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BoBoiBoy / Mechamato
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I'll be darned and delighted if there's posts other than from me in here :p but I really wanted to share this.

Purpose of the thread: Discussion or chatting about the animated creations of BoBoiBoy, Mechamato and any other such works or projects related to Animonsta Studios.
What are these, you ask? 
Animonsta Studios Sdn. Bhd. (or Animonsta for short) is a Malaysian animation company that produces creative content for the Malaysian and international market. (courtesy to the wikipedia page for this description)

I'll cut to the chase on what I wanted to share, as most of what's needed to know in summary to the shows can be viewed via that wikipedia link above.
But have this summary anyway, BoBoiBoy is Monsta's first product, an animated series revolving around a group of superpowered kids fighting aliens. It would evolve into something more, with them eventually bringing the fight to the aliens, and the future looks bright for this story, and might I say, so does the past. Mechamato is the next upcoming story, of BoBoiBoy's father as a child, who also befriended an intergalactic robot and fought off aliens and still does in BoBoiBoy's lifetime, but BBB's parents were absent for the whole series. For all this time, I thought the son was blissfully unaware of his father's occupation and intergalactic hero identity, until now.

The 10th anniversary of BoBoiBoy as a whole was on 13th March 2021
I didn't consider too much of it. This year was going to be study-ridden for me so my updatability on media was limited and I didn't mind. I knew it was the 10th anniversary but the only BoBoiBoy-related thing I did around then was answer an Ask The Tropers query on TV Tropes regarding the poor grammar in the character page for BoBoiBoy on the site, I found the query purely out of chance and I'd say that character page is now 90% polished.

Today I intended to open YouTube in the background and this popped up on the recommended:

I heard about an extended version of the first episode upcoming on the Fanimonsta Discord server and I ENTIRELY FORGOT ABOUT IT.
I can see why this would pop in the recommended without being signed in, it made more than 6 million views in 3-4 days.

In terms of sentiment, this video did not disappoint. It extends the very first episode of BoBoiBoy that was released on 13th March 2011, with a new prologue, epilogue and remake of the credits, visuals and song-wise, that sent me into somewhat nostalgia overdrive. This extension shows that BoBoiBoy was supposedly aware of his father's job, if not most definitely Mechabot. Tok Aba too is also aware of Power Spheras! I gotta update that certain Wild Mass Guess someone made on the BBB TVT page regarding that lmao.

The description reads: "A special for the 10th anniversary of BoBoiBoy, MONSTA presents EPISODE 1 EXTENDED VERSION for all the loyal supporters from the start.

It may not be the best series in the world but I'm nevertheless super glad to have been with this story from the start. So many fun memories and emotions. I can't wait to see what the future brings, especially with Mechamato's first installment being a release of a full-fledged movie by the end of this year.

Here's a happy throwback and look towards the future. Terbaik! 👍
[kicks down a possibly non-existent door]

I heard BoBoiBoy.

All jokes aside, the series seem to be improving ever since I last watched it on TV. Nice!
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