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[Misc] General Fanfic Discussion - Writing and Recs
Because why not discuss all of our favourite fanworks? If you have something you'd like to reccomend, advertise your own fanworks, or talk about the tropes and other prevalent things in the genre, go ahead and post here! Just remember to keep it clean and to not link to explicit fanworks.

To start discussion, for all of you Yu-Gi-Oh! fans, I have discovered "A Delectable Collection of Scrumptious Tales", a small collection of fanworks relating to the Madolche card archetype that I have really enjoyed.
Do any of you ever heard of Alexandria's genesis, the "mutation" that makes people's eyes purple?

Apparently, it's from a fanfic of a show.
"I can't tell you how many times I've burned everything to the ground and started over."
From what little research I've managed to do, it was just an internet rumour in general. It makes sense that it'd be incorporated into fanfic, though.
Uh yeah that shit is bull. Complete fucking pseudoscience
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I once read the entirety of My Immortal with an ex-friend over Skype (yeah I'm old shut up) back in middle school. It was glorious, 10/10 would recommend you read it, as long as you have something to cleanse your brain afterwards.

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