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Hunger Games Simulator - Trouble Cube Edition
Part 3

Battle Theme:
Touhou 3: Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream - Dimensional Dream

Night 2 (Backup)
  • What a nice play between the two dogs.
  • He wants to ascend Hendrik as a deity in the Chalkzone? Also, Hendrik's refusal is understandable, considering a deity's responsibility.
  • The lyrics aren't exactly a cheerful one though, perhaps.
  • LP doesn't want the infection spreading into them.
  • Does that mean the zombified bus spits foul-smelling car oil?
  • These methods must be wacky or dangerous. Also, can't you just use your deduction skills, Gina?
  • Selene also wants to become a gangstar like Mr. Bones. I hope the golden wind will bless her down in Alola.
  • This must be secretly intentional. Anyway, who likes some burnt lion casserole, burnt troll and burnt clownfish? At least they're still alive.
  • Mushu probably donates his heart. However, it turns out even a supernatural being like him still needs it to survive. Also, that construction syringe does not grant you an ability to grow new organs. This isn't a proud moment for the Fa family.
  • Someone from the Murderverse universe?
  • Bears can climb trees after all.
  • Rocky is now the newest challenger to the Amon clan! But wow, this is surprising! Rocky counters Shin's BS special techniques with his own BS ones. It's not rubber either. But hey, Rocky never kills anyone.
  • Glue Man uses his strength to tenderize Holly with Constanze, maybe because of what she did back in the Bloodbath.
  • So a comedian carrying a red balloon normally then.
  • This is how you play chess, kids.
  • Bulk becomes even stronger and stronger physically.
  • This chair must be imbued with a special Originium Arts technique.
  • Greetings, the Mooselings, Trouble Moosepector, Moosenya, Moosy Moose and Moosuha.
  • Helena turns out to be a Spongebob fan. Patchy the Pirate would be proud if he's watching TC HGS from his home.
  • Cursed Steve has a cursed fake product,  which is a triple inverted version of a legit product.
  • The black cat does Sparky a favor when it confronts Monika. Like that cat person, the black cat pulls the same BS moves. Not even Monika's ridiculous powers can save her!
  • At least this isn't actually Max that got transformed into a rock.

Day 3 (Backup)
  • The cat is surprised.
  • Is this foreshadowing something? Let's hope it's not corpse hoarding all over again.
  • Because you need to learn important information when defending someone in a case.
  • Is it a river in the mountains?
  • Please don't let the infection spread to that majestic creature, Meta.
  • Yeah, songs like Best Day Ever, the F. U. N. song, Sweet Victory, Goofy Goober Rock and more are great.
  • Trouble Moosepector and Rocky invite rocky trouble by performing this in front of a villain.
  • Never mind about the golden wind, overturning the title of the shittiest man alive, returning to the Chalkzone, or being a great warrior. Four tributes throw all of those out with a suicide pact.
  • Bulk accidentally turns himself and five other tributes into metas.
  • That's not another survival of the fittest behavior, isn't it.
  • Joel enslaves Constanze, the zombified magical bus and Gina.
  • Mr. Bones has a dream. He wants to build Mr. Bones' Wild Ride. Just kidding. Sparky's dog humor isn't sparked by this.
  • Who has driven Agatha to drink? It's Max! Oh, and Linkin Park! Oh, and finally Triple Inverted Steve!
  • Heh, Nemo's the most natural in this fight.
  • Watch out for the balloon! The Rock Troll finds this out the hard way. This is like the largest worf we have so far!
  • So the rain sounds like broken English then. That's hilarious.
  • Mike roughs up the vending machine.
  • Waaah! Waluigi's hair is ruined!
  • Finally for now, Grizzy constructs an iron golem to protect himself.

Fallen Tributes (Backup): Mushu, Shin, Monika, Selene, Glue Man, Snap, Hendrik and Ulik

Kill Count:
  • Black Cat: 1
  • Fren: 1
  • Grizzy: 1
  • Holly: 4
  • Joel: 1
  • Linkin Park: 1
  • Nemo: 2
  • Red Bloon: 1
  • Rocky: 1
  • Selene: 1

Remaining Tributes: 39
At least you lived longer than Lana
lmao at 2 dogs arguing at each other

Dear Murderer: What the fuck even are ya.

aaaand lemme guess: The TIDQ turned normal after the dark matter?
Very interesting...first person to consume solid objects through liquid methods.

quote list

E N D L E S S  F U N


She's got three murders under her belt, views are gonna be skewed

Welp, RIP Shin
Glitchy Bootleg Lasers
Well, RIP Hendrik. He's fought godlike entities before, so I get why he'd rather die (or at least stay at home and read erotic magazines) than achieve godhood. On the bright side, Moosy will get along with Mooselini and Moosesha.
rip Selene

also, no need to worry about Meta infecting that moosicorn or whatever—that's not how they roll anymore
— How long until we find our way in the dark and out of harm? —
Good to see everything is going well for Joel and Mike so far.
I guess Gangrel and the Friz are rivals now...
Sometimes the best tributes are the ones that make you laugh.
RIP Snap...you were influenced way too easily. We all thought Spongebob would kill you, but we were wrong.
Part 4

Battle Theme:
SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated - SpongeBob's Dream

Night 3 (Backup)
  • This isn't exactly a safe material to teach for kids. At least you don't summon a supernatural being that can murder you, Ms. Frizzle.
  • Ibuki seems to be torn about how he'll have to face Louis after his time in the Arena, but fortunately Mr. Bones comes to talk him out of his suicidal thoughts.
  • This exact event again.
  • The music temporarily switches to a different, more intense one. Krytus, TIDQ, Gina and Holly look up as a mashup between One Winged Angel's instrumental and the vocals of various SpongeBob songs like Goofy Goober Rock suddenly play. They are witnessing SpongeBob, who has pulled a one-winged angel by inexplicably transforming into Invincibubble while wearing his Goofy Goober Rock robe. Spongebob then fires a combination of his bubbles and guitar laser. They obliterate various locations in the Arena as Invincibubble guides them with his karate. Along the way, the audience can also see sketches of iconic SpongeBob moments overlaid in those scenes, like the physics formulas written during a certain sequence. Furthermore, each of the locations are labeled. The sequence eventually ends when the four victims are obliterated in a nova of bubbles and laser.
  • Waah! Waluigi is now a friend with a bear! See, Waluigi is the bravest guy alive!
  • How does a red balloon smoke? Anyway, the heat ends up popping the balloon.
  • This is a pleasant surprise.
  • This box of American fried fish is worth trying.
  • And I killed Amiya too!
  • The bus is zombified after all.
  • Hopefully Joel can bear with Helena's... not so bright nature.
  • Moosuha creates even more metas, including herself.
  • That's an unexplainable first aid. Also, oof at this event's error (they fights instead of they fight).
  • Cue pizza drop. Also, that mustn't be an effective drug for Bulk.
  • Who will win? Some amnesiac or a cursed guy? You decide!

Day 4 (Backup)
  • Who prevents Kristoph's leap of faith? It's also Agatha!
  • The Grunt, Darwinism and Ibuki retaliate against SpongeBob's action by showing him who's actually the fittest predators by depriving him of water, while dancing to the favorite song. You can even enjoy the tippy sequence.
  • What game of I Spy? There's none so far.
  • That's our third Bugsnax event.
  • This isn't kid friendly after all.
  • Even the cursed Steven can't handle Lackadaisy's comparatively straightforward lore.
  • That's a lot of leafs.
  • Nice clothing, Emmeryn!
  • Oh, and I killed Sparky too. But it isn't Amanda, it's Miss Frizzle. And she's subjecting him to an "I Must Bark" situation.
  • Let's laugh at Mr. Bones for his shitpost earlier!
  • Another torture dance!
  • Is Moosy afraid of the infection?
  • Waah! Linkin Park taps into their musical talent to defeat an akuma with some help.
  • Bulk is unsatisfied with the previous injection, as he still lost a limb, so he injects himself with another of the same one.
  • Max can now dig holes quickly and such.

Fallen Tributes (Backup): Krytus, Triple Inverted Dairy Queen, Gina, Holly, Red Bloon, Amiya and Sparky

Kill Count:
  • Agatha: 1
  • Black Cat: 1
  • Fren: 1
  • Grizzy: 1
  • Holly: 4
  • Joel: 1
  • Linkin Park: 1
  • Miss Frizzle: 1
  • Nemo: 2
  • Red Bloon: 1
  • Rocky: 1
  • Selene: 1
  • SpongeBob: 4

Remaining Tributes: 32
In which my tributes defeat a monster by playing bootleg Linkin Park music.
Lots of moose and Bugsnax events this season, it seems. And nuuuuu, not the doggo, Friz!
Sometimes the best tributes are the ones that make you laugh.
Mmmm, fried fish. 😋
Headcanon: Rocky caused that Day 3 fire. It's 100% in-character for him.
Maybe Katy/Moosy just wants to teach Metabomb how to drive.

And damn, Sponge really wants revenge on Holly for killing all those kids.

Half gone, half left. What will happen now?
Part 5

Battle Theme:
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven - Air Supplena Island

Night 4 (Backup)
  • The playlist is her own songs, of course.
  • Waah! Moosuha is a boss now... except she's now eating, so maybe next time, Waluigi.
  • The zombified Bus does something really specific twice with its magic.
  • The Lemmings are bloodthirsty again! Will Gangrel decrypt them?... Actually, not yet. The Lemmings are trying to make a cryptic speech.
  • Like when the Lemmings annoy him indeed.
  • I hope Helena doesn't use weed or booze.
  • Cursed Steve also tries to treat himself with some triple inverted first aid kit.
  • Linkin Park provides the funeral song for Sparky's funeral, which is also attended by Mike, Joel and the Grunt.
  • Metabomb unintentionally makes some noises related to the spreading infection or something. Ibuki is amused.
  • Rocky can now build a speakeasy instantly.
  • Constanze also tries to challenge Darwinism in the same tower, but apparently eating dinner helps your survival.
  • Another dog saved. It seems Tonya may not become a corpse hoarder after all.
  • But you have extra powerful moosklays, Bulk.
  • Does SpongeBob even know those two devices under the sea?
  • Who's about the beat up another dog? It's me, Agatha!
  • You aren't Dory, Nemo.
  • Trouble Moosepector receives double trouble from Ms. Frizzle, to a fatal result.

Day 5 (Backup)
  • Will he care though?
  • SpongeBob doesn't need Krabby Patty now. He doesn't need it... No, he needs it! Sadly, it's too late for him. So, who stays dead above the land? SpongeBob SquarePants! Shrunk, dry and starved is he! Spongebob SquarePants!
  • Max obeys Moosuha by working as a sniffer.
  • First it's Lackadaisy. Now it's Magic School Bus. Looks like cursedness doesn't mean you are immune to confusing lore. And oh, it looks like MSB is even more confusing than Lackadaisy, so much that Triple Inverted Steve just dies.
  • Ms. Frizzle also takes her own slaves, who are Linkin Park, Kristoph and Bulk.
  • Who has a full health bar? It's been Agatha all along! Oh, and she hits a fish with it too.
  • Gangrel tries to prevent Rocky from establishing his speakeasy.
  • Is the trash box marked with some kind of a circular symbol by any chance?
  • This will help Ibuki stay on the top as a predator.
  • Impressive! Cats are natural acrobats after all.
  • Gizmo receives support from multiple tributes after what Agatha did.
  • Is this a typical MST3K humor?
  • Waah! Praise the dark shadows!
  • It's a right time for this. Hopefully this will let Emmeryn compensate for her missing thumb.
  • Grizzy can enjoy something normal for once.

Fallen Tributes (Backup): Trouble Inspector, SpongeBob and Triple Inverted Steve

Kill Count:
  • Agatha: 1
  • Black Cat: 1
  • Fren: 1
  • Grizzy: 1
  • Holly: 4
  • Joel: 1
  • Linkin Park: 1
  • Miss Frizzle: 2
  • Nemo: 2
  • Red Bloon: 1
  • Rocky: 1
  • Selene: 1
  • SpongeBob: 4

Remaining Tributes: 29
Katy's the only one allowed to swear around here. Mark my fucking words—aw, fiddlesticks.

Sponge has probably set a record for the biggest downfall in the shortest time.
So my tributes get involved in the same event. Figures.

Lemmings plz. What did Constanze do XD
Steve, what part of "eight kids go on wacky science field trips every episode" don't you understand? And looks like the Friz found replacements for them...
Sometimes the best tributes are the ones that make you laugh.
awww, Meta, you're too kind /)>u<(\
— How long until we find our way in the dark and out of harm? —
It makes sense that Bulk needed the help of a tiny kity to retrieve snacks from machine!

Also "Nyahoo nyahoo nynynynynyyny-"
Active characters
Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir (Toontown Showdown 2)

Character list | word-buying is on hold temporarily | read this thing or that thing I'm writing if you wanna

i need to find a different song lyric to put here
Gizmo gets PETS. ALL OF THEM.
but if i'm never your hero
i can never let you down

Part 6

Battle Theme:
Touhou 18: Unconnected Marketeers - Starry Mountain of Tenma

Night 5 (Backup)
  • Need help with winning a possible case in the Arena?
  • Waah! The black cat delivers bad luck to Waluigi with its agility. Live lost for Waluigi: one and one only. He has no nine lives.
  • Fren can now be frenly to Max as he understands that specific animal completely.
  • The Lemmings attack Ibuki like they did against Red Riding Hood in another reality, but the lion's still alive thanks to Meta.
  • Emmeryn forces a mook to obey her by murdering Darwinism or Gangrel. However, the Grunt refuses, so Emmeryn kills them like the disposable mook they are using her bow.
  • Constanze has to write in a blackboard to say this. Also, it must be the work of magitek!
  • Helena and LP use the invisibility spray that they bought from a prank shop. Beware of the water by the way.
  • I wonder what characters do each of those tributes main in Smash?
  • Will Gizmo be vigorous enough to chase Joel instead?
  • Rocky's a cat after all. And he's enjoying some prohibited booze while at it.
  • Tonya explains the Murdergame she's been in to Ms. Frizzle.
  • Who stops the villainous Agatha? It's Mr. Bones! Oh, and he also reduces her to the bones inside!

Day 6 (Backup)
  • Mr. Bones loses a little calcium.
  • The black cat pounces at Meta.
  • Grizzy reads an instruction book about how to deal with the Lemmings, only to become another victim of the cliff.
  • Darwinism temporarily evolves into a 3D form, but he's fortunately fit enough to survive.
  • Moosuha turns out to be a LP fan.
  • If it should be guessed, Constanze may be able to tinker with the zombified magic school bus for this.
  • During her pranking session, Helena drinks booze and then becomes so competent that when she picks a fight with Ibuki while drunk, she strikes the wounds he sustained from his earlier fight with the Lemmings, causing the lion to succumb to his injuries like a prey.
  • When did Fren has a waifu.
  • After the incident with Joel, Gizmo himself tries to challenge Ms. Frizzle, but she's practicing her educational speech.
  • Kristoph gets into another tech argument like he did with SpongeBob. This time, it's with Joel.
  • Emmeryn receives her payback for killing the Grunt when Moosy wrestles her bow away while fighting her, then shoots her dead with it. Not even being buffed is enough for Emmeryn to live.

Fallen Tributes (Backup): Waluigi, Grunt, Agatha, Grizzy, Ibuki and Emmeryn

Kill Count:
  • Agatha: 1
  • Black Cat: 2
  • Emmeryn: 1
  • Fren: 1
  • Grizzy: 1
  • Helena: 1
  • Holly: 4
  • Joel: 1
  • Katy: 1
  • Linkin Park: 1
  • Miss Frizzle: 2
  • Mr. Bones: 1
  • Nemo: 2
  • Red Bloon: 1
  • Rocky: 1
  • Selene: 1
  • SpongeBob: 4

Remaining Tributes: 23

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