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#TheMurderChallenge - Dookie - 03-20-2022

Wiki Article 1
JamieAndChill (Born March 10, 1999) is an American YouTuber and occasional TikToker.

He is known for creating 3AM videos, Slime, DIYs, Challenges, Food art challenges, Reviews, Pranks, and Slime DIY Pranks. His most popular video is “The Making of a DIY”, which gave him a huge following. His content is often catered to a very young audience.

As a member of the YouTube group, “Crazy Eights," he occasionally collaborates with others in the group. His main channel has amassed over 15 million subscribers and 5 billion total views.

In October of 2021, he was involved in an accident whilst filming a video in which cameraman Patrick Simon was injured while climbing on top of a cave, needing surgery on his back and legs. Patrick later left the channel's team on account of not being able to do his job properly due to his injuries.

His main channel is available at JamieAndChill on YouTube, and his TikTok account is available at JamiesHouse on TikTok. His merchandise is available to buy at

- From TV Tropes. 2/26/22

Wiki Article 2
The "Crazy Eights" are a group of 8 YouTubers who frequently collaborate on each others videos. Their content is usually aimed at a younger demographic. They are as follows:

1. JamieAndChill (Jamie Curtis). Specializes in Challenge/DIY videos. He is known for his energetic personality and videos. He has 15 million subscribers as of January 2022.

2. Sweetz (Martin Diamond). Specializes in Gaming Streams. He is known for being chill and easygoing in his videos. He has 2 million subscribers as of January 2022.

3. AshReacts (Asher Katz). Specializes in Reaction videos. They are known for being wacky, and anti-authority. They have 8 million subscribers as of 2022.

4. Aubrey Davis. Specializes in Legends, Mysteries, and Scary Stories. She is known for her uneasy atmosphere she brings in videos. Out of all Crazy 8s, she is the one with the most respect outside of the community. She has 1 million subscribers as of 2022.

5. ThatOneAsianKid (Esekiel Barlowe). Specializes in gaming videos. Known for being the smartest of the 8, as well as his sense of humor. He has 6 million subscribers as of 2022.

6. t0n3y (Tony Ford). Specializes in meme videos and comedy skits. Known for being dumb, yet loveable. He has 1 million subs as of 2022.

7. Donna Ellis. Specializes in Animation and Storytime. Known for being down to earth and relatable. She has 4 million subs as of 2022.

8. JennyXx (Jennifer Esher). Specializes in reviews of animation. Known for being outgoing and witty. She has 1 million subs as of 2022.

- From WikiTubia, 3/19/22.

“And starting in 3, 2, 1…”

This is a social media themed Murdergame with an emphasis on the culture of YouTube.

This game will work like most other mafia type murdergames. Sadly, I could not figure out a way to do the ranking system (Sorry Goose, you can use it on another game), but there will still be challenges (EFZPI or CC type ones), and the winners will get immunity.

Inno Roles:

Alpha Male: On the first night, you may use your immense hotness to form an alliance with another person. You can talk in Discord PMs until one of you dies. The other player may kill others, but they cannot kill you, and vice versa. You will of course, form “Da Boys”.

Distraction Dancer: If you feel as if someone is destined to get , you can protect them by dancing over their bed. If the murderer comes into their room, they will be too mesmerized by your moves to kill. And will go to sleep, forgetting you even danced for them.

Driver: Twice per game, you may swap yourself with another player at night, or swap two other players. This affects all actions targeting the swapped players.

Internet Provider: You may, once a night, roleblock someone else from doing their ability.

Stickbugger: If Detective investigates them, they will instead get stickbugged lol. If Killer Tries To Kill Them, they will still die, but the killer will also get stickbugged lol. When they die, everybody will get stickbugged lol.

Normie: You ain't special lol cry about it. 4 people will have this role.

The Mafia role:

Baka: You are so sussy! At night, you may conspire together and possibly kill.

Favorite YouTube Channel:


1. Selen(ium) - PointMaid
2. Unregistered Hypercam 2 - Zanreo
3. Michelle Mason - Kennifer
4. Cold teel the Hedgeheg - Puma
5. Nintendo and SEGA - Oggy
6. Entrapta - PopcornPie
7. Bywyn Dleimel Chillvein - Florien
8. Ctharlak - Ten
9. Serial - Libre
10. Kanade Otonokoji - MP
11. Gunned 'Em To Not Cu - Tales
12. Mettaton - Caret

RE: #TheMurderChallenge - PointMaid - 03-20-2022

Name: Selen(ium)
Appearance: Brown eyes. Light brown skin. Brunette hair dyed blue (see picture below, including her usual clothing, accessories and makeup)
Gender/Pronouns: Female - She/Her
Backstory: A Mexican-American teen from Southern California. Wants to go to Juilliard and is serious about rocking out singing with her guitar and like-minded friends as a band (she even writes most of the songs!), but is currently a high school student with a TikTok account that actually has a decent amount of followers. She likes writing songs about her math and science classes to help her and her friends study.
Personality: Passionate. Fiery. Occasionally tempermental. A tendency to be obsessive.
Strengths: Dedication to her art
Weaknesses: Can get easily bored with things that aren't her obsessions and people who don't share them. Would have a bigger TikTok following if she were more bubbly.
Favorite YouTube Channel: Vevo. She's always watching music videos.
Other: Yes, this is the TikTok version of Selenium. Speaks in this color
[Image: 114808_HzzomxKw.png]

RE: #TheMurderChallenge - Zanreo - 03-20-2022

Name: Unregistered Hypercam 2
Appearance: [Image: Unregistered_Hypercam_2.png]
Gender/Pronouns: he/him
Backstory: A camcorder robot who longs for the old days of Youtube, Hypercam once participated in the "King for a Day" music tournament and won, becoming the host of the next KFAD.
Personality: Often happy, kinda silly and enthusiastic about stuff
Strengths: Usually positive and optimistic, tries to see the best in everyone. High quality rip skills and a powerful saw arm.
Weaknesses: Not always caught up with newer technology, not waterproof.
Favorite YouTube Channel: SiIvagunner and other memey music remixers, as well as music creators and game content in general
Other: henlo tc this is hypercam ready 4 murdergame

RE: #TheMurderChallenge - Kennifer - 03-20-2022

Name: Michelle Mason

Appearance: About 5'9 1/2 and quite skinny (125 pounds or so). Shoulder-length light blonde hair cut in choppy layers, fair skin, bright green eyes. She typically puts clip-in streaks in her hair (usually pink and purple). Typically dresses in a white T-shirt, baggy cardigan sweater, distressed/ripped jeans, and black Converse sneakers. She also likes bright red nail polish. (See Picrew below.)

Gender/Pronouns: Female, She/Her

Backstory: Michelle has wanted to do modelling and tutorials since she was a teenager. She's walked in a few local runway shows (think "shopping mall") and started getting into social media influencing at around 18-19. (She's around 22 or 23 now.) She mostly does unboxing/haul videos and "get ready with me" type videos on YouTube and in her Instagram stories. Usually she'll get things to promote for free from indie brands that want to expand their market. So far, she's managed to avoid controversy.

Personality: Optimistic and charming. She's friendly and loves to get to know people, and prides herself on being easy to get along with. She's a bit naive sometimes but far from stupid. When she's not doing influencing, she likes to read (especially fantasy and science fiction novels). She's also especially fond of breakfast foods, particularly eggs and toast.

Strengths: She has really good people skills (if I was giving her D&D style stats she'd have really high Charisma lol).
Knows how to avoid controversy for the most partno she's not actually gonna cancel people lol
. She's also got a really good sense of balance which comes with the "wanting to be a model" thing, and a good sense of style/aesthetics. Reasonably intelligent as well. Pretty good at acting.

Weaknesses: She has an inferiority complex and tends to think of herself as boring since she's only got around 11k followers even after around 4 years. Prone to self-deprecation when the webcam's not running; a lot of her "happy carefree attitude" on camera is kind of a front. Can be a bit naive. Prone to a bit of paranoia at times.

Favorite YouTube Channel: She likes makeup artists like Alexandria Ryan, and also gets a kick out of watching cooking videos from Binging With Babish.

Other: She'll speak in this color.

le picrew:
[Image: download20210100112505.png]

RE: #TheMurderChallenge - Guma - 03-21-2022

pssh...nothin personnel...kid....

[Image: ?]


none. do not refer to coldseel everhe/him

Backstory: he was born with a special [power that made him stronget than all those other posers. he served in the sonic military and while ighting shadow he got persuADEd By the darkness and killed sonic and lost a part of his ear so uh yeah that's the reason why like how many times do i need o say it ask em again and il fucking block you

Personality: he is a mysterious loner who hates people especially dad and that piece of shit kevin and that piece of shit khaoskid663 seriously your gonna go to hell for stealing my perfectlu legal shiny zacian you fucking d—anyway uhh he's cool and badass uoy can tell by his earrings which are NOT girly

Strengths: he can use chaos control and run really fast and teleport even without chaos control and yes ACTUALLY teleport not just move really fast cause that's how it is in dbz also faulconers dbz music is somuch more better than the shitty original music

Weaknesses: your mpom

Favorite YouTube Channel: blood_skull_boi84, you should totally follow him btw, other than that uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh skydoesminecraft

Other: if those sega batsards use the fucking sonic forces mofel again their gonna fuckgni die

RE: #TheMurderChallenge - Oggy123 - 03-21-2022

Name: Nintendo and SEGA
Gender/Pronouns: He/him and she/her
Backstory: Nintendo and SEGA are the rulers of two prosperous nations that border each other. In the past, the two were constantly on each others' throats. However, this rivalry has faded, and now they get along relatively well. She will even invite Nintendo to play together once in a while. This is mainly due to Nintendo finding new competitors recently, though even these competitions are somewhat friendly.
Personality: Nintendo is a laid-back and kind person, while SEGA is energetic, cheerful, and friendly.
Strengths: Nintendo now inherits some new powers. He can shoot out flames and ice and summon a sword he can wield. SEGA can run really fast, and can roll around.
Weaknesses: For all his kindness, Nintendo tends to see himself as superior, and can sometimes be vain and arrogant, even demanding at times. SEGA is a very poor swimmer, and somewhat ditzy to boot.
Favorite YouTube Channel: Many Youtube channels that promote them and their products. For Nintendo, however, he may draw the line at some.
Other: Nintendo speaks in red and SEGA in blue.

RE: #TheMurderChallenge - PopcornPie - 03-21-2022

Name: Entrapta

Appearance: [Image: EntraptaRenderHQ.png]

Gender/Pronouns: She/her

Backstory: Entrpta's past is a mystery she doesn't usually bring up. All we really know is she didn't grow up with her birth parents, but DID develop a love for robotics. Somehow, she rigged her castle into a labyrinth and got her hands on First Ones Tech around the time of the series, hinting that she does travel across the planet-or at least sends her bots to do it. 

As a purely neutral being, Entrapta wound up changing sides during the War of Etheria. She began on the side of the princesses, but after a misunderstanding caused her to be left behind in the Fright Zone, she was hurt and coerced onto the Horde's forces instead. Despite this, she remained friendly and excited about expanding her scope of science from First Ones Tech to moving the entire planet of Etheria out of the pocket dimension she discovered it to be in. Midway through the experiment, she realized how dangerous her portal actually was and tried to shut it off before it did any harm, but Catra knocked her unconscious and had her banished to Beast Island, where she was thought to be dead.

Somehow, Entrapta managed to survive on Beast Island long enough to be rescued by Adora and Bow, and she rejoined the Rebellion. After heading to space with the main trio and saving Catra from Horde Prime, Entrapta assisted in the final showdown that destroyed Horde Prime and freed Etheria once and for all. Presumably, she finally returned to her own kingdom afterward-alongside the slowly reforming Hordak, the original tyrant of Etheria. 

Personality: Due to having autism, Entrapta is always upbeat, loud, and a little overbearing. She has a hyperfixation on science that causes her to ignore ethics, the feelings of her peers, and even her own safety at points. She never means harm, either, just science. In fact, she even hesitates to call her experiments failures when they turn deadly. The slightest hint of a new breakthrough gets her excited and running off.

It may seem like Entrapta doesn't care about anyone, but the opposite is screamingly true. She cares deeply about having friends and how those friends perceive her. She is badly hurt when people are mad at her, and the thought of being abandoned drives her to tears. Entrapta is fully aware she isn't good with people, but tries to make up for it by helping her friends any way she can.

Strengths: Amazing engineer. Entrapta can go so far as to completely reprogram a military robot into a personal companion. 

She's incredibly resilient and finds ways to survive hostile conditions all on her own.

She's weirdly stealthy and can slip away without a sound.

Her voluminous ponytails are twice as long as she is tall, and can be manipulated like tentacles. She uses her hair more than she uses her actual hands. There's enough strength in her hair to pick up herself and others and carry them around.

Weaknesses: Entrapta has no magic of her own and little combat skills. She is easily distracted, manipulated, and led astray. Her small stature means she could easily be taken by surprise. 

Favorite YouTube Channel: Useless Duck Company

Other: Speaks in #B396C9.

RE: #TheMurderChallenge - Florien - 03-21-2022

Name: Bywyn Dleimel Chillvein

Pronouns: It/Its

Backstory: Bywyn Dleimel Chillvein, more commonly called B. D. Chillvein, was born at some point to the more private-sector oriented portion of a highly politically powerful family. It immediately threw that all away to become alternately a wellness guru, an acupuncturist, a "holistic nutritionist", a panacea salesthing, and other things which boiled down to generalized mountebankery. It has made a career of defrauding the desperate, and now in a world and time with an internet connection, it can promise a cure for everything, whether through prayer, mysticism, or some so-called medicine with no active ingredients, and has rapidly began expanding its dubiously legal things market into the crypto and conspiracy sphere, seeing swarms of self-selecting marks advertising a willingness to buy into anything.

Personality: Always looking to get in on the grift, it hasn't confined itself to the wellness sphere. Back in its home world, it started an environmental organization just to abandon it at the first chance and endorse the polluters as a "former radical environmentalist." If there's a technically legal but dubiously ethical scam to pull of, it gets involved as soon as possible. A master of finding niches to scam in, B. D. burns through identities like Calming Incense Sticks (which it will sell you for an exorbitant price, along with a dish "blessed in the appropriate ways to guide the healing spiritual essences".) It often portrays any opposition to it as some vague government tyranny, or "THE MAN" covering up the cure to whatever ails the one it's selling to.

Strengths: B. D. is extremely charismatic and excellent at figuring out people's vulnerable moments to swoop in and prey upon their exposed wallets. Resultantly, they always have plenty of money on hand, and can talk people into buying pretty much anything. Its insistence on dressing like a historical mountebank lends it a massive air of legitimacy, because it's always dressed well (if a bit old-fashioned.) It also ties well into its newfound conspiracy angle.

Weaknesses: If someone becomes aware of the grift, and attempts to call B. D. out on it, the caller-out of the grift becomes subject to accusations of being a shill for some nebulous corrupt organization, or just a foolish doubter who's going to regret doubting. Needless to say, this means it makes enemies extremely easily, and doesn't so much burn bridges as blow them up and then put what's left through a woodchipper, then set the woodchips on fire before throwing the ashes into a blender, then dumping the blender contents into the ocean. (Then filter all the blended ash out of the ocean and sell the cleaned ocean water as a homeopathic cancer cure)

Favorite Youtube Channel: Its own, QuasiCryptoQueer, a deeply toxic and moderately successful (despite the rampant transphobia in the crypto and conspiracy communities alike) channel based around selling cryptocurrency pump-and-dump schemes (in which it uses its audience as the pump and dump alike), miscellaneous conspiracy theories, and fomenting a cult of gratefulness, as well as selling wellness products through its own store (which, to the few journalists who've noticed it, does not take crypto despite the channel endorsing cryptocurrency as the future of money that should see mass adoption any day now.) As for other channels it watches, it watches video-essayists of the one-to-three-hour kind mostly, even though most of them actively regularly attack its works.

Other: Good Morning, Mizheldtiv, and welcome to this video about how the deep state poisons both literal and figurative wells, and how to purge the toxins from the literal well poisoning from your body using this all-natural proprietary detox blend. Today's pump is going to be cd5192 Coin. Remember to get in right away if you don't want to be part of the dump. I'll be giving the signal on my twitter (@QuasiCryptoQueer) soon after this video goes up to dump. Remember, what the signal will be will be hidden in small chunks throughout the video, so watch all the way through! The first part of the code is "red glowies". Remember, those glowies deserve whatever punishments you can imagine. Second of however many coming up soon.


[Image: unknown.png]

RE: #TheMurderChallenge - TenOfSwords13 - 03-21-2022

Name: Ctharlak
Appearance: see attachment
Gender/Pronouns: They/Them
Backstory: A being
"beyond the comprehension of most mortals"a little bit taxing to look at, but comprehensible
, Ctharlak was created to serve the Nameless Monarch, an elder being who wants an apocalypse on a certain, unknown, date. However, Ctharlak, through the internet, discovered Minecraft, and now has a YouTube channel (Un5een) with around 3 thousand subscribers, mainly consisting of over-the-top creative builds.
Personality: They take great pride in their work, both apocalyptic and creative, and they are prone to focusing on things they are told to do. Ctharlak believes in authority, and will take orders from whom they deem to be in charge.
Strengths: Very creative, and dilligent, able to put hours of effort into things that they want to do, while producing beatiful results. Good at spotting patterns.
Weaknesses: Not very good at lying or talking to people in general, having a habit of calling other beings "foolish mortals". Also cannot take criticism.
Favorite YouTube Channel: While not possessing a favourite, most of their viewtime is taken up by Mumbo Jumbo, Grian, xisumavoid, ImpulseSV, and GoodTimesWithScar.
Other: Foolish mortals, you dare defy the Unnamed Monarch? Shame upon you and your ancestors! SHAME!

RE: #TheMurderChallenge - Dookie - 03-27-2022

Just a note to make sure this doesn't sit on the sign-up shelf for too long: If there are still less than 10 signups by April 1, I'll change the formatting around to adapt to only 8 players.

RE: #TheMurderChallenge - Cassie - 03-27-2022

Name: Sericle/Tao Ayano (the latter is her real name)

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/they

  • Dissatisfied with the Tengu's journalism business in Gensokyo (stemming from its occasional unfun tediousness), she decided to go to the Scarlet Devil Mansion after seeing a poster showing a maid job offer for that place. Her ability to wield chains and rope stem from the amount of times she had to restrain Flandre Scarlet when she went nuts after being released, or when she was dangerously close to threatening her own life (whether because someone else decided that Flandre's gotta be stopped via lethal means, or when she runs the risk of making physical contact with what she's weak to)
  • She most frequently tends carrying heavy objects and maintaining cleanliness in the mansion's library, and got pretty familiar with some of the more notable members (like Patchouli and Sakuya). Despite not being good at danmaku and not having the kind of powers Sakuya has, the latter still has respect for her for her capability of holding her own with what powers she does have.
  • Takes place of Sakuya in the "make sure Meiling is doing her job of guarding the gate and not just sleeping in the wrong damn times" department.
  • Murder In The Mountains: She went on a hiking trip with some people and got pretty familiar with some of them. In particular, she ended up with a pretty close friendship with Amy...which made her pretty sad that she straight-up faded out of existence at the end of the game. She ended up being the first victim of the death cultists, but got better after all of said cultists were executed.

  • Like Tears In Rain: She was there, and at one point was escorted back to Gensokyo after the two AI's realise a miscalculation in her significance to the timeline...they did not know of the timeline corruption that had occurred already in her home timeline. frankly it was minor enough that it could be easily overlooked

  • Tao Ayano was a human who got gapped into Gensokyo as food for the Youkai...but ended up in a minorly corrupted timeline version of Gensokyo that's considered "corrupted" timeline-wise due to that Gensokyo being way more inclusive and open to the Outside World. The timeline corruption fucked with her physically, causing her to gain tengu-like attributes and then some...but it also tampered with her memories, and as such when she ended up in the Scarlet Devil Mansion, by that point she had believed that she was a youkai from the get-go who just got to the SDM to look for a better job.
  • She got caught in...something...that cured her of her timeline corruption, both restoring her memories as a human as well as her own humanity. She's no longer a tengu. She's now human. And she's conflicted on where to continue, to the concern of her current friends.

Personality: She's a pretty nice person, and shows a sense of justice at times, which can also show her partial one-track mind and her stubbornness.

Strengths: Notably adept in knowledge of using chains and ropes in combat. She's also got maid skill, such as cooking and cleaning objects, being very diligent in them if possible.

Weaknesses: ...however, she's only as strong physically as a human can be. There's also how she can have quite a one-track mind in terms of delivering justice/exacting revenge, eventually breaking out in anger if persisting long enough. Her own friendship with one of her friends is also this, because...she's yet to make more friends at the moment, and she's shown to be quick to grieve at the loss of this particular friend in question.

Favorite YouTube Channel: TV show clip channels that showcase clips from shows like Seinfeld, Better Call Saul, The Good Place, etc. Also Shin Megami Tensei gameplay channels, but her interest towards the latter eludes herself...

Other: She's a great drinker, but usually keeps alcohol consumption at a minimum. She's also started to watch shows like Seinfeld because of Amy. Speaks in this color.

Appearance: + a black-and-brown plaid skirt, as well as black shoes and leggings.

RE: #TheMurderChallenge - Despair's Archon of Memes - 03-27-2022

Name: Kanade Otonokoji
Appearance: [Image: tumblr_inline_otcp1gscvd1tgbl2t_500.png]
Gender/Pronouns: her/she
Backstory: Formerly the Ultimate Guitarist, she used to work with her twin sister Hibiki for music performance. However... After a certain incident that took both of their lives, Kanade, now resurrected, is now looking to go out on her own and regain her former glory... And also look for her lost sister...
Personality: Really meek, almost apologetic at times... However, beneath that visage... lies a surprisingly cruel interior.
Strengths: Surprisingly smart and cunning for someone like her
Weaknesses: A twink Not really that physically strong.
Favorite YouTube Channel: Mostly music channels, but in particular, musical cover channels... Annd a few VEVO channels, too.
Other:H... Hello...

RE: #TheMurderChallenge - Caret - 03-28-2022

Name: Mettaton
Gender/Pronouns: male, he/him
[Image: Mettaton_tarot.png] (EX at top, box form at bottom)
Backstory: (Undertale spoilers) Mettaton was built by Dr. Alphys to provide some good ol' entertainment to the masses of the Underground. Actually, the "built" part is a half-truth. In reality, Mettaton is a ghost with dreams of performing for humanity, so he got Alphys to build a physical body for him. Ever since Frisk set monsterkind free, he's been touring the surface with his troupe (which consists of his cousin Nasptablook, Shyren, and... Burgerpants.).
Personality: At first glance, Mettaton acts like your typical TV show host who's willing to do anything to boost his ratings, even if it means killing a few people here or there. However, his "killer robot" thing is an act. When not playing the role of a villain, he's pretty friendly to most people, assuming that you are not a certain long-suffering fast food worker.
Strengths: Mettaton's box form is nearly indestructible. He knows how to put on a good performance, and is quite an expert in the paranormal world.
Weaknesses: As Mettaton EX, he is somewhat frail and has horrible battery life. It only takes flipping that switch on his back to transform between bodies. Mettaton can also be easily carried off by his aspiration for fame.
Favorite YouTube Channel: MTT Official Channel
Other: For lore purposes, this version of Mettaton hails from after the True Pacifist route. Speaks in ALL CAPS in his box form, and this beautiful shade of purple as Mettaton EX.

RE: #TheMurderChallenge - TalesofUnder - 03-28-2022

Name: Gundham Tanaka
Gender/Pronouns: Male (he/him)
Backstory: While his backstory is never explicitly stated, it's implied that he loved his mom deeply, but hated his father, presumably because Gundham was born out of wedlock. Aside from that, it's unknown where he developed his tendency to think of himself as a dark lord.
Personality: Gundham Tanaka tends to think of himself as a supervillain, often hamming it up and using overly complicated words. He also believes that he really has the ability to use magic, and that he's really a dark lord. But in reality, he's a giant softie; he cares for animals deeply, and would only kill for the greater good or unless he was threatened or something. He constantly denies being a nice person, much like Dr. Doofenshmirtz, and just like him, he absolutely IS a nice guy.
Strengths: Determined, good with animals
Weaknesses: Overestimating his own abilities, overly abrasive facade, can word things confusingly at times
Favorite YouTube Channel: Probably some sort of animal care-based channel, like, say, Save A Fox. He also enjoys watching old Steve Irwin clips.
Other: It is the will of causality that I, Gundham Tanaka, Lord of Ice, shall be permitted to speak in ashen gray text! FUHAHAHAHA!

RE: #TheMurderChallenge - Dookie - 03-28-2022

The game will start on April 2nd at 12:00 PM CST.

RE: #TheMurderChallenge - Florien - 04-18-2022

Replacing back into the game to cover for a lost one!

Name: Lucintsea Ridgewood

Pronouns: She/Her

Backstory: Just an apparently ordinary girl from Southern Lansepria, until in her late teens she seemed to snap, and suddenly began gathering an enormous army (primarily through extremely illegal and unstable magic) and attempted to conquer the world, before apparently getting bored and disappearing when the job was nearly done. She long ago got modified beyond most physical needs (along with making her look increasingly messy and "off"), but her unremitting boredom, which never really went away, led her to march willingly into this incredibly dangerous situation without her army or even her broken and controlled family to back her up. (incidentally, two centuries later, she (would/will/has?) become/became/be becoming) the idol of a young Kellensea Hardthareiter despite sharing very little in common other than taste in hats and extensive self-modification.)

Personality: Lucintsea is extremely quiet and doesn't seem to understand why other people find anything she does strange or bad. This is not to say she doesn't talk at all, she just isn't very loud when she does so, and doesn't often bother to speak in long sentences. This tendency was amplified by her lack of need to communicate clearly with anyone, seeing as the main bulk of her army was either directly under her control or controlled by someone she directly controlled. Needless to say, she does not understand what people think is so great about the idea of free will. She will argue a point if she must, but really does not care about collateral damage and so will generally go along with what others say to avoid conflict, even if she doesn't believe it, at least until she feels like going against them could be less painful.

Strengths: Lucintsea doesn't need to eat, sleep, drink, or seemingly even breathe. She never even gets tired. She just IS. She can stare someone down without meaning to, simply due to her size (She's easily 6'5'') and perpetually blank expression, and is extremely physically strong, as well as able to shrug off hits that would kill normal people and apparently being immune to disease and is incapable of feeling pain.

Weaknesses: Lucintsea is by no means a diplomat. Her primary ways of getting people to side with her are bribery and imprisonment. She's also not great about conveying her emotions to others, her voice is a flat monotone no matter what she's saying. She's also not really great at communicating in general, being surprisingly wallflowerish for a would-be conqueror. Due to her modification, she has a constant low-grade nausea and high fever, and bruises and scrapes extremely easily. Bruises don't show up easily on her skin, at least, but scrapes absolutely do. She may heal fast enough for the wounds to be gone in an hour or two, but with her unable to feel pain, any exposed skin on her hands tends to get covered in scrapes and cuts extremely quickly, and bleeds a lot from even smaller wounds due to the constantly disintegrating capillaries under the surface. Further, she probably wouldn't even notice if she was getting stabbed slowly enough, considering how dulled her sensory nerves are.

Favorite Youtube Channel: ...a "youtube?" What is that? Does it matter?

Other: ...Hi, this is your new captain speaking.

[Image: unknown.png]

RE: #TheMurderChallenge - Zanreo - 05-01-2022

Name: Neptune
Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her
Backstory: She's the CPU (goddess) of Planeptune, protecting and ruling the nation, though outside of her CPU duties she spends a lot of her time gaming, eating pudding and generally slacking off.
Personality: Usually cheerful and friendly
Strengths: Optimistic, determined
Weaknesses: Lazy
Favorite YouTube Channel: Various gaming channels
Other: Speaks in purple
Appearance: [Image: HDNSvS-Neptune.png]