Jester in Mourning

They had reached the end of the day alive again, for what that was worth. Their roommates were still out investigating, but Sylvi and her headmates couldn't muster up the energy anymore.

We didn't find anything today, Sylvi lamented. I'm so fucking exhausted... and I miss Cut. She'd been on the verge of bursting into tears all day.

Cut's dead, Sylvi, Ana pointed out.

I know. That's why I miss them. She pulled her new role card out from her pocket. "... Didn't find a better use for this today," she muttered, and went over to stand in front of the bathroom mirror.

She closed her eyes a moment, and opened them to see a person with short pink hair, not all that different from her own but for the very prominent cowlick which resembled an angel's halo. The face of her lost friend.

"... Damn it, Cut... why'd you have to risk it all like that?" The floodgates opened, tears spilling down Sylvi Cutbug Sylvi's face as she pressed her head into the mirror.

... Well. You saw your friend again. Was it worth it?

Leave me the fuck alone, Ana.


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