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Decrypto Signup Form
While you while watching TV, you saw a commercial from a studio looking to make a new game show. Interested in the idea, you quickly rushed to your computer to sign up. Two days later, you receive a letter in the mail.
 NOTICE: All slots have been filled.
The Non-Suspicious LetterTo all Decrypto contestants,

All of us at Maroon Moon Studios appreciate your willingness to help create the first ever episode of Decrypto, the game show where participants have to use a combination of strength and smarts to solve puzzles in escape rooms for prizes. However, as the actual escape room is currently being set up, it is never too early to get to meet and interact with your fellow contestants. This is why until the actual room is ready, you will be staying at a hotel with your peers. We've attached a plane ticket along with the rules and regulations for the hotel to this letter. Feel free to pack as much as you can fit in your suitcase, as you'll be at the hotel for a while.

To confirm your placement, please fill out the following form.

Decrypto Participant FormName:_____

Picture (optional):






Important Medical Information (allergies, medication, etc.)_____

Crimson Hotel Rules and RegulationsHello [NAME],
Thank you for choosing Crimson Hotel! Please enjoy our pool, lounge and other amenities!

However, while you're at the hotel, we have a few rules set in place to help keep everything in order.

Never go into the basement without staff supervision. This rule had to be implemented for legal reasons. We here at the Crimson Hotel Staff are not responsible for injuries/deaths that occur as a result of not following this rule.
Please avoid loud music past 9:00 p.m.
Feel free to decorate your room as you please. Just ensure whenever you leave that your room is as clean as it was when you entered.
Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner will be served at 8:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m., and 6:00 p.m. respectively. Snacks are also available outside of the times listed. 
Do not under any circumstances attempt to injure/kill any staff member. This will result in SERIOUS consequences.

Rules for the MurdergamePlease refrain from joining if you can't play. In other words, try to post at least one every two days. If you have to stop playing for any reason, PM me and I will find a replacement.
Don't post during the night phase or if your character is dead.
No Godmodding.

Gameplay1. Breakfast 
2. Meeting to discuss what happened the night before.
3. Lunch
4. Free-Time, you're free enjoy yourselves at the hotel.
5. Dinner
6. Night Phase

Good Team Roles
Investigator: has the ability to accuse someone at night, their accusation will be revealed anonymously during meetings.
Psychic: has the ability to check a player's role at night to see if they're evil.
Medic: can save anyone at night. If their target was also a target of the murderer, the target will be saved.
Vigilante: has the ability to shoot a player at night up to three times, however, if you shoot an innocent person, you have to put your gun away for the rest of the game.

Evil Team Roles
Murderer: has the ability to kill one player per night.
Attorney: at night chooses a player to protect from elimination. Cannot be used on the same person twice.
Seer: has the ability to check a player's role at night to see their exact role.
Bomber: can set down a bomb in a players room, killing anyone that visits them. Can only be used once.

Neutral Roles
Twins: has no special abilities, but if something happens to your twin, the same will happen to you. Wins by living to the end of the game.
Fool: has no special abilities at first, but when eliminated, can haunt a player the next night. Wins by being eliminated.
Survivor: can use a bulletproof vest to protect themselves up to three times. Wins by living to the end of the game.
Assassin: can assassinate a player once a game, but has a percentage of failure. If successful, the target cannot be saved. Wins by successfully killing another player. 

Hotel StaffRuby- The main host of Decrypto.

Scarlet- The brains behind Decrypto. A lot of people say she's one of the nicer Staff members.

Pine- The chef of the hotel and the reason why the hotel was able to be constructed.

Peri- A child that Ruby let work at the hotel. That might've been a mistake.

All Staff reference photos can be found here.

Cast1. Wendy Christensen No Pictures Please. We'd ALL be arrested.
2. Cass Can do anything a dog can do!
3. Lance VanceStraight from the streets of Vice City.
4. Tonya Does the song "Through the Fire and the Flames" sound familiar?
5. Frankie Don't get cooked, stay off the hook.
6. Tiger Telematics *insert Nintendo Switch click*
7. James Rolfe/The Angry Video Game Nerd Have you ever broken a controller before?
8. Henkano Dank King of the (trash) swamp.
9. The Lemmings Great minds think alike.
10. Cirno Ok, who advertised the show on Nick .Jr again?
11. Kazuichi Souda The Ultimate Mechanic.
12. Red Riding Hood But this time she's hunting the big bad wolf instead.
13. Matthew Patrick i.e. MatPat But it's just a theory. A Game (Show) Theory.
14. Ivi Roma Cyberpunk and a Criminal! Not Clickbait!
15. Hitomi Elakha Don't worry, we have plenty of fish.

[Image: Wendy_Photo_still_from_Final_Destination_3.png.jpg]

"When I come to the cemetery to see him, I feel this is proof that there is no life after death. Because I don't see or hear anything. It's just silent."

Name: Wendy Christensen
Picture: [see above]
Age: 17
Strengths: Photography skills, cautiousness, as well as premonitions (will not be used, as it's. .kinda OP? so yeah)
Weaknesses: . .her cautiousness can and probably will borderline on overcautiousness or even paranoia.
Likes: Photography, being in control
Dislikes: Rollercoasters, heights(?), death (all of the things mentioned here are more like fears but eh)
Important Medical Information (allergies, medication, etc.): N/A, from what I know about the films.
Oh lei, oh lai, oh lei, oh Lord
He will slay you with His tongue, oh lei-oh lai-oh Lord

Name: Cass

Picture: [Image: 8CBACE3F-7C0D-45A5-B4C7-72FF1823A13F.jpeg]

Age: 19

Strengths: Climbing, running, strong, very smart for her species.

Weaknesses: Bones, water, peeing, chocolate.

Likes: Dogs & cats (in general), other people, freedom, water

Dislikes: Captivity, Dogs & Cats (For sniffing her out as a dog easily), peeing, chocolate.

Important Medical Information (allergies, medication, etc.): Cannot tell the difference from the colors red and green. Has severe chocolate allergies.
Hey, welcome back. Hope you enjoyed your ride. I would've enjoyed this interview a lot more if I had GOTTEN MY CUP OF COFFEE!
Name: Lance Vance


Age: 28

Strengths: Good criminal skills, handy with a gun, acting cool

Weaknesses: Impulsiveness and sensitive deep down

Likes: Committing crimes

Dislikes: Not being taken seriously or respected

Important Medical Information (allergies, medication, etc.): N/A
When two trains meet each other at a railroad crossing, each shall come to a full stop, and neither shall proceed until the other has gone.
Name: Tonya

Picture (optional):    

Age: 30

Strengths: She is a fashion designer and makes most of her own clothing. Good at anything involving sewing, knowledge of garment construction, etc. She is also surprisingly good at playing Guitar Hero...

Weaknesses: She is, simply put, a nervous wreck who has a tendency to fall apart when things go bad. Tends to stutter and stammer, which gets worse when she is more nervous/anxious.

Likes: Fashion, sewing, anything chocolate.

Dislikes: Liars, messes (especially gory ones), distrust.

Important Medical Information (allergies, medication, etc.) No allergies, not currently on any medication (but she could probably use some for anxiety).
Stupid doomed timeline...
Name: Frankie


Age: 50

Strengths: Flexible, eight limbed, can camoflage self, can breathe under water, can type fast.

Weaknesses: Doesn't take well to being dried out. Small and unprotected.

Likes: Fish. Well-designed operating systems. Hardware that is waterproof. Fermented fish sauce.

Dislikes: Being asked to sort out a situation with a sentient computer virus that can infect more than computers... don't ask.

Important Medical Information (allergies, medication, etc.): ...Is a sentient octopus. Other than that, she's normal for her species.
Murdergames CharactersFrankie * Dr. Ruby Ramirez * Solanacae Bakersby * Sam BlackSelen(ium) * Reina Schultz * Dr. Francine "Frankie" Frankenstein * Lotta Schadenfreude

Need a bigger bookshelf? Join me in The Library.
Name: Tiger Telematics

Picture (optional):    

Age: Was founded 5 years ago (is from 2005... somehow), but physically mid-late-20s-ish

Strengths: Confidence, decent physical strength

Weaknesses: Arrogance, overconfidence, not as smart as he thinks

Likes: The Gizmondo console, money, GPS technology, driving (too) fast

Dislikes: His competitors (Nintendo and Sony) and their consoles, being confused with Tiger Electronics

Important Medical Information (allergies, medication, etc.) He bleeds money instead of blood, otherwise not much to say here

Other: Speaks in orange
Name: James Rolfe/The Angry Video Game Nerd

Age: 40

Strengths: Good at humor and holding a conversation, knows how to deeply analyze something, especially for its flaws

Weaknesses: Quick to anger, drinks too much

Likes: Good games, Rolling Rock beer

Dislikes: Shitty games, especially Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Important Medical Information (allergies, medication, etc.): N/A
For my next trick, how about I kick your ass?
Name: Aya'koya

Picture (optional): attached

Age: About 400 years, give or take a year or so; I never saw to it to keep track of it.

Strengths: power of flight, increased agility, camouflage with plants, unconditional loyalty, determination

Weaknesses: extreme physical weakness/frailty, reduced size (Both a blessing and a curse to be only 2 feet tall.), increased susceptibility to poison, stubbornness, obliviousness to the obvious

Likes: stargazing, kites

Dislikes: solitude for extended periods, water (It's terrifying! So loud and vile, how can anyone stand it?!)

Important Medical Information (allergies, medication, etc.): Err... I'm probably going to make myself sound absurdly pretentious here, but... While I wouldn't think to be allergic to anything, could you please ensure my food is organic? We spirits of the forest don't take too kindly to additives and what have ye.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Name: The Lemmings

Picture (optional): [Image: 58_583380_cheering_lemmings_grizzy_and_t...parent.png]

Age: Unknown, likely mature.

Strengths: Can work as a team, highly synchronized and energetic.

Weaknesses: Can be very reckless, and aren't really big on their own. They also non-verbal and unintelligible.

Likes: Chocolate spread, playing and having fun.

Dislikes:Those who interfere with their time.

Important Medical Information (allergies, medication, etc.): None.
Name: Cirno

Age: Looks around 5, but is actually at least 60.

Strengths: Ice powers, being able to respawn, flight, etc...

Weaknesses: It doesn't take much to take her down... And she's also an idiot.

Likes: Frogs (for freezing), Ice Cream (particularly her Ben and ⑨ Ice cream brand (spun off from her Chirumiru powdered milk brand), Being the strongest, ETC.

Dislikes: Being called a baka/idiot, people being cooked or eaten (cannibalism in general) (this is from her experience in a... Certain game show, by the way), etc.

Important Medical Information: A recent IQ test has revealed that Cirno has a probable maximum IQ... Of 9.

Eye'm the Strongest!

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
I don't understand any of this... I'm in a world of complete insanity...
Name: Kazuichi Souda

Picture (optional): [Image: Kazuichi_Soda_Illustration.png]

Age: Early 20s (est.)

Strengths: Being the Ultimate Mechanic, he excels at repairing and building pretty much anything – not just vehicles! He loves what he does, and he'll happily stay up all night just to work on a project. He doesn't appear all that bright on the surface, but in reality, he's a quick thinker. He's also a good friend and he'll be there for anyone who needs him.

Weaknesses: He's a big fucking wimp. Expect him to scream really loudly at the sight of a dead body (or anything particularly horrifying.) Also gets distracted easily, especially if it concerns a certain princess he's crushing on back home. He's also rather socially-inept; in particular, he has a tendency to speak without thinking anything through.

Likes: Cars, vehicles in general, fixing/building stuff, girls (ESPECIALLY Miss Sonia) and cola

Dislikes: Blood, gore, murder, anything sugar-free and anyone who gets in the way of his crush on Miss Sonia (especially Gundham)

Important Medical Information (allergies, medication, etc.) None that I know of.

Other: Speaks in this shade of pink.
Name: Red Riding Hood

Picture (optional):

[Image: screenshot-44.png]

Age: If you wanna be technical, somewhere in her 400s. But practically let's say early 20s.

Strengths: Good aim! VERY popular online.

Weaknesses: Pretty easy to call out on her bullshit, generally a bad liar. Also bees.

Likes: Selfies, her grandma, torturing the Big Bad Wolf.

Dislikes: Vain influencers (other than herself obviously), mud, being shot at.

Important Medical Information (allergies, medication, etc.): Noooone to note I don't think?
"I believe there's a WHOOOLE bag!"
Name: Matthew Patrick i.e. MatPat
Picture (optional):

Age: 34

Strengths: Acting, theorizing, science

Weaknesses: Physical activities, bad liar, gets a lot of things wrong, spiders (has arachnophobia), arrogance about having the right answer.

Likes: Theater, Theories, Lore, Science, Analysis

Dislikes: FNaF Lore, Popping Balloons, Spiders

Important Medical Information (allergies, medication, etc.): Arachnophobia

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
That one guy who RPd Hifumi Yamada for some ungodly reason.
Name: Ivi Roma

Picture (optional):
[Image: image0.jpg]
Age: 22

Strengths: Ivi is pretty dexterous, having had practice with running and evading the authorities of her futuristic city. She's also charismatic and good in social situations. Finally, she's had good practice with hologram technology; nothing game breaking, but enough to make some beautiful and defensive creations with them.

Weaknesses: While dexterous, Ivi isn't very good in terms of physical strength. If put in a fair fight, she'll be knocked down easily. She's also incredibly optimistic, always seeing the good in others. While that's a good thing most of the time, it means she's easily taken advantage of.

Likes: Nature, especially plant life. Colorful lights.

Dislikes: Stuck-up people in power who refuse to listen to others.

Important Medical Information (allergies, medication, etc.): No significant medical information.

Other: Speaks like this.

Name: Hitomi Elakha
Age: 17
Strengths: Trained a bit in unarmed self-defense. Fairly creative.
Weaknesses: Still a teenager, with all the pitfalls of that (drama brain, just for starters). A picky eater. Sensitive to bright light and loud noise.
Likes: Sweets, fish, cats, good stories.
Dislikes: Beans, most non-fish meats, Girly Girl™ stuff.
Important Medical Information (allergies, medication, etc.) Uhhhh idk lol
Other: Vivi's (adopted?) daughter. From way further forward in the timeline than we've seen so far.
Name: Henkano Dank (call him Henka)
Picture (optional): See below
Age: Somewhere in his 30's but looks like a child.
Strengths: Danmaku magic and spellcards, themed around trash and vermin.
Weaknesses: Being physically childlike means he can be flung around pretty easily, and he's quite cocky and very enthusiastic.
Likes: Trash and vermin
Dislikes: Getting treated unequally compared to the other youkai and supernatural creatures in Gensokyo (here, he's looked down upon more than any other youkai/supernatural creature).
Important Medical Information (allergies, medication, etc.): none

[Image: walfas_henkano.png]
She's got three murders under her belt, views are gonna be skewed


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