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The Murder Challenge - Dookie - 03-30-2022

(Note: The game has not started yet. I'm only posting background story materials until April 3rd at 3:00 CST, which is when the game will start).

Ground Floor:

[Image: mipui.png]


[Image: mipui-2.png]

Second Floor:

[Image: mipui-3.png]

Crazy Eights Picture:
[Image: collage.jpg?width=1372&height=1029]

top left to top right: JamieAndChill, Sweetz, AshReacts, Audrey Davis.
bottom left to bottom right: ThatOneAsianKid, t0n3y, Donna Ellis, JennyXx.

Internet Article #1: Timeline of the Crazy Eights
2/13/12: The YouTube Channel “Sweetz” is created by 18 year old Martin “Sweet” Diamond.
9/14/12: The YouTube Channel “JamieAndChill” is created by 16 year old Jamie Curtis, although he would not use the channel until 2016.
4/05/13: The YouTube Channel “AshReacts” is created by 15 year old Asher Katz.
7/26/13: The YouTube Channel “t0n3y” is created by 21 year old Tony Ford.
4/14/14: A video on t0n3y's channel, “If Pokemon were kept as housepets,” is the first video from any of the Crazy 8s to get over 100K views. It reaches the 1 Million mark in December of 2014.
9/15/14: The YouTube channel “ThatOneAsianKid” is created by 20 year old Esekiel Barlowe, who is a cousin of the previously mentioned Asher, who he'll partner up with on multiple occasions.
12/5/14: Martin and Ezekiel, who at this point have 55K and 2K subscribers respectively, after meeting online, collaborate on “Minecraft 2 Player Survival Stream!” Which is posted onto Martin's channel in full, and posted on Ezekiel's channel edited down. They become frequent collaborators afterwards, boosting both of their channels and having two heavily overlapping fandoms.
1/2/15: Tony is the first YouTuber channel of the 8 to get over 100K subscribers. He'd later get 500K in March of 2016.
1/19/15: ThatOneAsianKid gains popularity due to an appearance in a popular Minecraft YouTuber's video.
3/12/15: AshReacts guest stars on a t0n3y video, making him more popular.
8/31/15: The YouTube Channel JennyXx is created by 16 year old Jennifer Esher, although it would not be used for quite a while
9/3/15: ThatOneAsianKid's video “I DID WHAT WITH MY CAR??? || Rocket League” is the first of any Crazy Eights member to reach 1 Million Views.
10/28/15: The YouTube Channel Aubrey Davis is created by 21 year old Aubrey Davis.
1/23/16: Tony and Ash start appearing in each other's videos a lot more frequently, after another popular collab video.
2/23/16: ThatOneAsianKid is the first of the 8s to get 1 Million subscribers.
3/3/16: The first video on the JamieAndChill account is published.
7/12/16: The Donna Ellis YouTube channel is created by 19 year old Donna Ellis.
10/12/16: Ash, Tony, and Ezekiel all join Martin's stream of the multiplayer game Overcooked. This is the first time that more than 2 of the Crazy Eights would interact in one video. They'd continue doing this for the next 8 months.
6/13/17: Due to increasing interaction between the four, Martin, Asher, Ezekiel, and Tony would form the “Four of Spades” YouTube channel, which would showcase skits and gaming video containing three or more of them.
9/20/17: After being friends for many months, Donna Ellis and Ezekiel Barlowe start officially dating. She guest stars on many of the videos from this era.
11/19/17: Asher, Esekiel, Tony, and Martin are invited along with 21 other YouTubers (Which include JamieAndChill and Aubrey Davis) to participate in a Mr. Beast game for $100,000. The game is a large-scale game of Infection set in a large mall. Despite Aubrey being one of the first infected, Jamie quickly befriends the surviving members (Who at this point are Martin and Asher), and Jamie, Martin, and Asher place 3rd, 4th, and 10th respectively. The winner is instead cooking YouTuber “Haileee” (IRL Name Hailee Matthews). Jamie guest stars on many of the group's videos after this.
12/12/17: Aubrey Davis wins a Streamy for her video “The Scam that was Gigapix Studios”.
1/21/18: One of Martin's videos, of him falling out of her chair, becomes a meme, giving her more popularity outside of his own community.
3/10/18: Jamie's video “IF YOU CAN SPELL IT, I BUY IT!” is the first of any of the 8s to get 10 Million views.
8/29/18: Jamie and Donna are both considered honorary members of the Four of Spades, due to not appearing as often as the main four, but being frequent guests.
10/17/18: Jamie invites his friend Jenny to play on the video “Mario Party With Everyone!!! (Ft. JennyXx)”, Who despite not being a regular, is popular enough in the fanbase to come back often.
4/1/19: As a joke, Aubrey announces she'll be changing her channel into a “Kids-only, Uber-cool environment,” and that she'd be joining the Four of Spades channel. The other 6 were in on the joke, and created the video “I GOT A SUPER RARE PET IN ADOPT ME??????????” Which was posted on Aubrey's channel. They got along so well that she would actually become a frequent guest.
4/4/19: Jenny would officially join the channel as a frequent guest.
7/10/19: A frequent guest on the channel, gaming YouTuber “KevinElevin,” is arrested for participating in the Blue Bell challenge, as well as taking a shit and pissing into a cup of ice cream inside a Fresh Market. The channel cuts their ties with him.
9/10/19: The channel announces that they will expand their reach to more than just gaming videos, including challenges and skits.
10/24/19: Tony wins $5 Million dollars in the lottery, which he saves for later.
12/15/19: Donna announces her plan to expand her channel to include an original animated series. This is slowed by the COVID-19 pandemic, but they finally premiere almost a year later in August of 2020.
3/9/20: The channel officially accepts Jenny and Aubrey onto the roster.
5/14/20: The channel announces a rebrand into “The Crazy 8,” later renamed “The Crazy 8s” in June.
4/1/20: Donna's grandpa, Clarke, died at 88 of Heart Disease. He left his mansion to Donna in his will.
4/18/20 - 5/13/21: THe house is renovated, using both Tony's money and a share of their earnings, until it is completed in May. New things include an upgrade to the houses’ style, AC and Heating system, gym, and appliances; two new filming areas, A conversion of much of the storage room into a game room, and a pool. The team posts less often, but still continues to grow.
5/14/21: The house officially opens, and a tour is showcased on YouTube.
5/20/21 - 6/20/21: Tony, Jamie, Asher, and Jenny would all start their own TikTok accounts.
10/28/21: One of Jamie's cameramen, Patrick Jones, is fatally injured while filming a Halloween video. The video is never aired, and Patrick is honored in later videos.
2/2/22: The Crazy 8s are announced to be a panelist at the 2022 NetCon in Las Vegas, Nevada.

- from "Timeline of the Crazy Eights Channel" from the Crazy Eights Wiki. Taken on 3/12/22.

Color to Character Guide:
Jamie/JamieAndChill: Purple

Asher/AshReacts: Pink

Ezekiel/ThatOneAsianKid: Red

Donna Ellis: Yellow

Tony/t0n3y: Orange

Jenny/JennyXx: Green

Martin/Sweetz: Blue

Aubrey Davis: Grey

RE: The Murder Challenge - Dookie - 03-30-2022

Internet Article #2: Philidelphia police find man who defecated in Ben & Jerry's ice cream in viral video
Police in Pennsylvania said Sunday that they found Kevin Fletcher, the man who was filmed defecating and urinating into a tub of ice cream and returning it to a grocery store shelf in a viral video posted last Friday.

Kevin, who admitted to the crime, is sentenced to 2 years in prison and a $5,000 fine for tampering of products, and resisting arrest. Online, he is known under the moniker of “KevinElevin,” and participates in many challenges, including the cinnamon challenge, the ice bucket challenge, and most recently, the Blue Bell challenge.

The footage, which has been viewed more than 10 million times, shows Kevin opening the ice cream in-store, and then proceeding to pull his pants down and urinate in it, followed by him defecating in it, then laughing as he places the violated dessert back in the freezer at a Frest Market store in Philidelphia.

Police said Friday they believed they had identified the suspect after "[He] uploaded it to his own fucking account. Like holy shit, do you want to go to prison?”

But Friday, authorities said finding the actual suspect was complicated because Kevin had run away from them in fear of being arrested for his actions.

Kevin was caught 3 hours later when a woman in a gas station located in Alexandria, Virginia recognized him and called the authorities.

Ben & Jerry's Homemade Holdings Inc., the manufacturer of the ice cream brand Kevin licked, has called the incident a "malicious act of food tampering."

All tubs of the Mint Chocolate Chance Ice Cream in the state of Pennsylvania, the ice cream flavor Kevin had urinated in, have been removed from shelves, the company said. The specific carton compromised was found among the lot.

- From NTN Network, Posted 7/11/19.

RE: The Murder Challenge - Dookie - 03-31-2022

Internet Article #3: Las Vegas bus stolen; 13 reported missing
ABN - On Tuesday, a bus was reported missing in the city of Las Vegas. The bus, whose official name is the RTC Transit #1139, had 13 people within it when it stopped at the Allegiant Stadium bus stop. Security camera footage shows a hooded man forcefully taking control of the vehicle, and throwing the bus driver to the floor. The footage cuts out when the man shoots the camera with a gun. The man in the video has not yet been identified.

“It was terrifying,” witness Steven "Echo" Thomas stated. “I didn't even know what was going on. He just rushed up into the bus, took control of it, then I heard a gunshot, then the bus rushed away…it was crazy, man.”

Once the bus was driven away, unfortunately, police had no way to detect where the bus was, or where any of the passengers were, as trying to detect their location ended within an abandoned building's parking lot. When looking through the abandoned building, they found no incriminating evidence having to do with the disappearance.

“It's quite odd, honestly,” detective Douglas Siegel reported in an interview, “That in the digital age where every electronic cell phone and computer can track where you are, a simple thief can hack the system and somehow leave a completely clean track behind him.”

The 13 passengers and 1 employee on the bus at the time of the hijacking are currently missing. There have been search efforts, but with no way to go, police have come up empty. There is a $10,000 reward for anyone who finds these passengers. Dead, or alive.

- ABN News, Posted 3/24/22.

RE: The Murder Challenge - Dookie - 04-03-2022

At 10:00 PST on Friday, March 25, 2022, the channel “Crazy 8s” posted a stream that was to start in 30 minutes, simply titled “..!” With a thumbnail of a hand covering the screen.

These are the events of the stream.

The stream starts with Jamie, and only Jamie, inside of the living room of the house.

“Hello, 8-Fam. Today, we have a very special livestream for ya. We're pulling out everything. Some unscripted moments with your favorite ‘Tubers, some fun, and some surprises! Some Lucky Fans will even make an appearance on the Stream! Live from the 8 House in San Francisco, are you ready to watch the most memorable stream of your life?”

He then transitions to a secret camera set up in a flower pot in the meeting room.

“Here of course, are the other famous 7!”

Sweetz, AshReacts, Aubrey Davis, ThatOneAsianKid, t0n3y, Donna Ellis, and JennyXx, or to refer to them by their real names, Martin, Asher, Aubrey, Esekiel, Tony, Donna, and Jenny respectively, are sitting within the meeting room, with the door locked and the window curtains down.

“Now, 30 minutes ago, I invited them into the room, and invited them for a great surprise. They don't know when they're going to get out. But I do! Let's see what they're doing in their last 10 minutes inside!”

The viewpoint transitions to a security camera overlooking the room.


“Dude, it's only been 26 minutes.”

“‘Only 26 minutes.’”

“You're keeping track of time?”

“Alright, maybe I am.”

“I don't blame you, man. It's been boring around here.”

“Well, when someone locks you in a room for an hour because they're setting up a ‘super secret surprise’, it gets a little boring.”

“If I brought my phone I could work on the script for my next video.”

“Yeah. It's not your fault you didn't.”

“Honestly, it was a bit overkill he didn't let us take our phones inside.”

There's a good silence for a while.

“Bu-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu Ba na na na Bu-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu Ba na na na Are you ready ba-ding-do-ding-da-ding-da-ding Bu nu nu nu Ba-ding-da-ding-ba-“

“Can you shut up?”

“Ok, sorry.”

More silence.

“Minute 33.”

“If this goes on for another 10 minutes, I'm opening that door and asking him what we're waiting on.”

“To be honest, we're kinda stupid for making it lock from the inside and the outside.”

“It was Donna's decision.”

“Why are you singling me out? It was a group decision!”

“You suggested it.”

“Ok, look, it's already been a long time. We're probably nearing the end.”



“That's an optimistic way to think, but hopefully.”

“Is having an optimistic way of thinking a bad thing?”

“No, I never suggested that. Did you think I did?”

“Oh, I just…nevermind. Sorry for making things awkward.”

“Minute 34.”

“No offense, but that's getting kind of annoying, you know.”

“Fine, I'll stop.”

More silence.

Soon, a minute passes, and Jamie finally opens the door, with a small camera in his shirt so the viewers at home can view.

The camera shifts once again.

“Hello frrrrrriends!”


“Can we go now?”

“Why the hell did you lock us in a room for 30 minutes with no updates? Next time, could you just send us to Whole Foods and call us back when you're ready or something?”

"Or at least give us our phones so we can do Crossy Road or something like that instead of stare at each other."

“Awesome! Are you guys ready to do the ultimate challenge?”

““Why did you lock us in a room for 30 minutes with no context as to why?”

“Let me introduce everyone for the viewers.”

"I need you to answer me, Jamie."

“Wait, did you say viewers? Are we being recorded right now?”

“Yep. And, you're being broadcasted live right now.”

Everyone goes silent.

“That's…that kinda breaches our privacy, you know.”

“Yeah, I do.”

“W-w..what the hell, dude? Could you tell us next time you do something like this?”

“Yeah sure whatever. ANYWAY…”

He goes from person to person, introducing them and shaking their hand.

“This right here is my good friend Martin, or as you may know him, Sweetz, who's currently dressing like he's the only guy at a MGK concert who actually thinks he's a punk artist. Martin, say hi.”


“After that, there's AshReacts! The only one among us who acts 10 years younger than they actually are, so it makes sense you have the intelligence of a 13 year old.”

“...This is a prank? Isn't it? We're not having much fun with this one, you know.”

“After that, there's my girl Aubrey Davis, who you may know as the least fitting, and the least good of the 8. At least when she's not on my videos, you know!”

“..What the hell are you doing? If you're actually broadcasting this, you're destroying your career, and possibly ours.”

“Next on the bracket is ThatOneAsianKid, Esekiel. He may not be the best gamer on YouTube, but he's the smartest!”

“…I was expecting a much worse insult. Thank you?”

“So you can count on him whenever you need a math problem solved. I know I do.”


“I take that back; Go fuck yourself.”

“Next up, is everyone's favorite funny man, Tony! Or T-Zero-N-Three-Y. You know him as a friendly idiot online, and IRL, he's still an idiot, but not a friendly one.”

“Dude, shut up, you're already dead, don't kill us, too,” he mutters under gritted teeth.

“Donna! Donna! You're like the Yoko Ono of the group. The one difference less creative.”

“I've done my research on The Beatles; It's not Yoko's fault they broke up, like people think.”

“So that makes two differences. And finally, Jenny! An animator reviewer who blends in so much with the AlphaJayShows and Sabersparks of the world, that the only interesting things about her is how ugly and fat she is in comparison.”


“And now, we need to take a quick break. When we come back, we'll get into even more wacky antics! Toodles!”

He shuts the door to the room again and locks it.

“What the hell is he doing?”

“I think he's gone insane.”

“He went insane a long time ago, he's only showing it now.”

“Guys, this is probably a prank or something. He wouldn't just start a video like that.”

“If it is, it's a mean one.”

“Yeah, but have you seen the pranks done on YouTube? This is tame compared to some other shit I've seen.”

“Really? Name some.”

“Faking pregnancy, faking going to the army, faking cancer, faking death, faking a bank robbery, pranking 911, faking suicide, faking a drive by, faking-“

“Ok, ok, we get it. we get it. But if it is just a prank, could it all blow over by the end of the day?”

“His behavior, or our reactions to it?”

“His behavior. He's totally gonna get it no matter what.”

“Am I the only one who thinks he's acting odd?”

“No, dumbass, that's what we're discussing right now.”

“Well that was rude.”

“Apologies, I get rude when I'm confused.”

“So you're always confused?”

“Ha ha you're so funny ha ha-Hey Martin could you get on his case now?”

He sighs.

Outside the room, Jamie is washing up from a bathroom visit.

“And now, here's where it gets good. Say hello to our special fans…”

RE: The Murder Challenge - Dookie - 04-03-2022

(Dramatic Pause)

RE: The Murder Challenge - PopcornPie - 04-03-2022

//Do we begin now?

RE: The Murder Challenge - Dookie - 04-03-2022

"Our specciialllll fannnnnssss!"

He opens the door to the storage room and turns on the lights to show 13 bodies laying on the ground.

"Shipped by bus, and yes, that one, straight from Las Vegas!"

He flips the switch a few more times.

"They should be waking up now..."

(You may now post btw).

RE: The Murder Challenge - TenOfSwords13 - 04-03-2022

Foolish Mortal, what have you done to this servant of the Nameless Monarch?

The multi-coloured... thing... slowly rises from the floor.

RE: The Murder Challenge - PopcornPie - 04-03-2022

Entrapta revealed herself from a massive snarl of hair. The princess had been keeping quietly to herself in the back of the bus, listening to the engine running-so when the vehicle suddenly sped up, she slammed into the wall and was unconscious immediately. She looked around, produced a tape recorder, and spoke into it. ”Day two of the portal experiment gone haywire. It seems that the giant metal box has taken me to an abandoned part of this world. There is a stinging welt on my head, but otherwise, I'm okay. Not sure who this new driver is, though.” Her big pink eyes looked innocently at her captors.

RE: The Murder Challenge - Despair's Archon of Memes - 04-03-2022

A pink-haired girl awakens in the distance... still clearly dazed from the whole experience... After regaining consciousness, they grab their nearby guitar case and look around the place...

... ... Where am I?

RE: The Murder Challenge - PopcornPie - 04-03-2022

"I think we're in a prison. Any idea what information they want out of us? Maybe I wasn't supposed to play with portals again..."

RE: The Murder Challenge - TenOfSwords13 - 04-03-2022

This is likely no prison, foolish mortal. Our backgrounds are far too varied, and our abduction was far too spontaneous. Perhaps... a gladiatorial event? Are we to fight until I, Ctharlak, am triumphant over these foolish mortals?

RE: The Murder Challenge - PopcornPie - 04-03-2022

"Um...I'd rather this was a prison. I don't fight. My friends do, but I don't." Entrapta nervously tapped her fingertips together.

RE: The Murder Challenge - Guma - 04-03-2022

ugh......this dorsnt look like the sonic world (ehich is NOT called mobius)

RE: The Murder Challenge - Dookie - 04-03-2022

"You're not in Las Vegas anymore. You're in San Francisco! Or at least something close to it."

He laughs as he watches them get up.

RE: The Murder Challenge - PointMaid - 04-03-2022

A young woman with dyed blue hair and black lipstick looks around.

...This doesn't look like a recording studio.

RE: The Murder Challenge - PopcornPie - 04-03-2022

"Oh, we crossed planets? Awww, I was enjoying the tech in Las Vegas. Figured I could use it to recreate my machine and get myself home." She heaved herself onto her ponytails, which honestly would've caused her to look terrifying if she wasn't standing in light.

RE: The Murder Challenge - Guma - 04-03-2022

bro did yo fuvking kidnap us

thats no good

RE: The Murder Challenge - Despair's Archon of Memes - 04-03-2022

... Wait... San Francisco? This isn't Japan! Where did you even...

The pink-haired girl continues to ramble on...

RE: The Murder Challenge - Zanreo - 04-03-2022

Then, a weird... camera robot? wakes up...

"wait wtf happen? is this mean to b some kinda funny prank vid (NOT CLICKBAIT) (REAL)"

RE: The Murder Challenge - Caret - 04-03-2022

A sexy metal box on wheels rolls into view.


RE: The Murder Challenge - PointMaid - 04-03-2022

Oh, San Francisco? San Francisco is cool. Been there loads of times.

RE: The Murder Challenge - PopcornPie - 04-03-2022

"You see, I decided to try again with interdimensional travel, but I discovered upon landing on Las Vegas that the machine did not duplicate itself in the new dimension, so I'm kind of stuck in this dimension for a while..."

RE: The Murder Challenge - Guma - 04-03-2022

oh this is where they filmed the fucking terrible sonic movie isnt it

RE: The Murder Challenge - Despair's Archon of Memes - 04-03-2022

... Well... since we're stuck here for now... Um... Hi. The name's Kanade.