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  Animal Crossing
Posted by: Caret - 04-01-2021, 01:56:05 AM - Forum: Media Discussion - Replies (4)

Animal Crossing! It's a cozy simulation game series developed by Nintendo where you live out life in a village/island with many different types of animal villagers as your neighbors.

I should really get back into playing this, huh?

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  Okami's El Dorado Playthrough
Posted by: ~okami~ - 03-30-2021, 03:52:46 AM - Forum: Alive Blogs - Replies (3)

[Image: FAtR5py.png]
Yes, I'm actually doing this.

Anyway, welcome to my playthrough of the 2000 game Gold and Glory: The Road to El Dorado. Specifically, I'm playing the PC version. I've been in an El Dorado mood lately (if you somehow couldn't tell), so this game was an obvious choice for my first let's play. Unfortunately, most of the reviews I've read on this game have been... mixed at best, so we may be in for quite the experience. Also, before we begin, I just wanted to show this wireframe thingy of Tulio that I found in controls configuration. I just think it's neat!
[Image: i717fdD.png]

[Image: MbRBJQC.png]

So if you... OH GOD. OK, maybe these graphics were good for 2000, but... yeaaaahhh. As I was saying. If you're not familiar with the plot of the film (and by extension, this game), here's a quick, spoiler-free summary. Tulio (left) and Miguel (right) are two Spanish con artists living in early 16th century Spain. They win a map that leads to the mythical city of El Dorado. Miguel is eager to follow the map, but the more skeptical Tulio doesn't buy the whole thing. After a series of little incidents, they end up on an escape boat with Hernan Cortes' warhorse. Eventually, the three wash up on the shore of the New World. They follow the map's directions and eventually discover El Dorado, where they are mistaken for gods! And yeah, there's the friendly chief, the villainous high priest, the love interest and fellow con artist, and an armadillo who may or may not be the actual god. Or some guardian angel or whatever.
[Image: tdDBDmv.png]

The game proper starts off with Miguel and Tulio discovering a wanted poster of themselves. Not wanting to be noticed, Tulio makes the smart decision to remove the poster.
[Image: 5r5uclr.png]

After removing the poster from the wall, the duo notice a man selling corn imported from the New World. Tulio decides to buy a bag for one peseta. Not a bad deal, right? Except that was their only money. Damn, these two are poor.
[Image: kMLVCfg.png]

They walk a few steps further and notice another man selling chickens. For twenty pesetas. Yeah.
[Image: 8cPR6BB.png]

Luckily, Tulio gets the idea to bait a stray chicken nearby with the corn that he bought. He figures that the chicken man will buy the stray chicken for twenty pesetas.
[Image: W3L9kZv.png]
Except not. The chicken seller offers them five pesetas for the stray chicken. Miguel points out that he himself sells chickens for twenty. But the merchant basically tells him "that's how the market works" or whatever. What an asshole.
[Image: Ht2KaU5.png]

We then get to the dice minigame. The fucking dice minigame. I really hate this part. Like, really. I don't even want to get into it. It just sucks, dude. For real.
[Image: Mv5YTL0.png]

After winning that god awful minigame, Tulio wins a map to El Dorado. Also, Miguel and Tulio are now free to walk through other parts of Seville, since one of the guards left.
[Image: EYJi4rT.png]

After doing some wandering, the boys encounter a bullfighter who calls himself "The Great Malezo". This one chick goes fucking cray-zay over him. Fangirls. Malezo boasts to the two about having defeated "the devil in bovine form", El Diablo. However, Miguel and Tulio both write Malezo off as not worth their time and leave.
[Image: oMcL91h.png]

They then encounter this little boy with a slingshot. The kid is guarding the area for some reason, and when they get too close, he hits them with his slingshot. Tulio then gets the idea (he's the idea guy if you haven't guessed by now) to put Miguel in a fishy smelling barrel so he can walk past the boy unharmed. The kids accuses them of cheating and runs off, conveniently dropping his slingshot in the process. Tulio picks up the slingshot and the duo heads off.

So yeah, that's part one of my playthrough. I'm stopping here 'cause I don't wanna post too many screenshots. I'll probably post tomorrow or the next day. Hope you guys enjoyed this first part!

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  Waiter! There's a/an [insert here] in my soup!
Posted by: Cassie - 03-29-2021, 07:47:25 AM - Forum: Forum games - Replies (4)

Pretend we are in a restaurant setting. Someone in a restaurant orders soup, and tells the waiter (the poster below) there is something in it. The waiter, recommends a way to fix it.

Waiter! There's a kitten in my soup!

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  fragrance: funny and cool text adeventyre
Posted by: ~okami~ - 03-27-2021, 08:34:13 AM - Forum: Hybrid games - Replies (6)

This is a weird and dumb game based on a shitpost I made in like the middle of the night. It's not in roleplays or forum games because there are more rules and you can't create and/or use your own characters. I ask that you follow the usual rules as well.

[Image: degn3ex-ec5ca892-e2c7-46d7-bd5e-a71ef162...m1rCC20GNI]
today yuo arre fragrance office. he is psychopath and raido host. today he get up and eat sum frozen yogert and count chocolya. frangrt look at motovational poster in room.
[Image: degn4ad-cb958bc2-c941-4dd9-afde-c1b05131...n0-2C6lREY] yes
fragrence finishedes he cereale and yogurt. suddenly there a knock on frong apattment door. fragr openedwd the doore. gues who he saw at dor
[Image: degn1wz-7d5cdd4f-1f67-408c-8af9-dece49a4...A4gJ35MwoQ]
he young brothur mile larry.

"Um, good morning, brother. I am here to ask you a few questions. I hope I don't take up to much of your time..."

mil lary will ask qyestion wil u answer them??

yes or no

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  Ctrl+V Thread
Posted by: Guma - 03-26-2021, 15:44:10 PM - Forum: Forum games - Replies (26)

[img width=350]

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  General Rusty Quill Thread
Posted by: Cassie - 03-26-2021, 15:39:30 PM - Forum: Media Discussion - No Replies

A London-based UK entertainment production company and podcast network that specialises in creating original, free-to-consume content.


List of podcasts:

  • Rusty Quill Gaming, a tabletop roleplay campaign podcast following the adventures of a mixed ability group of comedians, improvisers, gamers, and writers playing in an original game world.
  • Stellar Firma, a semi-improvised, dystopic, sci-fi, comedy podcast following the misadventures of a pair of inept planet designers as they attempt to generate bespoke planets based on audience suggestions.
  • The Magnus Archives, a horror anthology podcast detailing the supernatural cases under investigation by the Magnus Institute and its archivists.
  • Outliers, a historic fiction podcast produced in association with Historic Royal Palaces, featuring a selection of stories from award-winning contemporary writers as they examine the perspectives of people often excluded from mainstream historical narratives.
  • Enthusigasm, a Patreon exclusive talk show podcast featuring, creators, voice actors, staff and many other folks who help make the Rusty Quill shows you know and love possible.

There's also RQ Streams, which aims to introduce people who are new to the world of videogaming to it through playing a vast collection of genres, titles and formats.

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  Theseus Round Robin
Posted by: Dookie - 03-23-2021, 22:57:09 PM - Forum: Forum games - Replies (21)

You know the thought experiment about replacing all the parts of a boat one by one as it gets in disrepair, and whether or not it is still the same boat? Well, this is basically a silly improvisational story version of that! - At the start of the game, I provide a sentence that will be relatively normal. - Each poster gets to add, remove, or place one word. - Once it gets to the point that none of the original words of the sentence remain, someone will be able to follow up with their own sentence, which can be progressively altered.

The idea behind this is that eventually we may have a complete story, one that depending on what page you're on will look far different.

Let us start with our first sentence, which will not remain the same for long:

Grandma should come home in a couple of minutes.

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  Trouble Cube MMO
Posted by: Dookie - 03-22-2021, 20:18:17 PM - Forum: Hybrid games - Replies (31)

Current Version:

Alpha 1.002The Update Log

Dookie [ADMIN] has joined!

Dookie [ADMIN] : Hello! Welcome to the Trouble Cube MMO (Massivley Multiplayer Online....Game)

Dookie [ADMIN]: Ok, do you know Club Penguin? This is basically that, but encompased on the Trouble Cube Forums.

Dookie [ADMIN] : Make sure to collect your daily 100 Rubikoin™ bonus by saying ">collect daily" or ">collect Rubikoin". Thanks, and have fun!

Rules n What This Is
What is this?

This is an adaptation of a forum game on TV Tropes to the Trouble Cube Forums.


1. Don't godmod. This includes autohitting, having items you don't have a sufficient amount of currency for, etc.

2. Don't be unnecessarily rude. If you're doing it for laughs or in-character, then it's fine...but maybe specifiy it if it's not obvious.

3. When working to earn Rubikoins, it's encouraged that you roleplay and talk to people while doing so. However, these actions will take some time, and you must do each action for a certain amount. If you fail to do this, you will not earn money.

4. Don't kill people, unless you're fighting in an RP. If you want to battle, use the Arena.

Places are seperated into districts. You may roleplay with anyone in the same district. To go to a place, type ">go to [Place]".

* Residential District (Where all of the houses are. You may put furniture you buy at the Supermarket inside.)\

* Financial District (Includes Supermarket, Clothing store, pet store, Papa's Pizza, and Target):

** Supermarket (Where to buy most furniture and basic goods. It even includes a furniture section. As time goes on, more items will be added to the list, so check back every so often.) The current list includes:

Groceries, 200 Rubikoins (selection of 10 miscellanious food items)
Table, 500 Rubikoins
Chair, 300 Rubikoins
Television, 1200 Rubikoins
Circle Soda, 100 Rubikoins

Sword, 1000 Rubikoins
Gun, 2000 Rubikoins
Lightsaber, 20000 Rubikoins (functions the same as the Sword)

** Clothing store (Buy clothes for your Cuber!):

Top hat, 50 Rubikoins
Propeller beanie, 50 Rubikoins
Fancy suit, 100 Rubikoins
"I <3 Trouble Cube" T-shirt, 100 Rubikoins
"I hate everything" T-shirt, 100 Rubikoins
Light-up sneakers, 50 Rubikoins
Skirt, 50 Rubikoins (any color)
Dance Emote, 500 Rubikoins (Lets you dance!)

** Pet shop (Buy virtual pets here. They must be fed and played with [Shown by their "Yum" and "Fun" meter] at least once a week or else they'll run away.):

Cat, 1500 Rubikoins
Dog, 1500 Rubikoins
Bird, 1000 Rubikoins
Pet bowl, 500 Rubikoins
Pet bed, 300 Rubikoins
Dog food, 50 Rubikoins (10 rations)
Cat food, 50 Rubikoins (10 rations)
Bird feed, 50 Rubikoins (20 rations)
Pet toy, 500 Rubikoins (Use to fill your pet's Fun Meter faster.)

** Pizza Parlor (A place to chill out, eat pizza, and work for Rubikoins.)
Work (10 minutes, +200 Rubkoins)
Buy Pizza, 50 Rubikoins

** Target (A place to buy entertainment items and secondary furniture):
Game Console, 200 Rubikoins (Requires Television)
iDoohickey, 900 Rubikoins (Able to call people in other districts)
Rubiks Cube, 50 Rubikoins
Rubikoin Trophy, 500 Rubikoins
Paint, 100 Rubikoins (Any color)

* Mines (Where to go to look for treasure.)

Treasure Hunt (20 minutes, receive 100-600 Rubikoins based on a roll of dice by me, can only be done once a day).
Pickaxe, 50 Rubikoins (purely aesthetic for your Cuber).

* The Arena (You may battle here in duels with other players. Each player must bet an equal amount of Rubikoins. The winner is determined by a roll of dice by me, although swords, lightsabers, and guns will give a +1 if used in battle. The winner will receive both shares of bets.)

Update Log:

1.0: Game created.

1.002: Update log added, treasure hunt restricted to once a day, Benbot curse released.

Players and totals:
Benbot: 1000 Rubikoins, Pizza, Pickaxe

Soundfont_Libre: 450 Rubikoins, Pizza, Chair, Bag of Groceries

Ahoy_Geek: 100 Rubikoins

Dookie [ADMIN] : Have Fun!

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  You Get An Item for Defeating the Above Avatar
Posted by: AyyBee121 - 03-22-2021, 06:55:06 AM - Forum: Forum games - Replies (7)

Say this is a video game. If you defeated the above avatar, what would they leave behind?
Example, with Cube-tan:
You Got: Trouble Cube
A strange Rubix-like cube with Cyan, Purple, and Reddish Pink faces. You can't, for the life of you, figure out how to solve it.

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  The Street Trolley
Posted by: AyyBee121 - 03-22-2021, 05:38:59 AM - Forum: Roleplays - Replies (15)

In a colossal underground city in-between the words lies a trolley, not unlike those seen in San Fransisco. Through the mall-like structure it goes, picking up passengers from shops, homes, apartment complexes, and portals along the way. You get on the trolley, only to find others waiting as well. You don't have very much time to talk to them. What do you say?

This is a free-to-join, open RP. Feel free to drop in an any time, as any character(s).

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