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Hunger Games Simulator - Trouble Cube Edition
events (should be 30)
(Player1) finds out that (Player2) has (a bomb/a bomb/a bomb/a bomb/bombs1) planted inside. [TypeA1] says "forgive me, (Player2)!" as [typeA1] drops [typeB2] on (Player3).
(Player1) tells (Player2) [typeC2] (waifu is/waifu is/waifu is/waifus are2) trash.
(Player1) tells (Player2) [typeC2] (husbando is/husbando is/husbando is/husbando is/husbandos are2) trash.
After seeing (Player1) set fire to (Player2)'s (camp/camp/camp/camp/camps2), (Player3) and (Player4) tell (Player1) to burn down camps everyday.
(Player1) (yells/yells/yells/yells/yell1) "Confound those tributes! Oh, how I hate them! I hate (Player2)! I hate (Player3)! And I hate (Player4)! They drive (me/me/me/me/us1) to drink!"
(Player1), (Player2), (Player3) and (Player4) play Super Smash Bros.
(Player1), (Player2), (Player3) and (Player4) play Mario Kart.
(Player1), (Player2), (Player3) and (Player4) play Mario Party.
(Player1) (wins/wins/wins/wins/win1) (a plush/a plush/a plush/a plush/plushies2) of (Player2) from a crane game.
After killing (Player1), (Player2) instantly (regrets/regrets/regrets/regrets/regret2) it and (breaks/breaks/breaks/breaks/break2) down crying, yelling "What have I done?"
(Player1) (throws/throws/throws/throws/throw1) darts at a dartboard with a picture of (Player2).
(Player1) (climbs/climbs/climbs/climbs/climb1) to the top of a tower to fight the boss (Player2), only to interrupt [typeC2] dinner.
(Player1) (glues/glues/glues/glues/glue1) (Player2) and (Player3)'s foreheads together, then (kicks/kicks/kicks/kicks/kick1) them to the ground as they struggle to pull themselves away from each other.
(Player1) (downloads/downloads/downloads/downloads/download1) a car.
(Player1) slowly loses [typeC1] mind while explaining the lore of (Player2)'s source material.
(Player1) practises [typeC1] introduction speech before fighting (Player2).
(Player1) accepts (Player2)'s challenge to a fight and (walks/walks/walks/walks/walk1) in on [typeB2] practising [typeC2] introduction speech.
(Player1)'s (smile/smile/smile/smile/smiles1) and optimism: gone.
(Player1) (walks/walks/walks/walks/walk1) off a cliff, and (walks/walks/walks/walks/walk1) on air until [typeA1] (realizes/realize/realizes/realizes1) where [typeA1] (is/is/are/is/are1) and (looks/looks/look/looks/look1) down, falling to [typeC1] death.
(Player1) (walks/walks/walks/walks/walk1) off a cliff, but as [typeA1] (realizes/realizes/realize/realizes/realizes1) what [typeA1]'s doing, [typeA1] quickly (runs/runs/run/runs/run1) back.
(Player1) gets a pet parrot and teaches it to say [typeC1] catchphrase.
(Player1) tries cursing (Player2) with a bad luck spell, but (messes/messes/messes/messes/mess1) up and (gives/gives/gives/gives/give1) [typeB2] good luck instead.
(Player1) tries blessing (Player2) with a good luck spell, but (messes/messes/messes/messes/mess1) up and (gives/gives/gives/gives/give1) [typeB2] bad luck instead.
(Player1) (does/does/does/does/do1) a backwards long jump to get to the top of an endless set of stairs.
(Player1) threatens/threatens/threatens/threatens/threaten1) (Player2), (Player3), (Player4) and (Player5) with (a poison knife/a poison knife/a poison knife/a poison knife/poison knives1). After licking (it/it/it/it/them1), [typeA1] (says/says/says/says/say1) "(I/I/I/I/we1) shouldn't have licked (it/it/it/it/them1)" and (drops/drops/drops/drops/drop1) dead.
(Player1) (makes/makes/makes/makes/make1) a medley of music from [typeC1] own source material.
And then there's (Player1). [TypeA1]'s dead.
(Player1) (drags/drags/drags/drags/drag1) [typeC1] partially eaten bowl of ice cream to magically refill it. (also Feast)
(Player1) (uses/uses/uses/uses/use1) a chair to travel great distances.
(Player1) (is/is/is/is/are1) creeped out by [typeC1] own creepy whispering.

Glitchy Bootleg Lasers
Events (29)
[*](Player1) can't hear (Player2) because the rain sounds like (Player2). (JJBA ref)
[*](Player1) (decides/decides/decides/decides/decide1) to restore (Player2)'s source material(s).
[*](Player1) (is/is/is/is/are1) appointed to create new contents for (Player2)'s source material(s).
[*](Player1) (takes/takes/takes/takes/take1) a photo of (Player2), (Player3), and (Player4) with a faulty phone, which somehow makes them look like as if they have been blasted in reality. (Based on an Indonesian commercial)
[*](Player1) (discovers/discovers/discovers/discovers/discover1) that a product [typeA1] bought is fake and allegedly will expire in 1000 years. (Same as above)
[*](Player1) (uses/uses/uses/uses/use1) a bottle of shampoo that makes [typeC1] hair messy. (Same as above)
[*](Player1) (shrinks/shrinks/shrinks/shrinks/shrink1) [typeD1] to go inside a vending machine, but the transformation time runs out while [typeA1] (is/is/are/is/are1) still inside, leaving [typeB1] stuck inside the machine. (Based on a Ben 10 short)
[*](Player1), (Player2), and (Player3) kill (Player4) and bury [typeC4] (body/body/body/body/bodies4) in (a marked grave/a marked grave/a marked grave/a marked grave/some marked graves4) after (Player4) accidentally (destroys/destroys/destroys/destroys/destroy4) the raft [typeA4], (Player1), (Player2) and (Player3)  made. (Happy Tree Friends ref)
[*](Player1) and (Player2) are tortured when a hidden gramophone suddenly starts playing a bad song loudly. (Courage the Cowardly Dog ref)
[*](Player1) (scares/scares/scares/scares/scare1) (Player2) away by wearing (a whale costume/a whale costume/a whale costume/a whale costume/whale costumes1). (SpongeBob ref)
[*](Player1) (tries/tries/tries/tries/try1) to replace a photo (Player2) (has/has/has/has/have2) taken in [typeC2] (phone/phone/phone/phone/phones2) after [typeA1] accidentally (deletes/deletes/deletes/deletes/delete1) it. (Miraculous Ladybug ref)
[*](Player1) (buys/buys/buys/buys/buy1) a literal lemon car, which is shaped like and literally made out of a giant lemon.
[*](Player1) (receives/receives/receives/receives/receive1) a vision of [typeD1] skateboarding in the future. (Based on a JJBA meme vid)
[*](Player1) (delivers/delivers/delivers/delivers/deliver1) a latin monologue to (Player2) before killing [typeB2].
[*](Player1)'s (laptop/laptop/laptop/laptop/laptops1) (crashes/crashes/crashes/crashes/crash1) and (burns/burns/burns/burns/burn1) when (Player1) (is/is/is/is/are1) trying to use (it/it/it/it/them1). (Based on an Indonesian commercial)
[*](Player1), (Player2), (Player3), and (Player4) get run over with a car by (Player5), who (is/is/is/is/are5) forced to drive by (Player6), as [typeA6] (is/is/are/is/are6) trying to chase (Player7). (Player6) then (kills/kills/kills/kills/kill6) off (Player5) as [typeA5] (is/is/are/is/are6) going insane from being forced to run over people. (JJBA ref. Also uses the killed by feature)
[*](Player1) (tells/tells/tells/tells/tell1) (Player2), "I can't believe you smoke marijuana. There are side effects don't you know." The side effect is then shown when (Player2) (makes/makes/makes/makes/make2) a bowl of cereal with milk by pouring milk into the open ceereal box. (Based on a meme. Also quote wording is intentional )
[*](Player1) and (Player2) have a rap battle. Eventually, (Player2) (passes/passes/passes/passes/pass2) away while sitting in (a chair/a chair/a chair/a chair/chairs2) as (Player1) (is/is/is/is/are1) about to kill [typeB2]. (Player3) then (introduces/introduces/introduces/introduces/introduce3) [typeD3], only for (Player4) to garrote [typeB3] and challenge (Player1) to another rap battle. (Epic Rap Battle of History ref)
[*](Player1) (rides/rides/rides/rides/ride1) a helicopter and (lands/lands/lands/lands/land1) on a huge statue. There, [typeA1] (finds/finds/find/finds/find1) a secret door that leads to a chamber containing the beating heart of the statue, held by chains. (Grand Theft Auto IV ref)
[*](Player1) (makes/makes/makes/makes/make1) a TV-style opening for the current season, composing [typeC1] own song and using all scenes of the events that have happened so far for the visuals.
[*](Player1), (Player2), and (Player3) are gifting chocolate for (Player4) when (Player5) (reveals/reveals/reveals/reveals/reveal5) [typeC5] gift for [typeB4], (a large/a large/a large/a large/large4) Statue of Liberty-style chocolate (statue/statue/statue/statue/statues4) of (Player4). (Life of a Maid, which is a Touhou fancomic, ref)
[*]After seeing how everyone acts in the Arena, (Player1) (says/says/says/says/say1), "Has there been some kind of chemical leak today? 'Cause right now, everyone's acting like total psychos." (The Amazing World of Gumball ref)
[*](Player1), (Player2) and (Player3) accidentally get stuck inside a buried time capsule that (Player4) has found earlier. (Player1) and (Player2) then spray shaving cream into everyone inside, including themselves. Some time later, everyone makes it out due to (Player5) digging a hole into it and thus opening an exit, with (Player3) thinking they are in the future due to the white "beards". (SpongeBob ref)
[*](Player1) (falls/falls/falls/falls/fall1) in love with (Player2) before going on a musical tour with (Player3). Unfortunately, when [typeA1] (misses/misses/misses/misses/miss1) (Player2) and (tries/tries/tries/tries/try1) to return, (Player3) (kills/kills/kills/kills/kill3) [typeB1] and (steals/steals/steals/steals/steal1) [typeC1] songs, causing the oblivious (Player2) to think (Player1) (has/has/has/has/have1) abandoned [typeB2] for another tribute. (Blacklisted)
[*](Player1) (screams/screams/screams/screams/scream1), "okay, who's been messing with the clone machine?" It then shows clones of (Player2), so (Player1) (drops/drops/drops/drops/drop1) them all out of the building. (Based on a meme. Also the real P2 doesn't die as it's only the clones that are thrown out)
[*](Player1) (is/is/is/is/are1) killed by (Player2), who then (takes/takes/takes/takes/take2) a selfie. (Player3) then (kills/kills/kills/kills/kill3) (Player2) and (takes/takes/takes/takes/take3) a selfie with both (Player1) and (Player2)'s bodies. (Uses the killed by feature)
[*](Player1) (laments/laments/laments/laments/lament1) that it's been a long day without (Player2), [typeC1] (friend/friend/friend/friend/friends1). [TypeA1]'ll tell [typeB2] all about it when [typeA1] (sees/sees/see/sees/see1) [typeB2] again. (Based on "See You Again" by Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth)
[*](Player1), (Player2), (Player3), (Player4), (Player5), and (Player6) have to escape from zombies by getting to another side of the Arena using a train. In the end, all but (Player1) get zombified and killed. (Train to Busan ref)
[*](Player1) (ventures/ventures/ventures/ventures/venture1) into a mysterious dimension that only appears at midnight, gaining a fighting spirit in process. (Night only. Also, Persona 3 ref)

Arena Event (1)
The tributes suffer an arena-wide soul swap with each other after an otherworldly being puts them to sleep.
[*](Player1) inside President Snow's body (is/is/is/is/are1) able to return to [typeC1] own (body/body/body/body/bodies1) in the end. (Survive)
[*](Player1) inside President Coin's body (is/is/is/is/are1) able to return to [typeC1] own (body/body/body/body/bodies1) in the end. (Survive)
[*](Player1) inside Katniss' body (is/is/is/is/are1) able to return to [typeC1] own (body/body/body/body/bodies1) in the end. (Survive)
[*](Player1) inside (Player2)'s (body/body/body/body/bodies2) (is/is/is/is/are1) able to return to [typeC1] own (body/body/body/body/bodies1) in the end. (Survive)
[*](Player1) inside (Player2)'s (body/body/body/body/bodies2) (discovers/discovers/discovers/discovers/discover1) the being's weakness after discerning its unusual shadow and (uses/uses/uses/uses/use1) the knowledge to survive. (Survive)
[*](Player1) and (Player2) in each others' bodies get painlessly transformed into otherworldly creatures, but they return back to normal once the being is defeated. (Survive)
[*](Player1) (finds/finds/finds/finds/find1) out that [typeC1] own (soul/soul/soul/soul/souls1) (is/is/is/is/are1) now inside (an animal/an animal/an animal/an animal/some animals1) for the duration of the fight. (Survive)
[*](Player1) (finds/finds/finds/finds/find1) out that [typeC1] own (soul/soul/soul/soul/souls1) (is/is/is/is/are1) now inside (an animal/an animal/an animal/an animal/some animals1) for the duration of the fight. Unfortunately, [TypeA1] somehow does before the it ends.
[*](Player1) inside (Player2)'s (body/body/body/body/bodies2) (discovers/discovers/discovers/discovers/discover1) the being's weakness after discerning its unusual shadow, but unfortunately (dies/dies/dies/dies/die1) while trying to destroy the being's invisible orb of light behind [typeB1].
[*](Player1) (gets/gets/gets/gets/get1) impaled on a fence while inside (Player2)'s (body/body/body/body/bodies2) by (Player3) inside (Player4)'s (body/body/body/body/bodies4), with (Player2) returning to [typeC2] own (body/body/body/body/bodies2) alive after healing (it/it/it/it/them2).
[*](Player1) (gets/gets/gets/gets/get1) shot while inside (Player2)'s (body/body/body/body/bodies2) by (Player3) inside (Player4)'s (body/body/body/body/bodies4). However, (Player2) (is/is/is/is/are2) able to return to [typeC2] own (body/body/body/body/bodies2) alive.
[*](Player1) and (Player2) in each others' bodies get painlessly transformed into otherworldly creatures, but they are still put down in mercy by (Player3), who's inside (Player4)'s (body/body/body/body/bodies4).
[*](Player1) (gets/gets/gets/gets/get1) (a hole/a hole/a hole/a hole/holes1) punched while in (Player2)'s (body/body/body/body/bodies2) by (Player3) in (Player4)'s (body/body/body/body/bodies4), but (Player2) (manages/manages/manages/manages/manage2) to return to [typeC2] (body/body/body/body/bodies2) alive.
[*](Player1) in (Player2)'s (body/body/body/body/bodies2) (is/is/is/is/are1) killed while trying to fight the being, as it manipulates the souls of other creatures to defend itself. However, (Player2) eventually (manages/manages/manages/manages/manage2) to return to [typeC2] (body/body/body/body/bodies2) alive.

Nonfatal (4):
(Player1) and (Player2) take a shot (of apple juice, of course) for every game of I Spy that has happened so far.
(Player1) has been revealed as the first Challenger Pack 3 fighter.
(Player1) and (Player2) play Yacht.
(Player1) asks (Player2) if [typeA1] can have some ice cream. (Player2) says, “Only a spoonful!” This leads to (Player1) pulling out a comically large spoon.

Fatal (3):
(Player1) (beats/beats/beats/beats/beat1) (Player2) in Mario Kart. (Player2) (kills/kills/kills/kills/kill2) [typeB1] in a fit of rage.
(Player1) (beats/beats/beats/beats/beat1) (Player2) in Mario Kart. (Player2) (tries/tries/tries/tries/try2) to kill [typeB1] in a fit of rage, but (Player1) (ends/ends/ends/ends/end1) up killing [typeB2] instead.
(Player1) (swallows/swallows/swallows/swallows/swallow1) a horse. [TypeA1] (dies/dies/die/dies/die1), of course.
1: (Player1) (assaults/assaults/assaults/assaults/assault1) (Player2) over a boombox. (Player3), (Player4) and (Player5) join in to try to stop (Player1), but they all get slain by (Player1). [Player 2, 3, 4 and 5 die.]
2: (Player1) (impales/impales/impales/impales/impale1) (Player2) with a nightstick. [Player 2 dies]
3: (Player1) (takes/takes/takes/takes/take1) (Player2) with [typeB1] using a grenade, but (Player1) (survives/survives/survives/survives/survive1) via bandaging [typeC1] whole (body/body/body/body/bodies1) [Player 2 dies]
4: (Player1) (breaks/breaks/breaks/breaks/break1) through a skylight that specifically asked [typeB1] to not bust through it, crushing (Player2) on landing. [Player 2 dies]
5: (Player1) (bisects/bisects/bisects/bisects/bisect1) (Player2) with a katana that has a dragon-shaped handle. [Player 2 dies]
6: (Player1) (impales/impales/impales/impales/impale1) (Player2) with a really long sword that has binary carved into it. [Player 2 dies]
7: (Player1) (boosts/boosts/boosts/boosts/boost1) (Player2) up, allowing (Player2) to get the high ground and kill (Player3) without retaliation.[Player 3 dies]
8: (Player1) (tries/tries/tries/tries/try1) wearing the top half of (Player2)'s (head/head/head/head/heads2) after killing [typeB2] to gain [typeC2] powers, but is unsuccessful. [Player 2 dies]
9: (Player1) (starts/starts/starts/starts/start1) smoking and (is/is/are/is/are1) immediately killed by a contrived twist of fate. [Player 1 dies]
10: (Player1) (starts/starts/starts/starts/start1) an uncapped Twitch subathon- every sub extends the stream. (Player2), (Player3), (Player4) and (Player5) unite to keep (Player1) hostage by constantly spamming gifted subs until (Player1) (dies/dies/dies/dies/die1) from exhaustion. [Player 1 dies]
11: (Player1) (mentions/mentions/mentions/mentions/mention1) a terrifying biological fact. (Player2) (becomes/becomes/becomes/becomes/become2) so terrified of [typeD2] that [typeA2] (jumps/jumps/jump/jumps/jump2) off a cliff. [Player 2 dies]

1: (Player1) (bandages/bandages/bandages/bandages/bandage1) (Player2)'s wounds while [typeA2] (fights/fights/fights/fights/fights) against (Player3).
2: Reality has been compromised; (Player1) (has/has/has/has/have1) been engaged. [Bloodbath]
3: (Player1) (tells/tells/tells/tells/tell) (Player2) that [typeA1] (is/is/are/is/are) trying to sneak around, but the sound of [typeC1] keeps alerting (Player3) and (Player4).
4: (Player1) (mentions/mentions/mentions/mentions/mention1) a terrifying biological fact. (Player2) (becomes/becomes/becomes/becomes/become2) terrified of [typeD2].
5: It's one of the hosts?!... no, wait, that's just (Player1)'s silhouette. [Bloodbath]
6: It's a plane, it's a bird, it's (Player1)! [Bloodbath]
7: (Player2) (exclaims/exclaims/exclaims/exclaims/exclaim2) that (Player1) will never have drip. [typeA2] (is/is/are/is/are2) immediately proven wrong by (Player1)'s overly extravagant (and somewhat stupid looking) street clothing.

it is me. awe921, the greatest face in all of koridai
  • (Player1), (Player2) and (Player3) play a game of I Spy so boring, (Player3) (is/is/is/is/are1) literally bored to death.
  • (Player1) (suggests/suggests/suggests/suggests/suggest1) playing a game of I Spy. (Player2) and (Player3) look at each other in silence, then turn around and beat (Player1) to death.
  • (Player1) (is/is/is/is/are1) so busy reading the enclosed instruction book that [typeA1] (walks/walks/walk/walks/walk1) off a cliff.
  • (Player1) (feels/feels/feels/feels/feel1) like [typeA1] (keeps/keeps/keep/keeps/keep1) doing the same things over and over.
  • (Player1) (calls/calls/calls/calls/call1) (Player2) (a little pissbaby/a little pissbaby/a little pissbaby/a little pissbaby/little pissbabies2).
  • (Player1) (says/says/says/says/say1) "(I/I/I/I/we1) love you" on the plane. (Player2) (says/says/says/says/say2) "(I/I/I/I/We2) love you, too." (blacklisted)
Hype originally ran the season, but he overlooked an inappropriate pairing when he sent the save, so Kaf reran it and sent it to Billy.
Sometimes the best tributes are the ones that make you laugh.
Welcome to the 2nd season of TC HGS. After a slightly troubled running, I hope this season will go more quickly and smoothly. Without further ado, let's start.

The Reaping (Backup)

Battle Theme:
Arknights - CC#4: Lead Seal Battle BGM 1

The Bloodbath (Backup)
  • As the tributes first stand on their podiums in waiting, the horn is sounded, signaling the start of the Game. Darwinist/Darwinism from a web animation called Grej is the first to run. Looks like running away can help with survival of the fittest after all.
  • VargFren of Vinesauce also runs away.
  • So does Snap of Chalkzone, who's out of said zone. Can he do well without Rudy to aid him?
  • Louis of Princess and the Frog also runs away, so the best hope for him is to entertain the sponsors with his jazz.
  • Shin Amon of Yakuza is preparing a new special and unusual technique.
  • And we get our first blood! Lana of Hyrule Warriors get into a fight with Nemo of that famous film, but Nemo wins the battle of attrition as he avoids becoming fish food. Will this be TC HGS' version of murderous Nemo (with a knife)?
  • The Ultimate Soldier from Danganronpa, Mukuro, finds herself ganged up on by the Linkin Park members. In the end, even the Ultimate Soldier is unable to escape worfing from a band of Ultimate Musicians with little to no military experience when she gets speared. They also made it look more complicated. (Danganronpa spoiler in second spoiler section) This is reminiscent of her death by her own sister, Junko.
  • Mulan's dragon sidekick, Mushu, acts as usual. This one's the animated film version to be more specific.
  • Monika of Doki Doki Literature Club recognizes the fact she can't modify this game yet.
  • Waluigi of Super Mario Bros. WAAHS away!
  • Gina of the Great Ace Attorney deduces the dangers of the Bloodbath to her advantage.
  • Gizmo, Knife's pet dog, runs away like a dog will usually do.
  • Miss Frizzle of Magic School Bus teaches kids the importance of running away in the face of danger.
  • Grizzy of Grizzy and the Lemmings enjoys his life by eating some Bugsnaxs, but Junpei of Zero Escape seemingly freaks out at this.
  • Bulk Bogan of Vinesauce launches an unusual attack against Hendrik of Dragon Quest... but is intimidated by the latter's surprising love of the sour liquid.
  • The famous SpongeBob SquarePants must have developed real strength from karate prior to this season to make that Grunt from Madness Combat give up.
  • Rocky Rickaby of Lackadaisy doesn't want to deal with the Cornucopia either.
  • Kristoph of Ace Attorney doesn't want to defend himself against the Cornucopia.
  • Selene of Pokémon, who may be older, wisely runs away from the battle instead of engaging in a Pokémon battle.
  • Ibuki of Beastars can sense that the Cornucopia potentially considers everyone a prey, and so does some of the tributes with their desires to kill.
  • Seedy Joe of Brothers in Arms tries to grab the Cornucopia. Is it to easily access ingredients and cooking tools for his unique brand of cooking? It's unknown. But nevermind, he accidentally crushes himself, Shoehorn of Life's a Beach and Onion Cookie of Cookie Run. Life's a bitch for those three indeed. At least they are lucky not to become ingredients... yet. The tributes are unpredictable, after all.
  • Another dog, Max, acts on the same instincts as Gizmo.
  • Steve from Accounting, who has been cursed to be triple inverted, uses his cursed powers to run away.
  • Metabomb of .EXE runs away. This cinnamon roll must be protected.
  • Mitsuha of Murder in the Mountains, Mike the real life comedian, ...the Magic School Bus itself, ...and uh, a red Bloon from Bloons are sharing their supplies? But don't mind it much. TC HGS always run on the MST3K mantra!
  • Helena Fortran of Brothers in Arms also runs away in fear, spouting hilariously bad English along the way.
  • The young CEO of Rhodes Island, Amiya of Arknights, gets into a bag fight with the Lemmings of Grizzy and the Lemmings after her return to another Hunger Games. Like with what happened to their nemesis however, the Lemming's opponent gets the upper hand. But again, the Lemmings are small despite their size. More importantly, Amiya is a powerful magic user herself.
  • The other Waluigi, who works as a bus driver, WAAAHS using a random bus!
  • Trouble Inspector inspects the troubles safely.
  • The black cat stumbles upon a bag of explosives. What's it gonna do next? Blast one of the dogs?
  • Chaos 0 from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise also runs away, despite being a powerful being.
  • Tonya, an original character who's famous in the Murderverse, wants to go fishing with Gangrel of Fire Emblem Awakening.
  • Another original character named Murder Bath, Holly, wants to quickly become a jerk. (original:Holly, another original characters who's famous thanks to the Murderverse, immediately wants to be a scum.) He has succeeded in various explosives (Arnold Pairstein, Ralphite Neri, Kaisha Franklin, Phoebe Teresa, Carlos Ramo, Tim Wright և Dorothy Anhudson) on Google Translate from Gijinka, June Zero Escape և Fritz Kids of Magic School Bus Did. Turn them all into more steaks. (original: She successfully does it thanks to some explosives to the gijinka Google Translate, June of Zero Escape, and the Fritz Kids of Magic School Bus (Arnold Perlstein, Ralphie Tennelli, Keesha Franklin, Phoebe Terese, Carlos Ramon, Wanda Li, Tim Wright and Dorothy Ann Hudson), reducing them all into many steaks.)
  • Who's running away from the Cornucopia? It's been Agatha (of Fantastic Four, but this is her Marvel Cinematic Universe incarnation) all along!
  • The cursed Dairy Queen somehow grabs a trident.
  • Krytus of Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 hot wheels away from the Cornucopia.
  • Glue Man of Jerma Rumble by Jeremy Elbertson (Jerma985) wants to be not shitty... only to run away within few seconds.
  • Sparky of Marvel Cinematic Universe plays with some lemon juice. But Katy Kat of PaRappa the Rapper turns out to enjoy the taste, and Sparky comprehends this enough to run away.
  • A random Calico Cat runs away with its cat instincts.
  • Egoism of Grej is egoistic enough to know how to survive and pleasure his need for survival.
  • Ulik of the Mighty Thor uses his superpowers to run away as well.
  • Mister Bones of the DC Comics doesn't want other tributes to have bones to pick with him for now.
  • Bubble Man of Mega Man 2 utilizes his bubbles well.
  • Emmeryn of Fire Emblem Awakening grabs a physical weapon. Time will tell if she'll turn out to be good at using it.
  • Joel Hodgson, another real life comedian, grabs a fishing bait while Gelorum of Hot Wheels Acceleracers grabs the gears. Another MST3K moment?
  • And finally, Constanze of Little Witch Academia uses her magitek gadgets to help escape.

Day 1 (Backup)
  • Now we are at Day 1. Is Agatha getting some dancing lesson. She is. And she also gets it from fellow villain, Gelorum.
  • Maybe because her way of speech isn't the best.
  • How does a fish fits into this? Don't worry, we have the MST3K comedian and the reality warping girlfriend to help!
  • If it's one thing that Ulik and Squidward can agree to, it's this.
  • Speaking if SpongeBob events, it turns out Triple Inverted Steve is just as scared of whales as Plankton is, and Tonya is all too happy to exploit this it seems.
  • A talking cat spa... uh, speaking to a normal cat?
  • Somehow the three inanimate objects are involved. And is the MSB driven by that one Waluigi?
  • Meanwhile, the bus' real driver turns Gangrel into a cockroach or a similar insect, but this guy's experienced enough to deal with it.
  • Gina deduces Shin's mannerisms and then does her best impression of the Amon clan member. Even he is amused.
  • What's your guess on what Linkin Park will wish for?
  • Bubble Man tries to create a bubble-powered slingshot.
  • Fren is frenly, allegedly. But let's hope those cookie's aren't chocolate chip cookies.
  • What will this event be? Let's find out.
  • And we get the answer. Krytus' new attack is related to forgetting to remove one's voice changer, so they sound like an incomprehensible alien, causing another person to snark at it. The inspiration itself happened to the shittiest tribute alive, Glue Man.
  • Yikes, that bow and arrow immediately becomes useless with the thumb amputation. But waah! Trouble Inspector may get troubled by the severed thumb and Emmeryn's scream.
  • Will this literal lemon car prove to be the fittest car in the whole world?
  • Nice friendship.
  • It seems Selene has heard information about Amiya's exploits back in her home universe.
  • Constanze reveals her newest magitek invention, a huge spoon!
  • Is it safe for a normal cat?
  • Oh no, Mitsuha. Also, you are supposed to be defending people, Kristoph, not hunting them.
  • Junpei needs to learn the rules of this other death game. Sadly, he's so engrossed in it that he accidentally kills himself. Pretty ironical considering one of the advice is to be careful of the environment.
  • It's Bulk Everywhere, Louis! Will you perform some friday night jazz or what?
  • It's still an impressive feat for an ordinary dog.
  • Egoism's ego proves to be too much that he somehow dies by himself, lonely. It must be something similar to Junpei.

Fallen Tributes (Backup): Lana, Mukuro, Seedy Joe, Shoehorn, Onion Cookie, Google Translate, June, Discboy, the Fritz Kids, Junpei and Egoism

Kill Count:
  • Holly: 4
  • Linkin Park: 1

Remaining Tributes: 53
Max supports Meta and Mushu's friendship!

also Gizmo DEMANDS those cookies give them back Fren

and i may not be loved
but they'll always recall my name
out on the streets, but i do what i gotta do

Quote:Metabomb of .EXE runs away. This cinnamon roll must be protected.

"...You flatter me."
Black cat - harbinger of destruction? Certainly a black cat carrying a bag of explosives is.

And hey, it's hard to say "meow" without the letter E.
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Kity AI (Decrypted Memories)
Lucky (Lucky 13)

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i need to find a different song lyric to put here
Why do both of my candidates love lemon juice a bit too much?

Also, damn, Nemo be packing heat.
Bus Driver Waluigi and MSB must've teamed up for the water match. One can only imagine what shenanigans they could get into if this team forms even more.
You know what they say. All toasters toast toast.
Welp, RIP GT
Glitchy Bootleg Lasers
Seedy Joe kills himself amd Shoehorn, now that's some shit luck right there
I like bananas. They're yellow.
Why do I get a feeling of deja vu?
DANGIT HOLLY. I hope Ms. Frizzle comes for your blood after failing to take Gangrel on a bug-themed field trip!
Sometimes the best tributes are the ones that make you laugh.
[Image: FF9C6B33-C95E-4FA2-BCFE-59DB893F2ADF.jpeg]

Reposting this everywhere
why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food
And Mitsuha's already getting caught up in cult stuff, it seems...
Part 2

Battle Theme:
Chrono Trigger - Boss Battle 1

Night 1 (Backup)
  • Darwinism uses the fittest method to get cheese.
  • What's the solution against another powerful being? Clearly, it's not a Pokémon battle as Selene goes physical against Chaos 0. What a worf!
  • Make way for Prince Grunt! Say hey to Prince Grunt!
  • When the drip is WAAHYLISH, indeed!
  • He is the shittiest man alive after all.
  • The Amon clan member is unfazed by the sight. It's that of Bus Driver Waluigi, with his bus driver hat replaced by his underpants. Waaht a strange death indeed.
  • Tonya is alone.
  • Gangrel's on to something.
  • Gelorum recently discovered the power of PSI, but being new, she couldn't make PK Flash work. But considering her target is a clownfish, perhaps Nemo is unaffected because he's not particularly weak to the move. He's not a monster or an underground creature after all. When the second PK Flash fails to inflict a status effect on Nemo again, the unimpressed clownfish continues to bloody his fins.
  • Black Cat comes across Kristoph's documents for an important case.
  • Perhaps because this Steve is cursed.
  • Who makes this noise? It was me, Wanda!
  • This won't be a good influence on Katy's music for one.
  • Rocky and Ulik share their respective stories about living in the Prohibition Era and being an archnemesis of Thor.
  • Considering her state of memory, maybe.
  • Nice to see you bonding with man's best friend, Snap.
  • Will the infection spreads? Stay tuned for more.
  • The Lemmings also buy one literal lemon car.
  • It turns out one of Hendrik's skills is to navigate through lava.
  • Of course, Spongebob is just confused, but he finds it funny anyway.
  • The dog's planning to kill a man! Unfortunately, Mike doesn't get Helen's warning.
  • His singing isn't bad.
  • Grizzy seems to be inspired by the Lemmings' actions in Decrypto as he battles the Bubble Man. It ends with Grizzy overcoming the bubbles to shove Bubble Man into a lamp post with a protruding spike. Impaled at his neck, Bubble Man can't do much as Grizzy keeps pushing Bubble Man deeper until he shuts down.
  • And now more stabs, this time with a tree branch! Fren is not so frenly after all as he kills the calico cat!
  • Even this Dairy Queen's happy expressions are triple inverted alongside the tribute itself.
  • Another stabbing incident! The joker's not messing around! Bye to your jazz for now, Louis.
  • Monika is able to discern the dog's barking, which makes her go berserk at the insult. But wait, is the MC of DDLC male or female?
  • Who'll win? A villain or a magician?
  • Another lemon juice squirting event. It seems Amiya is already used thanks to her job as an operator.
  • This will bring honor to the Fa family.
  • The Magic School Bus miraculously shrinks itself to park itself on a lawn chair as usual. And now, we don't know what to make of this music.
  • Is this effective enough to ward off his pursuers back home?
  • I hope this is not the kind of song that has the impression of burning the listener to the bones.

Day 2 (Backup)
  • Kristoph's specialty is defense after all, not offense.
  • Katy convinces Darwinism that suicide is not a value for survival of the fittest.
  • So, aggressive barking? Or English?
  • The Lemmings work together to hit a dog with its nemesis, a cat. But don't worry too much, the cat's still alive somehow.
  • Wow, Helena discovers the secret to Sakuya Izayoi's abilities.
  • Haha, Constanze's full name is ridiculously long.
  • We always need more wholesome moments like this.
  • Snap is not bright like his creator, Rudy. Unfortunately, the one who's teaching him is a villain who specializes in driving hot wheels.
  • Even the cursed Dairy Queen thinks that Bugsnaxs must not be eaten.
  • Waah! That's a fun water fight. We can teach kids with this! We can get inspiration for a new over the top attack against certain rivals of the clan! We can do more riffs! We can replace the water with booze! We can drink it with steak! And more!
  • Metabomb gets dominated.
  • This may not go well as Agatha's involved. But worry not, Amiya can read emotions.
  • That's a high quality plush.
  • Are they going on a boxer raid or something else?
  • Will the blessing of the golden wind go deep within Mr. Bones bones?
  • Sparky wastes no time to take out Monika before she does after the incident yesterday. However, Monika uses her glitching power to just heal herself.
  • Hendrik finds it to be a foul conduct.
  • Speaking of melting one's "brain" out, the Magic School Bus is transformed into a strange Krabby Patty zombie.
  • Emmeryn uses a strange piece of technology to never gonna give Fren up, never gonna let Fren down. Never gonna run around and desert Fren.
  • Ibuki will need this in case there's someone preying for him.
  • So grizzly bears can camouflage themselves in the bush after all.
  • Are you thinking about all the time you failed to defeat Thor?

Fallen Tributes (Backup): Chaos, Bus Driver Waluigi, Gelorum, Bubble Man, Calico Cat and Louis

Kill Count:
  • Fren: 1
  • Grizzy: 1
  • Holly: 4
  • Joel: 1
  • Linkin Park: 1
  • Nemo: 2
  • Selene: 1

Remaining Tributes: 47
Anachronism Stew at its finest there with Emm and Fren
Glad to see Mitsuha and Constanze doing well so far.
The Bus does what it does best: shrinking and shapeshifting!
Sometimes the best tributes are the ones that make you laugh.
And that's how MilkCan got banned from most public venues. Meanwhile, Hendrik is reminded by Gangrel why he hates villains.

Damn, Nemo's still packing heat.
Animal cruelty >:C
Active characters
Maryann Davis (Witch Trip 2)
Kity AI (Decrypted Memories)
Lucky (Lucky 13)

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i need to find a different song lyric to put here

you triple inverted unmemorables
Very interesting...first person to consume solid objects through liquid methods.

quote list

E N D L E S S  F U N


She's got three murders under her belt, views are gonna be skewed


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