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The Big List Of Every Character
My characters:

Ranma Saotome (Murder U Too)    
Klonoa (Castle of Beasts)    

[Image: Bug-Fables_Leif.png]
Name: Lief
Gender/Pronouns: Male, He/Him
Source Material: Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling
Backstory(Source Material spoilers): Lief was an ordinary Bugaria resident once in a while, but after or during an exploring trip he was captured by two immortality-seeking scientists, experimented on to half-death, and left to die when the lab was destroyed by one of their incidents.  The original Lief didn't make it, but his body was inhabited by one of the Cordyceps fungus that the scientists had, inheriting his memories and controlling his body.  Lief had been asleep ever since.
Next he woke up, he was on a boat heading to an island he knew little about.  Lief learned of the war concerning the Sopal Isles hotel going on, but he was apathetic.  He had a brief bonding moment with a human on day two, but otherwise he reacted little, watched form the shadows, and was ultimately thrown into a pool one night, drowning due to his inability to swim.
Other: is a cordyceps zombie controlling a bug.  Which means hes really tiny.  and also technically a zombie.
Appearances: Life's a Beach (concluded, killed night 5, Innocent win)

Name: Roxy
Gender/Pronouns: Female, She/Her
Source Material: Dogworld (2021 indie game)
Backstory: Roxy has lived her whole life on a postapocalyptic Mars in a small village populated by dogs.  She and the rest of her village has been threatened by a Rouge AI known as D.A.T.I. (unknown acronym, but otherwise known as "Daddy"), built to terraform Mars for the human race before the V-core that kept his will checked was broken by a fallen space station, who has claimed several of her friends' lives.
And then she took matters into her own paws.
Appearances: Bottled Time (ongoing)

Potential future characters

TvTropes HGS: Another Side, Another Story
(a Bold name means the character is important.)

Elliot and his allies
Name: Elliot
Gender/Pronouns: Male, He/Him
Source Material: OC/Unknown Multiverse
Backstory: its a long story.  He comes from another multiverse entirely, and where he was a god, he is far less powerful here.
Other: Leader of the MISS Alpha and was a tribute in seasons 50, 52, and 100.

Name: Barnaby
Gender/Pronouns: Male, He/Him
Source Material: Ichabod the Optimistic Canine
Backstory: Barnaby is Ichabod's best friend and Elliot's assistant.  Funnily enough, Elliot unintentionally underworks and overpays him, but it's not something he minds.
Other: Formerly deceased.

Name: Ichabod
Gender/Pronouns: Male, He/Him
Source Material: Ichabod the Optimistic Caninine

Source Material:


The Alpha Rift
Name: Thistle
Gender/Pronouns: Transmasc Nonbinary, they/them
Source Material: Twelve/Origins
Backstory: After their death during the Battle of Two Morths, Thistle decided to become a reaper upon being given the option.  They were blessed with a Legendary Megalodon totem, providing them the ability to control bodies of water up to the size of a small lake and breathe underwater themself, and after helping assassinate Shiva, the former leader of the rift, became the leader themself.  After briefly retaining their mortal body and participating in the games, they seem to be beginning to develop an anti-games sentiment...
Other: Was a tribute in season 147.

Independent Villains

unlikely to come back

Assorted RPs
Get that Pizza!
Gender/pronouns: Male, He/Him
Appearance: An orange tabby with a white fluffy chest, green eyes, and elaborate tail.  Unlike his base counterpart, his sock is on his left paw.
Source Material: OC/Unknown Multiverse
Backstory: He's a cat from the far corners of the universe with elaborate magic powers who intends to get that pizza!! for himself.  What more could you want?
Other: probably chaotic evil

Dookie's Murderverse Characters:

Active Characters (Aka fully active, will reappear, you can ask me in the cubes for this char, etc.):
Dookie (AGOM, Toontown)
Cass (Murder U, Decrpyto)
The Shag (Brothers In Arms)
Helena (Brothers In Arms, Turned Tables, Shared With Ozbourne)
Victoria (Life's A Beach)
June (Last Summer, Aurora Project)
Quinn (Last Summer)
Duo (Close Circle)
Any Upcoming Chars

Semi-Active Characters[/i](Aka I still will play them from time to time, and they may reappear, but like…if my Murderverse characters were a song, and I was the band that played them, they wouldn't make the greatest hits, if you know what I mean. Also, if you want to play any of em in a future game, or use em in the cubes, just ask me. I'm all for reuse of characters I don't play.):

Sam-I-Am (YFF)
Mickey Mouse (Sinister Starlight)
Sam Reyu (BIA)
Yanny & Laurel (EFZPI)
Agent Peely (SNS)
Snap (FA)
Banana (RM)

Non-Active/Retired Characters (Aka these are gone for good…retired and not coming back. If you do want em, just ask me, and you can play em as much as you want).

Stanley (.EXE 3)
Darwin (Flicker)
Cookie Monster (MU2)
Wren (YFF)
Loona (YFF)
Pedro (MS)
Too-Too, Mentira, & Audley (BIA)
Mike (MRPG)
Elizabeth (EFZPI)
Squirt (2BA)
Any of my Lolrandom chars

No I'm not.
Used Characters (both ongoing and unused*):
  • Libre (AA, T:TS, TC Road Trip, Street Trolley, Last Summer 2)
  • Clone!Libre (AA clone, TVT HGS ASAS)*
  • Bobbit Worm (OC, T:TS, TC Road Trip)*
  • Jace Webking (OC, TVT HGS ASAS)*
  • Moona Hoshinova (Hololive, Toontown Showdown)*
  • Henrik Sturmatem (SCP Foundation, Brothers in Arms 3)*
  • Hitomi Chris (Hololive, The Void)*
  • Henkano Dank (Touhou FC, TC Road Trip, TVT HGS ASAS, The Void, Decrypto)*
  • RZ (OC, The Void)*
  • Stuart and Bob (Despicable Me franchise, Escape From Zombie Park Island 2)*
  • Distortion Helen (The Magnus Archives, T:TS)*
  • Captain Spaceboy (Omori, Mario Party Overboarded)
  • Hoshimashi Suisei (Hololive, Trouble Cube Tournament Arc, The Aurora Project)*
  • Sericle (OC, Murder in the Mountains, Like Tears In Rain)*
  • Yukichi (FNF Cosmo Calamity, Close Circle)*
  • Anaheim (Among Us FC, Free Association)*
  • Banch (OC, Experiment #194)
  • Heeko Amekawa (OC, The Aurora Project host)*
  • Fire Cirno (Touhou FC, T:TS)

Future characters:
  • The Failure (The Magnus Archives Fear OC)
  • The Status Quo (The Magnus Archives Fear OC)
  • Adeleine (Kirby)
  • Paimon (Genshin Impact)

Borrowed Characters:
  • Planeswalker Glasya (God Complex, The Turned Tables, borrowed from Subparman)*
  • The Warden (God Complex, Murder-Free, borrowed from Subparman)*
  • Life and Death's Avatars (Murder in the Mountains host characters, borrowed from wingedcatgirl)*

quote list
E N D L E S S  F U N


She's got three murders under her belt, views are gonna be skewed

My Characters:

Steambot 3000: A Robot who Explodes and likes sushi.
A convenient little list of my murdergame characters:

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu
Games: Castle of Beasts (cancelled); Close Circle (ongoing)
Role: Innocent (CoB); ??? (CC)

Game: Brothers in Arms 3 (complete)
Role: Action Hero

Kazuichi Souda
Game: Decrypto (complete)
Role: Twins with Lance Vance

Sayaka Miki
Game: Escape From Zombie Park Island 2 (complete)
Role: Dodger

Mitsuha Sugawara
Game: Murder in the Mountains (complete)
Role: One-Shot Vanillizer

Skyler Mason
Game: Last Summer 2 (ongoing)
Role: ???

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