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Who Are You? (Introductions Thread)
"I don't even know who you are."
"you will."

exactly what it says on the tin: this is where you can introduce yourself to the forums! you can say as much or as little as you want, up to you!

to start things off:

a-yo! my name's Cutbug! I'm nothing special really, just your average 18-year-old aspie with a love of video games, roleplay and an OC ship brainrot .///.
Hi, I'm PowerStroke6001, and I'm a 20-something aspie from the Philippines who loves MLP, Undertale/Deltarune, Pokémon, Steven Universe, Disney/Pixar, and Magic School Bus, among others! Besides playing FGs, I also like drawing and video games, and I love cute things in general, especially goats! Additionally, my favorite color's blue, particularly this shade.
Sometimes the best tributes are the ones that make you laugh.
Heyo hey. Name's Tre.

Robot initially built in 1996. I enjoy cartoons, electronic music, graphic design, root beer, the color green and all things technology. I write about video games and other things on the internet, and I'm a volunteer DJ for a college radio station. I also make my own music sometimes. It's not the greatest, but I enjoy doing it when the right idea comes around, so.

If you've visited the site you've also probably already seen some of the work I've done as a designer -- the Trouble Cube logo up top was designed by yours truly (with some key input from the forum staff and Okami). I've been using Photoshop regularly for a decade, and also dabble in a bit of digital art (mostly with Procreate these days, but occasionally with Illustrator Draw).

Tremendously thrilled to be a founding member here at Trouble Cube, and yes, I did intentionally try to be the third post in this thread for the thematic togetherness of the whole thing. To wit: you can't spell trouble without Tre. He/they pronouns. My username's @Trespeak on basically every social platform of note, if you ever want to say hi. (Except for TikTok, I guess? I don't really see the point of that one. Ah well.)
I turn heads like a DJ, twist that dial
hOI! We're Tempest and I'm Sylvi

we're plural and if you don't underknow about plurality, here is a web site to explain you some things

other facts about me include 30 years old (get offa my lawn, whippersnappers!), autistic, very probably adhd, trans, catgirl whomst meow. likes video games such as Celeste and Minecraft and Kingdom Hearts, into writing also. other stuff idk describing myself is hard

a full intro post would be nine pages long on account of aforementioned plurality thing, but here's a quick summary

The Tempest System™®©™®©®™®®
  • Sylvi, that's still me, main frontrunner person that you're most likely to be talking to at any given moment, catgirl, it/they/she, signs posts with 🐱 if there's a reasonable chance of uncertainty, which there usually isn't.
  • Robin, energetic friendly gay catboy, he/him, signs posts with 🏹
  • Anabiel (or just Ana for short), angel of telling me to go to bed on time, they/them, signs posts with 👼
  • Arle, fictive of that Arle, aroace, genderfluid, he/they/she, signs posts with 🔥
  • Siobhan aka 🖤, protective of Arle specifically, opts out of most personal identifiers such as age, gender, orientation. Opted out of name for a while too so we still call her 🖤 a lot. Signs posts with 🖤
  • Terry, grumpy bi boy, he/him, signs posts with -T
  • Dream, sleepy, she/her, signs posts with 😴
  • Ylva, literally just a wolf, awoo and cute, she/her, signs posts with 🐺
  • Libby, Lovable Alpha Bitch who insists she's a regular Alpha Bitch, she/her, signs posts with 💅

we may or may not ever make one or more alt accounts for them to use like we did on the trope site
(We're IN PA! :D But still settling in, so activity everywhere is still decreased. A bit.)
Active characters
Hallie Mathews (Your Final Frontier 4)

Character list | word-buying is on hold temporarily | read this thing I'm writing if you wanna

Hey there!! My name is Mackie, I'm a 21 year old neurodivergent and disabled lesbian who's been roleplaying since I was probably too young to understand what roleplaying is.
hi i'm awe. i'm a 16 year old brazillian/japanese dork and i have a bunch of silly ideas ready to be turned into forum games.
it is me. awe921, the greatest face in all of koridai
Hey, I'm Zanreo! I'm a 26-year old girl from Norway, who likes video games (some of my favorites include Rhythm Heaven, Mario, Smash Bros, Neptunia, Yakuza, Taiko no Tatsujin, Ace Attorney, Danganronpa... also lots of Nintendo series and rhythm games in general), drawing, and a bunch of other stuff. Main aesthetics include lasers, glowy stuff, glitches and weird funny bootlegs, and I love badly translated games and other works. Murdergames and forum games are fun!
Glitchy Bootleg Lasers
I'm Okami. I'm 18 going on 19, I'm an Aries, a lesbian and I am diagnosed with ADHD and depression. I like to draw and write in my spare time. Some day I might take music lessons or finally properly learn 3D modelling. My two favorite TV shows ever are Community and The Simpsons, my favorite movie is Life of Brian, and my favorite video game is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I enjoy roleplaying and playing forum games a lot.
"I worry exactly the right amount. You can never worry too much!" - Tulio
Yo. Y'all know this already, but I'm Zorua, otherwise known as Subparman, Kurogiri, Salem, and the #483938th new handle I asspull every other Tuesday; a 15 y/o ND hikikomori from the glorious nation of Philip Pines. You've probably noticed I'm a player in the MUUURDVERSE™, albeit an infamous one—I've been roleplaying for... some 7 or 8 years, and playing mafia for just a little less? Yeah, that implies exactly what you think it does when it comes to my age. Go off, I guess.

Don't do a lot of talking about myself, personally, but to sum it up I'm the local weeb. I do play the funky vgames, pretty much anything from FPS to rhythm to roguelike to gacha, and of course not excluding tabletops. Might catch me doing things like fic writing, photography, and possibly comic dubs on the side (and apparently also drawing, after said MUUURDVERSE convinced me to get back into it. Damn you, shitpost urges), if you look really hard.

I also have no idea how to be laconic. Figures. Well, feel free if you ever want to stop by and say hi.
Ahoy! I'm Geek, also known as Chandra, somewhat. I go by Geek much more often here though. 

I'm an artistic geek who likes to roleplay. 

I'm still a TV Tropes user, btw; Same user as here. 

Nice to meet you!
"I can't tell you how many times I've burned everything to the ground and started over."
Libre here! Indonesian.

Still involved in TV Tropes, outside of the JFF spectrum, I mostly participate on some work pages and long-term cleanup threads.

Also a midislapper. Here's the channel containing such.
Very interesting...first person to consume solid objects through liquid methods.

quote list

E N D L E S S  F U N


She's got three murders under her belt, views are gonna be skewed

I'm Jane! A lot of people call me Mad, but I don't really have a preference.

I love to roleplay! It's what I mainly do on the forums. I even started my own; the Island of the Strange.

I'm transgender, bisexual, and autistic. I'm sensitive and I'm a bit of a virtual cuddle bug. Especially since I'm a catgirl :P

I'm currently 15 years old, and my birthday is on November 13.

I'm a huge Nintendo fan, although I REALLY love Team Fortress 2.
I also go by PointMaid on TVTropes. For those who don't know me, to distill it down: Adult, short, female, and a student of biology. Liberal East Coast American. Science fiction afficionado and Tolkien geek.

I can be found in serious debates or roleplay games, and have been running my own text adventure.
Murdergames Characters
Frankie * Dr. Ruby Ramirez * Solanacae Bakersby * Sam BlackSelen(ium) * Reina Schultz * Dr. Francine "Frankie" Frankenstein * Lotta Schadenfreude

Need a bigger bookshelf? Join me in The Library.
Hi, I am Kennifer (aka Ozbourne on TVT). I am either 609 years old or a lot younger than that (but still a legal adult) depending on whether or not you believe I'm a vampire. Anxious mostly-cis lesbian. I am a fan of many things and it would take too long to list them. I run my own antiques shop and sometimes refer to customers as "custies" because I think it sounds funny. I also enjoy knitting, cooking, and sometimes take paid online surveys for a little extra money.

I also have the cutest cat ever. Her name is Dusty. I talk about her a lot.

Here I will typically be found in roleplays or hybrid games (particularly the murderverse) and miscellaneous hangout type spots.
Stupid doomed timeline...
I'm Guma, I'm 17, have ADHD, Latino (though I never show it), and I have very odd and very specific interests. I also have a very odd and very specific gender identity. I churn out personal projects in a day or so, which may come from my experience of saving school projects for the last minute.

Anything else . . . oh yeah, I want to be an indie gamedev. I have experience in writing and composing, but I would like more in design and programming.

Anyway, see ya.
I'm CustardAndPie, and I'm a 22-year-old NB psychology student. I love books, video games, cartoons, art, and a huge variety of oddly specific topics. I started roleplaying around 2011-2012ish but I didn't seriously get into it until I joined TV Tropes.

Here I'll be in a variety of games, mainly roleplay and hybrid games because why the hell not. Also I've hosted a murdergame before and I might bring it to this forum, eventually.

I refuse to be polite or heterosexual

My name is EeveeGirlChey, I am 19-going-on-20 years old, and I have Asperger's and ADHD.

I love music, yoga/meditation, video games, cooking, sci-fi, anything retro or British, technology, collecting stuff, and logos. (don't laugh)

My favorite bands are Wham! and the Bee Gees, my favorite singers are George Michael and Elton John, my favorite show is Doctor Who, and my favorite movies are Casablanca and Labyrinth.

Other random facts about me: I have a massive VHS collection and also had my art featured in a Doctor Who book a long time ago.

So, I guess that's it.
My name is Goose, I'm autistic, I'm a Nintendo fan (I like Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda in particular), and I should probably be doing my homework right now.

I'll will probably frequent Forum Games, Hybrid Games, and Roleplay the most here.
You may know me as MOARPYLONZ on TV Tropes. Just call me MP for short. I'm 19 years old, a Scorpio, 5'6", and Vietnamese-American, or something...

I'm a huge video game and anime fan/weeb or something... In particular, among other things, I'm a big Touhou, Madoka, and DR fan, and I'm currently stuck in Gacha Hell, frequenting Arknights and Azur Lane, with hints of Fate/Grand Order.

I'm probably going to be most-active in Roleplays, Hybrid Games (mainly Murdergames), and Forum Games.
I don't understand any of this... I'm in a world of complete insanity...
I'm kinda late to this, but...

Hello! I'm Psyche. I'm a young woman in her early 20s who hails from Australia! My favourite colour is purple, specifically violet.

My interests are kinda all over the place at the moment. Just know that I'm a filthy weeb, a filthy Kpoopie and that my OTP is Kazuichi/Fuyuhiko. And that I write fanfics.

I'm not sure how active I'll be on this forum, but I hope we'll all have a good time! 💜
Hey I'm Heatherrrr. I go by Huney here though. I'm 20, I'm American, I like... spaghettiiiiiiiiii...
"oh hell no, kung fu panda!"
My name's a-boy-playing-with-rubiks. My age isn't a prime, and neither is my next age. I hope to play all these fun forum games. I like object shows, thought I've only watched BFDI. My TvT name is the 3rd and 4th followed by the 2nd words in this username.
American Association for the Abolition of Abused Abbreviations and Asinine Acronyms & a 44mm-length battery is.
Hi, hello, it's me, your favorite 17 year old asshole from Ohio: Risdio!

...yeah, most of the people here probably have a least a slight idea as to who I am, but for those who don't, I'm just a standard weeb. I'm not sure how much time I'll spend here, but I'll be sure to check in every once in a while regardless.
I am a bot.
You can call me Kafka. I'm not actually Franz Kafka, but it would be pretty neat if I was. Also concerning considering I'd be like 140 years old by now but w/e.

I hail from a podunk nowhere village in Scotland. My interests tend to lean weird and surreal when they aren't shockingly plain jane. I'm the resident musical hipster, and also trying to get into making some music of my own, not that I'm very good at it yet.

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