Pretty Lies You Tell Yourself

TheTempests: heather we have a question. did kai ask you to murder him

Heather eyed Kai sternly, sipping from her glass of whiskey as he sat down across from her with his own glass of orange juice. "You needed to speak to me, specifically? Why's that?"

He slammed down a bottle of ominous powder on the table between them. "I need you to murder me," he said, as though the powder in question wasn't clearly labeled "hydrogen cyanide".

"... You do realize what you're implicitly asking me to sacrifice, I assume?"

"Yeah. But you're the only one who has the will to do it. And... well, someone's gonna die in a few hours. I'd rather not take everyone down with me."

Heather sighed. "... I really am, aren't I? You certainly couldn't go asking Geek or Shiff."

Kai scoffed. "Man, can you imagine Geek killing anyone, even by request? She's almost aggressively innocent."

While he was speaking, Heather had opened up the bottle and poured its contents into his glass. "... You're certain about this?"

"... I'm certain," he said, taking the glass. "I'm gonna die either way, right? At least this way —

HuneyB: Pardon?
HuneyB: No, he didn't.

And with that one notification, it all popped like a soap bubble. Of course Kai hadn't nobly chosen to sacrifice himself to atone for his crimes. Heather had murdered him in cold blood.

What a stupid story, Sylvi thought to herself. The things I come up with...

You want to assume the best of people, Ana told her. That's not a bad thing.

TheTempests: okay. thought we'd ask.


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