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[spoiler]we have basic spoiler text now[/spoiler]
In the same vein, we didn't post this anywhere central so let's reiterate that we've added [ac]small caps or "ass caps"[/ac] and [evil]evil text[/evil], which can be -


[ac][color=#4CEA5E]in approximately the manner you're used to[/color][/ac]
[folder=Good news, everyone!]
Good news, everyone!After some aggressive internet searching, we now have folder-type spoilers.

Here is a cat video.

Spoiler text now works on-click.

If it doesn't for you, you may need to do a hard refresh (shift+F5 on desktop; usually hold the refresh button on mobile) or clear your cache.

because i think they were intended for more informative threads so you can rate if its Good Information or if its BAD MISINFORMATION. and this... isn't really the most informative thread out there.
it is me. awe921, the greatest face in all of koridai
[hover=We've got hovertext!]
What's this?We've got hovertext!
[Image: unknown.png]

Dark mode! For when staring at what is functionally a lightbulb is not your idea of a good time.
Did a bunch of tweaks to permissions and stuff. PM storage should be unlimited now, among other things, and dark mode shouldn't be arbitrarily missing a bunch of features. If anything looks weird, shoot me a PM.
Editing permissions have been removed from Mafia Games and Murdergames, since, y'know. Individual game mods can join the "Game Mods" group from their group membership page, in case they need to edit their own game. You can also use the Report button to call in a mod to make needed edits, if something is horribly broken.
Rev up those hard refreshes, because we've just changed how hovertext works. For example, it actually works on mobile now.
Updoot of the day,
[ind]you can now indent your text a little bit to make TVTropes-style quotes[/ind]
We have a mobile theme now! It's going to need some tweaks but still, mobile theme!
The person reading this is cool
Updoot x2 combo: New mobile theme sucks and is broken, deleted, we're gonna keep looking

Your mobile browser probably has something like "reading mode" which can be used for this purpose, so in the meantime please learn how to do that
Users who've joined the Game Mod group from their group membership page should now be able to lock/unlock their own threads, among other things.
Oh yeah we have proper announcement banners now. Pretty cool, eh?
The person reading this is cool
Rev up those hard refreshes, troubadours:
[Image: unknown.png]

We've got buttons.
CSS update: If you've got people on your Ignore List and you're tired of seeing that "we'll show you the post anyway if you want" button, do a hard refresh real quick and those posts will get 100% yeeted.
CSS update: I am a fucking dumbass.

If you're using a narrow skin and you're annoyed by how the edit menu pops up out of place for no apparent reason, do a hard refresh real quick. I found the fix and it is some super fucking obvious shit.
Happy April! The most important event of today is the birthday of this purrecious adorable kitty.

(We nudged you all to the shiny new Dustycore™ theme, but you can switch that back any time you like in your options and at the bottom of most pages..)
Adjusted the order and visibility of smilies. The myBB default smilies, less-useful arrows, and some others, have been shoved behind the "more" section. Still there, though, and can be used as always.
We've got rudimentary pings! Literally just type
in a post to ping them. Works in edits, too, but not quick edits.

Caveat: Right now, when pinged from a new post, the link they get will send them to their latest unread post in the thread, even if that's not the post you pinged them in. Pinging from an edited post gets them sent a link directly to the relevant post, however.

I'll work on fixing that in a bit. It certainly seems like something that should be easy enough to do, right...?

e: Okay, we're gonna disable this version while we look into newer ones that might just actually already be doing the things we want. But if not, we'll bring this one back.
Okay! Mentions are back and better than ever, plus we've added MyAlerts to let you know when you get mentioned and also some other stuff, and you can configure precisely what you want to be alerted about here.
Dark Cube has gotten a little bit darker - and hopefully easier on the eyes, in a few key places. Do a hard refresh to see it.

And do make sure to tell us when something looks funky.
MyBB core update to 1.8.27! Some relevant issues that have been fixed:

Cube-tan no longer steals your pronouns

... okay we were expecting to find the quick reply fix in there too, since that is in fact fixed, but it doesn't seem to be in the list. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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