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GET THAT PIZZA!: REBAKED - awe921 - 01-24-2021


One pizza.

Many fighters.

And one simple rule alongside the general rules of the forum: get that pizza from the above poster, no matter what.

It was a fairly simple party. The decorations were alright, if not a little overexcited in spirit. ("its the BEST PARTY EVER WOOOOO", things like that). The cake had ran out, but there was pizza arriving! Awe, the guy who started the whole party in the first place, hurries to the door upon the sound of wheels creaking. He opens the door, excitedly grabs the pizza and...

And... how... compelling. As Awe held the pizza box in his hands, an aroma of not only delicacy, but familiarity washed over him.

He needs it. He can order some more, right? He runs off from the house, THE PIZZA in his hands. Some of the party goers who were peeking out of the window wouldn't have that; it was pizza for the party! With the house's door busted open, may the eternal fight for the pizza that never never never ends begin!

Awe921 runs across the forest fields, spotting a restaurant he could eat the pizza at. He starts sprinting towards it, only to be intercepted by...

RE: GET THAT PIZZA!: REBAKED - Despair's Archon of Memes - 01-24-2021

MP, who tamed a wild bear (with black and white fur for whatever reason) that proceeds to maul Awe.

MP: It's official. We are back in business!

MP grabs the pizza and runs off, only to encounter...

RE: GET THAT PIZZA!: REBAKED - KungFuCutbug - 01-24-2021

[...a voice that hadn't been heard in a while, speaking behind them.]


[With a simple cock and a BANG, Cutbug (in a Revolver Ocelot cosplay) shoots MP and their bear straight in the face with their costume's signature engraved Single Action Army revolver, snatches the pizza, and darts off in a random direction...]

RE: GET THAT PIZZA!: REBAKED - madface7 - 01-24-2021

...Mad knew this sounded familiar. She just couldn't put her blobby orange finger on it...

"...Something is telling me this is wrong... but another part of me feels so right..."

Nevertheless, she tackles Cutbug in American football gear and opens the pizza, expecting there to be pineapple... aaaaand immediately being disappointed. Nevertheless, she takes the pizza for herself out of a strange compulsion...

RE: GET THAT PIZZA!: REBAKED - PowerStroke6001 - 01-24-2021

When suddenly Power Stroke yanks the pizza from Mad with her magic and gallops away! She checks the toppings... and yes, some of the slices are pure cheese like quesadillas, her faaaaavorite!

RE: GET THAT PIZZA!: REBAKED - Huney - 01-24-2021

... before Heather leaps into Stroke's back, bouncing off again and kicking her in the head.

"No idea what's going on, but I'd like to have that now!"

As Power Stroke falls to the floor, Heather gracefully leaps through the air and catches the 'za, running off...

RE: GET THAT PIZZA!: REBAKED - Goose - 01-24-2021

...only to be gunned down by Goose in his airship. Using his cape as a parachute (and deifying the laws of physics), Goose gently floats down and grabs the pizza. 

It's good to be back in business, don't you think?

Goose then starts scoping for a place to enjoy the pizza, only to find...

RE: GET THAT PIZZA!: REBAKED - awe921 - 01-24-2021

Awe sliding onto the scene, seemingly no worse for wear than a bandaid on his cheek. Armed with a coin and a revolver, he flicks the coin to the sky, tips his hat downwards for MAXIMUM FLEX and blasts the coin with a well placed shot, ricocheting the bullet straight onto Goose's knee.

They used to be a Pizzacatcher, until they took a ricocheted bullet to the knee.

... and also the big face-punch Awe proceeded to deliver immediately after closing in. Pizza in his hands, Awe starts wave-dashing across the ground, double-jumping and then using his Up Special, Awe Upper to grab onto the Final Destination stage which happened to be passing by in it's obligatory acid-trip dimension warping thing it does.

Getting up on the ledge, he's faced with a challenger! And they are...

RE: GET THAT PIZZA!: REBAKED - wingedcatgirl - 01-24-2021

Sylvi, who has found an obscure exploit in Explorer Mode that lets her spam level 3 limit breaks in real content! With a kshingg and a quick string of ninja hand seals, she unleashes Chimatsuri, and fills Awe with blades of chakra, perforating him like Swiss cheese.

She retrieves the pizza and prepares to abscond...

RE: GET THAT PIZZA!: REBAKED - Huney - 01-24-2021

And in front of her stands Heather again, looking mighty ready to grab the pizza back, and as Sylvi gets ready to attack...

BOOM, another Heather comes from behind, once again landing a kick to the back of the head.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu! Claaaassic." She puts her hand out as the pizza box lands stylishly in her hand, before she absconds in Sylvi's place.

RE: GET THAT PIZZA!: REBAKED - Despair's Archon of Memes - 01-24-2021

... Only for MP to punch the Heathers out of existence with a newly-acquired Stand.

MP: You're not the only one that can do anime references...

MP merrily grabs the pizza to have a quiet life... When suddenly...

RE: GET THAT PIZZA!: REBAKED - madface7 - 01-24-2021

Mad attacks, grabbing the pizza, and then proceeds to beat MP to death using the very own pizza box.

She still is sad about the lack of pineapple though... Maybe she should do something about that... but for now, all that was left was to finish her train of thought uninterrupte-

RE: GET THAT PIZZA!: REBAKED - Goose - 01-24-2021

Mad is then ran over with a literal train. Goose then disembarks the train and grabs the pizza, which somehow didn't get ruined the wreck.

Opening up the pizza box, he starts calculating how much of the pizza he should give to his followers and Pokemon team, when all of the sudden...

RE: GET THAT PIZZA!: REBAKED - KungFuCutbug - 01-24-2021

[WHACK! Cutbug bashes Goose's skull up with a frying pan and scoops the pizza box into it before dashing off.

As they open the box to get a peek at the toppings themselves—ack, avoid the pepperoni slices at all costs, they think to themselves—they happen to notice...]

RE: GET THAT PIZZA!: REBAKED - Subparman - 01-24-2021

...Zorua, leaning over Cutbug's shoulder with an eerie grin. As Cutbug tries to escape, they're easily outpaced, and Zorua pulls the box out of their hands while strolling comically in front of them.

He then summons a go-kart and absconds with the pizza—until he accidentally runs over a banana peel and flips over, which is when he sees...

RE: GET THAT PIZZA!: REBAKED - Florien - 01-24-2021

Florien, who's on the scene again at last, stepping through a portal from the old place, Florian in tow. Due to a misspelling earlier, the laws of physics were deified. Florien has harnessed the power of that new physics god with violence and other forms of coercion, and now uses that power to cause Zorua to sink through the earth's crust, while leaving the Pizza's crust floating above the ground. Florien and Florian claim the Pizza.

It's a new dawn. A new era.

And we're HERE for it! (In both the metaphorical and literal sense.)

RE: GET THAT PIZZA!: REBAKED - PowerStroke6001 - 01-24-2021

Power gets up and rubs the back of her head and sees the commotion going on around her. Isn't this like the dimensional Arena back in one version of Panem? Everyone's in for the competition, but instead of making it to the next special season(s) if they place 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and/or make the most kills, the prize is just some delicious pizza. However, she feels something different here, as if she has more control of her actions...

She watches closely as the pizza is tossed from fighter to fighter, and when she sees the two Floriens brag about their victory, she sneaks up from behind and kicks both of them. She's not as strong as an earth pony, but at least her kicks were just enough to knock them off-balance. She then grabs the pizza with her magic and teleports away.

RE: GET THAT PIZZA!: REBAKED - madface7 - 01-24-2021


"Vhat foolishly foolish fools, foolishly stealing my pizza..."

Power just happened to teleport RIGHT in front of Mad's line of sight. Mad is wearing a puffy, fancy, teal dress with white sleeves, adorned with pineapple-shaped gems, with a pink button-up over-shirt. She also dons a pair of boots and white stockings. She carries a long whip, which she had just cracked right onto Power. With Power discombobulated, Mad steals the pizza.

RE: GET THAT PIZZA!: REBAKED - SomeLibre - 01-24-2021

He had let go of his Hunt for too long. NOW, he gets those animalistic, predatory instincts up again, ready for a delicious Pizza.

Libre lets forth a screeching, high-quantity flatulence, one with smell, but no physical stain. Then he ignites it, resulting in a grand, devastating fire that converts into hyper-destructive explosions, leaving nothing but wasted potential and caustic chemicals in his teleporting wake.

After teleporting, he lets the desolating flatulence loose upon Mad, knocking her off just enough for him to nab the Pizza and return to the caustic wasteland, though it seems that the "wasted potential" hadn't been wasted at all...

"Hey uh, how do I crosslink? Here, I'll give you my pizza and my life if you can help..."

RE: GET THAT PIZZA!: REBAKED - wingedcatgirl - 01-24-2021

"You fool!" Sylvi shouts. "You are using PMWiki markup, when you should be using BBCode! [url=]Thusly![/url]"

As the promised payment for explaining this, she sends Libre to the Shadow Realm and collects the pizza for herself.

RE: GET THAT PIZZA!: REBAKED - PointMaid - 01-24-2021

PointMaid (Yes, vampire PizzaPoint) is back, and smells something glorious. She rings Sylvi's door.

"Trick or Treat! Oh, you don't have candy? (Never mind it's not Halloween) I'll just take... That!"

She runs off with the pizza, wondering if she should turn into a bat and fly off, when...

RE: GET THAT PIZZA!: REBAKED - PowerStroke6001 - 01-24-2021

Power runs into her and impales the pizza she's holding. She teleports away again, this time near a river to wash the smell off her mane. She then keeps an eye on the pizza while she draws up an ice pack and places it on the lash she got from Mad's whip.

I should've asked my old friend to make me new armor after it got destroyed that one season...

RE: GET THAT PIZZA!: REBAKED - awe921 - 01-24-2021

As Power turns around, she sees Awe with Supreme t-shirts and jacket.


He then crosses his hands together as incredibly loud music emanates from Awe's sheer ''''''swag'''''', with the sound waves blasting Power off into the horizon.

Awe921 then realizes that blasted off the pizza too. He runs after it, only to find...

RE: GET THAT PIZZA!: REBAKED - PointMaid - 01-24-2021

PointMaid has, in fact, turned herself into a bat now, and Awe's blasting the pizza off into the horizon made it easy pickings for her. Movie night is going to be great with the pizza! Should she watch... Batman? However, as she flies away with the cheesy delicacy...

RE: GET THAT PIZZA!: REBAKED - Despair's Archon of Memes - 01-24-2021

MP sprays the air with Holy Water in a Hydro Storm, hitting PointMaid with the holy water droplets and disintegrating her into ashes. MP, now a certified vampire killer, grabs the Pizza and goes to Romania to kill more vampires, when suddenly...

(V) Ninja'd