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About Trouble Cube
What is Trouble Cube?
Trouble Cube is a roleplaying/forum-games/hangout forum.
Perhaps the simplest way to put it is: You know how any forum for any topic or purpose will always accumulate a miscellaneous section for games and chat and stuff, and the mods are always kinda begrudging about it because it's not really relevant to their interests but they also can't delete it because it's too popular?
Trouble Cube is just that section, run by mods who actually are all about that stuff.

Where does the name "Trouble Cube" come from?
An attempt to describe Pop-Tarts in Blather Round produced the phrase "It cooks in the trouble cube", which we collectively decided was hilarious.

What's a "troubadour"?
A troubadour (English: /ˈtruːbədʊər, -dɔːr/, French: [tʁubaduʁ], Arabic: طربي دور‎ Arabic: [tʁabi:duʁ]; Occitan: trobador [tɾuβaˈðu]) was a composer and performer of Old Occitan lyric poetry during the High Middle Ages (1100–1350)...
...wait, do you mean in the context of Trouble Cube? "Troubadour" is our Fan Community Nickname for users of Trouble Cube.

Who runs this place?
Several people, and you can see precisely who on the Forum Team page.

Who pays for this setup?
Mostly wingedcatgirl, with some help from Kennifer. The domain name and the hosting together cost about $22 USD per month. We're doing this in our spare time, as a hobby, so we don't have any plans for monetizing the thing. If you want to help out, you can certainly toss us a few bucks via PayPal, but it's not in any way necessary and we can't offer anything in exchange except our undying gratitude.