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Meta Madness - SmilyCube112 - 04-04-2022

Welcome to Meta Madness!!

Here I have weakened the useless thing you call the Fourth Wall. Ugh. (Wish I could've done away with it outright, dammit.)

Well? Were you expecting anything else? Well, besides the portals that lead to/from your home realms. Please use them as you see fit. EXCEPT FOR DAMAGING THEM - YOU WILL BE PUNISHED IF YOU DO!

Oh, yea, let me show you the area - Please memorise this map.
Viewing Hub Map
[Image: meta_madness_map_6.jpg]

BTW, the scale ratio is 1cm:50m. And don't mind that blank area in the Tele Port - That's where it's holographic receptionist is. She'll automatically set the portal to the right destination for ya.

Before you get too comfortable, though, we need to establish some ground rules. I know, you hate 'em, but you have to obey them. You'll find them in this book.
Obey these rules or ELSE
  • {1} Take turns using canon characters. There's only one of each, and having multiples of the same character is only allowed if it runs consistent with their canon (e.g. Twice from MHA being able to duplicate himself and others).
  • {1A} If you wish to use another user's OC, or a character currently in use by another user, please ask first.
  • {2} Given the nature of the main thread, then yes, screenshots and OSTs from canon material are allowed in the main thread.
  • {2A} Clips are allowed as well, but only if they do not break copyright laws.
  • {2B} Fan-made creations are safe to share in the OOC thread, but not in the main thread if it wasn't made by you. It will only be allowed in the main thread if you created it, and have it attributed to a character you are currently using in the main thread.
  • {3} This one should be obvious, but please keep all chatter in the main thread consistent with the character(s).
  • {3A} Permadeath is not allowed here. Period. There's a system in place in the main thread to keep that from happening anyways.
  • {4} Even though the characters can see/hear through the fourth wall, that only applies to real-world events (read: Olympics), or televised shows/movies. In no way does that apply to any OOC thread at all.
  • {4A} It does, however, apply to video games.
  • {4B} Yes, it does apply to other Roleplay/Murder/Mafia games - but only the ones on TC and TVT.

With that, the Meta Hub is open! (And please, don't argue over the giant 32k UHD TV. That thing was NOT cheap.)

RE: Meta Madness - PopcornPie - 04-05-2022

Somehow, a red, limbless rabbit tumbled into the hub from one of the portals. He got up, shook himself off, and grumbled. For some reason, he felt of a higher knowledge than usual. What was this feeling? Why did he feel like something was going on that he should be thinking about?

RE: Meta Madness - SmilyCube112 - 04-06-2022

"Hm? Oh, a visitor! bunny. Huh. Okay then. Well, if you've got any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'll answer them.

RE: Meta Madness - PopcornPie - 04-13-2022

"Uh. Hi. Yeah. Where the FUCK am I?!" A thick Scottish accent rang out. "I was walkin' away from a mafia war a minute ago! What are you, the fuzz?"

RE: Meta Madness - SmilyCube112 - 04-15-2022

"No, not the police. I am well aware of your exploits, and I can assure you I am not an officer of the law. I am merely someone who has allowed you to learn what occurs on the other side of what many call The Fourth Wall. But only while you're here, in the
Meta HubAn echo effect occurs whenever he says this
. I have a copy of literally all the movies, televised series, and novels in existence stored here, and can get any of them on the screen for you. Plus, there's a kitchen that enables you to create whatever meals you desire.

Or, you can choose to see something else entirely on the screens, it's all up to you! And do note that outside laws do not apply here - Just a set of rules I've imposed on the Meta Hub. Please ensure that you follow these rules - I will not be as kind to you as I am now if you break a rule, ok?"

RE: Meta Madness - PopcornPie - 04-15-2022

"Wow, really? That exists? I thought the fourth wall was something Van Tastic was being funny about. Well, that explains why me money didn't come here with me. Where are these rules posted?"

The rabbit reads them, but comes away a little confused. "Okay. I think I got it."

RE: Meta Madness - SmilyCube112 - 04-19-2022

"So, with all that explained, what would you like to see first? There's almost literally anything, and I mean almost. I draw the line at spoilers, and that includes showing you your future. But, still, just name it and I'll put it on the screen."

RE: Meta Madness - PopcornPie - 05-25-2022

"Um...Wanna watch The Price Is Right?"