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Hunger Games Simulator - Trouble Cube Edition
- Light Field (nickname Snake) (he/him)
- River (she/her)

Both are safe.
silver dollar, black smoke in my eyes
shattered glass, fallen fast, leave me paralysed

"...Hahah! Victory! This will be quite the story to tell my brother when I return..."

new tributes time!

these two are sisters so do not ship them with each other
Team "these two had an interesting arc when i shoved them in TVT HGS let's see if history repeats"
Kazuma Kiryu (male, safe)
Goro Majima (male, safe)
WALL-E and EVE (safe)
I'll do something different and randomly pick from my extremely long TVT tribute queue: here be my first champions from its HGS branch's two iterations: Anger (OG S53) and Greg Universe (Reboot S22)
Sometimes the best tributes are the ones that make you laugh.
Team "The Megucas in a World of Supers":
Active characters
Maryann Davis (Witch Trip 2)
Kity AI (Decrypted Memories)
Lucky (Lucky 13)

Character list | word-buying is on hold temporarily | read this thing or that thing I'm writing if you wanna

i need to find a different song lyric to put here
Maki Shidou (16) and Suzuka Konohana (16)
Maribelle (yellow as per my personal Fire Emblem Awakening character ages guide, also used in TVT HGS, which notes her as 16 pre-Time Skip) and Ricken (yellow, 14 pre-Time Skip as per the guide)
And now for a detective duo most furry...

Roman(Roman's Christmas)

Judy Hopps (Zootopia)
a bunch of albums and Souther.
Arthur Skiggs (Male - Safe) 

Mindy Mercedes  (Female - Yellow - 14)
I like bananas. They're yellow.
Team "Animation & Animation"
* The Chosen One
* The Second Coming

(both safe)

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I don't understand any of this... I'm in a world of complete insanity...
GG! I'm glad the Bus made it as far as it did. Now, let's introduce some Ne'er-do-well Narrators, shall we?

The Balladeer (SAFE)

Rod Serling (SAFE)
You know what they say. All toasters toast toast.
ok. ok

Marceline (female, green)

Businesswoman Eating Hamburger (female, safe)
"I worry exactly the right amount. You can never worry too much!" - Tulio
GG! Helena did well, surprisingly. Too bad she died from Hunger right before the feast.

My tributes are:

Henry (Male)

June (Female)

Both are Orange
why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food
32nd place... bruh momento!

tributes are:

Death The Thirteen (F). She's yellow i am so tired of debating about her age in my head i can figure it out later.

Yew (M), Yellow
it is me. awe921, the greatest face in all of koridai
My Tributes:

Chef Beck (he/him, safe)

Box (it/its, safe)
You know where you are? You're in the jungle baby.
In another news, I've just switched my tributes in response to Kafka nominating Ran and Chen. Suzuran and Mousse were chosen as they were intended to be nominated back in a TVT HGS season as a response to Kaf choosing Ran and Chen, but I missed out on it.
Monsta X and Lee Hoseok (nickname: Wonho)

Both male (Monsta X is a group tribute,) both safe.
Event Ideas-

Fatal Events
* After (Player1) (kills/kills/kills/kills/kill1) (Player2), the remaining tributes all stop what they're doing, and sing a song about them being glad that (Player2) (is/is/is/is/are2) dead. 

* Before (Player1) (ends/ends/ends/ends/end1) up killing (Player2), the former has one thing to ask the latter. "Do you think your (role/role/role/role/roles2) (is/is/is/is/are2) important? (IT'S/IT'S/IT'S/IT'S/THEY'RE2) NOT!"

* (Player1) (forces/forces/forces/forces/force1) (Player2) to run through an endless staircase until (Player2) (dies/dies/dies/dies/die2).

* (Player1) (competes/competes/competes/competes/compete1) in a car race against (Player2) and (Player3) by using (a dragster/a dragster/a dragster/a dragster/dragsters1). (Player1) (dies/dies/dies/dies/die1) in said race though since dragsters can't turn.

* (Player1) (puts/puts/puts/puts/puts1) (Player2) in solitary confinement after (Player1) (uses/uses/uses/uses/use2) a bomb to kill (Player3).

* (Player1) (is/is/is/is/are1) very upset at (Player2) for killing some birds and (summons/summons/summons/summons/summon1) a humanoid war machine to successfully kill (Player2) in revenge.

* (Player1) (summons/summons/summons/summons/summon1) a gigantic cat in order to successfully kill (Player2) right before the former (takes/takes/takes/takes/take1) a nap.

* (Player1) (gets/gets/gets/gets/get1) eaten by a cow plant.

Non-Fatal Events
* (Player1) (casts/casts/casts/casts/cast1) a spell to have everybody forget something [typeA1] didn't want everybody else to know about [typeB1].

* When (Player1) (calls/calls/calls/calls/call1) (Player2) (a villain/a villain/a villain/a villain/villains2), (Player2)  (responds/responds/responds/responds/respond2) by stating that [typeA2] (is/is/are/is/are2) not (a villain/a villain/a villain/a villain/villains2) but (an anti/an anti/an anti/an anti/anti2)-(hero/hero/hero/hero/heroes2).

* "Thank you for your help, (idiot/idiot/idiot/idiot/idiots2)!" (Player1) (says/says/says/says/say1) to (Player2).

* President Snow issues a decree where any superpowers the tributes may have shall be stripped away from them. The first (victim/victim/victim/victim/victims1) of this decree (happens/happens/happens/happens/happen1) to be (Player1).

* (Player1) (confuses/confuses/confuses/confuses/confuse1) (Player2) with (Player3).

* (Player1) (hopes/hopes/hopes/hopes/hope1) (Player2) (gets/gets/gets/gets/get2) bit by (a freaking/a freaking/a freaking/a freaking/freaking2) (crocodile/crocodile/crocodile/crocodile/crocodiles2).

* A wild dog comes up to (Player1), and tells [typeB1] to kill the radio.

* (Player1) (flicks/flicks/flicks/flicks/flick1) (a dagger/a dagger/a dagger/a dagger/daggers1) for fifteen minutes.

* (Player1) (wants/wants/wants/wants/want1) to fight with strangers.

* (Player1) (makes/makes/makes/makes/make1) a flashy entrance in front of (Player2), and (says/says/says/says/say1) to [typeB2] "Hello (Player2)". (Bloodbath)

Life-Or-Death Carnival Games Arena Event
All of the remaining tributes are forced to play some life-or-death carnival games.

Non-Fatal Event

* After (Player1) (gets/gets/gets/gets/get1) a very high score in playing Whack-A-Mole, (typeA1] (ends/ends/ends/ends/end1) up being able to survive this arena event.

Fatal Events

* (Player1), (Player2), and (Player3) all die as a punishment for losing a pie-eating contest against (Player4).

* (Player1) and (Player2) are forced to play darts against each other. (Player1) (ends/ends/ends/ends/end1) up winning while (Player2) (dies/dies/dies/dies/die2) after losing the game.

* (Player1), (Player2), and (Player3) all die as a punishment for losing a game of Bingo against (Player4).

* (Player1) (is/is/is/is/are1) unable to win a game of Skee-Ball against (Player2), and (ends/ends/ends/ends/end1) up dying because of that.

* (Player1) (dies/dies/dies/dies/die2) after getting a vey low score in a high striker game.

Wonderland Arena Event
The remaining tributes all got sent down a portal to Wonderland.

Non-Fatal Event

* (Player1) (escapes/escapes/escapes/escapes/escape1) Wonderland.

Fatal Events

* (The Queen of Hearts has (Player1) off with [typeC1] (head/head/head/head/heads1).

* The Red Queen kills (Player1) for mistaking her with the Queen of Hearts.

* (Player1) (gets/gets/gets/gets/get1) killed by the Jabberwocky.

* The Cheshire Cat tricks (Player1) as well as (Player2) into falling for a trap that would end up killing those tributes.

* The residents of Wonderland all decide to team up together to kill (Player1) as well as (Player2).

Fatal (5):
(Player1) (kills/kills/kills/kills/kill1) (Player2), (cuts/cuts/cuts/cuts/cut1) [typeB2] up, and (stuffs/stuffs/stuffs/stuffs/stuff1) [typeB2] up inside of [typeC1] secret meat box.
(Player1) (sends/sends/sends/sends/send1) a flock of crows to eat (Player2) alive.
(Player1) (sends/sends/sends/sends/send1) a flock of crows to eat (Player2) alive. But the crows turn on (Player1) and eat [typeB1] as well.
(Player1) (eats/eats/eats/eats/eat1) a lemon and (dies/dies/dies/dies/die1).
With the energy of all other tributes on Earth, (Player1) (launches/launches/launches/launches/launch1) a Super Spirit Bomb, which kills (Player2), (Player3), (Player4), (Player5), and (Player6).

Nonfatal (6):
(Player1) (prepares/prepares/prepares/prepares/prepare1) a salvo.
(Player1) (reads/reads/reads/reads/read1) the previous season. [TypeA1] (is/is/are/is/are1) shocked by the surprise winner.
They fight, and bite, and fight and fight and bite! Fight, fight, fight! Bite, bite, bite! The (Player1) & (Player2) Show!
Hey all, (Player1) here!
(Player1) (wonders/wonders/wonders/wonders/wonder1) what's for dinner.
(Player1) (asks/asks/asks/asks/ask1) (Player2) what's wrong with [typeB1]. (Player2) (says/says/says/says/say2), “Maybe it's the way you're dressed?”
  • (Player1) (lets/lets/lets/lets/let1) out a horrendous wail that (kills/kills/kills/kills/kill2) (Player2) and (deafens/deafens/deafens/deafens/deafen3) (Player3).
  • (Player1) (whispers/whispers/whispers/whispers/whisper1) to (Player2) to ask for help, but accidentally (kills/kills/kills/kills/kill2) (Player2) with [typeC1] sonic brown notes.
  • (Player1) (whispers/whispers/whispers/whispers/whisper1) to (Player2) to ask for help, but accidentally (deafens/deafens/deafens/deafens/deafen2) (Player2) with [typeC1] sonic brown notes.
  • (Player1) (helps/helps/helps/helps/help1) (Player2) flatten a crocodile into pastry dough.
  • (Player1) (helps/helps/helps/helps/help1) (Player2) make country biscuits out of crocodile pastry dough.
  • (Player1) (suffocates/suffocates/suffocate/suffocates/suffocate1) (Player2) by shoving spiderwebs into the latter's mouth.
  • (Player1) (suffocates/suffocates/suffocate/suffocates/suffocate1) (Player2) by shoving spiderwebs into the latter's mouth, but [typeA2] (manages/manages/manages/manages/manage2) to spit it out.
  • (Player1) (chokes/chokes/chokes/chokes/choke1) (Player2) by wrapping spiderwebs around the latter's neck.
  • (Player1) (chokes/chokes/chokes/chokes/choke1) (Player2) by wrapping spiderwebs around the latter's neck, but [typeA2] breaks the spiderwebs and runs away.
  • (Player1) (gets/gets/gets/gets/get1) mocked by (Player2) over a failed attempt to blacklist the latter through convoluted reasons.
  • (Player1) (tells/tells/tells/tells/tell1) (Player2) to shut up and get lost in the Midwest.
  • (Player1) (draws/draws/draws/draws/draw1) a picture of all the tributes [typeA1] (has/has/had/has/had1) met so far. (Player2) (spits/spits/spits/spits/spit2) on it, enraging the former to kill the latter.
  • (Player1) (forces/forces/forces/forces/force1) (Player2) to say "oof" under a death threat.
  • (Player1) (seasons/seasons/seasons/seasons/season1) [typeC1] steak using the cutting board, aggravating (Player2), who (assumes/assumes/assumes/assumes/assume2) that the technique is objectively wrong. (also Feast)
  • (Player1) (shoves/shoves/shoves/shoves/shove1) (Player2)'s head down a saxophone.
  • (Player1) (shoves/shoves/shoves/shoves/shove1) (Player2)'s head down a saxophone, killing the latter.
  • (Player1) (makes/makes/makes/makes/make1) a makeshift hot air balloon with a box and a sack. The hot air balloon fails to fly.
  • (Player1) (makes/makes/makes/makes/make1) a makeshift hot air balloon with a box and a sack. The fire in the hot air balloon ends up burning [typeB1].
  • (Player1) (dies/dies/dies/dies/die1) from eating too many chilli peppers at once. (also Feast)
  • (Player1) (suffocates/suffocates/suffocates/suffocates/suffocate1) to death after eating 1 cactus fruit due to the still-attached microscopic barbs. (also Feast)
  • (Player1) (knocks/knocks/knocks/knocks/knock1) out (Player2) with a giant chicken drumstick. (also Feast)
  • (Player1) (kills/kills/kills/kills/kill1) (Player2) with a giant chicken drumstick. (also Feast)
  • One of (Player1)'s teeth gets pulled out by a parrot.
  • (Player1) (persuades/persuades/persuades/persuades/persuade1) a parrot to remove a tooth from (Player2). The parrot successfully removes it.
  • (Player1) (persuades/persuades/persuades/persuades/persuade1) a parrot to remove a tooth from (Player2). The parrot fails.
  • (Player1) (persuades/persuades/persuades/persuades/persuade1) a parrot to remove a tooth from (Player2). The parrot gets killed by the latter.
  • (Player1) and (Player2) take turns repeatedly slapping the Cornucopia, with the latter destroying it with a powerful slap. (Bloodbath)
  • (Player1) and (Player2) take turns repeatedly slapping (Player3), with (Player2) killing (Player3) with a powerful slap.
  • (Player1) (believes/believes/believes/believes/believe1) that (Player2) (has been/has been/has been/has been/have been1) compromised by a parrot.
  • (Player1) (believes/believes/believes/believes/believe1) that (Player2) (has been/has been/has been/has been/have been1) compromised by (Player3).
Very interesting...first person to consume solid objects through liquid methods.

quote list

E N D L E S S  F U N


She's got three murders under her belt, views are gonna be skewed

10 events in total. Let me know just how much I've screwed things up (if I have):


* (Player1) (finds/finds/finds/finds/find1) a pie. [TypeA1] (takes/takes/take/takes/take1) a bite into it, discovering that it's full of toothpaste.

* (Player1) (finds/finds/finds/finds/find1) a pie. [TypeA1] (takes/takes/take/takes/take1) a bite into it, discovering that contains a picture of (Player2).

* (Player2) (destroys/destroys/destroys/destroys/destroy1) (Player2)'s cake by putting it in a washing machine.

* (Player1), (Player2), and (Player3) plot to take over (Player4)'s homeworld.

* (Player1) (burns/burns/burns/burns/burn1) down (Player2)'s camp, leaving [typeB2] to die. (Player2) survives, swearing vengeance upon (Player1).

* (Player1), (Player2), and (Player3) find a pirate ship, and claim it as their own, with (Player1) becoming the (captain/captain/captain/captain/captains1).

* (Player1) and (Player2) find a map of a part of the arena. They fight over it, tearing it in half in the process.


* (Player1) (bludgeons/bludgeons/bludgeons/bludgeons/bludgeon1) (Player2) to death with a wheel of cheese.

* (Player1) (burns/burns/burns/burns/burn1) down (Player2)'s camp, leaving [typeB2] to die.

* (Player1) (drops/drops/drops/drops/drop1) a bust of (Player2) onto (Player3) from a great height, killing [typeB3].
Miitopia Events:
  • (Player1) (finds/finds/finds/finds/find1) (a statue/a statue/a statue/a statue/statues2) of (Player2). It turns out to be (Player1)'s dream.
  • (Player1) and (Player2) are starving, while (Player3) appears to be eating. It turns out [TypeA3] (is/is/are/is/are1) pretending to eat.
  • As (Player1) and (Player2) are fishing, (Player1) haven't caught anything and (gives/gives/gives/gives/give1) up. (Player2) asks if [TypeA1] should use bait next time.
  • (Player1) and (Player2) are in a museum and they find a (a statue/a statue/a statue/a statue/statues3) identical to (Player3). The (statue/statue/statue/statue/statues3) then reveals that it is the real (Player3)
  • While shopping, (Player1) and (Player2) end up getting lost. They look for each other until they meet each other.
  •  While riding a boat, (Player1) (dances/dances/dances/dances/dance1) on the boat while (Player2) (warns/warns/warns/warns/warn1) [TypeA1] about it. [TypeA1] then (falls/falls/falls/falls/fall1) off.
  •  While riding a boat, (Player1) (dances/dances/dances/dances/dance1) on the boat while (Player2) (warns/warns/warns/warns/warn1) [TypeA1] about it. They end up dancing together.
Transplanted Events:
  • A prehistoric squirrel slams an acorn in the ice, and the result forms a crack which causes a cliff to drop onto (Player1). (Fatal)
  • (Player1) jumps into a river. Turns out it's an electric eel habitat. (Fatal)
  • (Player1) (watches/watches/watches/watches/watch1) vultures eating the corpse of the latest tribute who died.
  • (Player1) (goes/goes/goes/goes/go1) birdwatching.
New Events:
  • (Player1) (listens/listens/listens/listens/listen1) to the cicadas.

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