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Last Summer - CustardAndPie - 08-01-2021

Arcade Map

DATE: Summer 1983
LOCATION: Somewhere in the rural Midwest...

When you awaken, your eyes are immediately assaulted with neon lights and wood-paneled walls. When you look down, you see that you're laying on gaudy arcade carpeting. To your left and right are rows upon rows of upright arcade cabinets. There's plenty of classics - Donkey Kong, Pac Man, BurgerTime - and ones you've never heard of.... wait, is that the arcade prototype of E.T. over there? Nevertheless, there's a variety, all beckoning you to waste your quarters with their colorful flashing title screens.

If you are not from this time, everything seems... dated. Very dated, in an strange way that you just can't quite put your finger on. You may even feel a sense of deja vu....

But no matter, the intercom - wait, why does an arcade have an intercom anyway? - suddenly crackles, please, do enjoy yourselves tonight. Take a little moment of respite, because for the next several days...

The intercom pauses for an unnecessarily long time, clearly in an attempt to sound dramatic.

...You will be begging for it.

Also go slow or I'll break your kneecaps

RE: Last Summer - TalesofUnder - 08-01-2021

Ugh... I feel awful. I didn't get any sleep last ni... huh? Where am I?

RE: Last Summer - wingedcatgirl - 08-01-2021




"I swear if this is another killing game--

"Please do not bring back the 'I have decided we are probably fictional characters' thing."

"...It all fits, though...!"

RE: Last Summer - Weirdguy149 - 08-01-2021

Jason held his head, groaning, as he sat straight up.

RE: Last Summer - Guma - 08-01-2021

The Monster just . . . stands there, beneath a hanging light, next to the Mario Bros.

RE: Last Summer - Matthew - 08-01-2021

A man in a brown button down shirt, a Mack cap and sunglasses rises up.

Gih! How'd I get here? Wait a minute.... all these colors, those arcade machines.... I'm back in the 80s again. But why?

The man ponders on why it's him or why he's here in this time. Perhaps it's his destiny?

RE: Last Summer - LavenderDream - 08-01-2021

A red haired teenager with a robotic arm carefully rubs their eyes before standing up.

"W-Where are we?"

RE: Last Summer - Dookie - 08-01-2021

A young boy slowly wakes up.

He looks around for a little bit, and then he decides to > Throw a motherfuckin chair at the window, if he can find one.

RE: Last Summer - CustardAndPie - 08-01-2021

> Throw a chair at the window

[Image: youtried.png]

It's boarded up.

RE: Last Summer - Kennifer - 08-01-2021

wherever thii2 ii2, iit2 very briight.

A young boy stands alone in his bedroom in an arcade with several other people. He is somewhat humanoid, other than the two pairs of candy-corn horns on his head and his gray skin. And why is he wearing shades that look like 3-D glasses? Huh.

ii2 thii2 earth? ii thought the technology here wa2 2uppo2ed two be more advanced-lookiing than thii2.

RE: Last Summer - TalesofUnder - 08-01-2021

Wait... an arcade, is it? Huh...

RE: Last Summer - Matthew - 08-01-2021

The gray-skinned boy asking if this was Earth definitely caught the man's attention. He walks over to the boy.

Aha! , he says while pointing to the boy. Aliens ARE real! I knew. In your face, Hank! Not so crazy now, am I? , he says while giving of a laugh of self-satisfaction.

RE: Last Summer - Zanreo - 08-01-2021

A green-haired girl in her late teens wakes up.

"Huh? This isn't the You&Me arcade... where am I? She looks around. "Seems this place specializes in old games?"

RE: Last Summer - KungFuCutbug - 08-01-2021

[As everybody awakens, a young and rather plump woman stands in front of the front doors, which have been barred off with beams of wood and steel, preventing anyone from exiting. She looks gaudy as hell, what with her ridiculously neon outfit, the bright magenta streak in her uber-curly blond hair, and most noticeably her pink heart-shaped sunglasses. She waves cheerfully to the others, a happy yet somewhat off smile on her face.]

"Hiiiiiii!! Welcome to like, the coolest arcade in all of the 1980s midwest: the Weeping Willow Arcade! You're all like, toootally in for like, one of the coolest games ever while you're all like, here and stuff. I'll like, toootally tell you all about it in like, just a little bit!"

[Good lord, she sounds obnoxious, too. What have you gotten yourselves into?]

RE: Last Summer - Dookie - 08-01-2021

The boy, although you might mistake him for a girl, still holding the chair, addresses everyone else.

”Who the hell are you people?!?

RE: Last Summer - PointMaid - 08-01-2021

A young woman with short black hair and pink bangs is waking up, hunched over one of the games. She's humming the game music, and doesn't seem to be very aware at the moment.

...Where did we end up after that crazy gig last night? I could've sworn it wasn't an arcade...

RE: Last Summer - LavenderDream - 08-01-2021

"So this is an arcade? That's so cool!"

Lars then turns their head to the young boy.

"My name is Lars. And you are?"

RE: Last Summer - wingedcatgirl - 08-01-2021

"Hank Gribble... Sollux Captor... lemon monster... Jason..." The brown-haired woman with the facemask names and points to several people in turn. "Not only is this a murdergame, it's a crossover murdergame?!

"We don't know it's a murdergame yet, Sylvi," its headmate says, sounding less than certain.

RE: Last Summer - Kennifer - 08-01-2021

of cour2e aliien2 are real.

He said as if this was obvious to anybody.

my name ii2 2ollux captor. and becau2e you are probably goiing two a2k, ii come from a place called alterniia.

RE: Last Summer - Florien - 08-01-2021

Meanwhile, a random colossus blocks the view of the gumball machines in the cramped arcade space. How'd they get in when they're clearly too large to fit through the doors? Why do they look suspiciously like a giant version of 23rd president of the United States Benjamin Harrison? What beard products do they use to keep that beard so shiny? These questions may never be answered. Or they might be!

"Hail to the chief" plays on one of the arcade machines briefly.

Oh my. Looks like I've been caught. At least we all know nothing bad ever happens to a Harrison. Ever!

As he says that, he accidentally crushes a gumball machine and cuts his hand on the glass.

RE: Last Summer - PointMaid - 08-01-2021

...Huh? That clearly made no sense to Selen(ium).

...I'm Selen(ium). Maybe you caught me and the band's gig last night?

RE: Last Summer - wingedcatgirl - 08-01-2021

"A malformed politician," Sylvi declares smugly.

"... Okay, fine, it might be a murdergame."

RE: Last Summer - Dookie - 08-01-2021

(08-01-2021, 21:16:09 PM)LavenderDream Wrote: "My name is Lars. And you are?"

“I'm uh…..uh…..can't think of a one-liner…scared?”

He then finally notices his surroundings.

“So this is where you kidnap people? In an arcade that hasn't been updated since 1992?”

RE: Last Summer - PointMaid - 08-01-2021


RE: Last Summer - CustardAndPie - 08-01-2021