helena convince people to let her live long enough, despite her other self?

V is a very secretive person. Who are they? Who were they?....We all know by now, though. They've hosted the wildly successful Dangan-style game Murder U, which this game takes inspiration from. Throughout two...wait no, one game, V has shown to be one of the most iconic hosts of the Murderverse.

As the spiritual successor to V, host2 is a lot different in terms of personality, but one thing stays the same....an urge to kill others using a game. They had a big impact on the game, and the game's story, and hopefully, this game's story.

Hercules Poyrot Pirate Iamfrench is a virus fragment, leading the virus fragments in .EXE 3. Following the story of the first two .EXEs, even after the virus has been defeated, he finds a way to bring it back. Frequently cited as one of the best French speakers in the Murderverse, Hercules hopefully will not...morour.

Pikaronpa is a Dangangame, another genre of killing games. Dangangames are usually played through, Discord, though. And that's all I know about them.

Scarlet is one of the hosts of the upcoming Decrypto. They are an employee at the hotel Decrypto takes place in. Since the game is upcoming, there's not much to say, but hopefully in the future, there will be!

Maria Moreno is one of the murderverse's biggest fans. Because of this, she has made her own game of...off-brand characters. Want an Amanda who loves the virus? An Audley with empathy? Then this game will deliver...in all the wrong areas.

Sign-up Sheet:








Why Would They Kill?:



Note: This probably won't start until sometime in June.


1. Jimmy “Shoehorn” Scott (Life's A Beach) - MathewLM
2. Dr. Francine “Frankie” Frankenstein (Escape From Zombie Park Island) - PointMaid
3. Tory (Flicker) - TheGeekArtist08
4. Planeswalker Glasya (God Complex) - SomeLibre
5. Arch-Mage of Space (Sinister Starlight) - Master Of Pylonz
6. Mr. Zecro (Murder RPG) - SmilyCube112
7. Nikei Yomiuri (Bottled Time) - TalesofUnder
8. Helena Fortran (Brothers In Arms) - Kennifer
9. V (Murder U) - Sylvi
10. host2 (Murder U Too) - Goose
11. Hercules Pirate Poyrot Iamfrench (.EXE 3) - KungFuCutBug
12. Mikado Sannoji (Pikaronpa) - Door-Chan
13. Scarlet (Decrypto) - LavenderDream
14. Maria Moreno (Corruption Mod) - MadameButterflyKnife

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  Decrypto Signup Form
Posted by: LavenderDream - 05-28-2021, 03:55:53 AM - Forum: Signups - Replies (18)

While you while watching TV, you saw a commercial from a studio looking to make a new game show. Interested in the idea, you quickly rushed to your computer to sign up. Two days later, you receive a letter in the mail.
 NOTICE: All slots have been filled.

The Non-Suspicious Letter
To all Decrypto contestants,

All of us at Maroon Moon Studios appreciate your willingness to help create the first ever episode of Decrypto, the game show where participants have to use a combination of strength and smarts to solve puzzles in escape rooms for prizes. However, as the actual escape room is currently being set up, it is never too early to get to meet and interact with your fellow contestants. This is why until the actual room is ready, you will be staying at a hotel with your peers. We've attached a plane ticket along with the rules and regulations for the hotel to this letter. Feel free to pack as much as you can fit in your suitcase, as you'll be at the hotel for a while.

To confirm your placement, please fill out the following form.

Decrypto Participant Form

Picture (optional):






Important Medical Information (allergies, medication, etc.)_____

Crimson Hotel Rules and Regulations
Hello [NAME],
Thank you for choosing Crimson Hotel! Please enjoy our pool, lounge and other amenities!

However, while you're at the hotel, we have a few rules set in place to help keep everything in order.

Never go into the basement without staff supervision. This rule had to be implemented for legal reasons. We here at the Crimson Hotel Staff are not responsible for injuries/deaths that occur as a result of not following this rule.
Please avoid loud music past 9:00 p.m.
Feel free to decorate your room as you please. Just ensure whenever you leave that your room is as clean as it was when you entered.
Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner will be served at 8:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m., and 6:00 p.m. respectively. Snacks are also available outside of the times listed. 
Do not under any circumstances attempt to injure/kill any staff member. This will result in SERIOUS consequences.

Rules for the Murdergame
Please refrain from joining if you can't play. In other words, try to post at least one every two days. If you have to stop playing for any reason, PM me and I will find a replacement.
Don't post during the night phase or if your character is dead.
No Godmodding.

1. Breakfast 
2. Meeting to discuss what happened the night before.
3. Lunch
4. Free-Time, you're free enjoy yourselves at the hotel.
5. Dinner
6. Night Phase

Good Team Roles
Investigator: has the ability to accuse someone at night, their accusation will be revealed anonymously during meetings.
Psychic: has the ability to check a player's role at night to see if they're evil.
Medic: can save anyone at night. If their target was also a target of the murderer, the target will be saved.
Vigilante: has the ability to shoot a player at night up to three times, however, if you shoot an innocent person, you have to put your gun away for the rest of the game.

Evil Team Roles
Murderer: has the ability to kill one player per night.
Attorney: at night chooses a player to protect from elimination. Cannot be used on the same person twice.
Seer: has the ability to check a player's role at night to see their exact role.
Bomber: can set down a bomb in a players room, killing anyone that visits them. Can only be used once.

Neutral Roles
Twins: has no special abilities, but if something happens to your twin, the same will happen to you. Wins by living to the end of the game.
Fool: has no special abilities at first, but when eliminated, can haunt a player the next night. Wins by being eliminated.
Survivor: can use a bulletproof vest to protect themselves up to three times. Wins by living to the end of the game.
Assassin: can assassinate a player once a game, but has a percentage of failure. If successful, the target cannot be saved. Wins by successfully killing another player. 

Hotel Staff
Ruby- The main host of Decrypto.

Scarlet- The brains behind Decrypto. A lot of people say she's one of the nicer Staff members.

Pine- The chef of the hotel and the reason why the hotel was able to be constructed.

Peri- A child that Ruby let work at the hotel. That might've been a mistake.

All Staff reference photos can be found here.

1. Wendy Christensen No Pictures Please. We'd ALL be arrested.
2. Cass Can do anything a dog can do!
3. Lance VanceStraight from the streets of Vice City.
4. Tonya Does the song "Through the Fire and the Flames" sound familiar?
5. Frankie Don't get cooked, stay off the hook.
6. Tiger Telematics *insert Nintendo Switch click*
7. James Rolfe/The Angry Video Game Nerd Have you ever broken a controller before?
8. Henkano Dank King of the (trash) swamp.
9. The Lemmings Great minds think alike.
10. Cirno Ok, who advertised the show on Nick .Jr again?
11. Kazuichi Souda The Ultimate Mechanic.
12. Red Riding Hood But this time she's hunting the big bad wolf instead.
13. Matthew Patrick i.e. MatPat But it's just a theory. A Game (Show) Theory.
14. Ivi Roma Cyberpunk and a Criminal! Not Clickbait!
15. Hitomi Elakha Don't worry, we have plenty of fish.

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  The Year is 20XX
Posted by: awe921 - 05-26-2021, 05:34:13 AM - Forum: Forum games - Replies (17)

This is a game where you come up with an apocalyptic scenario based around a prompt, then give the next player a prompt. all the prompts are to be started with "It's the year 20XX" or atleast mentions a bad future, such as "In a dystopian future" or "In the far away future", maybe even a "In a world".

Here's an example.

"In a far away dystopian future, Trouble Cube has become all consuming. All other shapes were eliminated, leaving only cubes that clash into each other in an neverending fight.

Mario's execution on March 31st"

"In an alternative universe's March 31st, Mario is erased from the world. However, the hidden gods did not take this lightly and started obliterating every other video game franchise by turning it into E.T. for the Atari. The videogame industry has fallen and tabletop games are our only hope.

FNF Modding."

Got it? Then I'll start.

The year is 20XX. In this dystopian future, troubadours have gained all the political power possible, using their newfound power to create alternate universes with dark futures.

Cute cats.

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