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Poll: (NON-BINDING) Allow non-fatal elimination events? TVT HGS bans them, for reference.
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I'll quit if they're allowed.
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I'd prefer they be forbidden.
6 25.00%
I don't really care.
11 45.83%
I'd prefer they be allowed.
7 29.17%
I'll quit if they're forbidden.
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Hunger Games Simulator - Trouble Cube Edition
2nd place, neato! I found this season entertaining, even if there was a bit of ending fatigue. I say the ending was handled well.

Nominating some creepypastas because that phase has officially made its comeback for me lmao:
The Puppeteer
Candy Pop

Both are male and safe. Each comes from their respective stories, but the art for their images are made by Jordan Persegati (from these videos)
Not great nor grave. Just grey.

Some Rocky Horror characters for y'all.
rip neptune
Planting two new contenders for this seedy sport:
A Leapleaf aka Leapleaf (it, animalistic, Minecraft Dungeons)
A Sylvan Hound aka Sylvan Hound (it, animalistic, Guild Wars 2)

I might make an event post later.
What else needs saying?
That's what you are.
Guess who's back?

Child!Flounder (Male, Orange, Death Pic)

Adult!Flounder (Male, Safe)
Shun Akiyama (male, safe)

P. H. Casinoguide (female, safe)
Glitchy Bootleg Lasers
Event Ideas-

Rescue President Snow
After President Snow gets kidnapped, the Peacekeepers force the remaining tributes to help-out in rescuing them.

(Player1) successfully (helps/helps/helps/helps/help1) out in rescuing Snow from the kidnappers. (Non-Fatal Scenario)

After (Player1) (refuses/refuses/refuses/refuses/refuse1) to help out in rescuing Snow whatsoever, the Peacekeepers respond by shooting [typeB1].

"Your president is in another castle!" one of Snow's kidnappers says to (Player1) before killing [typeB1].

(Player1) and (one/one/one/one/some1) of Snow's kidnappers mutually kill each other.

(Player1) (kills/kills/kills/kills/kill1) (Player2) after mistaking [typeB2] for (one/one/one/one/some2) of Snow's kidnappers.

(Player1) (takes/takes/takes/takes/take1) a gun from the corpse of one of Snow's kidnappers, and (uses/uses/uses/uses/use1) it to kill (Player2).

Encanto-themed Arena Event
he remaining tributes all walk through some magical doors to receive some magical gifts.

(Player1) (receives/receives/receives/receives/receive1) a gift that fits (typeC1] (personality/personality/personality/personality/personalities1) quite well. (Non-Fatal Scenario)

(Player1) (receives/receives/receives/receives/receive1) the gift of healing people via cooked food items. (Non-Fatal Scenario)

(Player1) (receives/receives/receives/receives/receive1) the gift of being able to see into the future. (Non-Fatal Scenario)

(Player1) somehow (receives/receives/receives/receives/receive1) no gift whatsoever. (Non-Fatal Scenario)

After receiving the gift of super hearing, (Player1) (gets/gets/gets/gets/get1) killed by President Snow after the latter found out that the former overheard a secret of his.

After receiving the gift of super strength, (Player1) (punches/punches/punches/punches/punch1) (Player2) so hard that it kills [typeB2].

After receiving the gift of plant manipulation, (Player1) (creates/creates/creates/creates/create1) some poisonous plants in order to kill (Player2).

After receiving the gift of shapeshifting, (Player1) (uses/uses/uses/uses/use1) said gift to kill (Player2), and frame (Player3) for [typeC2] (death/death/death/death/deaths2).

After receiving the gift of animal communication, (Player1) (convinces/convinces/convinces/convinces/convince1) some animals to kill (Player2), (Player3), and (Player4) for [typeB1].

After receiving the gift of weather manipulation, (Player1) (conjures/conjures/conjures/conjures/conjure1) up a storm that kills (Player2), (Player3), and (Player4).

Merfolk City Arena Event
The remaining tributes all transform into merfolk, and got teleported to an underwater city filled with other merfolk together.

(Player1) (makes/makes/makes/makes/make1) it back on land, and (grows/grows/grows/grows/grow1) [typeC1] legs back by simply drying off. (Non-Fatal Scenario)

(Player1) (enjoys/enjoys/enjoys/enjoys/enjoy1) [typeC1] time at the underwater city, and (wishes/wishes/wishes/wishes/wish1) [typeA1] could stay there. (Non-Fatal Scenario)

A merman king grabs his magical trident, and uses it to kill (Player1).

(Player1) (dies/dies/dies/dies/die1) after making a deal with a sea witch (who is pretty much a jerkass genie).

(Player1) completely (turns/turns/turns/turns/turn1) back into [typeC1] original species while [typeA1] (is/is/are/is/are1) still underwater; causing [typeB1[ to drown to [typeC1] (death/death/death/death/deaths1).

(Player1) (gets/gets/gets/gets/get1) killed by a sea monster after the former swims outside the underwater merfolk city.

A merfolk resident in the underwater city summons a bunch of sharks to kill (Player1).

Other Fatal Events
(Player1) (kills/kills/kills/kills/kill1) (Player3) for making fun of the fact that (Player2) (a.k.a. the love (interest/interest/interest/interest/interests2) of (Player1)) (is/is/is/is/are2) dead. (Blacklisted; the names for P2 and P3 are reversed due to kill count order)

(Player1) (beats/beats/beats/beats/beat1) up (Player2) for making fun of the fact that (Player3) (a.k.a. the love (interest/interest/interest/interest/interests3) of (Player1)) (is/is/is/is/are3) dead. (Blacklisted)

(Player1) (uses/uses/uses/uses/uses/use1) electricity powers inside a swimming pool; causing [typeB1] as well as (Player2), (Player3), and (Player4) to all die inside there.

After (Player1) (gets/gets/gets/gets/get1) killed by (Player2) despite how the former looks very similar to (one/one/one/one/some1) of the latter's closest family members, said family (member/member/member/member/members1) (comes/comes/comes/comes/come1) to the arena, and (kills/kills/kills/kills/kill1) (Player2).

(Player1) (gets/gets/gets/gets/get1) killed by (Player2) despite how the former looks very similar to (one/one/one/one/some1) of the latter's closest family members, (Bloodbath and Non-Bloodbath)

Other Non-Fatal Events
(Player1) (resolves/resolves/resolves/resolves/resolve1) a major world-ending disruption to history where a past season of the HGS has gone disastrously wrong and almost all tributes that season have become corrupted thralls for a Holy Grail, dedicated to guarding it as the arena continues to burn to the ground.

(Player1) (resolves/resolves/resolves/resolves/resolve1) a major world-ending disruption to history where an evil clone of Jeanne d'Arc summons dragons to burn down all of France shortly after the real Jeanne gets burned to death.

(Player1) (resolves/resolves/resolves/resolves/resolve1) a major world-ending disruption to history where many rulers throughout history attempt to take over Ancient Rome.

(Player1) (resolves/resolves/resolves/resolves/resolve1) a major world-ending disruption to history where the Atlantic Ocean gets turned into a truly endless ocean sometime in the 16th century.

(Player1) (resolves/resolves/resolves/resolves/resolve1) a major world-ending disruption to history where 19th century London gets covered with a poisonous fog.

(Player1) (resolves/resolves/resolves/resolves/resolve1) a major world-ending disruption to history where Queen Medb (a.k.a. an evil queen from Celtic Mythology) attempts to take over the United States of America not too long after the country first gained independence, and start a new kingdom of her own there.

(Player1) (resolves/resolves/resolves/resolves/resolve1) a major world-ending disruption to history where an evil version of King Arthur seeks to create a new Camelot in the middle of 13th century Jerusalem, and is willing to destroy countless lives to do so.

(Player1) (resolves/resolves/resolves/resolves/resolve1) a major world-ending disruption to history where three goddesses form an alliance together to destroy Ancient Mesopotamia.

(Player1) (resolves/resolves/resolves/resolves/resolve1) a major world-ending disruption to history where sometime in the 1990s, a part of Tokyo has been walled off and isolated from history by a mysterious criminal conspiracy.

(Player1) (resolves/resolves/resolves/resolves/resolve1) a major world-ending disruption to history where people disappeared to a dangerous underground world located in Central Asia in the year 2000 AD.

(Player1) (resolves/resolves/resolves/resolves/resolve1) a major world-ending disruption to history where Abigail Williams from Salem Witch Trials ends up receiving powers and abilities from a Lovecraftian Outer God.

(Player1) (resolves/resolves/resolves/resolves/resolve1) a major world-ending disruption to history where an evil goddess comes to 17th century Japan in hopes to pamper all living beings, and ultimately break down society as a whole due to the lack of interactions to hold it together.

(Player1) (resolves/resolves/resolves/resolves/resolve1) a major world-ending disruption to history where 11th century Japan gets plagued with evil spirits.

(Player1) (resolves/resolves/resolves/resolves/resolve1) a major world-ending disruption to history where three historic figures become faction leaders for a three-way war with each of them rebelling against humanity's history.

(Player1) (prunes/prunes/prunes/prunes/prune1) an alternate timeline where a meteor crushed earth, and caused a permanent Ice Age from existence.

(Player1) (prunes/prunes/prunes/prunes/prune1) an alternate timeline where humans shall be fed to giants when they turn 25 from existence.

(Player1) (prunes/prunes/prunes/prunes/prune1) an alternate timeline where humanity is restricted of their freedom, and they all behave like ignorant pets from existence.

(Player1) (prunes/prunes/prunes/prunes/prune1) an alternate timeline where a mad deity comes to ret-gone a bunch of humans every ten days from existence.

(Player1) (prunes/prunes/prunes/prunes/prune1) an alternate timeline where humanity end up having extremely blind loyalty to deities to a harmful degree from existence.

(Player1) (prunes/prunes/prunes/prunes/prune1) an alternate timeline where fairies replaced humans as the dominant species of Earth from existence.

Events! And they're up!
  1. (Player1) travel(s/s/s/s/1) to the high ground. (Player2) leap(s/s/s/s/2) toward [typeB1], but (Player1) cut(s/s/s/s/1) off all [typeC2] limbs mid-leap.
  2. (Player1) make(s/s/s/s/1) (Player2), (Player3), and (Player4) draw straws. (Player4) draw(s/s/s/s/4) the shortest straw, so [typeA4] is spared. (P1k2,3)
  3. So let it be written, so let it be done, to kill (Player1). (Player2) (is/is/is/is/are2) Creeping Death. (P2k1)
  4. Bop-ba-do-bop. (Player1) teach(es/es/es/es/1) (Player2) how to buy a canoe. (Don't Hug Me I'm Scared [next 4 events])
  5. (Player1) take(s/s/s/s/1) (Player2), (Player3), and (Player4) on a journey through time. (Player4) do(es/es/es/es/4)n't want to because they'll miss their show.
  6. (Player1) tell(s/s/s/s/1) (Player2) that [typeC2] favorite color is not creative.
  7. (Player1) use(s/s/s/s/1) [typeC1] hair to express [typeD1]. (Player2) say(s/s/s/s/2) that sounds really boring.
  8. (Player1) make(s/s/s/s/1) your teeth go gray. (+ Feast)
  9. (Player1). What a concept. (Russian Doll, + Bloodbath/Feast)
  10. (Player1) chase(s/s/s/s/1) down (Player2), (Player3), and (Player4), but [typeC1] nominator has a fatal heart attack and [typeA1] dissolve(s/s//s/1).
  11. After knocking [typeB2] out in a fight, (Player1) tell(s/s/s/s/1) (Player2) to rest well, and dream of large women. (The Princess Bride)
  12. (Player1) use(s/s/s/s/1) a coconut to open up crabs.
  13. (Player1) do(es/es/es/es/1) that dance with the little kicks.
  14. After (Player1) witness(es/es/es/es/1) (Player2) murdering (Player3), (Player2) gaslight(s/s/s/s/1) [typeB1] into going blind.
  15. (Player1) wonder(s/s/s/s/1) what the point of all this is.
  16. (Player1) patent(s/s/s/s/1) [typeC1] own life.
  17. (Player1) purge(s/s/s/s/1) spambots.
  18. Be vewy vewy quiet. (Player1)'(s/s/s/s/re1) huntin' (Player2)s.
  19. (Player1) and (Player2) play kitty with each other.

rip neptune
Team Fortress 2 (10)
(Player1) (is/is/is/is/are1) full of sandwich, and [typeA1] (is/is/are/is/are1) coming for (Player2). (also Feast, typo is intentional)
(Player1) mail(s/s/s/s/1) [typeC1] boo(t/t/t/t/ts1) to (Player2) with (Player3)'s as(s/s/s/s/ses3) around (it/it/it/it/them1).
(Player1) must be (a /a /a /a /1)docto(r/r/r/r/rs1), because [typeA1] just saw the extent of (Player2)'s patience.
(Player1) kill(s/s/s/s/1) (Player2) with a weapon imbued with an ancient power that turns (Player2) into a golden statue. (1 kills 2)
(Player1) blow(s/s/s/s/1) the insides of (Player2)'s hea(d/d/d/d/ds2) all over four counties. (1 kills 2)
(Player1) claw(s/s/s/s/1) [typeC1] way down (Player2)'s throa(t/t/t/t/ts2) and tear(s/s/s/s/1) out [typeC2] very sou(l/l/l/l/ls2). (1 kills 2)
(Player1) stick(s/s/s/s/1) [typeC1] thumbs in (Player2)'s eyes and hang(s/s/s/s/1) on 'till [typeA2]'(s/s/re/s/re2) dead. (1 kills 2)
(Player1) turn(s/s/s/s/1) (Player2) into coloured rain. (1 kills 2)
(Player1) turn(s/s/s/s/1) everything above (Player2)'s nec(k/k/k/k/ks2) into a fine, red mist. (1 kills 2)
(Player1) beat(s/s/s/s/1) on (Player2)'s skul(l/l/l/l/ls2) until [typeA1] hit(s/s/s/s/1) tonsils. (1 kills 2)

Memes (8)
(Player1) attempt(s/s/s/s/1) to make the next event into a meme.
(Player1) attempt(s/s/s/s/1) to make the previous event into a meme.
(Player1) had never seen such bullshit as the previous event before.
(Player1) had never seen such bullshit as the next event before.
(Player1) laugh(s/s/s/s/1) oddly before staring into the camera.
(Player1) clap(s/s/s/s1), dance(s/s/s/s1) for a short time, punch(es/es/es/es/1) the ground thrice, repeatedly slap(s/s/s/s/1) the ground, breakdance(s/s/s/s/1) and finishes with a one-handed handstand whilst pointing.
(Player1) demonstrate(s/s/s/s/1) [typeC1] satellite laser on a large part of the moon, then warn(s/s/s/s/1) the world, "(I/I/I/I/we1) hope you're ready to die, it's gonna be like ((Player2)'s source material), get the fuck out".
(Player1) kill(s/s/s/s/1) (Player2) in over seven hundred different ways (reviving [typeB2] every time except the last), and that's just with [typeC1] bare hands. (1 kills 2)

NetHack (2)
(Player1) eat(s/s/s/s/1) too much at once and choke(s/s/s/s/1) to death on [typeC1] last meal. (1 dies, also Feast)
(Player1) put(s/s/s/s/1) (a /a /a /a /1)cursed amule(t/t/t/t/ts1) that strangle(s/s/s/s/1) [typeB1] to death (cutting off blood flow to [typeC1] brai(n/n/n/n/ns1) even if [typeA1] do(es/es//es/1)n't need to breathe). (1 dies)

Earthbound (2)
(Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1), (Player1)...
(Player1), (Player2), (Player3) and (Player4) cannot grasp the true for(m/m/m/m/ms5) of (Player5)'s attac(k/k/k/k/ks5)! (Player1), (Player2), (Player3) and (Player4) took mortal damage! (5 kills 1, 2, 3 and 4)

Other (8)
(Player1) kill(s/s/s/s/1) (Player2) as a warning to the other tributes. (1 kills 2)
(Player1) kill(s/s/s/s/1) (Player2) for outliving [typeC2] usefulness to [typeB1]. (1 kills 2)
(Player1) decapitate(s/s/s/s/1) (Player2) and use(s/s/s/s/1) [typeC2] hea(d/d/d/d/ds2) to turn (Player3) to stone. (1 kills 2 and 3)
After (Player1) foil(s/s/s/s/1) [typeC2] schemes, (Player2) angrily shout(s/s/s/s/2), "(I/I/I/I/we2) hate th(at/at/at/at/ose1) ((Player1)'s species)!" (non-fatal)
(Player1) get(s/s/s/s/1) sucked into a quicksand pit and die(s/s/s/s/1). (1 dies)
(Player1) (is/is/is/is/are1) killed by (Player2), who eat(s/s/s/s/2) [typeC1] corps(e/e/e/e/es1) afterwards. (2 kills 1, also Feast)
(Player1) (is/is/is/is/are1) killed by (Player2), who eat(s/s/s/s/2) [typeC1] corps(e/e/e/e/es1) afterwards and die(s/s/s/s/2) from the effects of doing so. (2 kills 1 and dies naturally, also Feast)
Before fighting (Player1), (Player2) call(s/s/s/s/2) [typeB1] dumb and say(s/s/s/s2) [typeA1]'ll die and leave (a /a /a /a /1) dumb corps(e/e/e/e/es1). (non-fatal, Guild Wars 2 reference)

What else needs saying?
That's what you are.
In my first act as one of the game mods, I'm gonna open suggestions for themed seasons. Suggestions were supposed to open around Season 15, but... yeah.

You have 24 hours to submit at most 5 themed season suggestions for Season 20, which we will be voting on by the time next season rolls around. Here are my suggestions.

  1. Summer Fun (summer-themed characters)
  2. Dynamic Duos
  3. The Biggest Losers (Battle Royale, but for the 3 lowest-placers of all previous seasons)
  4. 4th-Place Blessed (4th/5th placers from all previous seasons are given chances at redemption [6th/7th added for MMs])
  5. About to E.X.P.L.O.D.E. (characters associated with explosions)
rip neptune
1. Bald Season (characters who are bald)
2. Wild West Season (characters that come from works centering around the old West)
3. Tol and Smol season (nominating characters who are tall and short respectively)
4. Same Actor, Different Character
5. Name's the Same
I like bananas. They're yellow.
1. Penguin Season
2. Pink Season
3. Fairy Season
4. Cats vs Dogs Season
5. Land Vs Sea Season
1. Food season (tributes related to food)
2. Shadow season (tributes related to shadows)
3. Eccentric season (tributes who are at least a bit off their rocker)
4. Fire season (tributes related to fire)
5. Alternate Self season (nominate two tributes who are alternate forms of each other)
Not great nor grave. Just grey.

1. Family Season - two tributes who are related to each other, whether by blood or adoption
2. Snark Season
3. Comic Relief Season
4. Farm Season - tributes who live in/are associated with the farm, so farmers, farm animals, etc.
5. Rule 63 Season - genderbent tributes, whether canon or fanon


TVT OG Events (15)
* (Player1) (wears/wears/wears/wears/wear1) (a tinfoil hat/a tinfoil hat/a tinfoil hat/a tinfoil hat/tinfoil hats1) and (spreads/spreads/spreads/spreads/spread1) [typeC1] conspiracy theory about (Player2) around the Arena.
* (Player1) (gets/gets/gets/gets/get1) [typeC1] (arm/arm/arm/arm/an arm each1) wedged between a boulder and a cliffside. [TypeA1] successfully (amputates/amputates/amputate/amputates/amputate1) (it/it/it/it/them1) and (escapes/escapes/escape/escapes/escape1).
* (Player1) (gets/gets/gets/gets/get1) [typeC1] (arm/arm/arm/arm/an arm each1) wedged between a boulder and a cliffside. [TypeA1] (calls/calls/call/calls/call1) for help and (Player2) (comes/comes/comes/comes/come2) to the rescue.
* (Player1) (gets/gets/gets/gets/get1) [typeC1] (arm/arm/arm/arm/an arm each1) wedged between a boulder and a cliffside. [TypeA1] (calls/calls/call/calls/call1) for help but nobody comes to [typeC1] aid, and [typeA1] soon (dies/dies/die/dies/die1) from thirst.
* (Player1) (catches/catches/catches/catches/catch1) (Player2) making out with a body pillow of (Player3). (blacklisted)
* (Player1) (takes/takes/takes/takes/take1) a picture of the scenery.
* (Player1) (takes/takes/takes/takes/take1) a picture of (Player2).
* (Player1) (takes/takes/takes/takes/take1) a picture of (Player2), (Player3), (Player4), (Player5), and (Player6).
* (Player1) and (Player2) have a cooking duel, with (Player3), (Player4) and (Player5) as the judges. (Player1) (wins/wins/wins/wins/win1).
*this and the rest are Feast-exclusive

* (Player1) (cooks/cooks/cooks/cooks/cook1) a delicious meal for (Player2). [TypeA2] (enjoys/enjoys/enjoy/enjoys/enjoy1) it.
* (Player1) (cooks/cooks/cooks/cooks/cook1) a delicious meal for (Player2). [TypeA2] (doesn't/doesn't/don't/doesn't/don't2) like it, but (eats/eats/eat/eats/eat2) it to spare (Player1)'s feelings.
* (Player1) (cooks/cooks/cooks/cooks/cook1) a delicious meal for (Player2). [TypeA2] (doesn't/doesn't/don't/doesn't/don't2) like it, so [typeA2] (distracts/distracts/distract/distracts/distract2) (Player1) before throwing it away and pretending to eat it.
*actually skipped over in TVT due to character limits

* (Player1) (cooks/cooks/cooks/cooks/cook1) a delicious meal for (Player2). [TypeA2] (doesn't/doesn't/don't/doesn't/don't2) like it and (throws/throws/throw/throws/throw2) it away, hurting (Player1)'s feelings.
* (Player1) (drinks/drinks/drinks/drinks/drink1) Red Bull and (grows/grows/grows/grows/each grow2) a pair of wings.
* (Player1) (sees/sees/sees/sees/see1) a rampaging (Player2) and (tells/tells/tells/tells/tell1) [typeB2] to grab (a/a/a/a/some2) Snickers. (Player2) (eats/eats/eats/eats/eat2) (one/one/one/one/them2) and (calms/calms/calms/calms/calm2) down.

TVT Reboot Events (15)
* (Player1) (asks/asks/asks/asks/ask1) if anybody can find [typeB1] somebody to love.
*this and the below event are Queen refs

* Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening, (Player1)!
* (Player1) and (Player2) build a racing kart together.
* (Player1) (becomes/becomes/becomes/becomes/become1) super-intelligent by drinking some tea and closing [typeC1] eyes.
*this and the below three are My Hero Academia refs
(also Feast)
* (Player1) (massages/massages/massages/massages/massage1) (Player2), turning [typeB2] into (a lump of flesh/a lump of flesh/a lump of flesh/a lump of flesh/lumps of flesh2) for a while.
* (Player1) (massages/massages/massages/massages/massage1) (Player2), turning [typeB2] into (a lump of flesh/a lump of flesh/a lump of flesh/a lump of flesh/lumps of flesh2), but (Player3) (saves/saves/saves/saves/save3) [typeB2] by killing (Player1).
* (Player1) (insults/insults/insults/insults/insult1) (Player2)'s fanbase. [TypeA2] (breaks/breaks/break/breaks/break2) down crying.
* (Player1) (insults/insults/insults/insults/insult1) (Player2)'s fanbase. [TypeA2] (kills/kills/kill/kills/kill2) [typeB1] for it.
* (Player1) (fires/fires/fires/fires/fire1) (a beam of light/a beam of light/a beam of light/a beam of light/beams of light1) into the sky, signaling (Player2), (Player3), and (Player4) to come over.
* (Player1) (calls/calls/calls/calls/call1) upon a flock of pigeons and (sics/sics/sics/sics/sic1) them on (Player2), (Player3), and (Player4). (fatal)
* (Player1)'s fashion choices are so glamorous that (Player2) goes blind.
* (Player1) (is/is/is/is/are1) so in love with (Player2) that [typeC1] (heart/heart/heart/heart/hearts2) literally (gets/gets/gets/gets/get1) stolen by [typeB2]. (blacklisted)
* (Player1) (opens/opens/opens/opens/open1) a cat cafe, with (Player2), (Player3), and (Player4) as [typeC1] first customers.
* (Player1) (adopts/adopts/adopts/adopts/adopt1) a stray rabbit.
* (Player1) (shows/shows/shows/shows/show1) off [typeC1] pet Lion King-style.

Sometimes the best tributes are the ones that make you laugh.
Events inspired off of the game Food Fantasy, mostly from its story event "Moonshadow Sea Shanty". If they seem longer than how I suggested them in TVT HGS, it's because I originally cut additional context for them to fit the character limit, but I can expand these ones now.
30 events
3 non-fatal events inspired off the character Caviar.
* (Player1) ask(s/s/s/s/1) (Player2), "Have you ever heard the voice of the god of time and space?"
* (Player1) urge(s/s/s/s/1) [typeC1] sou(l/l/l/l/ls1) to separate from [typeC1] corporeal bod(y/y/yy/ies1) before sleeping in an attempt to travel to a parallel world. (Night only)
* (Player1) yell(s/s/s/s/1) at (Player2) for touching [typeC1] eyepatc(h/h/h/h/hes1) and say(s/s/s/s/1) "(a/a/a/a/2) morta(l/l/l/l/ls2) like you wouldn't be able to keep the shape of your own sou(l/l/l/l/ls2) in front of him."

The rest are from "Moonshadow Sea Shanty"
Fatal (5):
* (Player1) chop(s/s/s/s/1) [typeC1] twin blades at (Player2), leaping in the air to deliver (a/a/a/a/1) double death blo(w/w/w/w/ws1).
* Before (Player1) can warn (Player2) of (Player3) coming to attack the latter, a sudden wave of water crashes onto (Player3), killing [typeB3]. (P3 dies naturally)
* (Player1) cough(s/s/s/s/1) blood that's stained with black bile before dying.
* (Player1) save(s/s/s/s/1) (Player2) and (Player3) from their corruption by opening a magic box, but it consumes [typeB1] instead. (Fatal for P1)
* (Player1) summon(s/s/s/s/1) a tsunami and drop(s/s/s/s/1) it on (Player2), who drown(s/s/s/s/1).

Non-fatal (22):
* (Player1) find(s/s/s/s/1) a jewel box that can turn back time, but can't yet figure out how to open it to do so.
* (Player1) find(s/s/s/s/1) a stone which gives off a black aura. Touching it induces a discomforting feeling which crawls under (his/her1) skin.
* (Player1) and (Player2) travel in a bubble to explore an underwater palace of ice that looks like crystal.
* (Player1) trot(s/s/s/s/1) along a seashore in wooden geta shoes.
* (Player1) advise(s/s/s/s/1) (Player2) to think of the one most important to [typeB2] when struggling with a task, the thought may impart the strength needed to accomplish it.
* (Player1) get(s/s/s/s/1) slowly poisoned and ask(s/s/s/s/1) (Player2) to kill [typeB1]. [TypeA2] instead trap(s/s/s/s/1) [typeB1] in ice, from which (Player1) escape(s/s/s/s/1) later.
* (Player1) slow(s/s/s/s/1) the toxins in the poisoned (Player2) by laying [typeB2] in ice.
* (Player1) would like (Player2) to stay alive - so [typeA1] can give [typeB2] a good long whooping.
* (Player1) find(s/s/s/s/1) a crystal box that can reverse time, but it corrupts [typeB1] the more [typeA1] use(s/s/s/s/1) it.
* (Player1) cough(s/s/s/s/1) blood that's stained with black bile, but doesn't die.
* (Player1) approach(es/es/es/es/1) the disheveled (Player2), who respond(s/s/s/s/2) by almost crushing the former's wrist before throwing [typeB1] to the ground.
* As monsters surround them, (Player1) say(s/s/s/s/1) that [typeA1] never imagined [typeC1] last moments to be spent by (Player2)'s side of all tributes. (Player2) repl(ies/ies/ies/ies/y1) that [typeA2] never thought that (he/she1)'d ever fight alongside a lunatic like (Player2). They successfully fend off the monsters.
* (Player1) pat(s/s/s/s/1) (Player2)'s hea(d/d/d/d/ds2) to congratulate [typeB2] for making it this far into the games.
* (Player1) find(s/s/s/s/1) a portal to another world at the bottom of the sea and seal(s/s/s/s/1) it.
* (Player1) say(s/s/s/s/1) to (Player2) that the latter's base has a nice view. (Player2) ask(s/s/s/s/2) (Player1) if [typeA1] ha(s/s/ve/s/ve1) come to declare war on [typeB2].
* After surviving a monster attack, (Player1) go(es/es/es/es/1) on about wanting to eat meat over and over before biting (Player2).
* (Player1) ti(es/es/es/es/1) red ribbons to [typeC1] hair and arms.
* (Player1) introduc(es/es/es/es/1) (Player2) to (Player3) and (Player4), the latter two of which are bickering until (Player1) call(s/s/s/s/1) them by name.
* (Player1) and (Player2) find a disheveled (Player3) and offer [typeB3] a home in their base.
* (Player1) summon(s/s/s/s/1) a water orb and throw(s/s/s/s/1) it on (Player2), soaking [typeB2].
* (Player1) summon(s/s/s/s/1) a tsunami and drop(s/s/s/s/1) it on (Player2), who surviv(es/es/es/es/1).
* (Player1) say(s/s/s/s/1) to (Player2) that "while people say the monsters with bloodshot eyes and sharp fangs are terrifying, it's people like us, who calculate and plot with a smile... who are the true monsters."

Not great nor grave. Just grey.


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