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Escape From Zombie Park Island 3 - PointMaid - 04-16-2022

Escape From Zombie Park Island 3

Thank you for your interest in working for Zombie Island Parks and Resort! [NOTE: Really should decide on a better name, shouldn't I? Reminder to hire a name consultant. - F] Please read the job descriptions and employee rules below and fill out an application form. Applications may be sent to: or through our online portal.

This is an exciting opportunity for all animal lovers, adventure seekers, ecologists, genetic scientists, wildlife veterinarians, and more! Zombie Island Park is an ecotourism experience turned up to eleven. Zombie Island Parks and Resort plans to shortly be open to the public with a large array of animals you can't find anywhere else, on a gorgeous Pacific island where guests will be able to surf, swim, enjoy dolphin and whale cruises, and piña coladas and festive luaus! As an employee, enjoy this experience to the fullest while doing what you love, and get in on the ground level of this exceptional venture sure to turn heads around the globe in both scientific and travel journals!


[Image: attachment.php?aid=188] Dr. Francine "Frankie" Frankenstein [PointMaid] 

[Image: zombiehorn.png] Jimmy "Shoehorn" Scott [Matthew] 

Employee Handbook (RULES)

2. Loophole correction rules: Park security cameras have been upgraded and are unhackable. You may not use a character's powers to pull zombie cures from nowhere. Just because there isn't a rule against it, doesn't mean it's ok: please use common sense, for instance, nothing that's gamebreaking.

3. Nobody starts out infected. If you get bitten by one of the animals, you have a 1/6 probability of turning into a zombie (or your immune system may fight the zombie virus off).

4.  Half the number of players will be bitten each night. If you turn into a zombie, you can still win — by keeping the uninfected from knowing you were bitten so they can't vote for Management to deal with you, and turning or killing the innocents. Zombies will act like a Mafia; and whether they turn or kill someone they go after will be determined by a roll of the dice.

5. If the zombies roll higher than any zombie defenses the player targeted may have implemented, the player will either be killed or turned. They will have a one out of six chance of being turned and a five out of six chance of just being eaten for brains. Players will be able to vote off more than one possible zombie each day, as many as they like.

6. Identified zombies will be humanely dealt with, putting them in containment rather than executed, pending a zombie cure. You have lost the game but may still post in the thread: but MAY NOT say anything that would reveal other active zombies you are aware of.
If you ''don't'' get zombified and survive the week, you could escape the island and win a good referral on your resume! (Er, win the game). There will be seven potential game days.

Job Descriptions (ROLES)
Zombified individuals lose any role powers they might have had.
The Trainee: You have no special power. You're just an ordinary park trainee!
The Medic: May tend one person each night and make sure they don't turn into a zombie.
The Dodger: You may designate one day to have your reflexes on point. You will dodge any animals that might nip you. (Must say this before the conclusion of the daily challenge.)
The Saboteur: You may sabotage one person's challenge each day.
The Gunslinger: Dr. Frankie doesn't like guns (tranq guns notwithstanding), but you secretly brought a shotgun with you that will take a person's (or a zombie's) head clean off. You only have a single shotgun shell. You can shoot one person during the course of the game, during Night Phase. If they're a zombie, they will be dead before they can kill someone else, and you'll be vindicated . If you were wrong, you leave yourself open to being voted off and executed by your colleagues.
The Framer: If you become a zombie, one night (and only one night), you can leave a misleading piece of evidence.
The Twins: You're eerily in sync. If one of you becomes a zombie - both of you become zombies!
The Zombie Sympathizer: You don't want to see anyone dead, even a zombie -- especially a zombie! If a zombie gets away scott free after killing, you get immunity to being bitten in the challenge the next day.

Application Form (SIGN-UP TEMPLATE)




Appearance, Height and Weight (approximate is ok):


General Background (Where are they from? What major events have they been though? Etc.):


Island Map
[Image: attachment.php?aid=197]

Employee Applications [Cast List]:

1. Guts (Risdio51)
2. Bandana Waddle Dee (Oggy123)
3. Nepeta Leijon (Kennifer)
4. Tsumugi Shirogane (Despair's Archon of Memes)
5. Mikel Lgambling Email Address (Zanreo)
6. Illina Rose (Cassie)
7. Hitomi Elakha (wingedcatgirl)
8. Edd Gold (Dookie)
9. Rutherhorde Bee Swarm (Florien)
10. ENA (Cosmikpowa131)
11. Fluttershy (PopcornPie)
12. Dusk Red (TenOfSwords13)

RE: Escape From Zombie Park Island 3 - Risdio51 - 04-16-2022

Name: Guts

Age: 20ish?

Species: Human

Gender/Pronouns: Male 

Height and Weight: 6'8", 253 lbs

Abilities: Super strength, impressive speed (all enhanced with the Berserker armor) and a prosthetic arm that doubles as a cannon and crossbow.

General Background: This is…gonna be a lot. While still keeping this thread SFW, he had a horrifying life as a mercenary as a child, before being found by the Band Of The Hawk. During this time, he fell in love with Casca, made friends with Griffith and had to witness the horrors of the Eclipse, where Griffith sacrificed all of his friends for a great amount of power. Now, Guts is a wandering swordsman.

Appearance: [Image: latest?cb=20170919104357]

RE: Escape From Zombie Park Island 3 - Oggy123 - 04-16-2022

Name: Bandana Waddle Dee

Age: Unknown, likely an adult

Species: Waddle Dee

Gender/Pronouns: Male

Appearance, Height and Weight (approximate is ok): He is likely somewhat small.

Abilities: He's skilled at handling and attacking with his spear. He can also run fast.

General Background (Where are they from? What major events have they been though? Etc.): Bandana Waddle Dee is a Waddle Dee hailing from a distant planet, from a country ruled by the monarch King Dedede. One of his closest allies is Kirby, a powerful being dedicated to protecting Dream Land. He has a long history with Kirby, but today he looks up to him! Together with Kirby, Meta Knight, and King Dedede, they task themselves with defending their homeland from monsters. He wishes to be as strong as his comrades someday! Today, Bandana Waddle Dee is looking for some long-lost friends. He went on a long journey, and he hopes that he will meet them again someday.

Other: Speaks in orange.

[Image: KatFL_Bandana_Waddle_Dee_artwork.png]

RE: Escape From Zombie Park Island 3 - Kennifer - 04-16-2022

Name: Nepeta Leijon

Age: 6 Alternian solar sweeps (about 13 years)

Species: Alternian troll

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her

Appearance, Height and Weight (approximate is ok):
A bit smaller than average for a troll her age (which is coincidentally about the same as for a human kid her age).due to the nature of the Homestuck artstyle I am basing this on my own headcanons lol
She has gray skin, gray eyes with yellow sclerae, and cat-ear shaped horns. She wears a cat hat and tail, fingerless gloves, and a long green coat. (See below for image.)

Abilities: She wears fingerless gloves with Wolverine-style claws on them and she's very good at using them to hunt and fight. She's also good at making tea, doing the friendly sort of rolepurrlaying (but never the dangerous sort!), and... shipping.

General Background (Where are they from? What major events have they been though? Etc.): I'm going with a pre-SGRUB Nepeta (basically around the start of act 5 of Homestuck) btw. Nepeta was raised by her lusus Pounce De Leon (a large two-mouthed cat) in a cave on Alternia. She has a very close friendship with another troll, Equius Zahhak. She enjoys painting pictures of her friends and making shipping charts of them, as well as friendly online roleplaying with Terezi, where her character is a cat much like her lusus. She's typically friendly and playful but also really good at hunting. She's seen some of her friends hurt (and in one case kill) each other which is why she avoids the dangerous sort of roleplaying (...aka FLARP, a very dangerous live-action roleplay game some of her friends like).

Other: :33 < *ac likes to talk as though she was rolepurrlaying! ac also uses a lot of cat puns when pawssible and speaks in the
gr33n color of her bloodhexcode #416600

[Image: unknown.png]

RE: Escape From Zombie Park Island 3 - Despair's Archon of Memes - 04-16-2022

Name: Dr. Makino Paracelsus

Age: Currently unknown, but I'm willing to wager somewhere between his 20s to 30s.

Species: Human... ... ... ... ?

Gender/Pronouns: He/Him

Appearance, Height and Weight (approximate is ok): Roughly average weight for a human male, although... Unusually tall as well (not REALLY tall, though. Just enough to be... kind of off?). Appearance can be found in attached image.

Abilities: Medical and scientific expertise, as well as... As-of-yet unknown anomalous/eldritch abilities...

General Background (Where are they from? What major events have they been though? Etc.): Formerly an Ultimate Doctor respected among his peers and well-known for performing countless miracles, this doctor hides a dark secret beneath his guardian angel persona... The defiance of death itself as the ultimate disease. Makino started to explore all sorts of dark arts, such as necromancy, experiments... And other eldritch subjects...He is now looking at Dr. Frankie's island in hopes that they can bring him closer to the ultimate cure for death...

Other:... I don't know what this tale will entail for us... (also this is my first time doing an OC in a full murdergame, lol)

RE: Escape From Zombie Park Island 3 - Zanreo - 04-16-2022

Name: Mikel Lgambling Email Address

Age: Appears somewhere in his mid-late 20s

Species: Totally normal humanSpambot

Gender/Pronouns: he/him

Appearance, Height and Weight (approximate is ok): Image posted at bottom, as for height and weight, he's about 176cm/5'9 and slightly heavier than you'd expect from someone of his height and build

Abilities: Other than spammingadvertising, not a lot to speak of

General Background (Where are they from? What major events have they been though? Etc.): : Mikel Lgambling is a spambot made to look like a regular human, he usually pretends to just be an enthusiastic advertiser.

Other: speaks in gold

[Image: Screenshot-20220218-011616.jpg]

RE: Escape From Zombie Park Island 3 - Cassie - 04-16-2022

Name: Ashton Kale
Age: Mid-20s or smth
Species: Human.....supposedly.
Gender/Pronouns: Male, he/him
Appearance, Height and Weight (approximate is ok): average in both height and weight deffo. See below for his physical appearance. Do note that he inconsistently puts on an eyepatch that can be found covering either eye.
Abilities: Oh, he's fucking skilled at guitar. Surprisingly durable against very heavy hits and very strong, conversely. ...really, the latter bit comes from the corruptive mass that makes up his actual form. Said form is also quite an infectious goo-like substance.
General Background (Where are they from? What major events have they been though? Etc.): The Kale siblings (Ashton and Ashley) moved out of the rest of their family at one point in their lives, living for each other for a good while. Ashton got close to dying in a car accident, but atleast he didn't die. ...ok that's a lie. Someone else died in the car crash, who held a cursed family artifact...and then that poor guy turned into goo and ended up possessing Ashton's (dead) body. Poor guy had to impersonate being Ashley's brother for basically forever since then cuz he ain't eager to break her heart.
Other: I've come to bargain! Kidding...


RE: Escape From Zombie Park Island 3 - wingedcatgirl - 04-16-2022

[Image: hitomi_elakha_28picrew_19058829.png]
Name: Hitomi Elakha
Age: 16 (any previous signups indicating that she was 17 have been retconned due to the very important reason called we fuckign forgot our previous decision and made up a new one)
Species: Miqo'te
Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her
Height and Weight: ah heck did we ever make a decision on that Uhhhh above-average in both let's say.
Abilities: Punching, broad-spectrum low-level Final Fantasy magic, being technically already a zombie (but don't worry guys! she's on her meds and nothing can go wrong!)
General Background: Born to a single mother (the other mom didn't think she could have kids!), raised for fifteen-ish years until that mom died and sent her back to the other mom, applied for a job on a zombie island, got turned by a mosquito and tore a guy's throat out, was executed but then brought back, now keeps her zombie brainbads under control with meds and that's totally definitely impenetrable.
Other: Did we mention that there's definitely no way whatsoever for her meds to fail? Yep. Definitely can't happen. Ever. (Read: It's totally possible lmao)

"Why the hells did I apply for another job on this damn island..."

RE: Escape From Zombie Park Island 3 - Dookie - 04-16-2022

Name: Edd Gold

Age: Early-to-mid 20s

Species: Human

Gender/Pronouns: He/Him

Appearance, Height and Weight (approximate is ok): Uhhhhhhhh I'd say 5' 6" and 150 just as a guess. Picture visible for appearence.

Abilities: He can very easily use weapons. Also an artist. Can drink a can of cola in 3 seconds.

General Background (Where are they from? What major events have they been though? Etc.): With his friends Matt and Tom, he lives in England. He draws as a hobby. Compared to many others here, he is perfectly normal, but his adventures can be anything but. To just list a sample of some of the things that he's been through, he's survived a zombie apocalypse, gotten shot, gone to hell, gone insane, bought a Wienermobile, supported LGBTQ people (after mistaking them for straight and trying to hit on them), found treasure in his backyard, gotten cloned, gotten killed, saved Santa, made a movie, met his future self, defeated a demon, gone to space, survived a zombie apocalypse (again), run a theme park, gotten superpowers (now gone), drunken 100-year-old cola, gotten his house destroyed, gotten 3 new voice actors, and defeated a giant chocolate bunny. In that order.

Other: Talks in this color.

[Image: EddHoodie.png]

RE: Escape From Zombie Park Island 3 - Florien - 04-16-2022

Name: Rutherhorde Bee Swarm

Age: Variously 54-59

Species: Obscure American Politician(s)

Gender/Pronouns: They/Them (For they are extremely many) but the individuals are all he/him.

Height and Weight: Individually, each is about a foot. They weigh about ten pounds each. But as a unit, they weigh around a ton and are several feet in diameter.

Abilities: Every member of the swarm can fly, apparently without a source of power. Members can act individually at the will of the greater swarm. They also can issue executive orders and do other presidential things, like appoint and fire people from cabinet positions. If even a few members of the swarm remain, they will quickly recover their numbers over several hours through unknown processes.

General Background: They have all the memories of Rutherford Birchard Hayes, Nineteenth President of the United States. (Supposedly) Where they came from is a mystery, (though maybe deleware ohio) where they are going equally mysterious. Whether the world could be consumed by them if the swarm keeps growing is also unknown. How or why they got onto the island? Also a mystery, Perhaps they came chasing up the rumors of the Clonelands and of William Jennings Bryan and his Cross of Gold, but they don't seem to talk about those two, so that seems unlikely.

The zzzzswarm... approvezzzz of thizzz lettering color. It shinezzz like the gold zztandard.

[Image: Rutherford_B_Swarm-Horde.png]

RE: Escape From Zombie Park Island 3 - Cosmikpowa131 - 04-16-2022

Age: ENA

Species: Unknown

Gender/Pronouns: She/Her

Appearance, Height and Weight (approximate is ok): A humanoid girl made of geometrical shapes in a peruvian school uniform. Her whole body is split into two colors; Yellow and Blue. Due to her unknown species,paired with the abstract nature of her source material,it is impossible to pinpoint a height or weight for her person.

Abilities: Has two main personalities that can manifest at any moment,those being represented by the two colors she is made of. Those two personalities are based upon happiness and sadness. When the "Happy" side comes out,ENA's voice will come out masculine,and she will usually take on a very sophisticated and polite tone. When the "Sad" side comes out,ENA's voice will come out feminine,and she will show a demotivated,unstable and often capricious behavior.

General Background (Where are they from? What major events have they been though? Etc.): ENA is from a world seemingly made from early Windows graphics,and a deity known as "The Great Runas" who attends a certain celebration every thousand years. During an excursion to climb to the top of the deity in order to get a free wish,ENA and her best friend Moony found themselves trapped within the deity,having to wait another thousand years for the next celebration. It is unknown how she's here.

Other: Talks in yellow when happy side is out. Blue when sad side is out. Peach when drunk side is out. Grey when sad side fully takes over.[Image: latest?cb=20210914183235]

RE: Escape From Zombie Park Island 3 - PopcornPie - 04-17-2022

Name: Fluttershy

Age: Unclear number, but seems to be a full adult in pony years.

Species: Pesgasus pony

Gender/Pronouns: She/her

Appearance, Height and Weight (approximate is ok): Fluttershy is a little, pale yellow, round pegasus pony with droopy blue eyes, heavy eyelashes, and fluffy wings. Her mane and tail are a pale rose pink and sweep down to the floor to hide her face. There is a symbol on her flank of three pink butterflies.

Abilities: Animal speak - Fluttershy can communicate with animals. She discovered this ability on the day of the Sonic Rainboom, earning her cutie mark by comforting the startled creatures around her.

Pegasus abilities - Like all pegasi, Fluttershy can fly and manipulate weather. Due to her reclusive nature, however, she doesn't make a career out of helping with weather and doesn't fly very fast or very far.

General Background (Where are they from? What major events have they been though? Etc.): Fluttershy is the Element of Kindness, living in a cottage on the outskirts of Ponyville all her life. Her potential as an Element of Harmony wasn't realized until she befriended Twilight Sparkle and worked with her to defeat a villain named Nightmare Moon. She's had repeated adventures saving Equestria ever since, but between them, she is content to tend to her animal sanctuary and have tea parties in the fields.

Other: Speaks in #e488b6. Oh, and she's apparently at least a little bit batpony since her excursion with vampire bats in season four.

[Image: Fluttershy.png]

RE: Escape From Zombie Park Island 3 - TenOfSwords13 - 04-17-2022

Name: Dusk Red

Age: 29

Species: Human

Gender/Pronouns: He/Him

Appearance, Height and Weight (approximate is ok): Looks very, very pale indeed, like the sun has never touched him. Six feet tall and very thin. Also, image:

[Image: dusk.png]

Abilities: Fast and dextrous, and a talented gambler.

General Background (Where are they from? What major events have they been though? Etc.): Dusk was born to a relatively wealthy, yet secretive, family, and was raised to carry on with the family's bank. However, he grew resentful of his parents' control, and his brother Midnight's fame, causing his familial ties to waver. Fortunately for him, Mr and Mrs Red died in a car accident before he could be written out of the will. He took his inheritence and quadrupled it in casinos around the world, and now he's come to Zombie Park Island because it looked very, very interesting.

Other:I speak in red, my family's colour.

RE: Escape From Zombie Park Island 3 - PointMaid - 04-18-2022

And as you can see, that's a cast!

We're intending to begin the actual game on THURSDAY, APRIL 21. Frankie can't want to see you there!

RE: Escape From Zombie Park Island 3 - PointMaid - 04-19-2022

UPDATE: This is going to be delayed a bit. We'll update you when we re-schedule.

RE: Escape From Zombie Park Island 3 - PointMaid - 04-22-2022

New Update: We might be back on for all your Zombie thrills rescheduling for Sunday!

RE: Escape From Zombie Park Island 3 - Cassie - 04-23-2022

Name: Illina Rose
Age: 17 years old
Species: Human (in actuality a Type 1 (Doppelganger) Alternate)
Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her
Appearance, Height and Weight (approximate is ok): 5'10" and average in weight. See below for what she looks like.
Abilities: She's surprisingly good at the odd-random barehanded fighting and is quite evasive.
General Background (Where are they from? What major events have they been though? Etc.): Illina's a bit mysterious. No one knows where her family is, and she seems to never stay anywhere for longer than a night. She does seem to be always helpful to the nearby residents though.

...there's more though.

Illina (this wasn't her name at the start) was...sort of the product of the devil dicking around at a family's house one day.
...she's basically an Alternate - one of those shapeshifting demons that exist to torment their human victims - and she did that by killing one of the family members and impersonating them, doing the kinda silent torment thing the doppelganger-type Alternates are probably meant for
...thing is she was deadass the sole Alternate in the world at the time, so...the family failed to notice this and treated her like their own child, even disciplining her when she tried to do stuff to torment the family at a different angle, so she basically never got the chance to actually inflict M.A.D. upon anyone there.
...the Alternate within her eventually got sick of this and just. insta-ditched her "family" behind without much of a trace one day.
...for a while, she continued her Alternate atrocities by presenting herself as a lost person in the woods to any lone individual that ended up there, before proceeding to kill them via inducing suicide upon them and take their place...though she felt something diminishing with each kill.
...she stopped entirely after taking the life of a girl that had gone missing for a surprisingly long time, seeing some of the valuable stuff she still had from her past...she fully developed guilt and anonymously sent the girl's belongings back to her family via mail.
...that night she heard the devil whispering something to her...but she chose not to listen, its whispers too quiet in her mind. morning she became aware of a void within her, something she didn't felt before as an Alternate...and so she decided to take a more peaceful route to try to make herself whole again.

Other: speaks red
Oh by the way she's a Kids on Bikes-made character!

[Image: download20220403185134.png]

RE: Escape From Zombie Park Island 3 - PointMaid - 04-23-2022

Replacement app received and cast list updated, Cassie. :)

RE: Escape From Zombie Park Island 3 - Despair's Archon of Memes - 04-24-2022

Name: Tsumugi Shirogane

Age: Somewhere in her teens (because the DR wiki doesn't show, lol)

Species: Human

Gender/Pronouns: She/Her

Appearance, Height and Weight (approximate is ok): (Obtained from the DR wiki: 112 lb, 5'9")

Abilities: Cosplay expertise, relatively high intelligence and analytical skills, etc.

General Background (Where are they from? What major events have they been though? Etc.): (Warning: HUGE spoilers for DRV3 incoming...)

Formerly the Ultimate Cosplayer, this alumnus from Hope's Peak Academy found themselves in the midst of a killing game where in which she, along with 15 other Ultimates... were caught in a tragedy of murder and betrayal... However... Little did everyone know that...

it was SHE that was behind it the entire time... The last time she was sighted, she'd seen the conclusion of the 53rd season of DanganRonpa... ending with the end of both the series finale as well as the end of both Hope's Peak Academy... AND herself.

Now revived and long disconnected from Team DanganRonpa after its final season... she's wandering the world in search of answers, both in regards to her past... as well as what to make of her future...

Other: Why me.

RE: Escape From Zombie Park Island 3 - Matthew - 04-24-2022

The game will begin tonight at 7 PM EST (6 PM CST)

RE: Escape From Zombie Park Island 3 - PointMaid - 05-07-2022

Cosmikpowa has just informed me that they'd like to drop. That means we now have an opening for a replacement player!

RE: Escape From Zombie Park Island 3 - PopcornPie - 05-12-2022

Name: Hordak

Age: Unclear (at least one century)

Species: Clone of Horde Prime

Gender/Pronouns: He/Him

Appearance, Height and Weight (approximate is ok): Hordak is a lumbering, squarish figure whose body is primarily composed of exoskeleton.  The exoskeleton makes it appear as though he is muscular and sturdy, especially on the arms and waist. As a flawed clone of Horde Prime, he was actually pretty sickly-looking beneath the exoskeleton, and his body was in the process of decomposing before Entrapta came into his life. She outfitted him with a slightly different exoskeleton that made him appear healthier, and a collar with a First Ones crystal on it, which read "LUVD" in First Ones language. His face remained skeletal and vampire-like in appearance, with no nose and prominent fangs. His red eyes lack visible pupils.

Exact height and weight numbers for him do not exist, but he is easily among the tallest characters in She-Ra, second to Prime and just about the same as She-Ra. Height estimate is eight feet, weight estimate is 200 pounds.


As an alien species, Hordak requires less oxygen than the typical Etherian, and can adapt to environments outside his ideal conditions.

Entrapta's modifications gave him more abilities, allowing him to outfit himself with an arm cannon not unlike Samus Aran's, but overall heightening his strength. Otherwise, his abilities of manipulation and command seem to be out of his own nature instead if magic or technology.

General Background (Where are they from? What major events have they been though? Etc.): For an unclear amount of years/centuries, Hordak was the leader of the Horde and sought to take over the planet he'd crashed his ship onto, Etheria. He grabbed youths from the planets' many races and raised them into his subordinates, often sending them to their deaths the same way he was. Not many outside of force captains got to see him personally, but his name was something to be feared. Even after being dethroned by Catra, his presence remained.

The reason for Hordak's takeover is something he kept to himself before he met Entrapta: He was a clone of the great emperor Horde Prime, and wanted his approval so badly that he sought to copy his feats, thus regaining his place in the Galactic Horde. Despite such cruel and selfish intentions, Entrapta's presence softened him considerably. For the first time in his life, he felt love. Actual love. His caring for her grew so great that he would cry for her when she was sought dead. (Again)

Sadly, his desire to show Horde Prime his greatness came back around to bite him after the great conqueror finally found Etheria, where he kidnapped Hordak, chipped him, and threw him back into his clone army as just another puppet. He was powerless for that time and would've been lost forever had Entrapta not chosen to venture into Horde Prime's ship to rescue him. In the end, the strength of their love allowed him to defy Horde Prime's order to kill her, and he killed Horde Prime's physical body instead. After a possession attempt, She-Ra finished the job by expelling Prime's spirit from Hordak's body. The war finally over, Hordak reunited with Entrapta formally, and  in between cleaning up Beast Island as community service, he presumably moved to Dryl with her.

...But now Entrapta's gone. She's thrown herself into an alternate dimension again, and it's up to him to retrieve her before she dies. (Who's gonna tell him?)

Other: He's...not very into animals. Or people. Definitely not a people person. Speaks in #b9091a.

[Image: HordakRenderHQ.png]