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  Destroy the Corruption: A DTGM-Type Crossover Game
Posted by: GoldenCityBird - 01-01-2022, 20:39:41 PM - Forum: Hybrid games - Replies (38)

"Hello, Multiverse. If you're hearing this, then something's gone horribly wrong. I've been fighting eldritch beings for years now, but this one... it bested me. And my friends... it took over them. Heh... I should'a known it'd end like this. Me, alone in a bunker... no bullets in the barrel now. I managed to kill one of the... well, I suppose they can be called drones now... could'a been a friend of mine."

"*sigh*... I don't have long to talk. I feel like I've found the key weakness, though-"


"Crap! Alright, if you're out there, listen closely! The Corruption is going to spread - I know this. It's scary, but stay calm. The Corruption is weak to-AAAAAA̧̯͈̾̾͒A̦͈͒͋!̲̙̆͡!̖͚͍̾̇͞"̧̫̤͑̍͐


Maybe someone with their radio caught this message. Maybe it just flew through a medieval setting without such technology. Either way, The Corruption is going to breach somewhere in their world, and try to take it over by any means necessary.


Welcome to "Destroy the Corruption", a Destroy the Godmodder-type game in which you all muster up the powers and characters of other universes to fight against... that. What is it? Who knows? (Me. I know. Duh.)

So, let's get on with the main rules:

Introducing characters & universes - first posts and beyond
* When introducing a universe:
** A header should state its name (the work it's from, plus any canonical names). Examples: Downton Abbey, Pete's World (Doctor Who),
** And also its type. Examples: "City-size Urban Fantasy 'verse", "Multi-Galactic Space Opera"
** The main post itself should state a specific location where the Corruption spawns in. Examples: "the House of Commons chamber", "the planet of Teegarden's Star b".

* When introducing one or more characters:
** Obviously, you should state their name. Examples: "Wonder Woman", "Jorji Costova".
** State whatever they have on them right now. Example: "The Doctor has his Sonic Screwdriver and Psychic Paper".
** State any strengths or weaknesses that will probably become relevant. Example: "Sonic the Hedgehog has super speed".

There, that was easy, wasn't it? All you need to do is have them do an action. How?

Further actions
To make an action, you must state it with a > thingy. Just about any action can be taken to fight against the Corruption, but there will be some minor things:

* If your action would use a limited resource (ammo, gasoline, custard pies, ect), I ask that you keep track of how much of that resource your character has and will use in that action.
* It's not just attacking: you can run away, take cover, try to learn about your foe, and so on.
* If there is an element of chance, uncertainty, of anything that means that the action might not work, just state so and I'll roll a die.
* The final action a Universe can take is Capitualtion. This instantly assimilates it and all known characters in it. You may only Capitulate universes you have played in a lot, and only as a last resort. This cannot be undone.

What is the Corruption?
There isn't really that much to know about the Corruption. But what there is to know is as follows:

* If a Corruption force would kill or destroy something, it instead assimilates it, taking control of it. This applies to everything that is still recognisable, and that isn't a part of the enviroment (trees, buildings, bodies of water, the void, ect.). The enviroment is tainted with much less effort.
* The Corruption only sends out a few Drones (corrupted soldiers) per universe. The number sent out depends on the verse's scope. They are rather tough (much stronger than the average bear), but do have a few mystery weaknesses. Try everything.
* The first Drone spotted will always be a Footsoldier Drone. It's a figure in dark armour that weilds a baton and a shield.
* Any further things will be added here once people figure them out - or at least think they do.

Other rules
* Don't be too much of a jerk to other players. They already have one problem to deal with, so... don't make it un-fun.
* Don't get too annoyed if a universe you like gets assimilated - that's just how it goes.
* Any questions? Don't be afraid to ask!

Active Universes
* Etheirys (Final Fantasy XIV)
* Beach City (Steven Universe)

Assimilated Universes

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  Destroy the Godmodder OOC/Godmodder Control Queue Check
Posted by: Despair's Archon of Memes - 12-24-2021, 03:07:35 AM - Forum: OOC threads - Replies (7)

Companion thread to Destroy the Godmodder: https://troublecube.net/mybb/Thread-Dest...Reshuffled

General DTG OOC Discussion

If you guys want to take control of the Godmodder in a future turn, just let me know in this thread and I'll add you to the queue accordingly! If you just want to talk about DTG, that's fine, too!

Queue of the control of the Godmodder:
1. GoldenCityBird

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  Destroy The Godmodder: Reshuffled
Posted by: Despair's Archon of Memes - 12-24-2021, 03:06:43 AM - Forum: Forum games - Replies (3)


After a short while... The reign of the Godmodder seemed to be over... A little skirmish occurred over the Trouble Cube's domain, but as the fight progressed... it lagged more and more... Until it just... STOPPED. However... The Godmodder grew more unstable... AND MORE DANGEROUS. Now, the Godmodder, with multiple personalities all fighting for control, threatens the Trouble Cube once more!

The Rules!
  • You may only post once per turn (One of the GM's posts)
  • In your post, you may do a normal attack, as well as charge up to three attacks (including other people's charged attacks) once each. (format the charges like so: (current number of charges)/(total number of required charges)).
  • Don't expect your attacks to work. Even if they do, you're lucky if they deal 1 damage. Even so, due to what's known as the "Curse of Repetition", an attack can only affect the Godmodder once.
  • You're not alone in this... You may summon entities to help you! However... If they're summoned hastily (I.E. in a short amount of turns), they may be turned against you!
  • Terminology: GM: Godmodder, AM: Anti-Godmodder (All Players), PM: Pro-Godmodder (any entities summoned by or turned to the Godmodder's side)
  • Every turn, control of the Godmodder will be swapped to a new player, who will write the results of the next turn that passes, who in turn, will pass control of the Godmodder to another player... and so on. The passing of the Godmodder will go through a queue from top to bottom.
  • If you want control of the Godmodder, please state so in the OOC forum and you will be added to a queue. The same goes if you want to give up your turn and be removed from the list. (DTG OOC thread: https://troublecube.net/mybb/Thread-Dest...ueue-Check)

The Godmodder is currently controlled by:MP (Despair's Archon of Memes)

Queue of the control of the Godmodder:
1. GoldenCityBird

Curse of Repetition Resistances:
Currently none

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  Life's a Beach 2
Posted by: Matthew - 12-18-2021, 19:00:02 PM - Forum: Murdergames - Replies (695)


1. Yuffie Kisaragi (Huney)
2. S̶e̶p̶h̶i̶r̶o̶t̶h̶ (̶R̶i̶s̶d̶i̶o̶5̶1̶)̶ (EXECUTED)
3. Mario.EXE (door-kun)
4. J̶u̶l̶i̶a̶ (̶K̶e̶n̶n̶i̶f̶e̶r̶)̶ (DEAD)
5. D̶e̶s̶e̶n̶a̶r̶i̶ C̶h̶i̶l̶l̶v̶e̶i̶n̶ (̶F̶l̶o̶r̶i̶e̶n̶)̶(DEAD)
6. E̶r̶i̶ (̶w̶i̶n̶g̶e̶d̶c̶a̶t̶g̶i̶r̶l̶)̶ (EXECUTED)
7. Henry Stickmin (Despair's Archon of Memes)
8. B̶a̶n̶d̶a̶n̶a̶ W̶a̶d̶d̶l̶e̶ D̶e̶e̶ (̶O̶g̶g̶y̶1̶2̶3̶)̶ (DEAD)
9. Ernesto Pucci (MadameButterflyKnife)
11. Addison/"Steve" (the Image Hijacker) (Goose)
12. Squid Girl (Zanreo)
13. Gutierrezia "Snakeweed" Took (PointMaid)
14. E̶r̶e̶n̶ L̶i̶d̶e̶s̶t̶r̶e̶ (̶C̶a̶s̶s̶i̶e̶)̶ (DEAD)

All 14 of the participants have found themselves the winners of a contest for a nice vacation at George Washington Columbo's Island resort, hearing great things about it in spite of the expensive price of staying there. The winners set off on a nice cruise and right now are enjoying their time on the boat, seeing the blue skies and the ocean as well as the activity on the ship as they all head their way towards the island. Eventually they reach their destination nearby the huts where they all get off close to the huts. The ship takes back off where everyone finds themselves greeted by a big, burly man with aviator sunglasses and a long, golden jacket. He is puffing on very fine Cuban cigars. He looks at the people there and already, you can already tell he gives off the air that he is above each and every single one of these people here. He puts on a facade that he's happy to have them all on his island but it is very obviously fake.

Greetings, everyone, I'm George Washington Columbo! Welcome to my brand new island resort. The finest place for rest and relaxation, with everything that's here is the best money can buy. Anything less than that is garbage. And let's face it, normally I wouldn't allow people like you here. It'd be like having McDonald's at a French restaurant. But in your cases, I'll make an exception, because it will be very good for business. So enjoy your nice vacation here, all expenses paid, of course and later on, I'll even bring you into my mansion to discuss some things. But for now, make your way around the island and enjoy what we have to offer here. And reserve yourself a hut to sleep in during the night. Only two people per hut. But for right now, enjoy the sights because it's more than likely you'll never be here ever again!

He laughs as he puffs his cigar.


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  Like Tears in Rain
Posted by: PointMaid - 12-16-2021, 18:39:22 PM - Forum: Murdergames - Replies (839)

Like Tears in Rain

It's an era where travel between different times and different timelines is possible. When? Where? ...Unimportant. There are also sentient AIs working to keep the timeline as it is… and some working for groups who feel the timeline would be better off just a bit different. Or a lot different.

BOB-B is tasked with defending the current timeline. MORI-RT was developed by a group collaborating across other timelines. They're not so happy with the status quo, and they're willing to go to some extreme lengths to put their ideas into practice.

You are all important in some way. How? ...Well, even the two AIs can't see all eventualities. But you've been kidnapped and put into… well, a containment. You have all amenities. It's a pretty nice place. There's even a room with portals back to your own times and dimensions…. You have to be back here at night though. They know where you live. Literally.

A few of you are supporters of the group behind MORI-RT. Not even BOB-B knows which ones. But the supporters will try to erase the others from the timeline, permanently.

THIS GAME WILL BE CUSTOMIZED THE PLAYERS. Yes, you can still change your character and of course you can drop out. This will mean that there will be a longer than usual time after signups in order to complete the customization. The game is expected to start in the middle of December. Please be patient, and understand that this is a slightly higher commitment than usual, but as I said you can still change characters or drop out and be replaced. Co-hosting will be MadameButterflyKnife!

There are 10 slots and two scum tasked with erasing the others from the timeline, permanently. The scum will be the only ones allowed through the portals at night.  The innocents will have one Bus Driver who will be able to covertly switch two people's portals so that actions done on one person will be instead done on another. The other innocents are Town Backup Bus Drivers (have a chance of becoming the Bus Driver if the Bus Driver  is killed) or one Town Cop (Able to investigate whether a player is scum; this is affected by Bus Driving). Inspired by this MafiaScum setup: https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Bus_Service

No godmodding. No being a jerk.

If you're dead, don't post in the thread, and don't reveal what you know to those who are still playing, especially who killed you.

Please make sure all rollable actions are prefaced with a ">" as in "> [character] tries to open the locked safe." Food, drink, and moving to a place you're allowed to be are not rolled actions and do not need to be prefaced that way. Obtaining items is a rollable action.

Voting: to vote on who is a scum, use the format "/vote [character]".

There will be challenges. The best responses to the challenge will win immunity for the night (One response will be chosen as best by each of the two co-hosts. Inventiveness, writing, and amusement factor may be a part of the judging criteria, but 'what is best' is up to the two co-hosts.)

Have fun! (...Suggested, anyway. If you're not having fun, you are welcome to leave at any time.)

MAPS (House only; Beyond the portals will be descriptions)
[Image: attachment.php?aid=313][Image: attachment.php?aid=314][Image: attachment.php?aid=315][Image: attachment.php?aid=316]


1. Amy (Kennifer)
2. T-800  Olivia Lynn (Matthew)
3. Sakuya Izayoi (Despair's Archon of Memes)
4. Helena (Dookie) - Killed Night Three
5. Charis Spiros (wingedcatgirl) - Killed Night One
6. Dr. Simon Glass (Geek) - Dropped out)
7. Missingno (Zanreo)
8. Kaworu Nagisa (Risdio51) - Killed Night Four
9. Sericle (SomeLibre) - Dropped out
10. Gwyneth Paltrow (EeveeGirlChey) - Executed Day Four
11. Skelebob Bones, esq. (TenOfSwords13)

You find yourselves in the hallway of a somewhat futuristic house. Two floating drones approach you. One of them begins to address you through its speakers.

Welcome. My name is BOB-B. I am what you would call an artificial intelligence. I have brought you here because, even though you are from different times and timelines, I believe you are each important to the structure of the multiverse as it exists. I must safeguard you. It is my function. Beyond that far door is a portal for each of you to a location in your existences.

I have come to an understanding with my counterpart MORI-RT here. The group that created it believes they may better mold history to their benefit without you. I believe that is reckless and dangerous. I am aware that two of you are working for MORI-RT. It will be your task to safeguard your own timelines and discover these undercover operatives while you are here. Is this understood?

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  The Neural Blender Game!
Posted by: AyyBee121 - 12-15-2021, 03:44:16 AM - Forum: Forum games - Replies (2)

Neural Blender is a neural network that generates images based on user prompts. Since I am cripplingly addicted to it, I decided to make a forum game built around it.
The rules are simple: Go to Neural Blender using the link above, and copy and paste the prompt at the bottom of the previous post into the text input box. Then upload the result, add a new prompt at the bottom, and the cycle continues.
Warning: Some generated images can be unintentionally (or intentionally) disturbing. You have been warned.
I'll add the first prompt below:

Get away from me, unfathomable monster!

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  Party to Treason
Posted by: Florien - 12-14-2021, 09:06:41 AM - Forum: Murdergames - Replies (663)

Link to Rules

Four rebel traitors among you. It's too horrible to think about, surely. Four seats, controlled by vile criminals who would overthrow the government? How unthinkable. This cannot be allowed to stand, can it?

Captain Lanthanide calls in at the start of your first council meeting, radiating a vague sense of irritation over your inconveniencing of her. (All she can do is radiate it, considering that her face is a motionless tungsten symbol floating on a surface of plasma.)

Audits are underway for all y'all. Anyway, Ah'll be judgin' yer edicts that ya issue closely, an' Ah expect you to clean up yer messes. If'n y'all manage to do YER JOBS properly, ah'll be able to finish mah audits an' get yer traitor "friends" off to the correctional centers. If YA DON'T do yer jobs properly an' let too many rebel-aidin' edicts slip through, Ah'll make sure it don't end well for y'all. That clear? Now, uh, who's yer presidin' member right now? Mr. The Brain? Whatever, mah junior officer is in charge right now. Discuss who yer gonna be elevating to chairperson, an' get the best edicts passed. If'n yer not interested in doin' that, Ah'm sure ah can find some seat-holders more interested in doin' their jobs right.

Players and Balance of Power:

Current Presiding Member of the Allfield Colonial Board of Directors: Monaca Towa
Current Chairperson of the Board: None
Mayor of Allfield: Asuka Langly Soryu
Town Comptroller: Eridan Ampora
Junior Political Officer(s) to Allfield: Pinky and The Brain (Patriot Points)
Regional Media Director: Bandu
Labor and Logistics Representative: CATS
Town Ombudsperson: George Costanza
Town Coroner: Steve
Lead Archivist: Billionaire Killer Mark February
Insect Control District Senior Representative: Monaca Towa

Rebel Edicts Passed:
#36, an educational edict that makes it easier for people fleeing the territory to integrate elsewhere.
#4041, a budget edict which ruins the monopoly on information that the Alliance has.
#119-B, an informational edict which trusts people to choose to not go down any of the myriad rabbit holes online leading to disloyalty after pointing out how inviting they are.

Loyalist Edicts Passed:
#139-5-B, an information-sector edict that encourages a cult of personality and a cult of patriotism.
#53-102, an educational edict preventing people from thinking of a way out and educating them well for menial jobs to make money for the Alliance.
#0106, a budgetary edict making sure people provide the Alliance with goods to be manufactured into tools of control (and cool space things too)

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  Life's a Beach 2 Sign-ups
Posted by: Matthew - 12-08-2021, 23:27:49 PM - Forum: Signups - Replies (18)

Hi, everyone! This is George Washington Columbo, the very same man who managed Sweet Louie Johnson to the world heavyweight championship and became one of the most hyped and watched pay-per-view boxing matches of all time! All boxers wanna work for me, but I only represent the very best. If you can't draw the money, you're not worth my time baby! And I believe in only the best things money can buy. Which is why 14 lucky people have won my contest for an all-expenses paid vacation at my island resort in Sopal Isles. All the best money can buy while you enjoy the nice tropical atmosphere. Luxurious huts you can rest in. And make your way around the island, you can enjoy all the surfing and water-skiing you want. Have a nice meal at the bar-and-restaurant. Get some rays while you relax by the pool and even have all your worries massaged away at the spa. Everything here is top-notch. You can't ask for anything better. You're all too poor to enjoy it otherwise, so enjoy this nice vacation on me!

Much time has passed since the events between Shoehorn and Victoria. The old hotel is long demolished and in its place is the island resort, founded by famed boxing manage and upcoming real estate tycoon George Washington Columbo, a man obsessed with the excessive lifestyle money can bring. 14 lucky people have won a vacation to the resort, hoping for a little bit of rest and relaxation. But they're all about to walk into a vacation which will be anything but.

The island is inhabited by Dawn, the new leader of the Sharks after Shoehorn ended up leaving. She wants the island to preserve what Shoehorn tried to accomplish. And as such, has her three people wanting to kill GWC and anyone on the island to scare them off for good. And on top of this, two other people are here, too. Who both hate GWC's guts (naturally, considering his greedy, condescending personality) so much, they want him dead. And their own goals is to kill him and leave no witnesses.

And now once again’ it's survival on the island as the vacationers have to deal with two groups trying to kill each other as well as the innocent vacationers. Between the battle of threes, who will thrive? Will the vacationers make it out alive? Will GWC's enemies do away with the nasty billionaire? Will Dawn and her people get them all off the island?

This is…. Life's a Beach 2.

With your hosts

    George Washington Columbo (Matthew)
    Dawn (Dookie)

In Life's a Beach 2, town has to deal with two scum teams who get to kill every night. The goal for the town is to vote off both scum teams, while for each scum team, the goal is to kill off the town as well as the opposite scum team. Town wins if they vote off both scum teams. A scum team will win if they manage to kill off both town and the opposite scum team, or the numbers of town and a surviving scum happen to be equal. If the survivors happen to be equal scum teams, a tie-breaker will happen which will determine who will win via RNG. Whoever scores the highest will win.

GWC enemies:

Detective - Knows the role of anybody they investigate. Can only be used two times.

Flavorless: Once per game, you may target a player and use your Vanilla-Inator on another player. That person will lose their abilities and become...VANILLA!


Seer - May block one person from using their role every night. This only counts for the night.

Ninja - Can disguise during a kill once per game, leaving no evidence.

Camo - If detected by Hacker, comes up as “Vacationers?”


Driver - May switch any two people during the night. Any action aimed at one of the switched people will hit the other instead.

Doctor - May protect one person from death every night.

Stoner - (Get it? Cause they basically turn to stone?) - Can call Stump anytime during the game. Once they do this, they cannot die, but they also cannot vote.

Friends: Can talk with one another through a Discord Group, and know the other isn't mafia.

Fortune Teller - May learn the alignment of any person. Can only be used three times.

Grubhub Delivery Guy - Can deliver a burger to someone every night. That person may eat that burger once at the start of any night, protecting them from kills.

Vacationers - You've just came here to enjoy the nice vacation. You're not here to shed any blood but you don't have any special powers either.

[*]1. No god-modding allowed. Your character is the only character you can control. No one else can change other characters or settings without the permission of the hosts and/or players (if it involves one of the players).

[*]2. No turbo-lurking allowed. It is expected that anyone who signs up to play this game to participate regularly as much as they can and not give out any meaningless posts just to skirt by. If two game days pass by without any significant posts from a player, their character will be killed off. If you can no longer participate, let the hosts know and a replacement will be sought.

[*]3. (For the scum) If you become a scum, it is expected that you kill someone everyday as it is your role in-game. One person has to be killed every night, so don't stall. Failure to kill someone when the night phase is up will result in one random player being killed off. It could be a town or a scum, so get killing. It will be in the best interest of everyone.

[*]4. While jerkassery is all right IC, it is stated however that you don't be a jerk to your players OOC. Be respectful and cool with your players.

[*]5. And while jerkassery and the occasional off-color comment is acceptable, no NSFW, inappropriate or otherwise disruptive actions (i.e. Bill's Brother or Elizabeth Afton) will be tolerated in-game.

[*]6. Remain in-character in thread.

[*]7. If you're dead, you can no longer post in the thread. You are still however free to spectate. However, do not give away the killers or any clues outside the thread. Otherwise, you will be permanently banned from the game.

[*]8. For anyone sending messages to the hosts, please send the messages to ALL TWO HOSTS (i.e. Me and Dookie), so we can all be in the loop and we can log all the actions within our private server as soon as possible.

[*]9. And above all else, have fun with your characters and the game.

Height and Weight:


2. Sephiroth (Risdio51)
3. Mario.EXE (door-kun)
4. Julia (Kennifer)
5. Desenari Chillvein (Florien)
6. Eri (wingedcatgirl)
7. Henry Stickmin (Despair's Archon of Memes)
8. Bandana Waddle Dee (Oggy123)
9. Ernesto Pucci (MadameButterflyKnife)
10. Lucky O'Chopper (PopcornPie)
11. Addison/"Steve" (the Image Hijacker) (Goose)
12. Squid Girl (Zanreo)
13. Gutierrezia "Snakeweed" Took (PointMaid)
14. Eren Lidestre (Cassie)

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  Party to Treason Signups [Full]
Posted by: Florien - 12-07-2021, 21:32:17 PM - Forum: Signups - Replies (16)


The propaganda posters along the streets of the Alliance-Run Colony of Allfield, (A town largely dedicated to producing canned goods, despite the agriculture-themed name), have a nice, stereotypical, Earth-cold-war dystopia feel, with the clean lines and the red, off-white, blue, and grey color scheme and an image of the great leader, Sendri Pilotslicense. The aesthetic is only amplified by the perpetually overcast sky and buildings made primarily of concrete and bricks. The small town of twelve thousand citizens has never much dared to speak against the "candidates for election." Indeed, the candidates are pre-approved by Alliance Officials, and the media is always pro-incumbent. That combined with an intense voter apathy has rendered all the seats completely safe.

You are the holders of those ten safe seats on the Allfield administrative board, mostly imported from abroad to serve as "model foreigners who willingly immigrated to join our great and welcoming nation and came into power through their newfound patriotism"

Most of you are loyalists. Maybe you bought fully into the Alliance as a force for good, and thus are unshakeable in your faith. Maybe you haven't bought fully into the Alliance line, but at least realize it is not prudent to criticize it too much. Or perhaps you have your eyes (or whatever you use to perceive) turned upwards to yet higher positions within the Alliance's governmental structure, and think that apparent loyalty will be good enough to get you there.

However, recently, a problem arose when rumors of dissent among the members of the board reached the regional political officer, Captain Lanthanide. Lanthanide video-called in, issued some threats, reprimanded you all for lack of loyalty, and demanded that the traitors be stopped, or everyone gets shot.

Shockingly, for the first time, the rumors are true, and not just a convenient excuse to replace you with someone cheaper. Four of you actually ARE Rebels. "Traitors to the nation an' Sendri in particular!" Lanthanide said. Thankfully for you, Lanthanide has no intention of actually doing her job at the moment, so you're unlikely to all get purged come the next "Loyalty Day" for "Improper Association with Traitors". But unless the loyalists among you do something to prevent it, worse problems than "imminent imprisonment and likely death" may arise should the rebels come to power.

Basic Rules:

1. Standard Murdergame Rules Apply.

2. Don't enter a character you're not okay with being a rebel, being a loyalist, or dying. Any of these things can and will happen.

3. If you're going to drop out, tell me, don't sit around waiting for someone to complain about your turbolurking before making a decision.

4. No communication outside of the thread. There will be no scum chat, nor will there be PMs between players.

Game Rules: (Based very closely on Secret Hitler)
1. At the start of the game, you will receive a DM telling you which role you have. The options are Loyalist, Rebel, and Rebel Leader. There will be six loyalists, three rebels, and one rebel leader.

2. There are 11 Rebel Edicts and 6 Loyalist Edicts in random order on the edict list. (Think of it like a deck of cards.)

3. The goal of the Loyalists is to either issue five Loyalist Edicts or get the Rebel Leader killed. The goal of the Rebels is to either issue six of their own edicts or get the Rebel Leader elected chairperson after three pro-rebel edicts have been issued.

4. The Rebels know who the leader is, the Leader does not know who the rebels are.

5. The Gameplay takes place in phases. The phases go as follows.

  • The Presiding Member will nominate a Chairperson. They may discuss their nominee beforehand with the other players. (Someone who was chairperson one round cannot run again until someone else has been chairperson. The same is true for the presiding member.)
  • Everyone discusses, and votes on whether or not the chosen candidate will be chairperson. (The chairperson nominee and presiding member get to vote too.)
  • If the vote does not get a majority, it fails, the next person on the list becomes the presiding member, the chairperson seat remains empty, and the election phase repeats. If this happens three times in a row, the edict at the top of the edict list is issued, but if it would grant a power to the presiding member, it doesn't. The term limits also reset.
  • If the vote does get a majority, the chairperson nominee is elected, and if a victory condition has not been met, legislation can begin.
  • The Presiding Member gets told the top three edicts on the list via DM, and chooses two to pass on to the Chairperson. The not chosen one is discarded and will not come up again until the whole pile of edicts has been gone through. The Presiding member may not communicate with anyone until the choice is made.
  • The Chairperson is given the two edicts via DM, and choses which one to enact. The one not chosen is discarded and will not come up again for a while (until the whole pile of edicts has been gone through).
  • If five rebel edicts have been issued, the Chairperson may request to skip the legislation phase after receiving the edicts, instead of issuing one. If the Presiding Member agrees, it is treated as if the election phase did not elect a chairperson and the legislation phase is skipped. Otherwise, the Chairperson must issue an edict.
  • If the edict grants a power to the Presiding Member, the Presiding Member immediately uses that power. Otherwise, proceed to phase three.
  • Captain Lanthanide will bring up an issue that you need to resolve, usually related to the issued edict. This is a challenge posting phase, like in EZPI and CC. You will be given a task, and you will follow the directions. Then Captain Lanthanide will rate you. 
  • The top two performers will receive "patriot points", which means that they receive an extra "yes" vote if they are nominated for chairperson or if they nominate a chairperson.
Powers the Presiding Member will receive by number of Rebel edicts issued.

  1. Break-in: The Presiding member finds out one person's loyalty (Rebel or Loyalist). They may do with this information as they wish. The same player cannot be investigated this way twice.
  2. Second Break-In.
  3. Appoint Successor: Instead of the Presiding Member passing down the list, it passes to whoever the current presiding member chooses.
  4. Purge: A player of the Presiding Member's choice is executed and are dead. They are out of the game. If this eliminates the Rebel Leader, the game ends. Otherwise, no information is given on whether a Rebel or a Loyalist was purged.
  5. Second Purge.
  6. Rebel Victory.

Remember, Sendri's will is the only way, and have a very happy Loyalty Day.

Signup Form Template as follows.

Description or Image:
Additional Notes:

+ Kennifer as Eridan Ampora, who is dressed for success (at being a vampire)
+ CustardAndPie as Steve (from tankmen), who does not have a think tank supporting him, despite his job title.
+ Risdio51 as Asuka Langley Soryu, who's middle name has nothing to do with the CIA, and even if it did, we'd have to kill you.
+ wingedcatgirl as Billionaire Killer Mark February, who is either a symptom of or a cure to the problem of too many billionaires with enormous amounts of political power.
+ Matthew as George Costanza, who you can't prove doesn't believe that the cards saying "moops" is deliberate!
+ Despair's Archon of Memes as Monaca Towa, who seems to have really run with that official pardon she got.
+ Cassie as Bandu, who... look I can't even make a joke here, he has phones orbiting him.
+ Zanreo as CATS, who all your government structure are belong to.

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  D&D Homebrew Thread
Posted by: AyyBee121 - 11-23-2021, 23:39:21 PM - Forum: Media Discussion - No Replies

Exactly what it sounds like: A thread for discussing and sharing homebrew (fanmade) content for Dungeons & Dragons.

The first thing I want to discuss: Would "Conspiracy Theorist" make for a good background, or would it be more of a personality trait, and some other background should be used instead?

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