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Poll: (NON-BINDING) Allow non-fatal elimination events? TVT HGS bans them, for reference.
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I'll quit if they're allowed.
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I'd prefer they be forbidden.
6 25.00%
I don't really care.
11 45.83%
I'd prefer they be allowed.
7 29.17%
I'll quit if they're forbidden.
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Hunger Games Simulator - Trouble Cube Edition
Bruno Madrigal (he/him, safe; from Encanto)

Arcee (she/her, safe; from Transformers)
"I worry exactly the right amount. You can never worry too much!" - Tulio
Gonna wait til morning to post my tributes but WE GOT A VICTOR FROM HOUSE STARBLAZER LETS GOOOOOOO

(Player1)’(s/s/s/s/ve1) got a peer-reviewed study right here that says . . . hm . . . says (Player2)’(s/s/s/s/re2) (a /a /a /a /2)puss(y/y/y/y/ies2).
(Player1) and (Player2) say something at the same time. (Player1) jinx(es/es/es/es/1) (Player2).
(Player1) and (Player2) say something at the same time. (Player2) jinx(es/es/es/es/2) (Player1).
(Player1) receive(s/s/s/s/1) a soap bar from a known sponsor, Dr. Squatch.
(Player1) receive(s/s/s/s/1) shaving cream from a known sponsor, Harry's.
(Player1) receive(s/s/s/s/1) data encryption from a known sponsor, NordVPN.
(Player1) call(s/s/s/s/1) (Player2) (a /a /a /a /2)stickle(r/r/r/r/rs2). (Player2) say(s/s/s/s/1), “YOU'RE (a /a /a /a /1)sticke(r/r/r/r/rs1), (Player1)!”

(Player1) cannot handle the circumstances and commit(s/s/s/s/1) (Player2)-cide. (P1 kills P2)
When asked who [typeA1] (is/is/are/is/are1), (Player1) tell(s/s/s/s/1) (Player2), “You killed (my/my/my/my/our1) frien(d/d/d/d/ds3) (Player3).” (Player2) say(s/s/s/s/1), “Do you have the slightest idea how little that narrows it down?” (P2 kills P3)
Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame (both are yellow flagged as they look like teens despite their actual ages being unknown. Also, they are both from Touhou, though the pics I used are from a fangame called Touhou LostWord)
Iron Fossil and Hungry Gluttons
Team Spambot:
Spamton G. Spamton (giving him another chance)
Mikel Lgambling Email Address

both male and safe
Glitchy Bootleg Lasers

Bloodbath (5)
Dawwhebugnekeidnapwo'emmeanbdaoedu'... (Player1)?!

Go (Player1) go, go, (Player1) B. Goode!

(Player1) time started.

We don't talk about (Player1).

(Player1) (is/is/is/is/are1) showing.

Nonfatal (11)
Opening a gift from an unknown sponsor... (Player1) receive(s/s/s/s/1)... Chicory x Eggnog plushies! (+ Feast)

Opening a gift from an unknown sponsor... (Player1) receive(s/s/s/s/1)... a survival guide! (+ Feast)

(Player1) wear(s/s/s/s/1) (a/a/a/a/1) T-shir(t/t/t/t/ts1) that say(s/s/s/s/1), "(Player2) ha(s/s/s/s/ve2) forgotten how to dance." (Player2), enraged, dip(s/s/s/s/2) (Player1)'s fac(e/e/e/e/es1) in mud.

(Player1) get(s/s/s/s/1) put through the (Player1) Plinko.

(Player1) spike(s/s/s/s/1) (Player2)'s drink with love potion, causing [typeB2] to fall in love with (Player3). (Player3) reject(s/s/s/s/3) (Player2)'s advances.

(Player1) spike(s/s/s/s/1) (Player2)'s drink with love potion, causing [typeB2] to fall in love with (Player3). (Player3) fall(s/s/s/s/3) in love with [typeB2] just the same.

(Player1) spike(s/s/s/s/1) (Player2)'s drink with dove potion, causing [typeB2] to start pecking (Player3) uncontrollably.

(Player1) make(s/s/s/s/1) a giant mud volcano and place(s/s/s/s/1) it under (Player2)'s base camp.

(Player1) get(s/s/s/s/1) a visit from [typeC1] nominator's highest-ranking tribute.

(Player1) ponder(s/s/s/s/1) the airspeed velocity of the unladen swallow.

(Player1) dream(s/s/s/s/1) about riding the pony. (Night only)

Fatal (8)
Opening a gift from an unknown sponsor... (Player1) receive(s/s/s/s/1)... BLOODY TOM! (+ Feast)

After (Player1) dodge(s/s/s/s/1) most of [typeC2] arrows, (Player2) hold(s/s/s/s/1) [typeB1] at arrowpoint. (Player3) place(s/s/s/s/3) [typeC3] arro(w/w/w/w/ws3) at (Player2)'s hea(d/d/d/d/ds2), say(s/s/s/s/3) "Dodge th(is/is/is/is/ese3)," and fire(s/s/s/s/3) [typeC3] arrows directly at (Player2), killing [typeB2].

(Player1), (Player2), and (Player3) play Exploding Tributes. (Player1) win(s/s/s/s/1).

(Player1) literally explode(s/s/s/s/1) with rage at the last tribute's death.

After (Player1) give(s/s/s/s/1) (Player2) a cruel and unusual death, all (Player3) can say before (his/hers/theirs/its/theirs3) is "Not like this. Not like this."

After (Player1) tr(ies/ies/ies/ies/y1) to mine a fresh Bitcoin, [typeC1] nominator patents [typeC1] life.

After (Player1) tr(ies/ies/ies/ies/y1) to mine a fresh Bitcoin, President Snow patents [typeC1] life.

(Player1) turn(s/s/s/s/1) into a giant flesh monster, so (Player2) explode(s/s/s/s/2) to stop [typeB1], killing (Player2) but healing (Player1).

rip neptune
  • Meteion (she/her, Final Fantasy XIV, age not confirmed anywhere to our knowledge but as a recently-created being who acts rather childlike we're guessing she's orange)
  • The Low-Poly Grapes (it/its, Final Fantasy XIV, inanimate)

Non-fatal events:
  • Hmm, yes, the (Player1) here is made out of (Player1).
  • (Player1) (use/use/use/use/uses1) an experimental teleporter and ge(t/t/t/t/ts1) violently ill.
  • Expecting a funny event? TOO BAD, (Player1) TIME!
  • (Player1) fin(ds/ds/ds/ds/d1) a console labeled "Pay2Lose". [TypeA1] inser(ts/ts/ts/ts/t1) five of [typeC1] currency and cran(ks/ks/k/ks/k1) up the other tributes' health by several hundred percent.
  • (Player1) se(es/es/es/es/e1) a social media post telling [typeB1] to "reblog if you too are gay and/or don't go to bed on time". [TypeA1] reblo(gs/gs/g/gs/g1) it.
  • (Player1) se(es/es/es/es/e1) a social media post telling [typeB1] to "reblog if you too are gay or don't go to bed on time". [TypeA1] scrol(ls/ls/l/ls/l1) past it.
Fatal events:
  • (Player1) fin(ds/ds/ds/ds/d1) a console labeled "Pay2Lose". [TypeA1] inser(ts/ts/ts/ts/t1) five of [typeC1] currency and selec(ts/ts/t/ts/t1) an option labeled "Die when you reach level 2"... which kills [typeB1] instantly.
  • (Player1), (Player2), (Player3), (Player4), and (Player5) all get in an epic battle, and only (Player3) surviv(es/es/es/es/e3)! ... (Player6) (is/is/is/is/are6) there too, for some reason! (P3 kills P1, P2, P4, P5)
Glass Joe (Male,Safe)

Italian Spiderman (Male,Safe)
The previous themed season poll has closed, leaving three ties. To resolve this, we have opened a tiebreaker single-choice poll, which you can find here.
Underpaw: Annoying Dog (it may not look it, but it's sapient because it tells you about the end of Hard Mode, he/it pronouns since it's technically Toby Fox's Author Avatar) and Temmie
Sometimes the best tributes are the ones that make you laugh.
Morgan le Fay (Female, Safe)

Fairy Knight Tristan (Female, Safe)

While they are both safe, I ask that you do not put them in romantic events together as Fairy Knight Tristan is Morgan's adopted daughter.
Bibically Accurate Angel (NB, safe)
StorySurgery's Mephiles the Dark (M, safe)
MF DOOM (Male)

Scratch Cat (Non-Binary)
No I'm not.
Event Ideas-

Fatal Events
* After spending all day looking for beans, (Player1) finally (finds/finds/finds/finds/find1) some only for (Player2) to kill (Player1) before [typeb1] can eat a single bean. (Day Only)
* After spending all night looking for beans, (Player1) finally (finds/finds/finds/finds/find1) some only for (Player2) to kill (Player1) before [typeb1] can eat a single bean. (Night Only)
* (Player1) (gets/gets/gets/gets/get1) involved with a multiversal war in which [typea1] (ends/ends/end/ends/end1) up dying within said war.
* "There's no problem, is there?" (Player1) (asks/asks/asks/asks/ask1) to (Player2) after the latter witnessed the former killing (Player3).
* (Player1) (presses/presses/presses/presses/press1) a button that shall instantly kill one random tribute other than [typed1]. That unlucky tribute happens to be (Player2).
* A mermaid drowns (Player1) to death.
* Everybody is confused on how (Player1) (was/was/was/was/were1) able to kill (Player2).
* Due to [typec1] pure innocence, (Player1) (turns/turns/turns/turns/turn1) into a literal cinnamon roll that (Player2) (ends/ends/ends/ends/end2) up eating. (Feast)

Non-Fatal Events
* "KILL EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM," (Player1) (yells/yells/yells/yells/yell1) out as soon as the bloodbath begins. (Bloodbath)
* (Player1) (claims/claims/claims/claims/claim1) that broccoli is just a bunch of small trees. (Feast)
* "WE HAVE TO EAT NOW!" (Player1) (yells/yells/yells/yells/yell1) out loud in front of (Player2) and (Player3). (Also Feast)
* "Comedy is subjective, (Player1)," (Player2) (says/says/says/says/say2) to [typeb1] after (Player2) (states/states/states/states/state2) a joke that (Player1) (didn't/didn't/didn't/didn't/don't1) find very funny.
* President Snow gets subjected to so many de-aging potions that it got (Player1) confused.
* (Player1) (mistakes/mistakes/mistakes/mistakes/mistake1) a group from the source material of (Player2) as a band.
* (Player1) (uses/uses/uses/uses/use1) an aging potion on Katniss, and (ages/ages/ages/ages/age1) her up until she dies of old age.
* (Player1) (puts/puts/puts/puts/put1) (on an/on an/on an/on an/on1) emo (outfit/outfit/outfit/outfit/outfit1), and (dances/dances/dances/dance/dance1) around the streets of New York.
* (Player1) (visits/visits/visits/visits/visit1) a land called New Year's Eveland all by [typed1].
* (Player1), (Player2), and (Player3) all visit a land called New Year's Eveland.
* (Player1) (uses/uses/uses/uses/use1) an aging potion on President Snow, and (ages/ages/ages/ages/age1) him up until he dies of old age.
* (Player1) (sings/sings/sings/sings/sing1) "Kiss The Girl" while hoping [typeb1] can hook (Player2) up (with a/with a/with a/with a/with1) random (female/female/female/female/females1) visiting the arena.
* (Player1) (wants/wants/wants/wants/want1) (Player2) here today as President Snow's problems. (Day Only)
* (Player1) (wants/wants/wants/wants/want1) (Player2) here tonight as President Snow's problems. (Night Only)

As I promised, here comes two tributes famous in the TVT side of HGS (or at least during the older days): Tzeentch and Dr. Fossil
Yuri Leclerc & Bernadetta von Varley and Astor (Death pic if permitted)
TVT OG Events (15)
* (Player1) (experiments/experiments/experiments/experiments/experiment1) on (Player2) until [typeA2] (dies/dies/dies/dies/die2), then (throws/throws/throws/throws/throw1) [typeB2] into the "Rejected" pile.
* With a satisfied look on [typeC1] (face/face/face/face/faces1), (Player1) slowly (crushes/crushes/crushes/crushes/crush1) (Player2)'s (head/head/head/head/heads2) with a hydraulic press.
* (Player1) (goes/goes/goes/goes/go1) ice skating.
* (Player1) and (Player2) go ice skating together.
* (Player1) ice (skates/skates/skates/skates/skate1) around (Player2) and (cuts/cuts/cuts/cuts/cut1) a hole underneath [typeB2], causing [typeB2] to fall into the icy depths.
* (Player1) (goes/goes/goes/goes/go1) fishing, but (hooks/hooks/hooks/hooks/hook1) up (a shark/a shark/a shark/a shark/sharks1) and (gets/gets/gets/gets/get1) eaten by (it/it/it/it/them1).
* (Player1) (gets/gets/gets/gets/get1) horrifying flashbacks of [typeC1] previous Hunger Games outings.
* (Player1) accidentally (cuts/cuts/cuts/cuts/cut1) a hole underneath [typeD1] while going ice fishing. (fatal)
* (Player1), (Player2), and (Player3) play Chubby Bunny. (Player2) (chokes/chokes/chokes/chokes/choke2) on (a marshmallow/a marshmallow/a marshmallow/a marshmallow/marshmallows2) and (loses/loses/loses/loses/lose2). (fatal)
* (Player1) (heats/heats/heats/heats/heat1) up (a knife/a knife/a knife/a knife/knives1) to
1,000 degreesup to the host if it's Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, or Rankine :P
before slicing (Player2) lengthwise.
* (Player1) (defeats/defeats/defeats/defeats/defeat1) (Player2) in a fight and (prepares/prepares/prepares/prepares/prepare1) the final blow, only for (Player3) to stab [typeB1] in the (back/back/back/back/backs1).
* (Player1) and (Player2) lie down and feel like garbage. (Undertale)
* (Player1) (chases/chases/chases/chases/chase1) (Player2) with scissors, but (trips/trips/trips/trips/trip1) and accidentally (disembowels/disembowels/disembowels/disembowels/disembowel1) [typeD1] with it.
* (Player1) and (Player2) do a Boke and Tsukkomi routine, with (Player3), (Player4), (Player5), and (Player6) as the audience.
* (Player1) (saves/saves/saves/saves/save1) (Player2) from drowning by giving [typeB2] the (Kiss/Kiss/Kiss/Kiss/Kisses1) of Life. (blacklisted)

TVT Reboot Events (15)
* (Player1) (ruins/ruins/ruins/ruins/ruin1) (Player2)'s dream (journal/journal/journal/journal/journals2). (this and the below four are Sharkboy & Lavagirl refs)
* (Player1) (accuses/accuses/accuses/accuses/accuse1) (Player2) of ruining [typeC1] dream (journal/journal/journal/journal/journals2). (Player1) (wins/wins/wins/wins/win1) the case.
* (Player1) (accuses/accuses/accuses/accuses/accuse1) (Player2) of ruining [typeC1] dream (journal/journal/journal/journal/journals2). (Player2) (says/says/says/says/say2) that [typeA2] DID NOT and (has/has/has/has/have2) (Player3) execute [typeB1].
* (Player1) (boasts/boasts/boasts/boasts/boast1) that [typeA1] (knows/knows/know/knows/know1) everything while everyone else knows nothing.
* (Player1) (writes/writes/writes/writes/write1) in [typeC] dream (journal/journal/journal/journal/journals1). (Day-only, as it usually happens after you wake up in the morning)
* (Player1), exhausted of [typeC1] attack options, (flails/flails/flails/flails/flail1) about (Player2) in an act of desperation. (Player2) (dies/dies/dies/dies/die2) while (Player1) (suffers/suffers/suffers/suffers/suffer1) recoil. (P1 kills P2 but does not die) (Pokémon)
* (Player1) (finds/finds/finds/finds/find1) the gravestone(s) of the last fallen tribute(s) with "REST IN PEPPERONI" engraved on it.
* (Player1) (tells/tells/tells/tells/tell1) (Player2) to pull the lever to their secret underground lab. (The Emperor's New Groove)
* (Player1) (cremates/cremates/cremates/cremates/cremate1) the body/ies of the last fallen tribute(s) and (carries/carries/carries/carries/carry1) the ashes with [typeB1].
* (Player1) (reminds/reminds/reminds/reminds/remind1) (Player2) that [typeA2] still (hasn't/hasn't/haven't/hasn't/haven't2) turned in [typeC2] homework.
* (Player1) (turns/turns/turns/turns/turn1) up the volume of (Player2)'s headphones to the max.
* (Player1) (goes/goes/goes/goes/go1) skiing, but (trips/trips/trips/trips/trip1) and (becomes/becomes/becomes/becomes/become1) (a giant snowball/a giant snowball/a giant snowball/a giant snowball/giant snowballs1) that (crashes/crashes/crashes/crashes/crash1) into (a tree/a tree/a tree/a tree/trees1), killing [typeB1].
* (Player1) (transforms/transforms/transforms/transforms/transform1) into (Player2)'s worst (fear/fear/fear/fear/fears2) and (scares/scares/scares/scares/scare1) [typeB2] off.
* (Player1) (transforms/transforms/transforms/transforms/transform1) into (Player2)'s worst (fear/fear/fear/fear/fears2) and (scares/scares/scares/scares/scare1) [typeB2] to death. (fatal)
* (Player1) (sings/sings/sings/sings/sing1) Aloha O'e to (Player2). (Lilo & Stitch)

Sometimes the best tributes are the ones that make you laugh.
No ideas for tributes yet, but I do have some ideas for events.

General (8)
  • Ok, so basically, (Player1)'(s/s/re/s/re1) very smol.
  • No talk (Player1), [typeA1]'(s/s/re/s/re1) angy.
  • (Player1) as(ks/ks/ks/ks/k1) (Player2) what [typeA2] ge(ts/ts/t/ts/t2) when [typeA2] cros(ses/ses/s/ses/s2) (a /a /a /a /1)mentally ill lone(r/r/r/r/rs1) with a society that abandons [typeB1] and treats [typeB1] like trash. (Player2) then ge(ts/ts/ts/ts/t2) "what [typeA2] fucking deserv(es/es/e/es/e2)" as (Player1) shoo(ts/ts/ts/ts/t1) [typeB2] in the hea(d/d/d/d/ds2). (1 kills 2)
  • (Player1) launc(hes/hes/hes/hes/h1) (Player2) into the camera, killing [typeB2]. (1 kills 2)
  • (Player1) launc(hes/hes/hes/hes/h1) (Player2) into the sky. [TypeA2] (is/is/are/is/are2) last seen as (a /a /a /a /2)twinkl(e/e/e/e/es2) in the sky. (1 kills 2)
  • (Player1) ge(ts/ts/ts/ts/t1) killed by a turret (Player2) had set up. (2 kills 1)
  • After (Player1) (is/is/is/is/are1) killed by (Player2), [typeA1] explod(es/es/e/es/e1), taking (Player2) with [typeB1]. (1 kills 2, 2 kills 1)
  • (Player1) "rewar(d/d/d/d/ds1)" (Player2) for betraying (Player3) by killing [typeB2]. (1 kills 2)

Town of Salem (9)
  • (Player1) interrogat(es/es/es/es/e1) (Player2). [TypeA1] cannot find evidence of wrongdoing. (Player2) see(ms/ms/ms/ms/m2) innocent.
  • (Player1) interrogat(es/es/es/es/e1) (Player2). [TypeA2] (is/is/are/is/are2) suspicious!
  • A plague has consumed the Arena summoning (Player1), Horse(man/woman/person/being/beings1) of the Apocalypse!
  • (Player1) ha(s/s/s/s/ve1) remembered that [typeA1] (was/was/were/was/were1) like the last fallen tribut(e/e/e/e/es1).
  • (Player1) ha(s/s/s/s/ve1) revealed [typeD1] as the Mayo(r/r/r/r/rs1)!
  • A vision (Player1) had revealed that (Player2), (Player3), or (Player4) is evil!
  • A vision (Player1) had revealed that (Player2) or (Player3) is good!
  • The light of the full moon has transformed (Player1) into (a /a /a /a /1)rampaging werewol(f/f/f/f/ves1)! (Night-only)
  • (Player1) jailed (Player2) and (was/was/was/was/were1) obliterated by [typeB2]. Flummery! (2 kills 1)

What else needs saying?
That's what you are.
event time
  1. (Player1) shoot(s/s/s/s/1) down a balloon carrying a present and get(s/s/s/s/1) a piece of furniture.
  2. (Player1) ha(s/s/s/s/ve1) a dance-off against (Player2), (Player3) and (Player4) during a serious meeting.
  3. After (Player1) tell(s/s/s/s/1) (Player2) that (Player3) and (Player4) have escaped, (Player2) tell(s/s/s/s/2) [typeB1] "(I/I/I/I/We2) should really feeds you all dog" [Backstroke of the West]
  4. (Player1) (is/is/is/is/are1) in despair! These games have left [typeB1] in despair! [Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei]
  5. (Player1) lose(s/s/s/s/1) a game against (Player2),  (Player3) and (Player4). [TypeA1] blame(s/s/s/s/1) the controlle(r/r/r/r/rs1).
  6. (Player1) lose(s/s/s/s/1) a game against (Player2),  (Player3) and (Player4). [TypeA1] blame(s/s/s/s/1) lag.
  7. (Player1) lose(s/s/s/s/1) a game against (Player2),  (Player3) and (Player4). [TypeA1] blame(s/s/s/s/1) the controlle(r/r/r/r/rs1), but (Player2) remind(s/s/s/s/2) [typeB1] it's a board game.
  8. While fighting (Player1) on a playground, (Player2) kick(s/s/s/s/2) (Player1) onto a swing, then kick(s/s/s/s/2) [typeB1] off, gets on the swing and kick(s/s/s/s/2) (Player1) far away. [Judgment]
  9. While fighting (Player1), (Player2) accidentally run(s/s/s/s/2) into a passing car. [TypeA2] kick(s/s//s/2) the car, get(s/s//s/1) kidnapped by (Player3) and (Player4) inside and (is/is/are/is/are2) never seen again. (P3 and P4 kill P2) [Judgment]
  10. During (Player1)'s funeral, (Player1) knock(s/s/s/s/1) on the inside of [typeC1] coffi(n/n/n/n/ns1) and announce(s/s/s/s/1) that [typeA1]'s not dead yet.
  11. (Player1) show(s/s/s/s/1) up drunk to [typeC1] fight with (Player2).
  12. (Player1) and (Player2) have a slap fight.
  13. (Player1) throw(s/s/s/s/1) plastic cups at (Player2), (Player3) and (Player4) as they ride by on bikes. [This and the two below are all based on a dream I had long ago]
  14. (Player1) ride(s/s/s/s/1) around on a giant spider, making it eat candy to power up.
  15. (Player1) hide(s/s/s/s/1) behind a wall of giant candy blocks to avoid (Player2)'s flaming arrows.
  16. (Player1) stab(s/s/s/s/1) (Player2) with a bottle, then grab(s/s/s/s/1) the bottle to lift [typeB2] up and slam [typeB2] into the ground. [Also based on a dream]
  17. (Player1) throw(s/s/s/s/1) a small statue at (Player2). It breaks, and small metal blades fall out and cut [typeC2] body. (non-fatal?) [an AI Dungeon story]
  18. After fighting (Player1), (Player2) go(es/es/es/es/2) offscreen and explode(s/s/s/s/1). (inspired by a changelog note, not a kill for P1 since P2 just walks offscreen)
  19. (Player1) summon(s/s/s/s/1) the last 4 tributes to die, and join(s/s/s/s/1) them in shooting (Player2), (Player3), (Player4) and (Player5) to death. [Yakuza: Like a Dragon]
  20. As (Player1) escape(s/s/s/s/1) by helicopter, (Player2) imagine(s/s/s/s/2) floating heads of (Player1) spinning and laughing. [Invisible Detective Akira]
  21. (Player1) skip(s/s/s/s/1) around like (a/a/a/a/1) jackas(s/s/s/s/ses1), annoying (Player2). [Yakuza: Like a Dragon]
  22. (Player1) get(s/s/s/s/1) out (a/a/a/a/1) bucke(t/t/t/t/ts1) of ice and throw(s/s/s/s/1) the ice at (Player2), (Player3) and (Player4).[Yakuza: Like a Dragon]
  23. (Player1) summon(s/s/s/s/1) a bunch of attack drones towards (Player2), (Player3), (Player4) and (Player5).[Yakuza: Like a Dragon]
  24. (Player1) spin(s/s/s/s/1) (a/a/a/a/1) ladde(r/r/r/r/rs1) around before climbing halfways up (it/it/it/it/them1), jumping up in the air while holding the ladde(r/r/r/r/rs1) and landing on (Player2). [Yakuza: Like a Dragon]
  25. (Player1) throw(s/s/s/s/1) darts up in the air, hitting (Player2), (Player3) and (Player4). [Yakuza: Like a Dragon]
  26. (Player1) start(s/s/s/s/1) selling burgers from a food truck. When (Player2) buy(s/s/s/s/2) one and ask(s/s/s/s/2) what kind of meat this is, (Player1) freeze(s/s/s/s/1) up. (also Feast event) [Osomatsu-san]
  27. (Player1) lie(s/s/s/s/1) on the ground with the words "IT'S OVER" above [typeB1], but [typeA1] manage(s/s/s/s/1) to get up again while "NOT" appears between the words. [Just Shapes and Beats]
  28. After killing (Player1), (Player2) ha(s/s/s/s/ve2) a friendly chat with (Player3) while dragging (Player1)'s corps(e/e/e/e/es1) around. [based on changelog note]
  29. (Player1) and (Player2) have a T-posing competition. (Player1) wins.
  30. (Player1) find(s/s/s/s/1) a bootleg toy of [typeD2] combined with (Player2)

Glitchy Bootleg Lasers
Expunged (safe, genderfluid but most commonly referred with it/its)

Bambi Bambi Bambi (yes dats his name, he/him, age 35 so safe)

quote list
E N D L E S S  F U N


She's got three murders under her belt, views are gonna be skewed

The nomination period for Season 9 has ended.
In another news, voting for S10's theme has closed. Based on the winner, the first player-voted themed season in S10 will be the Name's the Same Season
* (Player1) tell(s/s/s/s/1) (Player2) to have some cheese with that whine about wine. (Feast)
* (Player1) use(s/s/s/s/1) the GoldenEye satellite to fry (Player2)'s computer databases.
* (Player1) grab(s/s/s/s/1) a mike and say(s/s/s/s/1) "Let's green egg and ham it" before [typeA1] begins rapping.
* (Player1) say(s/s/s/s/1) that (Player2) (is/is/is/is/are2) gonna pay for shooting down [typeC1] ride.
* (Player1) randomly shout(s/s/s/s/1) to (Player2) "I was frozen today!"
* (Player1) offer(s/s/s/s/1) to weight train (Player2) saying "(I'll/I'll/I'll/I'll/We'll1) make you so strong, you can bench-press a horse."
* (Player1) plan(s/s/s/s/1) to make a vegetable garden and grow beans, potatoes, tomatoes, fish, shrimp, bread, butter, and pizza.
* (Player1) possess(es/es/es/es/1) (Player2), making [typeB2] rip [typeC2] own head off. (Player1) continue(s/s/s/s/1) parading around in (Player2)'s (body/body/body/body/bodies2). (FATAL - P1 KILLS P2)
* (Player1) rip(s/s/s/s/1) out (Player2)'s (spine/spine/spine/spine/spines2) and impale(s/s/s/s/1) [typeB2] with (it/it/it/it/them2). (FATAL - P1 KILLS P2)
I like bananas. They're yellow.

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