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  The Great Trouble Cube Road Trip ReDux!!
Posted by: MadameButterflyKnife - Yesterday, 06:34:16 AM - Forum: Roleplays - Replies (24)


As the sun rises, Knife, a young adult with messy, black streaked hair, barely manages to stay up as they drive along the road. They look to the others.

"Ugh. Hey, guys. Wake the fuck up. At least one of you, please. I've been driving the whole night. Can one of you take over? This isn't a one man road trip."

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  We're making a goddamn Dracula Daily thread.
Posted by: wingedcatgirl - 05-07-2022, 04:32:02 AM - Forum: Media Discussion - Replies (12)

Dracula Daily sends out the letters which make up the classic vampire novel Dracula in real time. The first was May 3rd, so you don't have much to catch up on yet. And if you don't want to sign up for emails, we'll post the link in here as well.

In this thread, we'll discuss each day's letters and maybe meme on Jonathan a bit.

Man fuckin loves his paprika.

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  Escape from Zombie Park Island 3
Posted by: PointMaid - 04-24-2022, 21:52:01 PM - Forum: Murdergames - Replies (983)


Before we start: Please remember to familiarize yourself with the rules. I will say that we are PROHIBITING discussion of roles, even though there is not a predetermined scum faction in this game so it would be less powerful than in other cases. Caught zombies will be 'contained' rather than executed so you may still post in the thread as if you are for instance in a cell or cage, but you will be STRICTLY prohibited from saying anything that could implicate active zombies.

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  Escape From Zombie Park Island 3
Posted by: PointMaid - 04-16-2022, 14:08:46 PM - Forum: Signups - Replies (21)

Escape From Zombie Park Island 3

Thank you for your interest in working for Zombie Island Parks and Resort! [NOTE: Really should decide on a better name, shouldn't I? Reminder to hire a name consultant. - F] Please read the job descriptions and employee rules below and fill out an application form. Applications may be sent to: ffrankenstein@zipr.org or through our online portal.

This is an exciting opportunity for all animal lovers, adventure seekers, ecologists, genetic scientists, wildlife veterinarians, and more! Zombie Island Park is an ecotourism experience turned up to eleven. Zombie Island Parks and Resort plans to shortly be open to the public with a large array of animals you can't find anywhere else, on a gorgeous Pacific island where guests will be able to surf, swim, enjoy dolphin and whale cruises, and piña coladas and festive luaus! As an employee, enjoy this experience to the fullest while doing what you love, and get in on the ground level of this exceptional venture sure to turn heads around the globe in both scientific and travel journals!


[Image: attachment.php?aid=188] Dr. Francine "Frankie" Frankenstein [PointMaid] 

[Image: zombiehorn.png] Jimmy "Shoehorn" Scott [Matthew] 

Employee Handbook (RULES)

2. Loophole correction rules: Park security cameras have been upgraded and are unhackable. You may not use a character's powers to pull zombie cures from nowhere. Just because there isn't a rule against it, doesn't mean it's ok: please use common sense, for instance, nothing that's gamebreaking.

3. Nobody starts out infected. If you get bitten by one of the animals, you have a 1/6 probability of turning into a zombie (or your immune system may fight the zombie virus off).

4.  Half the number of players will be bitten each night. If you turn into a zombie, you can still win — by keeping the uninfected from knowing you were bitten so they can't vote for Management to deal with you, and turning or killing the innocents. Zombies will act like a Mafia; and whether they turn or kill someone they go after will be determined by a roll of the dice.

5. If the zombies roll higher than any zombie defenses the player targeted may have implemented, the player will either be killed or turned. They will have a one out of six chance of being turned and a five out of six chance of just being eaten for brains. Players will be able to vote off more than one possible zombie each day, as many as they like.

6. Identified zombies will be humanely dealt with, putting them in containment rather than executed, pending a zombie cure. You have lost the game but may still post in the thread: but MAY NOT say anything that would reveal other active zombies you are aware of.
If you ''don't'' get zombified and survive the week, you could escape the island and win a good referral on your resume! (Er, win the game). There will be seven potential game days.

Job Descriptions (ROLES)
Zombified individuals lose any role powers they might have had.
The Trainee: You have no special power. You're just an ordinary park trainee!
The Medic: May tend one person each night and make sure they don't turn into a zombie.
The Dodger: You may designate one day to have your reflexes on point. You will dodge any animals that might nip you. (Must say this before the conclusion of the daily challenge.)
The Saboteur: You may sabotage one person's challenge each day.
The Gunslinger: Dr. Frankie doesn't like guns (tranq guns notwithstanding), but you secretly brought a shotgun with you that will take a person's (or a zombie's) head clean off. You only have a single shotgun shell. You can shoot one person during the course of the game, during Night Phase. If they're a zombie, they will be dead before they can kill someone else, and you'll be vindicated . If you were wrong, you leave yourself open to being voted off and executed by your colleagues.
The Framer: If you become a zombie, one night (and only one night), you can leave a misleading piece of evidence.
The Twins: You're eerily in sync. If one of you becomes a zombie - both of you become zombies!
The Zombie Sympathizer: You don't want to see anyone dead, even a zombie -- especially a zombie! If a zombie gets away scott free after killing, you get immunity to being bitten in the challenge the next day.

Application Form (SIGN-UP TEMPLATE)




Appearance, Height and Weight (approximate is ok):


General Background (Where are they from? What major events have they been though? Etc.):


Island Map
[Image: attachment.php?aid=197]

Employee Applications [Cast List]:

1. Guts (Risdio51)
2. Bandana Waddle Dee (Oggy123)
3. Nepeta Leijon (Kennifer)
4. Tsumugi Shirogane (Despair's Archon of Memes)
5. Mikel Lgambling Email Address (Zanreo)
6. Illina Rose (Cassie)
7. Hitomi Elakha (wingedcatgirl)
8. Edd Gold (Dookie)
9. Rutherhorde Bee Swarm (Florien)
10. ENA (Cosmikpowa131)
11. Fluttershy (PopcornPie)
12. Dusk Red (TenOfSwords13)

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  Meta Madness
Posted by: SmilyCube112 - 04-04-2022, 18:15:00 PM - Forum: Hybrid games - Replies (6)

Welcome to Meta Madness!!

Here I have weakened the useless thing you call the Fourth Wall. Ugh. (Wish I could've done away with it outright, dammit.)

Well? Were you expecting anything else? Well, besides the portals that lead to/from your home realms. Please use them as you see fit. EXCEPT FOR DAMAGING THEM - YOU WILL BE PUNISHED IF YOU DO!

Oh, yea, let me show you the area - Please memorise this map.
Viewing Hub Map
[Image: meta_madness_map_6.jpg]

BTW, the scale ratio is 1cm:50m. And don't mind that blank area in the Tele Port - That's where it's holographic receptionist is. She'll automatically set the portal to the right destination for ya.

Before you get too comfortable, though, we need to establish some ground rules. I know, you hate 'em, but you have to obey them. You'll find them in this book.
Obey these rules or ELSE
  • {1} Take turns using canon characters. There's only one of each, and having multiples of the same character is only allowed if it runs consistent with their canon (e.g. Twice from MHA being able to duplicate himself and others).
  • {1A} If you wish to use another user's OC, or a character currently in use by another user, please ask first.
  • {2} Given the nature of the main thread, then yes, screenshots and OSTs from canon material are allowed in the main thread.
  • {2A} Clips are allowed as well, but only if they do not break copyright laws.
  • {2B} Fan-made creations are safe to share in the OOC thread, but not in the main thread if it wasn't made by you. It will only be allowed in the main thread if you created it, and have it attributed to a character you are currently using in the main thread.
  • {3} This one should be obvious, but please keep all chatter in the main thread consistent with the character(s).
  • {3A} Permadeath is not allowed here. Period. There's a system in place in the main thread to keep that from happening anyways.
  • {4} Even though the characters can see/hear through the fourth wall, that only applies to real-world events (read: Olympics), or televised shows/movies. In no way does that apply to any OOC thread at all.
  • {4A} It does, however, apply to video games.
  • {4B} Yes, it does apply to other Roleplay/Murder/Mafia games - but only the ones on TC and TVT.

With that, the Meta Hub is open! (And please, don't argue over the giant 32k UHD TV. That thing was NOT cheap.)

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  Meta Madness - OOC
Posted by: SmilyCube112 - 04-03-2022, 17:31:32 PM - Forum: OOC threads - Replies (1)

Meta Madness

What you need to know
Meta Madness is simply having fictional characters - be it of our own creation (OCs), or of other people's creation (e.g. Canon Characters) - watching and reacting to either real-life events; their own series/movie(s); or other character(')s show(s)/movie(s).

Purpose of the OOC thread
Discussing what the characters will be reacting to, and also which character(s) are used by whom.

In here.
  • {1} Take turns using canon characters. There's only one of each, and having multiples of the same character is only allowed if it runs consistent with their canon (e.g. Twice from MHA being able to duplicate himself and others).
  • {1A} If you wish to use another user's OC, or a character currently in use by another user, please ask first.
  • {2} Given the nature of the main thread, then yes, screenshots and OSTs from canon material are allowed in the main thread.
  • {2A} Clips are allowed as well, but only if they do not break copyright laws.
  • {2B} Fan-made creations are safe to share in the OOC thread, but not in the main thread if it wasn't made by you. It will only be allowed in the main thread if you created it, and have it attributed to a character you are currently using in the main thread.
  • {3} This one should be obvious, but please keep all chatter in the main thread consistent with the character(s).
  • {3A} Permadeath is not allowed here. Period. There's a system in place in the main thread to keep that from happening anyways.
  • {4} Even though the characters can see/hear through the fourth wall, that only applies to real-world events (read: Olympics), or televised shows/movies. In no way does that apply to any OOC thread at all.
  • {4A} It does, however, apply to video games.
  • {4B} Yes, it does apply to other Roleplay/Murder/Mafia games - but only the ones on TC and TVT.

I think that covers everything. One last thing - I am willing to let the TC mods step in if need be.

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  DtG attempt number "fuck it" OOC thread
Posted by: wingedcatgirl - 03-30-2022, 20:34:05 PM - Forum: OOC threads - Replies (3)

Companion to this thread. Do the OOC speaking in here.

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  Fuck it, here's another Destroy the Godmodder thread
Posted by: wingedcatgirl - 03-30-2022, 19:51:38 PM - Forum: Forum games - Replies (120)

One day, a Godmodder barged into your forum and started blasting everyone to smitheroons. You should probably do something about that.

  • First the Godmodder gets a move, then each player gets a move. The Godmodder's next move generally happens about two days after the first player's countermove (depending mostly on when we can get some time to write it).
    • For the Godmodder, a move consists of whatever the Godmodder feels like doing. NPCs will also take their actions at this time.
    • For players, a move consists of one normal, uncharged, direct action (attack or heal) and up to three action charges - either starting a charged action or charging an already-started action, theirs or another's. (Once an action is fully charged, unleashing it is free, but only for the player who started it.) Actions with no combat relevance are free. All actions should be roleplayed - it's more fun that way! 😁
  • Charged attacks can deal direct damage, heal allies, summon NPCs, bestow beneficial statuses on the players, inflict detrimental statuses on the Godmodder, or anything else you feel like doing - but how well they do it depends on how many charges it required. The number of charges a charged attack requires is declared when the attack is started.
  • You can bring in as many player characters as you like, at any time - but each player will always be restricted to the same one attack and three charges per move. If you want reinforcements, summon NPCs or invite friends to join the game.
  • You can spread your actions in a move out into multiple posts, for dramatic effect or strategic ordering or any other reason, but again, same action limit applies.
  • Doing the same thing repeatedly will become ineffective quite quickly. Get creative.
  • The OOC thread is over here.

With a crackle and swirl of magical energy, an edgy-looking youth in a trenchcoat with dozens of katanas strapped to their back materializes, floating in the air.

Nice place you've got here. Mind if I conquer it?

* The Godmodder appears. Tremble in despair, for all is lost.

Godmodder: 1,000,000/1,000,000

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  The Murder Challenge
Posted by: Dookie - 03-30-2022, 00:19:21 AM - Forum: Murdergames - Replies (1270)

(Note: The game has not started yet. I'm only posting background story materials until April 3rd at 3:00 CST, which is when the game will start).


Ground Floor:

[Image: mipui.png]


[Image: mipui-2.png]

Second Floor:

[Image: mipui-3.png]

Crazy Eights Picture:
[Image: collage.jpg?width=1372&height=1029]

top left to top right: JamieAndChill, Sweetz, AshReacts, Audrey Davis.
bottom left to bottom right: ThatOneAsianKid, t0n3y, Donna Ellis, JennyXx.

Internet Article #1: Timeline of the Crazy Eights
2/13/12: The YouTube Channel “Sweetz” is created by 18 year old Martin “Sweet” Diamond.
9/14/12: The YouTube Channel “JamieAndChill” is created by 16 year old Jamie Curtis, although he would not use the channel until 2016.
4/05/13: The YouTube Channel “AshReacts” is created by 15 year old Asher Katz.
7/26/13: The YouTube Channel “t0n3y” is created by 21 year old Tony Ford.
4/14/14: A video on t0n3y's channel, “If Pokemon were kept as housepets,” is the first video from any of the Crazy 8s to get over 100K views. It reaches the 1 Million mark in December of 2014.
9/15/14: The YouTube channel “ThatOneAsianKid” is created by 20 year old Esekiel Barlowe, who is a cousin of the previously mentioned Asher, who he'll partner up with on multiple occasions.
12/5/14: Martin and Ezekiel, who at this point have 55K and 2K subscribers respectively, after meeting online, collaborate on “Minecraft 2 Player Survival Stream!” Which is posted onto Martin's channel in full, and posted on Ezekiel's channel edited down. They become frequent collaborators afterwards, boosting both of their channels and having two heavily overlapping fandoms.
1/2/15: Tony is the first YouTuber channel of the 8 to get over 100K subscribers. He'd later get 500K in March of 2016.
1/19/15: ThatOneAsianKid gains popularity due to an appearance in a popular Minecraft YouTuber's video.
3/12/15: AshReacts guest stars on a t0n3y video, making him more popular.
8/31/15: The YouTube Channel JennyXx is created by 16 year old Jennifer Esher, although it would not be used for quite a while
9/3/15: ThatOneAsianKid's video “I DID WHAT WITH MY CAR??? || Rocket League” is the first of any Crazy Eights member to reach 1 Million Views.
10/28/15: The YouTube Channel Aubrey Davis is created by 21 year old Aubrey Davis.
1/23/16: Tony and Ash start appearing in each other's videos a lot more frequently, after another popular collab video.
2/23/16: ThatOneAsianKid is the first of the 8s to get 1 Million subscribers.
3/3/16: The first video on the JamieAndChill account is published.
7/12/16: The Donna Ellis YouTube channel is created by 19 year old Donna Ellis.
10/12/16: Ash, Tony, and Ezekiel all join Martin's stream of the multiplayer game Overcooked. This is the first time that more than 2 of the Crazy Eights would interact in one video. They'd continue doing this for the next 8 months.
6/13/17: Due to increasing interaction between the four, Martin, Asher, Ezekiel, and Tony would form the “Four of Spades” YouTube channel, which would showcase skits and gaming video containing three or more of them.
9/20/17: After being friends for many months, Donna Ellis and Ezekiel Barlowe start officially dating. She guest stars on many of the videos from this era.
11/19/17: Asher, Esekiel, Tony, and Martin are invited along with 21 other YouTubers (Which include JamieAndChill and Aubrey Davis) to participate in a Mr. Beast game for $100,000. The game is a large-scale game of Infection set in a large mall. Despite Aubrey being one of the first infected, Jamie quickly befriends the surviving members (Who at this point are Martin and Asher), and Jamie, Martin, and Asher place 3rd, 4th, and 10th respectively. The winner is instead cooking YouTuber “Haileee” (IRL Name Hailee Matthews). Jamie guest stars on many of the group's videos after this.
12/12/17: Aubrey Davis wins a Streamy for her video “The Scam that was Gigapix Studios”.
1/21/18: One of Martin's videos, of him falling out of her chair, becomes a meme, giving her more popularity outside of his own community.
3/10/18: Jamie's video “IF YOU CAN SPELL IT, I BUY IT!” is the first of any of the 8s to get 10 Million views.
8/29/18: Jamie and Donna are both considered honorary members of the Four of Spades, due to not appearing as often as the main four, but being frequent guests.
10/17/18: Jamie invites his friend Jenny to play on the video “Mario Party With Everyone!!! (Ft. JennyXx)”, Who despite not being a regular, is popular enough in the fanbase to come back often.
4/1/19: As a joke, Aubrey announces she'll be changing her channel into a “Kids-only, Uber-cool environment,” and that she'd be joining the Four of Spades channel. The other 6 were in on the joke, and created the video “I GOT A SUPER RARE PET IN ADOPT ME??????????” Which was posted on Aubrey's channel. They got along so well that she would actually become a frequent guest.
4/4/19: Jenny would officially join the channel as a frequent guest.
7/10/19: A frequent guest on the channel, gaming YouTuber “KevinElevin,” is arrested for participating in the Blue Bell challenge, as well as taking a shit and pissing into a cup of ice cream inside a Fresh Market. The channel cuts their ties with him.
9/10/19: The channel announces that they will expand their reach to more than just gaming videos, including challenges and skits.
10/24/19: Tony wins $5 Million dollars in the lottery, which he saves for later.
12/15/19: Donna announces her plan to expand her channel to include an original animated series. This is slowed by the COVID-19 pandemic, but they finally premiere almost a year later in August of 2020.
3/9/20: The channel officially accepts Jenny and Aubrey onto the roster.
5/14/20: The channel announces a rebrand into “The Crazy 8,” later renamed “The Crazy 8s” in June.
4/1/20: Donna's grandpa, Clarke, died at 88 of Heart Disease. He left his mansion to Donna in his will.
4/18/20 - 5/13/21: THe house is renovated, using both Tony's money and a share of their earnings, until it is completed in May. New things include an upgrade to the houses’ style, AC and Heating system, gym, and appliances; two new filming areas, A conversion of much of the storage room into a game room, and a pool. The team posts less often, but still continues to grow.
5/14/21: The house officially opens, and a tour is showcased on YouTube.
5/20/21 - 6/20/21: Tony, Jamie, Asher, and Jenny would all start their own TikTok accounts.
10/28/21: One of Jamie's cameramen, Patrick Jones, is fatally injured while filming a Halloween video. The video is never aired, and Patrick is honored in later videos.
2/2/22: The Crazy 8s are announced to be a panelist at the 2022 NetCon in Las Vegas, Nevada.

- from "Timeline of the Crazy Eights Channel" from the Crazy Eights Wiki. Taken on 3/12/22.

Color to Character Guide:
Jamie/JamieAndChill: Purple

Asher/AshReacts: Pink

Ezekiel/ThatOneAsianKid: Red

Donna Ellis: Yellow

Tony/t0n3y: Orange

Jenny/JennyXx: Green

Martin/Sweetz: Blue

Aubrey Davis: Grey

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Posted by: Dookie - 03-20-2022, 21:07:07 PM - Forum: Signups - Replies (16)

Wiki Article 1
JamieAndChill (Born March 10, 1999) is an American YouTuber and occasional TikToker.

He is known for creating 3AM videos, Slime, DIYs, Challenges, Food art challenges, Reviews, Pranks, and Slime DIY Pranks. His most popular video is “The Making of a DIY”, which gave him a huge following. His content is often catered to a very young audience.

As a member of the YouTube group, “Crazy Eights," he occasionally collaborates with others in the group. His main channel has amassed over 15 million subscribers and 5 billion total views.

In October of 2021, he was involved in an accident whilst filming a video in which cameraman Patrick Simon was injured while climbing on top of a cave, needing surgery on his back and legs. Patrick later left the channel's team on account of not being able to do his job properly due to his injuries.

His main channel is available at JamieAndChill on YouTube, and his TikTok account is available at JamiesHouse on TikTok. His merchandise is available to buy at Jamieandchill.com/merch.

- From TV Tropes. 2/26/22

Wiki Article 2
The "Crazy Eights" are a group of 8 YouTubers who frequently collaborate on each others videos. Their content is usually aimed at a younger demographic. They are as follows:

1. JamieAndChill (Jamie Curtis). Specializes in Challenge/DIY videos. He is known for his energetic personality and videos. He has 15 million subscribers as of January 2022.

2. Sweetz (Martin Diamond). Specializes in Gaming Streams. He is known for being chill and easygoing in his videos. He has 2 million subscribers as of January 2022.

3. AshReacts (Asher Katz). Specializes in Reaction videos. They are known for being wacky, and anti-authority. They have 8 million subscribers as of 2022.

4. Aubrey Davis. Specializes in Legends, Mysteries, and Scary Stories. She is known for her uneasy atmosphere she brings in videos. Out of all Crazy 8s, she is the one with the most respect outside of the community. She has 1 million subscribers as of 2022.

5. ThatOneAsianKid (Esekiel Barlowe). Specializes in gaming videos. Known for being the smartest of the 8, as well as his sense of humor. He has 6 million subscribers as of 2022.

6. t0n3y (Tony Ford). Specializes in meme videos and comedy skits. Known for being dumb, yet loveable. He has 1 million subs as of 2022.

7. Donna Ellis. Specializes in Animation and Storytime. Known for being down to earth and relatable. She has 4 million subs as of 2022.

8. JennyXx (Jennifer Esher). Specializes in reviews of animation. Known for being outgoing and witty. She has 1 million subs as of 2022.

- From WikiTubia, 3/19/22.

“And starting in 3, 2, 1…”

This is a social media themed Murdergame with an emphasis on the culture of YouTube.

This game will work like most other mafia type murdergames. Sadly, I could not figure out a way to do the ranking system (Sorry Goose, you can use it on another game), but there will still be challenges (EFZPI or CC type ones), and the winners will get immunity.

Inno Roles:

Alpha Male: On the first night, you may use your immense hotness to form an alliance with another person. You can talk in Discord PMs until one of you dies. The other player may kill others, but they cannot kill you, and vice versa. You will of course, form “Da Boys”.

Distraction Dancer: If you feel as if someone is destined to get , you can protect them by dancing over their bed. If the murderer comes into their room, they will be too mesmerized by your moves to kill. And will go to sleep, forgetting you even danced for them.

Driver: Twice per game, you may swap yourself with another player at night, or swap two other players. This affects all actions targeting the swapped players.

Internet Provider: You may, once a night, roleblock someone else from doing their ability.

Stickbugger: If Detective investigates them, they will instead get stickbugged lol. If Killer Tries To Kill Them, they will still die, but the killer will also get stickbugged lol. When they die, everybody will get stickbugged lol.

Normie: You ain't special lol cry about it. 4 people will have this role.

The Mafia role:

Baka: You are so sussy! At night, you may conspire together and possibly kill.

Favorite YouTube Channel:


1. Selen(ium) - PointMaid
2. Unregistered Hypercam 2 - Zanreo
3. Michelle Mason - Kennifer
4. Cold teel the Hedgeheg - Puma
5. Nintendo and SEGA - Oggy
6. Entrapta - PopcornPie
7. Bywyn Dleimel Chillvein - Florien
8. Ctharlak - Ten
9. Serial - Libre
10. Kanade Otonokoji - MP
11. Gunned 'Em To Not Cu - Tales
12. Mettaton - Caret

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