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  The Chaos Murdergame
Posted by: Despair's Archon of Memes - 07-31-2021, 03:07:34 AM - Forum: Forum games - Replies (32)

Welcome... to the Chaos Murdergame! Where the only rule is there are NO RULES. Go nuts! Godmod all you want! Need to turbolurk? Go Ahead! We won't stop you!  You can do... ANYTHING!

Rules: ANYTHING GOES. Oh, and don't be a jerk OOC.

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  Make the above signature verbose
Posted by: wingedcatgirl - 07-29-2021, 01:34:55 AM - Forum: Forum games - Replies (3)

That is to say, affect the causation of increased linguistic complexity to the end-of-post signatory data of the personage whose post most recently preceded your own.

Will this work as well on a forum with substantially longer signature fields? We'll see!

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  Last Summer Signups
Posted by: CustardAndPie - 07-28-2021, 20:00:15 PM - Forum: Signups - Replies (16)

Date: Summer of 1983
Location: Somewhere in the rural Midwest…

A-ha! Just in time! Pretty punctual for a little maggot, aren't ya?

The lights flicker on, the bulbs on the ceiling buzzing. A tall young adult in tube socks, tan high-tops and a striped, pink jumpsuit sits in a rickety metal folding chair, their smug grin only being overshadowed by large, thick, glowing glasses. Next to them is another young adult, this time with permed pink-and-blonde hair, heart-shaped sunglasses, heels, and a brightly colored sweater and skirt ensemble. On the other side of them is a shaggy-looking blond man in a black tank top, obnoxiously-color Jams, and a neon D.A.R.E fanny pack around his waist. The three of them are sitting in a room surrounded by various arcade machines, gaudy carpeting bathed in neon lights. Very faintly, Devo's "Whip It" can be heard from another room.

I'm [incomprehensible], but you may call me the Counselor, they say before motioning to the young adults on each side of them.

And these folks here are Stephanie and her beau Brad. Stephanie's the owner of the Weeping Willow Arcade. A nice little arrangement, wouldn't you say? A nice little venue for the nice little script I have prepared…

They lean forward in their chair, making an "A" with their hands as their grin gets wider… almost inhumanly wide.

Have fun, and make sure you reach for a high score…. because this may be your last summer alive.

1. Please, for the love of god, no godmodding. Violators will have their characters publicly drawn and quartered (no, really), and you will be banned from any future iterations of the game.
2. If you sign up, participate as best as you can. Don't sign up and then abandon the thread. Violators who do not post for over 48 hours will also have their characters publicly drawn and quartered and will be removed from the round. Don't do it. Also, if you must take an absence from the thread for more than 48 hours, please contact the hosts.
3. If your character is dead, do not post in the thread. However, you are free to spectate. Furthermore, do not tell players who the murderers are or give away clues outside of the thread. If we catch you, your character will be publicly drawn and quartered and you be permanently banned from the game.
4. PM all night actions to the hosts. Do not post in the thread during the night phase.
5. No stalling, please. If no deaths happen for 2 day and 2 night phases in a row, the team with the most recent kill wins.
6. Remain in character in the thread.
7. Votes will be formatted as /vote [name]. Players can retract their vote at any time. Execution will be done by majority vote. Once the majority vote is reached, you cannot retract your vote and the execution will proceed.
8. When killing a player, describe how you murder them. Also, please make your murders nasty, this is based on slasher films after all.
9. Remember, this game takes place in the summer of 1983. Try not to be anachronistic. However, characters from works created after 1983 are 100% allowed, they can easily be explained away with time travel. Anachronism gags are also allowed if your characters time traveled.

    You're a maniac, maniac, on the floor and you're slashin’ like you've never slashed before!

You will kill anyone who gets in your way with murderous intent. However, you share this role with two other people. Only one of you can kill per night, and even then you're limited to a single kill in a single night. The only other restriction you have is, when killing, never use guns. Ever seen a slasher movie where the killer just shoots people and leaves? Yeah, I thought so. Besides, killing at close range is much more fun…

    Help, I've stepped into the Twilight Zone!

A role with no special abilities or conditions applied. You're just… here, trying to survive.

    Private eyes, they're watching you

Look at you, playing Sherlock Holmes! Each night, you may request to see the roles of one player. From there you will be given one of five possible roles that player could have.

    Doctor, doctor, give me the news

You can attempt to heal one person once per night, negating any attempts on their life during that night. You can also heal yourself if you so choose.

    Wanted: dead or alive

Time for some vigilante justice, baby! Each night you get a chance to shoot someone. However, your gun only has one bullet, and if the person you shoot is innocent, you will die. Choose your target wisely.

Bold Action Man:
    Highway to the danger zone

You've seen enough action movies to think you're qualified to be a good hero. Each night, you may protect one person of your choice. If your protectee is targeted, both you and the slasher die. If your protectee is a slasher, you will die. If the slasher targets you, only you will die and your protectee will be safe. On the off chance you protect a slasher, a medic heals the slasher AND the slasher attempts a kill, you protect the medic and die with the slasher.

    I always feel like somebody's watching me…

Every move they make, every step they take, you'll be watching them. You can look at the camera feed of any room of your choice once per night. However, you can only do this 2 times per round, so make your stalking skills count!

(Williams') Defender:
    I need a hero!

You're brave. You're bold. Well, maybe not as bold as the Bold Action Man, but still. You can choose one person to protect twice per game. If a slasher targets the person you're protecting, both of you will survive.

Lucky Bastard:
    You don't mess around with Jim

You're one lucky mofo and you know it. Twice per game you can use your ridiculous luck, and any attempt on your life that doesn't explicitly ignore your luck will be thwarted. Hope you packed your lucky rabbit's foot for this.

Da Map

Signup Template:


1. Dale Gribble (Matthew) Too bad the Counselor took cues from MKUltra...
2. Quinn (Dookie) Good lord people are even getting isekai'd into horror movies
3. Sollux Captor (Kennifer) I will give him the mind honey Dead: Lucky Bastard The scum team decided to do a little trolling
4. Monster (Guma) If someone gets turned into food again, blame this guy ig Dead: Investigator My brains, AAAAAAAA, my brains, AAAAAAAAA
5. Sharles Serox (Knife) Are you a ceiling fan? Because you make the room cooler Dead: Defender Back into the ceiling you go, gremlin
6. Gumball Cookie (Geek) The arcade has his caged brethren
7. Yuki Ito (Zanreo) Probably owns a legit Polybius machine
8. Tempests (Sylvi) By William Shakespeare Dead: Stalker What's the matter? You look a little red in the face
9. Selen(ium) (Point) Literally musical numbers Dead: Bold Action (Wo)Man Seems like your days were numbered
10. Lars (Lavender) Truck-kun was not merciful to you Dead: Patron Truck-kun is a cosmic asshole
11. Big Ben Harrison (Florien) Since there are no dogs here, it's time for him to disappoint his grandfather Dead:Slasher This is why you don't vote Hawaii, folks
12. Skyler Mason (Psyche) The (Maybe) Karate Kid
13. Jason Voorhees (Weirdguy) Got your work cut out for ya there, bud
14. Libre (Libre) Free Dead: Medic ...Come on, dude. What the hell was that?

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Posted by: wingedcatgirl - 07-22-2021, 07:21:06 AM - Forum: Media Discussion - Replies (3)

It's the funney block game, punch trees

(We've) got a server that's been running for a bit, so if troubadours like to craft and also mine with other troubadours in a *mostly but not quite* vanilla server, you can connect via meowzone.troublecube.net and the discord specifically for that server is here

Anyway this can be a general discussion thread for minced rafts in addition to a Meow Zone discussion

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  The Trouble Cube Tournament Arc!
Posted by: GoldenCityBird - 07-19-2021, 12:38:11 PM - Forum: Hybrid games - Replies (177)

The journey here was brief enough - the Tournament Arc's planners saw your application, deemed you alright, and arranged a high-speed rail journey to the arena. You remember looking out of the window, and seeing that white, black, and teal monolith of modern design.

Now you've arrived properly, and are now in the lobby. You haven't spoken to your seven competitors in the room yet - you hadn't had any chance to do so prior, and it's only been a few seconds since the robotic guards finished their checks. There isn't much in the lobby - just a few seats, some occupied, and a stack of maps on the desk.

A loud, female voice blares over some sort of intercom. "Alright, competitors, we're still setting up a few things on our end - press, spectators, and a few technical difficulties involving the arena. In the meantime, it wouldn't be too bad for you to get to know your new friends - or enemies - a little, would it?"


OOC: For those of you who haven't seen the signup thread, signups are closed for now (unless someone drops out). And for those of you who have, roleplay here is basically free game. The only rules are about combat:

* When fighting, two six-sided dice are rolled; one for the attacker, and one for the defender. Certain things, such as armour, weapon proificency, or a sneak attack, may add or remove from the total. The result of the attack is determined from those two numbers. The number of dice may go up if multiple people are being fought at once (which probably won't happen here).

Aside from that, enjoy the game!

Current Competitors:

* The Idol: Hoshimashi Suisei (SomeLibre)
* The Flame: Mindy Mercedes (Matthew Somebody)
* The Gem: Jasper (SmilyCube112)
* The Vampire: Amelia Monty (HypeKitty1)
* The Undead: Isoe Santos (MadameButterflyKnife)
* The Spy: Agent Peely (Dookie)
* The Sweetheart: Ariamine Temerity (KungFuCutBug)
* The Magical Girl: Elise (wingedcatgirl)

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  Murder in the Mountains (End)
Posted by: wingedcatgirl - 07-16-2021, 01:17:56 AM - Forum: Murdergames - Replies (2229)

Signup thread | Murderverse OOC thread

The game is over. The innocents escaped safely.
  1. Amy (@Kennifer) DEAD: Unjester
  2. Dr. Benjamin Kondraki (@TheGeekArtist08) SURVIVED: Bus Driver (Rickroller)
  3. Blue (@MadameButterflyKnife)SURVIVED: Coroner
  4. Bonus Boss Z (@Zanreo)SURVIVED: Bulletproof
  5. Chip and Ada Lieber (@PointMaid) GOT BETTER: Fruit Vendors
  6. Freddy Fazbear (@Weirdguy149) GOT BETTER: Investigator
  7. High Priest of Death and Destruction Malakhiri, Herald of the Seven Circles (@Florien) DEAD: Death Cultist Janitor
  8. Jean Greyerl (@TalesofUnder) DEAD: Death Cultist Wannabe
  9. Knuckles the Echidna (@door-kun) GOT BETTER: Watcher
  10. Lloyd Henrick (@"Matthew Somebody") GOT BETTER: Jailer
  11. "Lotus" (@Magolor)SURVIVED: Stalker
  12. Midnight Red (@TenOfSwords13) DEAD: Amnesiac turned Death Cultist Wannabe (Rickroller)
  13. Mitsuha Sugawara (@psychedelicate) DEAD: Death Cultist Vanillaizer
  14. Tainted Soul (@KungFuCutbug) DEAD: Death Cultist Rolecop
  15. Xrendak "Nellie" Nel'ren (@Goose)SURVIVED: Commuter
  • Vince Ruiz (tour guide)
  • Sericle (fellow hiker) DEAD

You wake up in the cabin your hiking group stopped by for the night to the sound of howling winds and the sight of whipping snow. A blizzard swooped in while you slept, and it looks like you won't be continuing your trip for a while.

You hadn't talked much with your fellow hikers before. Maybe now would be a good time to get to know them?

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  Murder in the Mountains signup (15/15)
Posted by: wingedcatgirl - 07-10-2021, 05:27:22 AM - Forum: Signups - Replies (19)

Game thread | Murderverse OOC thread

You signed up for a perfectly ordinary hiking trip. Get outdoors, y'know?
You made a normal scheduled stop at a normal cabin, just to rest for the night.
You weren't expecting a blizzard to trap you there for days...
... you've heard rumors of death cultists in the area. Weird rumor. Well, in this weather, they'll be trapped too, so if people turn up dead, you've at least got a limited suspect pool.


  1. @SomeLibre is our co-GM. Listen to him when he says things.
  2. This is a mafia-type game. In the day, everyone picks someone to eliminate. At night, the Death Cultists pick someone to kill, and anyone with night actions chooses what to do with that.
  3. No godmoding, puppeteering, etc. Your character is your character, other players' characters are their characters.
  4. No editing posts. If you made a formatting mistake, holler a mod. If you made a wording mistake, double-post.
  5. Please no turbolurking. Try to post at least once per day. Ideally more. If you need to drop out, drop out, we'll find a replacement.
  6. This is a murdergame. You might die, you might roll scum. Please don't enter as a character who you're not okay with those things happening to.
  7. ... this game is probably not even remotely balanced. Hopefully it's the fun kind of unbalanced rather than the boring kind. We Shall See™.

Be aware that there are more roles here than players. Not every role will appear, but Wannabe is guaranteed, and Coroner and Janitor will either both appear or neither appear. Additionally, the Death Cultists will have a "safeclaim" - a role they know no innocent holds, and so they can claim it without fear of contradiction.

Death Cultist roles
You are a Death Cultist Dualgunner.
Always keep a backup.
As a Death Cultist, you have a shared scumchat, and one of you may visit and kill one player each night. Your partners are [player] and [player].
As the Dualgunner, once per game, during the night, you may visit and kill one player, independently of the normal Death Cultist nightkill.
You win when Death Cultists are the only players left, or it becomes impossible to prevent this.

You are a Death Cultist Janitor.
Don't make a mess.
As a Death Cultist, you have a shared scumchat, and one of you may visit and kill one player each night. Your partners are [player] and [player].
As the Janitor, you will "clean up" the body of the Death Cultist nightkill, preventing their role from being revealed. Additionally, once per game, you may "deep clean" the nightkill, removing almost all evidence.
You win when Death Cultists are the only players left, or it becomes impossible to prevent this.

You are a Death Cultist One-Shot Vanillaizer
We all scream for ice cream.
As a Death Cultist, you have a shared scumchat, and one of you may visit and kill one player each night. Your partners are [player] and [player].
Once per game, during the night, you may target a player. That player will permanently lose all abilities, becoming a Death Cultist Goon or Vanilla Townie. This ability will have no effect if it targets a Wannabe, Amnesiac, Mason, or Unjester.
You win when Death Cultists are the only players left, or it becomes impossible to prevent this.

You are a Death Cultist Two-shot Rolecop
What does it say on my badge? Cash bribes only.
As a Death Cultist, you have a shared scumchat, and one of you may visit and kill one player each night. Your partners are [player] and [player].
Twice per game, during the night, you may target a player. You will learn that player's role.
You win when Death Cultists are the only players left, or it becomes impossible to prevent this.

You are a Death Cultist Wannabe
Your ideas are intriguing and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
You are a Death Cultist, but you do not know who they are, nor vice-versa, and you do not have access to their scumchat. If you are targeted by the Death Cultist nightkill, instead of being killed, you will be recruited, gaining access to the scumchat and full knowledge of the scumteam.
You win when Death Cultists are the only players left, or it becomes impossible to prevent this.

Innocent roles
You are a Jailer.
Squadalah! We're off! (to prison)
Each night, you may visit a player. That player will be unable to act or be acted upon that night, including kills.
You win when there are no Death Cultists remaining.

You and [player] are Masons.
Who keeps the Martians under wraps? We do!
As the Masons, you know each other's identities and have a shared mason chat.
You win when there are no Death Cultists remaining.

You are a Bus Driver.
Beep beep.
Each night, you may visit two players. Anyone who attempts to visit one of those players that night will visit the other player instead.
You win when there are no Death Cultists remaining.

You are a Fruit Vendor.
Yummy yummy, fruit salad.
Each night, you may visit one player. That player will receive a fruit.
You win when there are no Death Cultists remaining.

You are a Gunner.
And if that don't work, use more gun.
Each night, you may stand ready. If you do, you will kill any player who visits you that night. If you are targeted by the Death Cultist nightkill, you will shoot each other simultaneously and both die.
You win when there are no Death Cultists remaining.

You are a Stalker.
Every breath you take, every move you make...
Each night, you may visit a player. You will learn whether that player visits anyone that night, and who.
You win when there are no Death Cultists remaining.

You are a Watcher.
They've all got the gannet, it's a standard British bird!
Each night, you may visit a player. You will learn whether anyone visits that player that night, and who.
You win when there are no Death Cultists remaining.

You are a One-Shot Bulletproof.
Your weapons will not work on me!
Once per game, when you are targeted by a nightkill, the kill will fail and you will survive.
You win when there are no Death Cultists remaining.

You are a Coroner.
🎵Blunt-force trauma to the back of the head~
Each night, you may target a dead player. You will learn their role and alignment.
You win when there are no Death Cultists remaining.

You are a Two-Shot Commuter.
And he used portals to push henemy headquarters into a portal.
Twice per game, during the night, you may commute. When you commute, all actions targeting you that night will fail.
You win when there are no Death Cultists remaining.

You are a Heavy.
*pokes self with a stick* I think Heavy is dead.
The scum already killed you before the game started, but it looks like your body hasn't caught on yet. At any point during the game, while still alive, you may reveal yourself as the Heavy. From that point on, you will be unable to vote and immune to all actions, but can still post in the thread during the day as normal.
You win when there are no Death Cultists remaining.

You are an Investigator.
I wouldn't believe them if they swore they were lying.
Each night, you may name up to three roles and visit up to two players. You will be informed whether or not any of the players you visited have any of the roles you named.
To be clear, all you'll get is a "yes" or a "no", so you'll need to strike a balance between speed and precision.
You win when there are no Death Cultists remaining.

You are a One-Shot CPR Doctor
Anyway, that's how I lost my medical license.
Once per game, during the night, you may target and visit one player.
If that player would be killed, instead they survive. If that player would not have been killed, you will kill them.
You win when there are no Death Cultists remaining.

Third-party roles
You are an Amnesiac.
Where am I? Who am I?
Once per game, during the night, you may visit a dead player. You will receive their role, including their abilities, win condition, and access to shared chats. The fact that the Amnesiac has remembered their role will be publicly announced, but further details will not.
You must remember a role in order to win.

You are an Unjester.
I am the only serious character in this show. That's the joke.
Each night, you may visit a player.
You win if you are killed during the night.
You lose if you are eliminated during the day, or if you are still alive when the game ends.

Gag role
The Rickroller.
Never gonna give you up!
In addition to their confirmed role, at least one random player is secretly a Rickroller. Any player who visits a living Rickroller will receive a Rickroll instead of a result PM. (Other effects of their visit will not be changed.) When a Rickroller dies, by any means, their role-flip will be replaced with a Rickroll.
"Rickroll" does not necessarily mean "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley. It might be a different gag.

[b]Appearance[/b]: Description or image.
[b]Backstory and Personality[/b]:
[b]Distinguishing Abilities[/b]:

Murder in the Mountains has fifteen (15) slots. If we get more than 15 apps in 72 hours, we'll close signups at the 72 hour mark and pick 15 applicants at random, the rest being on-deck as replacements. After that, signups will close with the 15th applicant, and anyone who applies after that will be on-deck as a replacement.
  1. Tainted Soul (KungFuCutbug)
  2. Dr. Benjamin Kondraki (TheGeekArtist08)
  3. Mitsuha Sugawara (psychedelicate)
  4. High Priest of Death and Destruction Malakhiri, Herald of the Seven Circles (Florien)
  5. Xrendak "Nellie" Nel'ren (Goose007)
  6. Lloyd Henrick (Matthew Somebody)
  7. Vera Acker (LavenderDream) Knuckles the Echidna (door-kun)
  8. Jean Greyerl (TalesofUnder)
  9. Freddy Fazbear (Weirdguy149)
  10. Chip and Ada Lieber (PointMaid)
  11. Amy (Kennifer)
  12. Bonus Boss Z (Zanreo)
  13. Blue (MadameButterflyKnife)
  14. Midnight Red (TenOfSwords13)
  15. Lotus (Magolor)

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  The Trouble Cube Tournament Arc! signups and ooc
Posted by: GoldenCityBird - 07-09-2021, 13:06:05 PM - Forum: Signups - Replies (33)

"You're going live pretty soon, Mrs Guillory. Everything's ready on our end."
"Wonderful news! This tournament is going to be a great one, yet again! Hand me the contestant files again, Daniels. I want to make sure I know everything I can about them."

This is the sign-up thread for my upcoming roleplay, titled, "The Trouble Cube Tournament Arc!" It's exactly what it says on the tin: a player vs. player fighting tournament roleplay. Fights will happen one at a time, while the uninvolved players watch, commentate, and interact with one another.

* Name: (Feel free to include nicknames, if you want to)

* Appearance: (Fully optional. You can use an image or write out a description)

* Backstory: (If you want a shrouded-in-mystery character, that's perfectly fine, but at least put up what someone might find out with relative ease.)

* Abilities: (Use the format below)

** Ability Name: Description of the thing (Item? Superpower? Physical skill? What does it do?)

* Other: (Anything else we should know about your fighter?)

You can sign up as any character (or, perhaps, a duo or trio, if you want to), as long as you keep them within a reasonable power level. Give your opponents a sporting chance, will you?

I'm hoping to get at least 8 players, but I am 100% allowing room for more. I'll leave signups open for a week (likely closing at 16/7, 1 PM GMT).

Current Competitors:

* The Idol: Hoshimashi Suisei (SomeLibre)
* The Flame: Mindy Mercedes (Matthew Somebody)
* The Gem: Jasper (SmilyCube112)
* The Vampire: Amelia Monty (HypeKitty1)
* The Undead: Isoe Santos (MadameButterflyKnife)
* The "Dog": Sparks (Dookie)
* The Sweetheart: Ariamine Temerity (KungFuCutBug)
* The Magical Girl: Elise (wingedcatgirl)

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  Murder-Free II: The City's Portaling Revengeance
Posted by: wingedcatgirl - 07-02-2021, 03:05:01 AM - Forum: Roleplays - Replies (242)

A lot just happened. We'll go over that later. For now, let's sum up the results.

We were in a hotel, in a pocket dimension. The domain of a glowing pink woman who called herself V.

Long story short, she died, and some shit went down.

It's complicated, but the basic thing you need to know is that this hotel isn't isolated in a pocket dimension anymore. There's a whole city out there. Also some portals.

... Oh, how did you get here in the first place? Well, you were in a murdergame. That subroutine is still running on full blast.

Once again, this is a super-casual may-or-may-not-be-canon RP for characters who exist in the Murderverse.

World layouts are, once again, pretty handwavey, but we've got some info to work with this time.

The Worlds
The Hotel City
  • The familiar hotel from the first thread, but with less chaos architecture. It's got a lobby, a pool, a library, a gym, a dojo, a kitchen, a rooftop, a basement, and a thousand bedrooms with attached bathrooms. And possibly other things that it makes sense for a hotel to have.
  • V's old "no murder allowed" rule still applies here. In this place, nobody can be killed for real. Which doesn't mean this thread is devoid of death... the rule only applies in the hotel.
  • Also there's a whole entire city outside now instead of a void? Nobody's looked into that yet.

Robot Orchard (green portal)
  • A vast forest full of fruit trees. While the fruit seems perfectly normal, the trees are made of metal. The forest is inhabited by robot animals, which harvest the fruit and cart it off to mysterious holes in the ground.

Abandoned Mansion (magenta portal)
  • The remains of an abandoned mansion. May or may not be the setting of Sinister Starlight.

Cloud Nine (yellow portal)
  • A mysterious location in the sky with solid clouds and a shopping mall.

Blue Portal
  • Silas and Charis flew into here and have yet to report back.

Domed City
  • What looks like a military base, with a large turbine generator and some kind of "Modified Deterrence System" that makes certain people very ill. There is a massive dome encasing it and the nearby city.

  • A building dedicated to researching VR technology. It seems like it could be the place Murder RPG was developed.

Wintry Prison
  • A cold place that looks like a prison. It might or might not be the same wintry prison from God Complex.

Again, this is intended to be super-casual. You don't need to worry about the portals if you don't feel like it.

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  Escape From Zombie Park Island 2
Posted by: PointMaid - 06-23-2021, 22:46:32 PM - Forum: Murdergames - Replies (1614)


Please make sure you understand the rules as laid out in the sign-up thread. If you have a question, please do ask! We will, however be using a 1-10 roll system for regular (non-zombification) action rolls  rather than 1-6 as implied. As with other recent games, we will not be indicating the number you have rolled when stating the result.

Action Rolls: Always preface a rollable action with ">", as in 'Frankie >checks whether her tranq gun is where she left it.', or your action will not get processed. Rollable actions are those you need a result for and those that have a chance of failure. Location changes should be stated but do not need to be rolled. Food and drink when they have been provided (ie, at a party or breakfast where there is clearly food and drink) also do not need to be rolled.



You find yourself on a beach. There's a map


and a sign saying 'Zombie Island: Base Camp'. There are cabins. There's also a big banner: "WELCOME, NEW EMPLOYEES!". There's a lovely spread of tropical appetizers, finger food, and even a bar in one corner of the beach. You can see the bar has a blender and a cooler with lots of ice for mixed drinks. It's definitely decorated for a party. Is there a display of pamphlets about the sustainability rating of the food and how much of it is vegan and how the meat was raised humanely? Yes, there is.

A rather strangely pale young woman with red hair and eyes comes out to greet you. So does a muscly blond man wearing an eyepatch. They introduce themselves as Dr. Francine "Frankie" Frankenstein, your new employer, and her chief animal handler, Blaine Crockett.

There's even a screen and a projector set up, as if they were going to give a presentation later on.

"I'll show you about the park and your exact duties later.", Frankie says. "For now, enjoy yourselves and get to know one another."


  •  Hitomi Elakha [wingedcatgirl] [Executed Day 2]
  • Kirby and Ribbon [Oggy123] - [Executed Day 7]
  •  Dr. "Iceberg" [TheGeekArtist08] [Dropped out Day 4]
  • Tina Belcher [Kennifer] [Killed Night 2]
  • Stuart and Bob [SomeLibre]
  • Herlock Sholmes [TalesofUnder] [Killed Night 1]
  • Rom and Ram [Zanreo]
  • Eyjafjalla [Billy5545] [Dropped out Day 3]
  • Claire [arachnidsGrip] [Executed Day 3]
  • Komaru Naegi [Huney] [Dropped out Day 2]
  • Ignatius J. Reilly [Magolor] [Executed Day 4]
  • The Kid [door-kun] [Dropped out Day 2]
  • Yanny and Laurel [Dookie] [Killed Night 3]
  • Grover Cloneland and Grover Cloneland [Florien] [Killed Night 4]
  • Sayaka Miki [psychedelicate] [Killed Night 5]
  • Charles Calvin [SmilyCube112] - [Dead Night 6]
  • X.C.O.P.Y. [KungFuCutbug] [Executed Day 6]
  • Lars [LavenderDream]
  • Alpotophis [MadameButterflyKnife] - [Killed Night 6]

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