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Brothers In Arms
Dr. Doofenshmirtz waves at everyone else.

Alight, well, guess I better be going back to Danville now! Thanks for all the friendships I made... which WON'T MATTER IN THE LONG RUN BECAUSE I AM A MILLIONAIRE! See you all later!

With that last tangent, Doof heads though his portal, thinking about all the possibilities with his newly-acquired riches/
"Well, this was... definitely an experience I'll never forget. I'll probably have nightmares, actually! But I'll be back home with my family, so that's good. Bye, everybody!"

Linda waves and heads through the portal leading... Hopefully back home to Bob and the kids.
Stupid doomed timeline...
[Momoe simply waves at the others.]

"Farewell, everyone!"

[And thus, she heads to the portal. . .but not before looking back at the others one last time.]
"I can't tell you how many times I've burned everything to the ground and started over."
Soon there was no one left that was from the game itself.

Except for one Hannibal Middle-Name-Unknown Lecter, who was still seething in rage in the corner.

"How dare that witch hire me on for a single challenge. I know what I should do... offer her a lovely dinner! Yes... that is exactly what I should do." He laughed to himself until a red finger tapped him on the shoulder.

"Howdy. Mr., uh, Lecter, was it? Yer supposed ta be goin' home now, y'hear? Go on and git."

The serial killer turned and glared at him. "I have nowhere to go home to. I refuse to go back to prison."

"Mm. A real shame there, guy. Do ya wanna hold this for me then?"

"Hold wha—guh!" The unseen demon snapped his fingers and turned him into a mix between an impaled victim on a spike and a scarecrow, holding a cardboard sign on his chest.

"Sit tight. Turning the Tables will premiere tomorrow evening at 6:00 PM eastern, 9:00 PM Pacific."

Jenkins stepped out of the shadows and looked up and down at his handiwork.

"Hm. How's that, lady?" He turned towards Audley with a tilt of his head.
Jake the dog and FIN the human the fun will never end it's adventure time

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