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Poll: (NON-BINDING) Allow non-fatal elimination events? TVT HGS bans them, for reference.
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I'll quit if they're allowed.
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I'd prefer they be forbidden.
6 25.00%
I don't really care.
11 45.83%
I'd prefer they be allowed.
7 29.17%
I'll quit if they're forbidden.
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Total 24 vote(s) 100%
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Hunger Games Simulator - Trouble Cube Edition
TVT OG Events (13)* (Player1) (gives/gives/gives/gives/give1) (Player2) a relaxing massage.
* (Player1) (is/is/is/is/are1) fatally struck by lightning.
* (Player1) accidentally (steps/steps/steps/steps/step1) on a mound of carnivorous fire ants, which tear apart and feast on [typeC1] flesh and bones.
* (Player1) (goes/goes/goes/goes/go1) swimming, but (gets/gets/gets/gets/get1) swept away by the current. (Fatal)
* (Player1) repeatedly (slams/slams/slams/slams/slam1) (Player2) back and forth like (a metronome/a metronome/a metronome/a metronome/metronomes2). (Fatal)
* (Player1) (suplexes/suplexes/suplexes/suplexes/suplex) a boulder, just because [typeA1] can. (Undertale)
* (Player1), (Player2), (Player3), (Player4), and (Player5) throw (Player6) a surprise party.
* (player1) (teaches/teaches/teaches/teaches/teach1) (Player2) how to fight.
* (Player1) (trains/trains/trains/trains/train1) (Player2), (Player3), (Player4), and (Player5) in combat.
* (Player1) (hurls/hurls/hurls/hurls/hurl1) a boulder at (Player2), crushing [typeB2] underneath it.
* (Player1), (Player2), (Player3), (Player4), (Player5), and (Player6) play Spin the Bottle. (Blacklisted)
* (Player1), (Player2), (Player3), (Player4), (Player5), and (Player6) play Truth or Dare.
* (Player1) (shoves/shoves/shoves/shoves/shove1) (a serrated knife/a serrated knife/a serrated knife/a serrated knife/serrated knives1) up (Player2)'s (rear/rear/rear/rear/rears2). (Fatal)

TVT Reboot Events (14)* Upon witnessing (Player1) do something disgusting, (Player2) (lets/lets/lets/lets/let3) out a big "NO!"
* Upon witnessing (Player1) kill (Player2), (Player3) (lets/lets/lets/lets/let3) out a big "NO!"
* Upon witnessing (Player1) kill (Player2), (Player3) (lets/lets/lets/lets/let3) out a big "YES!"
* (Player1) (gets/gets/gets/gets/get1) hit by Error 404 and (is/is/is/is/are2) erased from the HGS Server.
* (Player1) (gets/gets/gets/gets/get1) stuck in a cave. (Player2) (enters/enters/enters/enters/enter2) the cave to rescue [typeB1] and (succeeds/succeeds/succeeds/succeeds/succeed2).
* (Player1) (gets/gets/gets/gets/get1) stuck in a cave. (Player2) (enters/enters/enters/enters/enter2) the cave to rescue [typeB1] but (kills/kills/kills/kills2) [typeB1] instead.
* (Player1) (gets/gets/gets/gets/get1) stuck in a cave. (Player2) (enters/enters/enters/enters/enter2) the cave to rescue [typeB1], but [typeA1] (is/is/are/is/are1) long dead by the time (Player2) (arrives/arrives/arrives/arrives/arrive2).
* (Player1) (gets/gets/gets/gets/get1) stuck in a cave. (Player2) (enters/enters/enters/enters/enter2) the cave to rescue [typeB1] but (dies/dies/dies/dies/die2) along the way. (It's implied that P1 found their way out the next day/night)
* (Player1) (takes/takes/takes/takes/take1) a picture of (Player2), but it turns out [typeA1] (is/is/are/is/are1) taking a selfie instead.
* (Player1) (puts/puts/puts/puts/put1) a blanket over (Player2) and (tells/tells/tells/tells/tell1) (Player3), (Player4), and (Player5) to pretend [typeA2] (is/is/are/is/are2) invisible. They leave (Player2) alone.
* (Player1) and (Player2) are so madly in love with each other that they forget to eat and starve to death. (Blacklisted)
* (Player1) (covers/covers/covers/covers/cover1) (Player2) with gunpowder as the latter tries using (a fire attack/a fire attack/a fire attack/a fire attack/fire attacks2) on [typeB1], causing [typeB2] to explode. (Pokemon, P1 kills P2 in a counterattack)
* (Player1) (vaporizes/vaporizes/vaporizes/vaporizes/vaporize1) (Player2) with laser eyes while T-posing for dominance. (Undertale trailer)
* (Player1) (saves/saves/saves/saves/save1) (Player2) from drowning by giving [typeB2] CPR.

TC Originals (3)* (Player1) (insults/insults/insults/insults/insult1) (Player2)'s (hat/hat/hat/hat/hats2), but (Player2) (says/says/says/says/say2) that (Player3) (thinks/thinks/thinks/thinks/think3) (it's/it's/it's/it's/they're2) great... which is high praise because (Player3) (wants/wants/wants/wants/want3) [typeB2] to be more like [typeC2] (hat/hat/hat/hat/hats2).
* After (Player1) (defeats/defeats/defeats/defeats/defeat1) (Player2), the latter (bites/bites/bites/bites/bite2) [typeC2] own (tongue/tongue/tongue/tongue/tongues2), (traps/traps/traps/traps/trap2) [typeD2] in a water prison, and (summons/summons/summons/summons/summon2) three sharks to eat [typeB2]. (Naruto)
* (Player1) (tries/tries/tries/tries/try1) pulling (Player2) from the edge of a cliff with rope, but (loses/loses/loses/loses/lose1) [typeC1] grip. (Player2) (falls/falls/falls/falls/fall2), but the artifact attached to the rope (sends/sends/sends/sends/send2) [typeB2] to (Player3)'s universe, never to be seen again. (Centaurworld, natural death for P2)

Sometimes the best tributes are the ones that make you laugh.
(Player 1) (pets/pets/pets/pets/pet1) Dusty, the cutest kitten in all of Trouble Cube. All is well.
it is me. awe921, the greatest face in all of koridai
  • (Player1)! (He's/She's/They're/It's/They're1) back in town! (bloodbath only)
  • (Player1) (drinks/drinks/drinks/drinks/drink1) milk to make [typeC1] (skeleton/skeleton/skeleton/skeleton/skeletons1) strong and healthy. Cue (Player1)'s (skeleton/skeleton/skeleton/skeleton/skeletons1) bursting out of [typeC1] (body/body/body/body/bodies1). (fatal, day/night/Feast)
  • (Player1) (breaks/breaks/breaks/breaks/break1) (Player2)'s legs because [typeA2] wouldn't stop prank calling [typeB1].
  • When (Player1) (dies/dies/dies/dies/die1), (Player2) (gets/gets/gets/gets/get2) sad... because [typeA1] owed [typeB2] money.
  • (Player1) poisoned the water supply. Now (Player2), (Player3), (Player4) and (Player5) are dead. Whoops.
(Player1) (falls/falls/falls/falls/fall1) facefirst into a beartrap. (Fatal)
(Player1) (sees/sees/sees/sees/see1) some good-looking berries. And then [typeA1] (falls/falls/falls/falls/fall1) dead. (Fatal)
(Player1) (sees/sees/sees/sees/see1) some good-looking berries. [typeA1] (gives/gives/gives/gives/give1) them to (Player2), who then (dies/dies/dies/dies/die2). Whoops.
(Player1) (steps/steps/steps/steps/step1) on some leaves and (falls/falls/falls/falls/fall1) into a bottomless pit. (Fatal)
(Player1) (pets/pets/pets/pets/pet1) Jupiter, the old cat who wishes he could have been TroubleCube's mascot. He bites (Player1) and draws (his/her/their/its/their1) blood.
who needs the peas corps

(Player1) (is/is/are/is/are1) at (Player2)'s source material. [TypeA1]'(s/s/re/s/re1) at (Player3)'s source material. [TypeA1]'(s/s/re/s/re1) at the combination (Player2) and (Player3)'s source materials.
(Player1) (confuses/confuses/confuses/confuses/confuse1) (Player2) with (a character/a character/a character/a character/characters2) from the former's source material.

(Player1) (confuses/confuses/confuses/confuses/confuse1) (Player2) with (a character/a character/a character/a character/characters2) from (Player3)'s source material.
Just wondering if events/signups are closed yet, and if we should start getting the save set up. I'll be happy to run/set up events if needed.
I think now's good time to close the event suggestions. Libre will host BTW.

EDIT: Unfortunately, GCB's internet got cut off, so he gave up savemaking/running.

EDIT 2: Libre and Kaf have set up the Clean Save and the latter is running as we speak.
Sometimes the best tributes are the ones that make you laugh.
Alright lets get TC HGS S3 started baybayyyyyyy

Reaping (Backup)

Battle Music: FNF VS Impostor - Sussus Toogus

Bloodbath (Backup)
  • Camping equipment for the entire group, woo!
  • Uh oh, Tiger Telematics can shapeshift into ANY console now!
  • You bombarding bumfuck. YOU KILLED THE KING!
  • WTF? These kids are betting on how much kills they can rack up!?
  • Illuminating Hunger Games? Hah-[bapped] Oooookay that's no joke apparently!
  • Ricken. You could've killed Judy with those.
  • SANEK!???? oh mai god Sanek tells WALL-E a freak threat- [laughter ensues due to the changed name]
  • ANOTHER DISCOURAGE this time from someone actually named Snake
  • ...this is Suzuka's first time yo.
  • Yo Dr. Wasabi, YOU GOT THE WRONG BAG!
  • Ran! Why are you breaking a cookie's nose over bread!?
  • lmao wut in-universe host? Anyway that's just a box.
  • Oh great the albums have shapeshifting powers lmao
  • Why the fuck did Captain Barnacles contemplate suicide yikes. Good thing he was snapped out of it.
  • Ayo Maribelle you could've gone straight to killing Anger

Day 1 (Backup)
  • Oh SHIT Lemon Cookie went off with the gunpowder on Violet!
  • No, Crow, Yew comes from none of those albums! [facepalm]
  • No, folks, he's not literally melting his brains out.
  • WTF. Mousse is more inclined to kill than Picard, eh?
  • Yep, that's Snake! Not Sanek or Snake 2!
  • Aaaaaaaaand how can that be an attack, Tiger?
  • lmao this businesswoman has a crisis
  • Alexis, Ultimate Broadway Circus Diva!
  • ayo wtf why does the pic look like Cherry set off too many bombs
  • Ah, yes, hopefully it hasn't turned into a cookie at this point for being there for so long...
  • Uh, hello? Yes, I like to report a fire in a painted hole.
  • Bloody TOM-
  • are you fucking kidding me Suzuka? What bad influence could Solid Snake ever have on WALL-E?
  • Death the 13 does an extravagant display of how she takes Badeline's life. 5/10 too complicated.
  • Ohhhhhh no, Wonho's spooked by his own whispering...
  • [Baka Mitai in earrape ensues]
  • Marceline yells at Sanek (or should he be Snake 2?) to defend Barnacles.
  • Yes, I'm her sponsor alright.
  • Cry, for you look like a joke character.
  • Dr. Wasabi Cookie doesn't seem to be a historian, y'know.
  • YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Henry! That's an impressive statue you made!
  • Judy went into Henry's statue, canon.
  • LOL you're not getting ANY info from Rod, sorry!

Fallen Tributes: King Harkinian, Anger, Violet, Captain Picard, Monsta X, Badeline

Kill Tally
  • Cherry Cookie: 1
  • Maribelle: 1
  • Lemon Cookie: 1
  • Mousse: 1
  • Death the Thirteen: 1

E N D L E S S  F U N


She's got three murders under her belt, views are gonna be skewed

"...Whoops. Knew I had a bad aim with a bow... Ah well, guess I'll stick to blowing things up next time! The lightshow's WAY more worth anything an arrow can do! Kyaaahahahahahahahahahahaha!"
"I thought I told you to leave me the fuck alone, teal!"

Yeah that's not happening while you're in these games.
"I'm going to have this song stuck in my head for DAYS!"

...was that even Delilah's text color I forgot lol
Stupid doomed timeline...
"You find yourself ensnared by a simple link under the guise of an interesting pictorial. A gateway to a world filled of mockery and derision in a catchy mantra. Try as you might, you cannot click off the video. For you have given yourself up an area that'll never let you down. You've been taken to. . . The Rickroll Zone."
You know what they say. All toasters toast toast.
great job dying Violet
Monsta X died because for some reason they didn't even think to drink anything before the season started? Meh, figures.

It's up to you now, Wonho.
Bloody Servo, Bloody Servo, Bloody Servo...
Poor Chef.
who needs the peas corps

The sequel (prequel?) to Steven's Knife: Greg's Dagger!
Sometimes the best tributes are the ones that make you laugh.
Battle Music: FNF VS Flippy: Flipped Out! - Triggered

Night 1 (Backup)
  • Hey, don't insult the child!
  • Hey come on, Majima hasn't done any harm yet!
  • Hooooly shit poor Marceline...
  • Youkai don't need to eat cookies to live, idiot!
  • Whoa hey! Lemon Cookie's out for an electrifying challenge from Skiggs!
  • Uhhhh, did Suzuka caught herself under any actual injuries?
  • lmao get rickrolled by Death herself
  • Greg must've thought Cherry Cookie's committing cannibalism with that theft. Totally didn't happen, nope!
  • A box in a torture dance!? The poorlar bear's convinced that this is just some dastardly hallucination!
  • mikan why are you straight up snorting sugar
  • ...isn't Zootopia already 3-dimensional?
  • PFFFFFF-Always scared of your own voice, huh, Chilli Pepper?
  • Goddammit Christian you could've fired the cactus first
  • IDK what kinda guy Chef Beck is, but I feel like he'd be the kinda guy to unironically pronounce the phrase with PINGAS emphasis.
  • WTF were those Mindy(s) doing!?
  • Don't praise dark shadows - praise BLOODY TOM!
  • Clover, the most animesque of the trio is disappointed when Crow, the most live-action of the group does the best in making anime art.
  • Oh god, Mousse is at it again, this time killing Kiryu for being late in returning books!
  • ...Meito's dumb. June and Solid Snake come from two different types of media, bruh!
  • lmao more musical brain melt

Day 2 (Backup)
  • ["host vs. vigilance" starts playing]
  • WHOLE buncha albums saw Majima hit the vents!
  • The Drip cannot be predicted, Chen, as you found out yourself. [trollface]
  • Don't you value your life more? Say oof for me~
  • This just in; Lost Death only works on biological entities.
  • Yew preps the salvo in order to outkill Henry.
  • Giant cotton swabs aside, RIP Crow.
  • I can only imagine Wonho already getting distracted before realising that Roman ended his yelling right away.
  • ...so the vultures also got a taste for metal (by Crow).
  • Fucking vultures could've went for Ricken's corpse instead...
  • Oof! Henry only racked up 30 hotdogs, and no kills! Disappointing!
  • How do you remove a tooth from a cookie lmao
  • Poor Barnacles gets taunted by a narrator this time. As if getting torture-danced with a box in the group wasn't shitty enough.
  • [pulls out Random.org for some reason] And Angelina wins this round of Mario Kart!
  • How the fuck- that's not how magnetization works!
  • Yeah, I can see why. What the fuck kinda scarecrow likes lemon juice?
  • River. Right text.
  • OH MY GOD ALEXIS! Did she become a murderous killing game player or something!?
  • I...that's a weird derision of combat.
  • ...beer with gummy bears- [malfunctions]
  • Ohhhhhhh no Tiger Telematics has become god now. PLEAAAAAAAAASE no-
  • [facepalm] Mindy, look where you're going!
  • Box, wtf, Kirk was just singing. Geez...

Fallen Tributes: Marceline, Christian, Kiryu, Crow, Ricken, Maki, Cherry Cookie, Suzuran, The Second Coming, Rod, Mindy, Captain Kirk

Kill Tally
  • Alexis: 5
  • Mousse: 2
  • Cherry Cookie: 1
  • Maribelle: 1
  • Lemon Cookie: 1
  • Death the Thirteen: 1
  • Cherry Blossom Cookie: 1
  • Ran Yakumo: 1
  • Box: 1

E N D L E S S  F U N


She's got three murders under her belt, views are gonna be skewed

"If every porkchop were perfect, I wouldn't be stacking these hotdogs!"
Sometimes the best tributes are the ones that make you laugh.
Lmao what the heck Wonho
Oof welp, Suzu got killed.

Also lmao at Mousse worfing Kiryu
Alexis wtf.
Stupid doomed timeline...
It's become incredibly obvious that a cardboard box is a force to be reckoned with.
who needs the peas corps


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