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Hunger Games Simulator - Trouble Cube Edition
Off to a good start! And just so you know, Twi's an alicorn, just that the pic I used doesn't show her wings. Speaking of, wonder if her band will be the next Rainbooms.

And yes, Goat Mom is everyone's mom!
Sometimes the best tributes are the ones that make you laugh.
This is downright amazing.
why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food
(Sincerest apologies to DAOM, Sylvi&, and Awe.)
More hunger. More games.
  • Undertale! The source of countless shitposts in its time! And now none of us will ever be able to take skeletons seriously again. The Delta Warriors try their hand at the art of absurd Internet content - but the target audience of such posts, an unstable zoomer, is less than impressed. Sad. Better luck next time.
  • The noble art of hot dog stacking! Another feature of the Underground that's come to permeate life above. But Krang's shiny glass dome proves ill-suited to it! Look at that! It's like a fleshy Jenga tower!
  • Yoshi shares stories of his daring, athletic adventures as he accompanies Mario, from infancy to adulthood, in his eternal conflict with the King of the Koopas. BonziBuddy shares stories of that time he drove a metalhead to lunacy. One of these two is clearly cooler... yes! That's right! It's the spyware mascot!
  • Not the ideal tribute to take dance lessons from... But who am I to talk? My attempts to dance have left people fearing I was having a stroke!
  • Oh, boo hoo, the giant alien monster that destroys all it touches is cold. I'm touched. Aren't you?
  • Bloody Mary! Bloody Mary! Bloody Mary! Bloody Mary! And the result... well, it's red like blood, but I wouldn't say this particularly qualifies as a curse?
  • I am the god of hellfire! And I bring you... not an awful lot. Team Snakemouth are smart enough to understand that human fires wouldn't be healthy for teensy little bugs.
  • Robots! They're cool! Everyone likes robots! Even Marinette, who decides to resort to the use of robots over wasting the limited charges of her superpowers. Buuuuuut it backfires. Rest in peace, Ladybug.
  • Final Fantasy XIV! It's not a game either of these characters come from, but fuck you! They will cast spells from it anyway! Corporate copyright laws are a distant memory! We spit in the eye of normalcy!
  • And in another instance of the Arena imparting tributes with grand new abilities, dogkind has discovered the noble art of cooking! No more raw bones for this canine!
  • Bloody Mary again! And this time, the figure summoned from the glass is more thematically appropriate. Hello, Poe!
  • Off with his head. But what's this? It appears being a toy has worked in the Camel's favour! No head? No problem! Just stick that shit right back on!
  • They call him "Kirby of the Stars" in his world's native tongue, you know. So is he, perhaps, homesick? Or does he simply think the night sky looks pretty?
  • The wonders of magnetism! ...are something I personally would not entrust to Charles Calvin. He's dangerous enough in the vicinity of a vehicle at the best of times.
  • Agent is left frustrated by the cruel whims of the vending machine! Their response is to treat the vending machine in a fashion that will likely ensure many more breakdowns in the future! Such wonderfully ironic actions!
  • Erasure. A Quirk that allows Aizawa to erase the superpowers of others merely by looking at them. Busted, I'm afraid. We'll be taking that. Aaaaaand... done. Have a nice day, Aizawa!
  • Pyra and Mythra join those who have acquired shapeshifting abilities! Those syringes sure are hot commodities, huh?
  • Hm. Ah. Hm. Well. Ah. This is. Certainly a relationship. Now if you excuse me, I'd prefer not to have to think any harder about it.
  • Ah, yes, a distraction from what we just witnessed! Good, good, good! Excellent! I don't even care about the non-violence of it! Anything but... that!
  • Oh! Tragedy! Kowalski has stepped in wet cement! Fairy magic cannot help him! Tamama's superpowers both old and new cannot help him! SUTANDO POWA cannot help him! Even a mind as keen as Cecil's cannot help him! Woe, woe, woe... oh, no, hold on, he pulled himself out while I was lamenting. How anticlimactic.
  • And finally, Childe is awoken by terrible nightmares! Of what? People no longer being willing to shell out money for anime twinks, perhaps? We may never know!

  • Randomiser time, woo-hoo! And we have rolled... #149! Kowalski attempts to tear Neptune's head clean off, but fails dramatically!
  • Hey apple, knife!... I apologise. I have invoked a cursed presence upon this land. Even the most foul creatures associated with Julia Set are loath to speak the name of the being known only as... "Orange". I fear for my life...
  • Dimensions! Interesting things! Did you know Julia Set has facilities operating in up to twenty different dimensions at a time? Yes, it's true! You should see our fifteenth-dimensional branch manager! Almost more than the mind can take!
  • I see Agent's diet is very typical of a penguin! Almost stereotypical, in fact... hey! Agent! Stop caricaturing your kind! You disgust me!
  • Playlists! Does the Fire Emblem world have those? Or is Marianne simply picking up modernist foibles from her stay in the timeless expanse of the Arena?
  • Even in the Hunger Games, Don Karnage finds the time to commit a little piracy! Assembling a motley crew of cyborgs, computer programs and goths, he storms the camp of the Delta Warriors while they're off trying to find something to eat! A low blow!
  • Well! This is quite the inversion of how you would expect things to go, is it not? And on that note... what hand? Has our equine Tribute spontaneously grown human digits? I would not rule out the possibility!
  • Gross. A shame Giorno here could not have suffered a more dignified death.
  • The power of rock! The power of friendship! The power of plot bullshit! Many forms of power, all converging in this singularly glorious event!
  • Deary me! I wouldn't threaten the dignity of Cecil Terwilliger if I were you, Yoshi... but wait! He's taking it in stride, it looks like! He's letting Yoshi live another day!
  • What's this? Regret, coming from an egotistical galactic conqueror? Well! It seems unusually non-murderous villains have become a theme of this day! But one tribute has certainly died here!
  • Tamama has already been given Cell's powers on top of his ability to breathe lasers! Now, the magic of the djinn gifts him even greater resources! All hail Prince Tamama!
  • Now here's a Bloody Mary summoning that fits the theme perfectly! Don't go summoning Demi yourself. I know what a bunch of pathetic perverts you are.
  • Water fighting! A popular activity, it seems! You know what I think could stand to be more popular? Actual fighting. Go on. Kill.
  • "Prrrrromotion? What for? You should have swiped the particle accelerator and brought it to me, you nincom-gangster!"
  • Kirby and Charles, pioneers of the art of time travel! But the process appears to have a few kinks in need of ironing out. Ah well.
  • And we end the day on the sight of the camel picking some beautiful flowers! Is this not so wholesome? Fun fact. We nourish those flowers with the blood of slain tributes.

Death comes for all, sooner or later. For these tributes, it came today.
CATS: "All your camp are belong to us!"
Glitchy Bootleg Lasers
Twilight, I thought you were smarter than this!
Sometimes the best tributes are the ones that make you laugh.
Gods, Ice Bear tearing the Camels head off works fucking perfectly.
Oh hey, Amanda has not yet been killed by her arch-nemesis "Gravity", or by anyone else for that matter.

(neither has Kennifer but Amanda's the one you gotta worry about due to being... well... Amanda.)
Stupid doomed timeline...
This is fine
I like how Fuyuhiko's just... going around helping people in need.
The Starvation Contests continue.
  • Danganronpa! A very heavily merchandised franchise. Noi has been spending her relatively peaceful days collecting merch of her favourite character - who just so happens to be in the Arena with her at this very moment! Such striking coincidences!
  • Here at HGS, we're always making sure the power levels of our tributes are close enough to ensure a nail-biting competition! We nerfed one today, and now, another comes under the hammer! Superpowers? On top of all her pre-existing abilities? Can't have that! We'll be taking those Cell abilities you were granted, Neptune! Sorry, not sorry!
  • Twilight introduces Ribbon to the magic of friendship! An excellent way to get stabbed in the back later.
  • Well, well, well! I didn't know Loona had powers such as this at her disposal! Neither did Skid and Pump, apparently, as all they can manage is a weak threat to tattle on the hellhound to their parents.
  • Agent, as it turns out, would be terrible at Earthbound! And Mother 3, for that matter!
  • It appears disproportionate responses to minor offences are a running theme this season! I cannot blame Tamama for failing to drive Earth vehicles, though. The poor thing isn't even tall enough to reach the steering wheel.
  • Where are Pyra and Mythra now? Your guess is as good as mine! The Arena has reached the point where even I can't recall its entire layout!
  • Oh, don't be so utterly ridiculous, Kowalski! A human in love with an intelligent animal? Your expectations are far too-oh. Ah. Hm. Well. Now I feel very awkward. At least she found love after Asgore, I suppose?
  • And Mr. Dink has been well and truly BLAMMED!
  • Confronted with the illogical nature of events in the HGS, careful, methodical Cecil melts down over his inability to outwit the others through careful rational thinking! Boo hoo, cry me a river, hope you drown in it.
  • ...oh. OH. Oh me, oh my. Tax evasion is no longer the most heinous crime Mario's mount of choice has committed.
  • Poe unlocks a fabulous, ferocious new power! The power... of SUCC! And its first victim is Mahiru, reduced to dust on the breeze by its potency!
  • Pencils? Weak. Break spines, then we'll talk.
  • MGMT, eh? It seems Marianne is getting very absorbed with the frivolities of modernity. Perhaps too absorbed. Is that melted neurons I smell?
  • ...the more I think about this, the worse it gets. Let us move on. I'd rather not contemplate this event any further.
  • What's the difference between a hippie and a clown? One is colourful, wacky and makes bystanders laugh. The other works in a circus.
  • Did you know that, in parts of South America, purple means death? It certainly meant death for this poor dog!
  • Kind of... catchy...
  • The Let's Players have forged a collective bond with Amanda! Let us hope her dreadful luck isn't contagious, otherwise the video games the Achievement Hunters play may end up being very unkind to them...
  • My, what an immature folly. You could almost call it... Childeish. Ha ha ha, get it? Get it?!
  • The lesson we have learned here? Make your coffins out of something stronger than felt, or your victims will break out of them without issue! Or, you know, you could wait until people are dead to lock them in coffins, but that's hardly in the spirit of the Hunger Games, is it?
  • Our last scene of the day is the Delta Warriors, swearing vengeance on those who stole from their camp! And swearing in general! Look, even Ralsei's cursing up a storm! The fandom isn't going to take that lightly!

  • Well, bad luck doesn't seem to have struck the Achievement Hunter Cast yet, but a bad mood certainly has. Don't ask me what they're crying about! Twitch streamers taking their audience, perhaps?
  • Sega and Nintendo, best friends forever! Now there's a statement that would bamboozle a time traveler from the 1990s!
  • Cell has one particular absorbed power he never got a chance to use against Goku - the power of dance. Now Aizawa is privy to this most secret art.
  • Temper, temper, temper! Save your violence for when another tribute stands before you, Fuyuhiko!
  • Well, of course they won, it was three against one against one! This is blatantly unfair!
  • Normally, Kirby just inhales whatever food is put before him. For once, though, he's decided to try for a more complex recipe - lemon roast penguin! Bon appetit!
  • We have rolled fatal event... #151! Skid and Pump predict that Demi is going to explode for no reason! She does not, obviously, and they end up looking like very silly boys.
  • Kennifer has stolen Mr. Van Driessen's circus from under his nose! Speaking of, what's the difference between a clown and a vampire? One's a  terrifying beast of the night, and the other is a vampire!
  • Scandalous! The Delta Warriors have caught Pico indulging in unhealthy snacks! But a little persuasion by way of a menacingly cocked Uzi is enough to convince them not to tattle on him.
  • Loona drives away BonziBuddy using the darkest, foulest ritual Hell has to offer... THE T-POSE.
  • Charles has just beaned Ribbon in the head with an ocarina! And what's this? It appears Nightmare has descended to rip the unfortunate fairy to shreds as she lies prone! My, my, my, what an interesting display of teamwork!
  • Baby spinoff? Don't be so tasteless! The suffering of children is far more impactful in small doses! It just gets dull after a while!
  • I suppose you could say he used... No-E! (loud offstage booing)
  • Normally, Lamar is all talk. Not this time - he's chosen the silent but deadly approach! Pyra and Mythra were slain before they even knew what was happening! Impressivre stuff!
  • Childe is about to render Twilight as dead as her source material, but has a Childe-ish breakdown before he can finish the job! Do not boo me. You know cowardice pisses me off.
  • For our final event of the update, we cut to Amanda! She is perusing a manual entitled How Not To Fall Down Stairs with great interest!

The deceased. May they rest in peace. Or not, it's non of my business how they're resting.
Lamariel, eh? Even in this branch of HGS, Asgore's a wimp. (shot)

Meanwhile, Friendship is Magic!
Sometimes the best tributes are the ones that make you laugh.
The perfect dance moves cannot be known by any mortal being, for they are too powerful.
The title of Amanda's manual made me lol.
Stupid doomed timeline...
Four means death in Japan. Perhaps they're on to something.
  • A monstrosity! Two children dressed as monstrosities! A living representation of a games console! An alien invader who does precious little invading! These disparate tributes are united by their love of... terrible rap? To the Lil Pump fans in the audience, I apologise for your bad taste.
  • A hot mess, Aizawa is! And no amount of ancient dancing arts can change that!
  • Speaking of Aizawa's dance instructor, he is currently venting his spleen against a vending machine! Yoshi may have misinterpreted his intentions, but I'm sure this very hungry dinosaur won't be disappointed at the chance to claim a free snack!
  • More food shenanigans, as Nightmare shows a surprising aptitude for balancing acts! It's a pity Loona doesn't appreciate its handiwork. The hellhound is mostly just interested in how much meat she's being offered.
  • The latest tribute to join the craze of injecting yourself with dubious syringes is Pico! He now has far more weapons than an Uzi and fire skills on the mic at his disposal!
  • On the subject of events we've seen before, Team Snakemouth have, through subtle espionage, picked up the secrets of Cell's ancient dance powers! Now the Achievement Hunter Cast, too, are becoming privy to his secrets!
  • Kennifer has no interest in the services BonziBuddy has to offer... but what kind of malware program would he be if he respected the user's wishes? "Hello, Not A Vampire!"
  • Why a partridge, of all things? Van Driessen feels more like a peacock to me. Or perhaps a dove. Stop the war, man!
  • Remember when I declared ferret transformations to be a hellhound power? It appears I was wrong! Charles Calvin here has exhibited such powers as well, and now all CATS' dignity is belong to him!
  • And again, we have an event that occurred yesterday. Cecil draws on the same terrible T-pose power Loona utilised yesterday, and Lamar is cowed into submission. Ho hum, seen it all before.
  • Would Noi make a decent monarch? Probably not. But it is not a genie's job to determine whether your wish is sensible to grant! Bow down to the Arena's new queen!
  • Here at Julia Set, we are constantly working to come up with fresh new inconveniences for the tributes in the Hunger Games Simulator! The Camel With the Wrinkled Knees has encountered our latest creation - a disease that can infect plush toys!
  • This ocarina is certainly being used as a weapon a lot, isn't it? Vanessa is the latest tribute to receive a face full of musical instrument, courtesy of Ice Bear! But she has the fortitude to recover quickly and escape!
  • Toby Fox announces his newest daring project - Deltarune, the 3D port! It'll make development take another century, but will it not be worth it to see every hair on Ralsei's body in three glorious dimensions?
  • Stop indeed. Empires rise and fall, but horny is eternal.
  • Fuyuhiko attempts to serenade himself to sleep with a... Danger Opera! Get it? Geddit? Oh, come on, where's the love for a good pun these days?
  • The night is almost over, and love is in the air! But Twilight turns out to have no interest in interspecies romance with a pirate, much to Don Karnage's despair.

  • Goat Mom has adopted two extremely eccentric new children! If the Underground didn't have a concept of Halloween before, it'll embrace "Spooky Month" before long!
  • With his condition worsening, the Camel has been reduced to the fighting ability of a mere child! Nightmare apparently finds his decrepit state amusing enough to let him live after defeating him... though not without rubbing salt in the infected wound first.
  • Hm? Did Pico have some connection to Pyra and Mythra I was not aware of, or is he simply not as apathetic as he would like the world to believe? Whatever the case, discovering the festering corpses of the duo has had a profound effect on him!
  • The Achievement Hunter Cast are taught how to swear in... Chinese? Russian? Italian? Don't ask me what language this unfortunately named anime husbando speaks!
  • Stabbed? Wrong term, I think. Mr. Van Driessen has crushed Team Snakemouth, tiny little creatures that they are! Move over, A Bug's Life, it is time for A Bug's Death!
  • Hm. Our vending machines are unreliable at the best of times, but this is a new level of broken. The snacks must get lost somewhere between the sixth and seventh dimension, it's happened before, always annoying.
  • There is one malware program Among Us!
  • Kennifer is exploring our finely constructed artificial landscapes! Does the fact she can walk in the sunlight disprove any theories regarding her vampiric nature? A sparkly man tells me "no"!
  • Out of character for a demon? Not this one! I miss the days when demons reliably wished to sacrifice you and consume your soul. Things were simpler then.
  • CATS has been in one of those murdergame things with Vanessa before, if my sources are correct! It seems they developed a bond strong enough for him to be willing to defend her from Internet trolls with ridiculous haircuts!
  • ...sorry. Even I have nothing to say to this. At least it has holes?
  • Cell uses his powers to gain access to Charles's thoughts! Cell soon wishes he'd thought harder about which Tribute he wanted a mental link with! Certainly not the "greatest plan" he's ever had!
  • Was the lie "I have been an interesting tribute"?
  • This bird has flown... to an embarrassing, painful end! Succ on that, Poe!
  • Deaths are like buses... you spend an eternity waiting for one, then two come along at once! Ice Bear has offered Kirby as a sacrifice, hoping to appease some ursine deity!
  • After those deaths, we end the day on a heartwarming note, as many tributes gather to appreciate Loona's undeniable fluffiness! It doesn't look like she appreciates them back, though. Look at that eye twitch.

This is the end, my beautiful friend. For these tributes, at least.
Very interesting...first person to consume solid objects through liquid methods.

quote list

E N D L E S S  F U N


She's got three murders under her belt, views are gonna be skewed

Ice Bear is Savage.
why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food
Fuyuhiko x Ocarina OTP XD

Also seems even CATS would defend Vanessa
Glitchy Bootleg Lasers
Concerned Goat Mom is concerned.
Sometimes the best tributes are the ones that make you laugh.
...alright, give me a second. Hold on...

We've been off the air for HOW long?! Heavens above, hells below and assorted dimensions in between, this is unacceptable! How are we supposed to retain healthy viewing figures? Creatures bound by the conventional flow of time make up 75% of our audience, you know! They'll be right out of patience!

Now, to all those still loyally tuned in, I apologise. Time is a fickle beast around these parts, and sometimes it will toy with us, as it just did. We'll take precautions to ensure it never screws us over this badly again, mark my words. But enough talk, you've waited enough as it is! MORE BLOODSHED!

At last.
  • And we are live, after so long! First order of business is an unlikely alliance between a demon and a recently de-powered superhero, taking turns to watch out for any intruders out to take their lives!
  • Charles whiles the night away playing Success of Henry Stykman, the most popular video game in shoddily translated bootleg universes across the dimensions! (Or at least it was when we started. Again, time, it has been cruel to us.)
  • Well, well, well! Oh me, oh my! A most bizarre romantic encounter, this is! But I sincerely doubt anything will dethrone Fuyuhiko/Ocarina, this season or any season.
  • Speaking of the ocarina, the Achievement Hunters and Loona are taking painting lessons as its soothing tones play in the background! Thus is one of the darkest secrets this season holds revealed to the world - the Achievement Hunters are weebs! Loona certainly isn't impressed!
  • "I want to eat your braaaaaaains, Expand Dong!"
  • Well, well, well, and here I was thinking the power to survive without a head was unique to creatures of felt! Apparently you learn how to survive decapitation in the yakuza as well!
  • Yet more truly incomprehensible romance, as Pico professes his love for the aforementioned animate plush toy, only to be rebuffed as the Camel reveals he prefers his men more on the megalomaniacal side! Shipfic writers have a love-hate relationship with this little game of ours!
  • An extremely purple search party forms! They follow the distant sound of garbled grammar, and before long, CATS' life is belong to them!
  • Pirate metal is a real genre, as it happens! Will I share any with you? No, because frankly, most of it is about as high quality as hardtack and grog! Just be aware it exists!
  • But did you have time to release Deltarune? Huh? Huh?! ...come to think of it, wemay have waited that long. Curses. I have dug my own hole and fallen helmet-first into it.
  • HGS Babies! It would be the most depraved, shocking idea imaginable to subject infants to the Hunger Games! Therefore, I'm completely on board! Imagine the sweet, sweet press attention we would get!
  • Nightmare! Smarter than we've been led to believe, it seems! Not that that's hard!
  • Cecil gets the gift of fresh water! I do believe he intended to give the entire town of Springfield such a gift at one point, so it's only fitting, yes?
  • Ah, look, here's that HGS Babies spinoff we were promised! And the related HGS Seniors spinoff!
  • And we have rolled... #149! Marianne, too, has taken lessons in how to survive decapitation! A subject they teach at the Officer's Academy, perhaps?
  • Y. You're a pyromancer. You can create fire out of thin air. How are you... I... ugh. Let's just move on.

  • Vanessa may have forgotten she's a pyromancer, but she can apparently adapt to new magics just fine! No other tribute suspects a thing of the conspicuously cybernetically enhanced partridge that follows them around throughout the day!
  • Neptune and Mr. Van Driessen learn of all the filthiest street slang Los Santos has to offer! Jury's out on whether either of them would be inclined to use it, though!
  • Last night, Nightmare acted quite different to what you'd expect of a monstrous Metroid opponent! Today, Crocomire is acting exactly as you'd expect of such a creature! It roars threats of dominance, slaughter, and pay-to-win bullshit to the psychedelic skies above!
  • Childe forgets which game he hails from and constructs a snow golem, as seen in Minecraft! In his defense, is that game not extraordinarily popular with Childeren?
  • You fools, Tamama is already the anime version of himself! But the Delta Warriors and Amanda react with horrified gasps of "WEEB" to his self-portrait regardless!
  • Charles's idea of an "impression" of Noi is to trot out tired "no, u" jokes by the dozen! She soon tires of his tomfoolery and silences him, forever! Not the greatest plan Charles has ever had there!
  • Once again, the older generation fails dismally to connect with the youth! Perhaps Don Karnage would have better luck if he hadn't stolen his memes from honest. hardworking shitposters!
  • Nightmare may have been placid last night. but it seems some tributes still fear what it is capable of! At Yoshi and Cecil's request, BonziBuddy infects the cybernetic being and disables all of its offensive capabilities for a while!
  • Afraid of mice? No, Fuyuhiko is simply worried for the safety of his dairy products! Now, invoke your love for it all you want, but I somehow doubt the ocarina will be of any use. And Loona is even less inclined to help.
  • Trophy Acquisition's cast start stimulating discussions with Goat Mom!
  • There's plenty water to go around, if you want some! Maybe Ice Bear can provide his own ice cubes!
  • Questioning your sanity is routine around these parts! I, too, am questioning it after the abhorrent display we just witnessed!
  • Also a common sentiment! Think of it this way - you're less of a mess than the incompetents who died in the Bloodbath!
  • Marianne's explorations of modern technology continue as she discovers the wonders of gaming! And she has no patience whatsoever for the trolls and other miserable low-lifes who skulk within the depths of the server!
  • The day ends with Kennifer, who clearly has not taken Twilight's advice on the importance of boundaries in a friendship! Say, aren't vampires only able to enter a house if they're invited? How peculiar.

Imagine waiting so long, just to die...
Oh hey, Fuyuhiko's not dead yet. Cool.

And I'm... really late on this, but wat. Why does he have a crush on Ocarina XD
I waited this long... for a Gaang with my tributes in said Gaang. But what should we call that here?
Sometimes the best tributes are the ones that make you laugh.
Glitchy Bootleg Lasers
Amanda wanted revenge for .EXE 3 I guess lmao
Stupid doomed timeline...
Let's not dally about any longer.
  • Ferret transformation! An even less exclusive ability than I was initially led to believe! Though, when it comes to the yakuza, "my family will hear about this" is a much weightier threat than usual...
  • Ice Bear's camp is flattened by a rampaging Crocomire! But at least he still has an ample supply of clean water, right?
  • Cut to out other resident Metroid boss, which is still in an unusually passive state! Marianne can be seen purchasing some weapons that would be futuristic even for most of the other tributes! Her obsession with things to come grows ever stronger!
  • At last, the undead spyware is no more! Julia Set's computer systems are safe! "Goodbye, Expand Dong..."
  • They were wounded? When? Have my observational skills been sucked into the void from whence they came? At any rate, having multiple members makes first aid a good deal easier!
  • Respectfully, Don Karnage? Bad idea.
  • Again, I must ask - is sugar good for canines? Regardless of the answer, I'm sure it's better for their health than murder! And now vampires are officially superior to werewolves! (Disclaimer: Julia Set Entertainment is not responsible for any injuries resulting from calling a hellhound a werewolf in everyday conversation.)
  • Demi's Honey Trap claims a victim! Such is the fate all simps deserve.
  • At this point it's starting to feel like heads are an optional extra for this entire roster!
  • No! Bad Twilight! Put that health bar away! Didn't you hear Fighting Is Magic was cancelled?
  • More tributes receive the gift of water! Skid and Pump, too young to appreciate free necessities, complain about not getting something a bit spookier, like pumpkin juice!
  • Before you question Toriel's taste in food, keep in mind Toriel considers snails a delicacy. Perhaps she just appreciates anything squidgy!
  • What is there to regret? Eating sugar? We've already seen how much worse that could have gone!

  • My, such demand! We're obliged to make HGS Babies a reality now, aren't we? Stay tuned! It's coming sometime this dream cycle!
  • Hm... this camp has a suspicious lack of food. Or water. Or, really, anything except copious amounts of red wine. At least, the raiders hope it's red wine.
  • Again, the desire for HGS Babies is fulfilled! Partially! Very partially By which I mean I could have gone the rest of my life without having to think about Demi as a child, thank you very much.
  • I must ask, how were this tree's properties discovered? Are there people out there who make a hobby out of eating trees? Because I have tried it myself, and trust me, it is not worth it. Bark has a detestable texture.
  • Mr. Van Driessen has fallen in love! Perhaps the ever-changing colours of her hair reminded him of the days when he could turn on, tune in and drop out without a care in the world?
  • Tamama croaks! Literally! He had better hope this dallying doesn't lead to him croaking! Figuratively!
  • This Spooky Month, we will all get to enjoy a nice meal of lemon-drizzled camel! Except the Camel with the Wrinkled Knees, obviously.
  • And Fuyuhiko is out, sent plummeting to his doom by a group who've taken to hunting more than just achievements! I can hear the ocarina playing a funeral dirge for its beloved in the distance...
  • BonziBuddy is no more, but our patented zombifying burgers are still a clear and present danger! Yoshi is now a member of the undead! Hey, at least the legally dead don't have to pay taxes, right?
  • On the plus side, being hospitable to Cecil did not kill Don Karnage! On the down side, his own stupidity did! How humiliating!
  • Speaking of Cecil, he's whiling away the time engaging in pointless arguments over brand loyalty! Though I must question how Childe knows what any of these words mean...
  • The day ends on a sombre note. Toriel has realised just what these Games entail, and how many lives are lost to them... she can't take it.

Bring out your dead...

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