The Death of V

There is a terrifying unearthly rumble...

"... that's probably bad," Vivi said.

Unprompted, a cloud of pink smoke manifested from her left wrist and coalesced into the form of the Host. "Vivi, if you're seeing this, I'm most likely dead.


"... I'm guessing that didn't do it."

"Do what?!"

"Finch. Sariel. I trust you know why I didn't want to do this before now, and why I no longer have a choice. Hold her in front."

"Excuse — ?!"

Sorry, Vivi.

We're out of time.

Vivi clutched her head as she felt a pressure from somewhere, holding her mind in place —

— flashes of memory —

— a mansion — a crashing chandelier — a snapped neck —

— a lab — a glowing white man — an inordinate number of linkpearl calls —

— a school — a charred lab — a late-night alarm

— a void with a single brick — a hotel —

the mansion — a snapped neck —

Vivi dropped to her knees, winded. "Wh... no, why, why did she, why did I —"

There was another rumble. "No time to process it, unfortunately."

The pink smoke gushed out of Vivi's wrists in a massive stream, filling her vision...

... when it came to a stop, she saw that some of it was flowing into the ground, while several clouds were coalescing into circles in the air...

"... wh...?"

"Those will turn into portals in... when they've found something. Could be days, or weeks. Just be prepared. What's on the other side can come in, too. And, Vivi...

"Don't mourn me. I was always going to be the worst of what we could be."


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