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Brothers In Arms
Dear Chef,

Quick note! This gameshow involves [Unreadable], [Unreadable] and [Unreadable], i\if you don't want to [Unreadable], tear this up right now!

Would you like to become a world renowned chef? Someone whos name is known by everyone around the world?

Do you want to have your own restaurant?

Well then you've come to the right place!

Join Hell on a Dish, just by signing your name and abilities! Please write your application on the paper provided.

Try your best, make a good meal, and don't get eliminated!

Oh and don't die. Obviously.


Addie + The Sh.

Application Form:

Name: ____________
Age: ______________
Gender: ____________
Species: ____________
Abilities: _______________
Favorite Dish: ________________
Celebrity Guest to nominate (Who's your favorite celebrity?) (Optional): _________
Other: ______________________


I, as a participant of Hell on a Dish, solomnly swear to not cook myself or others, because that is murder. And murder is bad. I do know that I could potentially injure myself in the kitchen, and I'm not a serial killer.

Sign Here: ______________________________

The first two was a pack of letters you either received in the mail, or saw on your daily commute.

Months Later, you get a package with a colored envelope, and a white one. You open the white one first...

Dear Chef,

Good news! You have been accepted for Hell on a Dish! Please report to the Las Vegas airport on May 9, 2021 at 4:20 PM.

Low on cash?

Check the other envelope.

Good Luck!

You check the other envelope, and out comes a $2,000 dollar bill, along with a sticky note on it:

"To use for air travel."

Little do you know, Hell On a Dish doesn't exist. It's actually season 3 of the highly controversial (but popular) gameshow, known as Brothers In Arms.

This is a roleplay. You probably already fucking knew that.

So this game has a big twist...the 18 people competing? They'll be split into two groups of 9, The red team, and the blue team. Each team will consist of 7 innocent and 2 scum. The 4 scum will know who they all are, But you want to know what makes it even more interesting?

The "scum" and "innocents" will have to work together. Here's how it will work during the Dinner Service:

1. The Load. I give both teams the food they have to prepare (E.G. 11 Rosie Burgers, 2 Fox Stews, 8 Ibuki Nuggets) or each teams' "Load". The same load will be given to both teams. This is a great time to pick who will do what in what team. If somebody wants to or needs to sit out, they can do that.

2. The Reveal. Each day, we will have a special guest diner. Once everyone gets their load and everyone knows what they are doing. The guest diner will introduce themselves, interact with the cooks, and then put in their special order (E.G. a Shaggy Sundae).

3. The Cook-Off. Will usually begin about an hour or two after The Load. In it, a team member will say ">Make X". Then, I will send them a PM containing a puzzle, such as a Trivia Question, a word to Unscramble, or a famous saying, phrase, or quote with the words in the wrong order (E.G. "Look You Before Leap," "Father Am No I Your"). You will have to respond to my PM with the puzzle answer. If you get it right, a food item is taken off of your load. If you get it wrong, you have failed at making that food and the food will get "sent back," which means The Shag will make a quip about the food you have served, and instead of a food item taken away, a food item will be added to your load.

The special item is harder, as it involves three people to complete, but no puzzle.

The team who finishes their load first wins, and gets to stay in the safe room, which is a collection of bedrooms, along with other things. The murderers cannot kill them. It includes group video games, an entire set of Rock Band instruments, a full section of private hot tubs and showers, and a TV for every bed.

Meanwhile, anyone on the other team can be killed, "Eliminated", as we call it here...except for the murderers, of course!

Every night, the murderer may kill someone that isn't in the safe bedroom, or choose to do nothing.. They must pm me how they kill them, like "I take a kitchen knife and stab it in Shitass's chest." Innocents must sleep for the night, unless they have a role that says otherwise.

The next day, everyone will get up, and try to find the dead person. They can also investigate the scene for clues. Using RTD dice.

They can vote for anybody, but only before the Dinner Service.

The next Dinner Service will be at (the fictional) 2:00.

The murderers win if the amount of murderers left is 2 or 1 less (or even equal) than the amount of people left. The town win if each murderer is killed.


Blah blah blah here are the roles:

When the game starts, you will get a role. Here are the roles you may get:

Good Roles

The Detective: Gets clues on who might be bad every night. They never outright say it, but over time some roles should become known.

The Spy: On the second day and after, they may ask three times per game to see the most recent dm I sent someone, or the most recent dm someone sent me.

The Medic: Can choose to protect one player every night from the killer.

The Spirit: May choose to look at one person every night. They will know everybody that visited that person, but will not know what they did.

The Bomber: If killed by killer, will blow up the killer with them.

The EMF: Any time during the game, they can announce their role to everybody and double their votes for the rest of the game. Unbelievable!

Grubhub Delivery Guy - Can deliver a burger to someone every night. That person may eat that burger once at the start of any night, protecting them from kills.

The Cook: You are boring, but you can make toast! Yay!

Evil Roles

The Killer: Default killing role. Once during the game, they can ninja-kill.

The Accomplice: This person doesn't do any of the killing, but they second the killer, or whoever kills. Every night, when the killer kills, they may put in up to two pieces of fake evidence. If The Killer dies for any reason, they take their place, but lose this role.

The Roleblocker: Every night, they can block somebody from doing their night action. The blocked will instead get a PM saying, “Your Role Has Been Blocked For This Night.” They know who the killers are.

The Magic Man: Muffles the detective's clues to be in the scum's favor. They can only use this three times in the game, but they can ask every night for the clue going to the detective, before it is sent to them, so they can choose to muffle it.


Cupid: Every night, can make two players twins. If one dies that night or gets voted off that day, so does the other one. Twins know who the other twin is for the night/day sequence. After the day is over, new twins are crowned.

Rickroller: Is told they are a Boring when roles are revealed. If Detective investigates them, they will instead get a link to Rick Astley's “Never Gonna Give You Up”. If Killer Tries To Kill Them, they will still die, but the killer will also get a link to Rick Astley's “Never Gonna Give You Up.” When they die, everybody will get a link to Rick Astley's “Never Gonna Give You Up”.    Hopefully we can use it this time.

The Bartender: Gives somebody 2 shots every night, That morning, the player will become drunk. They will stay drunk until the challenge starts.

Lone Wolves:

The Action Hero: You always Macgyver yourself out of bad situations. And once you got yourself in one of the worst you've ever gotten in, you don't sweat. Why? You have a plan. 1. Get yourself voted out. 2. Escape. 3. Save everyone else by killing the person who seems the most suspicious.

Will it work? Only time will tell.

1: Make your votes clear during meetings

like /vote Shitass


This includes talking for other characters, evading a murder, escaping the house, or throwing a challenge in your favor. If someone godmods in this game,    I wont be very happy!

3: Please make sure you can participate before signing up. I don't want anyone to be AFK for the entire game. If you need to leave, please say so by DM.

4: Editing is allowed, because this is a roleplay, but only for spelling or grammar mistakes.

5: If you are dead or voted out, please don't post in the thread until the finale.

6: You only have one character. Use it wisely.

7: Please do not quote any of my dms in your posts.

8: Any character is allowed, except for controversial figures.

9: If you do not post for an entire week with no reason why, you will be kicked out and replacements will be found to be in your place. Also, if you post only once in a day 3 times in a row with no reason why, I will interrogate you, and possibly kick you.

10: If you need to quit the game, please tell me and I will find a replacement.

11: Please do not post for the sake of posting (E.G. Post only once an in-game day, post only an introduction and sometimes stating the obvious). If you do this, I will dm you about it. If you don't respond within a week, you will get replaced.

12. Just because it isn't a rule doesn't mean you can do it. Use you common sense. No, you can't take out a gun and shoot The Shag down. No, you can't kill yourself. No, you can't make a milkshake when we ask for Roasted Peanut.

The Game-Breakers will serve as The Shag's 2nd hand (wo)men.
Meet The Game-Breakers!
Sam Reyu:

[Image: 1f704384_e9d1_406d_82d5_78ce3f39e818.png]

The Magnificent Sam Reyu!

An author avatar of an Idea-Maker called HonidiWebzz. Suffered the fate of being a Mary Sue, and once she started to get the hate of other players, she was killed by the murderer. Soon came back to just call out the murderer and say that they killed them. Luckily, everyone took pity on the murderer and everyone else left alive.


[Image: 9df07123_7098_4442_a631_34229e207dd0.png]


A funny baby elephant who was abused in a circus. If you've ever met them before, they will not stop talking about that last part. They got so annoying the host told them to stop. She soon started to overshadow everyone else and started to overshadow even the host, even trying to take the host over, but the host then obliterated them into nothingness. The Shag (Really Audley) has found the remains of TooToo and used it to reconstruct the elephant.


[Image: E9588C68-2C3E-47A8-B940-58DBAC82CF5D.png]

Mentira in his game

Originally as the villain in the Video Game “Far Cry: The Battle Of Freedom,” He was brought in another murdergame, and actually stayed chill for a while. Then, they started talking for other players, but nobody really minded. Then, he not only talked for another player, but turned the completely innocent player into a murderer. Needless to say, the host was not happy, and kicked them out, but Mentira escaped beforehand. He then made snarky comments on the current situation for the rest of the game.


[Image: A321AB6A-04F5-4579-9499-BB1D006F3D03.png]

Damn that's rare, an actual picture!

A prep student from Reginald University, and almost died in a bombing there. The bombing gave her a dark side, whenever you make them angry.....Not many people would know this though, as in their murdergame they did absolutely nothing, and apparently quit.
They were the murderer. The host was angry at them, and banished them from every murdergame after. That incident was a long time ago, and Audley's powers tried to develop, but because she barely did anything, they never did. Her only power is being so forgettable, she makes you forget things from your memory. The more you forget, the shorter it stays.

Also (Spoilers for BIA 2) This whole thing was her idea. She's holding the other Game-Breakers and The Shag hostage and just wants to see everybody die so she can take the energy from their souls. She wants the murderers to kill, because she gets more powerful every time somebody dies, but she can't kill them.

Also, the application is up there, in case you haven't figured it out yet. Also, the “Celebrity Guest” is just saying another Murdergame character or host of yours, who could make a cameo appearance as a guest for the restaurant. If you're new, or don't want to do it, it's optional. I'll roll to see the order of the guests. So sorry if the game ends before you can put one in!

So let's see the cast:

1. Bonald McDonald (Not helping our case that we're not a rip-off.)
2. Ur Mom (UR MOMMA SO- [Gets shot])
3. Pico (Bang bang bang)
4. Dr. Heinz Doofensmirtz (Behold! The Die-Inator!)
5. Seedy Joe Bourbon (His love of roadkill could extend to himself)
6. Google Translate (¡hermanos de armas es lo mejor!)
7. Vivi Elakha (Welcome to the 27 Club. Population: Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Robert Johnson, Richey Edwards, Kurt Cobain, Tim Buckley, Nick Drake, Shannon Hoon, Amy Winehouse, Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, and you.  )
8. Linda Belcher (Burger of the Day.
9. Junko Enoshima (Has more fashion sense than common sense.)
10. Stolas (Hoot hoot motherfucker)
11. Patchy The Pirate (Damn Parrots!)
12. Momoe Sawaki (Eg)
13. Banana Waddle Dee (Poked a hole in my juice box)
14. Steamboat 3000 ( The exploding robot.)
15. Frosted Snow (Ah yes, the snow is made of snow.)
16. Psyche ( Remember the last time someone had an umbrella?)
17. Henrik Sturmatem (The Almighty Janitor.)
18.Tommy Coolatta (Sorry but I cant think of a good joke)

Anyway, the winner of the music competition, and the winner of the special room is...Blitzo!
"FUCK YEAH!" Blitzo fist-pumps in celebration. "I knew putting way too much effort into this shit would pay off! Noiw bow down to your musical master!"
Well, um... At least I did better on the... the other parts?

Tonya at least seemed pretty proud of her red carpet dress.
Stupid doomed timeline...
Fawful is not pleased at his failure.

Guess Fawful's grand debut on the red carpet were a lost cause!
Rasel grits his teeth, before sighing. "Whatever... just a little game, right?"
Well, I can't say I didn't try, at least. I guess there's a reason I'm a screenwriter and not writing movie scores. Congrats, though, Blitzo!
Murdergames Characters
Frankie * Dr. Ruby Ramirez * Solanacae Bakersby * Sam BlackSelen(ium) * Reina Schultz * Dr. Francine "Frankie" Frankenstein * Lotta Schadenfreude

Need a bigger bookshelf? Join me in The Library.
WHAT? THAT TOOK ME 9 HOURS! Ugh, I was never cut out for the arts anyway.

I refuse to be polite or heterosexual

[Snake happily applauds Blitzo, loudly whooping and cheering.]
It's been a long day...That's why Night Phase is going to start at 7:00 Central today.


"Good game, nice song!"

Sam shakes Blitzo's hand.

"Really, all the songs were great."

"The songs were great! Too Too loves all of them! Too Too wants a hug."

"NGL, that song sucked ass. They all did. None of you have any actual talent."

"i meen none of em culd beet my moosical abilitee but ok i ges"
"Hey, I... I have talent. Just not in songmaking, but um... I'm good at making clothes, and I can bake brownies, and..."

Tonya smiles nervously.
Stupid doomed timeline...
Sonic shrugs in a very "At least I tried" way.
I don't understand any of this... I'm in a world of complete insanity...
(02-08-2021, 19:51:16 PM)Kennifer Wrote: "Hey, I... I have talent. Just not in songmaking, but um... I'm good at making clothes, and I can bake brownies, and..."

Tonya smiles nervously.

"Nope. Ya don't. You have no talent."

Mentira makes Tonya talk and say something she would never say. "Yeah, you're right! I'm a talentless fuck! And I killed JFK and i'm working with Nazis to-"

Stop it Mentira. I told you not to force talk the contestants.
What? Listen you, that was . . . he didn't even use the right software thingy!.
Sam blinks. So that's what Mentira's name means. Not necessarily that they're the one telling lies. But they can make other people tell lies.

I have to write that down in my notebook... that's a really good ability for a creepy antagonist.
Murdergames Characters
Frankie * Dr. Ruby Ramirez * Solanacae Bakersby * Sam BlackSelen(ium) * Reina Schultz * Dr. Francine "Frankie" Frankenstein * Lotta Schadenfreude

Need a bigger bookshelf? Join me in The Library.
Tonya goes bright fuckin' red in the face.
Stupid doomed timeline...
"No fuckin' duh I didn't use that Google shit! You gotta think outside the box to win these things!"
"Thinking outside the box, eh...? Count yourself lucky you won't be ending up in one. Private room all to yourself, which the killer can't get to... I'm jealous."
That google program was... limiting, yes. But I think if you manage to make something good anyway that's even better thinking outside the box. Sometimes limiting yourself can make you be more creative!
Murdergames Characters
Frankie * Dr. Ruby Ramirez * Solanacae Bakersby * Sam BlackSelen(ium) * Reina Schultz * Dr. Francine "Frankie" Frankenstein * Lotta Schadenfreude

Need a bigger bookshelf? Join me in The Library.
Tonya's face is still quite red.

"N...nobody believed that, um, right?"
Stupid doomed timeline...
"Nobody here's stupid enough to believe that. There's no reason to blame you for any of that."

Rasel rubs his eyes. "It's been one hell of a day. I understand if you're feeling stressed or anything like that."
"Yeah it's um... less fun since the alcohol wore off. Not that I did that, I didn't do that deliberately. I had some cocoa, and somebody spiked it."

Tonya grinned kinda sheepishly.

"Sorry I was... wasn't very helpful trying to solve the murder this morning."
Stupid doomed timeline...
Frieza crossed his arms and scoffed. "Hmph. Typical, you charlatans don't know good music when you hear it." He was staring out into space with a frown..
"Ah, congratulations, Blitzo. That's quite impressive." Scott said while clapping.
"I can't tell you how many times I've burned everything to the ground and started over."
"Oh, congrats, Blitzo!" Neptune says.
Glitchy Bootleg Lasers

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