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Forum Announcement: Forum Games Rules

While forum games are mostly just casual funtimes, we still need some rules to make sure everything runs properly and everyone has a good time.

1. Most games have their own rules in the OP, please follow these.

2. Don't hog the threads. In particular, try to avoid "sandwich posting" -- making a new post right after someone else posted -- in highly-active threads, especially threads where you directly reply to the above post/avatar/etc. Wait a bit and give others a chance to reply to posters who aren't you.

3. The "no NSFW" rule also applies here. No sex-based forum games such as ones involving sleeping with avatars, etc., or overly suggestive ones. (If you're not sure if a game idea would break this rule or not, ask a mod before making the thread.)

4. Please don't bump threads unnecessarily. There's no need to bump up a thread after just some hours or a day or so because there haven't been any new posts replying to yours - it's preferable to wait at least a week or so before bumping.

5. Similarly, don't post in a thread interacting with the above post just to say "don't know", "not sure", and similar non-answers. Either play the game properly, or don't post.