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(... don't ask how long this is gonna be. orz)

Hello yes this is Sylvi wingedcatgirl and I enjoy writing fiction and I need money to eat and this page is how I'm combining those things together.

Give us a prompt to the effect of "[character] and [other character] do [thing] in [setting]". Setting is optional. Thing and other character are also optional, but strongly recommended.

Prompts that don't fit that template can be negotiated. We'll probably come up with additional templates over time.

(One ko-fi/$3 USD) buys 200 words minimum. (We may write more than this if we like the idea enough. Perks of ADHD.) Additional (ko-fis/$3s USD) can each buy one of the following:

We do not guarantee that these prices will stay fixed as-is forever. In fact we very explicitly plan to increase prices in future to make sure demand is balanced with what we can actually do. But we needed a starting point and this is it.

We uh. have absolutely no schedule or promises when it comes to turnaround time. (That's the downside of ADHD.) We'll try our best to get back to you as quick as is reasonably practical, of course, but no guarantees as to exactly how long that'll be. "Between an hour and eleven months", as Michael said.

Unless otherwise specified, writing commissions will be posted publicly here on Trouble Cube, on Ko-fi, on our AO3 if they're "fannish" (not mentioning the money there, of course), and possibly other places we feel are appropriate. (We'll tell you about those beforehand if we think of any.) If you wish to keep it private, you need only say so.

Things we can do:

Things we cannot do:


Ko-fi messages have a fairly short character limit, so it's pretty likely that you'll need to contact us beforehand. The best method is probably email, There's also Discord; you can DM us at tempest#6390 or nyoom into our server. And, y'know, you can contact us with those at any point you need to; before, during, or after.

All that established, here is the ko-fi link to send us the money.

Payment is half up front and half when the story is sent to you. (Since you can't split a ko-fi in half, if you want to commission a story with an odd number of them, please round up in the initial payment and mention somewhere in the message that you are doing so. Or you might prefer to just send to our Paypal directly.)


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Legal stuff

We reserve the right to refuse any commission at any time for any reason or no reason without question. (If we refuse your commission after you send the payment, we will refund it as long as you didn't dick us around in a way that financially harmed us. ... If you're not the kind of person to dick people around on purpose you probably don't have to worry about that clause.)

Commissioning a story from us should not be construed as in any way changing the copyright status of any of the settings, characters, or other concepts involved in the story. Your things are still yours, our things are still ours, and things belonging to third parties remain the property of those third parties.

As for the text of the commissioned story itself: You can post it wherever (crediting us as the author), we reserve the right to post it wherever (crediting whatever credit is due), and there will be no further selling of the story by any party after the initial commission is complete. If you have further questions, ask before making the commission.

We absolutely, categorically forbid any NFT- or crypto-related use of any product commissioned from us. There are and will be no exceptions to this, ever.