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RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Despair's Archon of Memes - 07-04-2021

Suddenly, as Junko and Monaca approach the hole in the building, a room mysteriously materializes... The entrance is... Long deteriorated... Not even a sign. Inside is... A mysterious place. A room where the walls are space itself. There's a table... With a few notes...

...What's this?


...It seems that some logs are missing... But, there are some remaining notes left...

It seems that there was a mysterious force that is actively... Interfering with our plans... If ignored for too long, it could possibly spell doom for the entirety of us... As such... Until this force is maginalized... We're calling off this experiment.



Suddenly, the room disappears, and the mansion starts fading out of existence... Including the ground it's on...

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - wingedcatgirl - 07-04-2021

Cyan - Abandoned Base
"We'll probably explore the whole place top to bottom, I was thinking. But the cafeteria would make a good start. Though depending on how long this place has been abandoned..." She shrugs. "Well, we'll see."

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Goose - 07-04-2021

Green Portal ~ ???

After spending a while falling through a series of underground tubes that appears to be some sort of sorting system, Doof finally lands... on a crate of pineapples. "OW!" Doof exclaimed. Apparently, this forest thinks I'm a pineapple now, so great!" Doof looks around him to find himself in what appears to be an underground warehouse where the fruits produced by the metal trees are stored, presumably so they can be processed and shipped off later.

A humanoid figure who looks like this walks in from a door tucked away in a far-off corner of the warehouse. Well... well well well well! So this what our visitor looks like, huh? I expected someone... less pointy, but I digress! The figure chuckles. "You're calling me pointy, huh?" Doof says. Well, people do say that I have a pointy nose, but I absolutely HATE it when people draw attention to it, so I politely ask you to STOP INSULTING MY PHYSICAL APPEARENCE! Mental note to self: Get to work on a Nose Shrinkinator as soon I as leave this place.

"Moving on from that...I believe that you and I haven't met before! I'm Jared Adahgon, chairman and CEO of the Zalronian Fruit Company, the largest fruit producer in this dimension!" Jared offers a handshake, which Doof begrudgingly accepts. "I'm Doctor Heinz Doofenshmirtz, chairman and CEO of Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated, blah blah blah, nice to meet you." "Well... nice to meet you, too! It appears that you got here through a dimensional rift, which is something that doesn't happen every single day! For your sheer effort in getting here, you are thereby invited on a tour of the ZarlonFruit artificial orchard!"

Suddenly, a large robotic owl picks up Doof from the pineapple crate and carries him into a hidden trapdoor on the ceiling of the warehouse. "I don't want to go on a tour of your stupid metal forest! CURSE YOU, OVERLY OPTIMISTIC BUSINESS EXECUTIVE!"

Yellow Portal ~ Cloud Nine

Inside of Cloud Nine is a massive shopping mall, with lots of stores selling all kinds of stuff from all kinds of worlds. The mall is packed with dozens of creatures that range from run-of-the-mill humans to extremely bizarre creatures that are hard to comprehend. "Wow... this is a massive far cry from the hotel." Bow ponders to herself for a second.
"Well... there must be something interesting here, right, Lexi?"

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Despair's Archon of Memes - 07-04-2021

As the mansion disappears, Monaca grabs another paper from the table...


Just as the entire mansion disappears, Monaca's spaceship rockets out of the library's secret door, and Junko and Monaca get on... Only to get greeted by a bunch of glitchy flying appirations...

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Kennifer - 07-04-2021

-Yellow Portal-

"Well yeah obviously? A mall in the clouds with a wide range of residents already counts as interesting, wouldn't you say? And that's without going into any of the shops... I just hope my money is good here. Might be a neat place to pick up some supplies and things."

She's going to see if there's a directory of some sort, y'know, one of those maps of the mall that shows which stores are where?

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Florien - 07-04-2021

The Cyan Portal: The Complex Cafeteria.

Kellensea heads to the Cafeteria, on Vivi's suggestion. The door swings open fairly easily. No security system activates, nothing of incredible interest happens. It looks like a fairly normal cafeteria within a massive underground complex, for what that's worth in normalcy points. The benches are metal and bolted to the floor, the cafeteria line is made largely of poured concrete with a tempered-glass sneeze guard. The colors of the place seem to largely be limited to "grey, different grey, darker grey, and lighter grey", with the biggest splashes of color being a stack of unmarked cardboard boxes and a stack of bright blue trays at one end of the line. There's a door marked "refrigeration unit" in the back, and a visible kitchen through a second door. Aside from the distinct lack of people and the omnidirectional clicking and whirring sounds, another strange thing about the place is that only the house-like room had dust in it. Everything so far has been almost completely clean and brightly lit. Naturally, Kellensea immediately gravitates towards the boxes and tears them open.


She stands over the open box for a few seconds, then opens another, with a similar reaction.

Okay. Alright. Okay. Yes. Okay. No, this is wrong.

She shows both boxes to Vivi. They're both completely empty.

Something's wrong here. This place is familiar to me. Not to you, right? Now, let's assume these portals open into random places. What are the chances it would open into a place that's ALMOST like a place I was once, but not quite?

She pauses, and throws open the door to the refrigeration unit. It opens into a large, freezing cold room filled with boxes and shelves with more boxes. At the back wall, there's a window looking into some kind of swirling snow storm. The window is coated in a layer of ice on both sides. She quickly closes the door again, not even going in.

Lots of nothing. There doesn't seem to be much of use here. Maybe we should leave. Or go somewhere else.

Her matter-of-fact tone is somewhat undermined by a note of genuine terror in her voice.

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Goose - 07-04-2021

Yellow Portal ~ Cloud Nine

Right next to the entrance of Cloud Nine is a kiosk that shows a interactive 3D map of the entire area. Noticing the kiosk, Bow decides to fiddle around with it, when a voiceover starts to play from the kiosk.

"Welcome, dimensional traveler, to the Cloud Nine Travel Center! Here, we provide a wide variety of services to travelers both new and experienced, including tons of shops, restaurants, recreational activities, and lodging. Use the kiosk to find out where you are going today."

From the map, it appears that the mall appears to consist of nine large buildings floating in the sky. The tenets of the mall range from big brands that Bow and Alexis recognize themselves to utterly alien specialty shops that appeal to very niche audiences. "Oh, looks like they have a Pokemart here. And a fabric shop. And a fruit store. In fact, they have almost everything I need!" Bow exclaims. "The problem is that that I don't have any money on me... what about you, Lexi?"

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Kennifer - 07-04-2021

--Yellow Portal--

"Oooh, yeah this is super cool! I did bring a bit of money... probably not enough for something super-expensive, but probably enough to buy lunch at least."

Alexis takes out her wallet and goes through it. Yeah, there's still a bit there. She hadn't needed it at the hotel, after all...

"It looks like I've at least got enough for lunch, and maybe some food to take back to the hotel... maybe even a new swimsuit or something, I guess it depends on the prices here, really."

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Goose - 07-04-2021

Yellow Portal ~ Cloud Nine
"I wished I had some money myself so I get my own stuff, but, oh well." Bow says, before she heads off to explore the mall.

"Now... where should we go first? I personally want to check out some stores, but, it's up to you."

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Kennifer - 07-05-2021

-Yellow Portal-

"I'd like to go here," says Alexis as she points to a store that sells swimwear. "And maybe somewhere to get food to take back to my room. I'll get you some food too, my treat. After all, I said I'd share my talent show winnings with you..."

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Goose - 07-05-2021

Yellow Portal ~ Cloud Nine

"Yeah, food works for me." Bow says. "As for me, I'm probably going to go outside to rest on the clouds while you go do your stuff. The best part about my cape is that it doubles as a rather comfy blanket. Probably because it is a blanket, but still." She lets out a small giggle.

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Kennifer - 07-05-2021

-Yellow Portal-

"Didn't you say you wanted to check out the shops? Maybe they've got an Eevee-sized bag at the Pokemart or something."

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Despair's Archon of Memes - 07-05-2021

How are we going to get out of this?

...Um... Press some buttons!

Junko proceeds to do just that...


The spaceship suddenly fires a ton of micro-missiles, hitting the glitched apprations... Which fuse together into one being... And then a manhole floats in...

Oh look. A manhole. Let's get out of here!

Junko presses more buttons...

But the ship is too big! We'll-


The ship shrinks itself automatically to fit inside the manhole portal and flies through...

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Goose - 07-05-2021

Yellow Portal ~ Cloud Nine
"Oh, yeah, I almost forgot about that!" Bow realizes. "I'm going to check out the Pokemart, then we can meet up on the clouds outside, where I'll probably be resting. Does that sound good to you?"

Hotel ~ Outside

Dr. Doofenshmirtz can be seen running out the green portal with a basket filled with fruit... and tons of bite marks on his skin. "Well... that place was absolutely horrible!" Doof proclaims. "I was called a thief while all I was doing was grabbing fruit to sell later, and I was even willing to pay royalty fees and all that legal mumbo-jumbo! Even worse, there was no self destruct button on any of those robots, which is very bad design in my opinion. Now I'm glad that OWCA doesn't employ robots." Doof slowly limps away from the portal, and back into the hotel.

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Kennifer - 07-05-2021

-Yellow Portal-

"That works for me. Here, get yourself something, okay?" Alexis hands some money to Bow. "I'll meet you outside soon."

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - wingedcatgirl - 07-05-2021

Cyan - Cafeteria
"If I understand the plan that... she made, these portals are intended to start off seeking out things we can use to fight TM Awe, and after we're sufficiently prepared, lead us to Awe himself. Though there's also some... 'wibbliness' involved, I don't know what that means, but she said not every place would make sense."

Vivi decides to check the 'refrigeration unit', hoping the containers inside it won't be as empty as the ones outside were.

"And no, I can't say this place rings any bells to me."

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Goose - 07-05-2021

Yellow Portal ~ Cloud Nine
Bow nods, and stuffs the money that Alexis handed her into her neck fur. See you later, then." Bow then heads out to Cloud Nine's Pokémart. On the inside, it looks like just a plain-old Pokémart, however, it does sell things such as Max Revives and Max Elixirs, things that usually cannot be purchased at a Pokémart. Bow decides to ring up one the store's cashier, a young- looking man with red hair and a Galarian accent.

"Excuse me, but do you have any bags suitable for an Eevee to wear?" Bow asks.

"Bags suitable for an Eevee to wear? That will be in the vanity aisle... wait." The store clerk takes a closer look at Bow, and is shocked to see was she really was. Are you... an Eevee? WE HAVE A TALKER! I REPEAT, WE HAVE A TALKER!" Suddenly, a bunch of people stampede into the room and surround Bow, inherently curious at what she has to offer. I am Charlie Morison, but you can call me "Char" for short. I am the leader of the Cloud Nine chapter of the Organization for Spatially Displaced Pokémon and Trainers. What is your nickname, and how did you end up here? Did you get sucked into an Ultra Wormhole? Got on the bad side of a Psychic or Ghost type, or something else?" Char asks.

Bow responds. "Well, my nickname is Bow, and I am the partner of Ry Downriver of Pallet Town. How I ended up here... well,  I got chosen against my will to take place in some twisted killing game." The entire room fills suddenly fills up with silence. "There, some mysterious force outside of my control granted me the ability to talk. The killing game was not a pretty exprience I ended up making it out alive, and I also ended up making a really good friend there, but I also made some enemies, and... some people where not so lucky. Even then, I ended up getting stuck in a hotel for three months before I was able to reach this place."

Char is a bit shocked at what the Eevee just told her. "So...the rumors of the killing games are indeed true. I'm sorry. Where is your trainer?"  "He's still in Kanto, I think." said Bow.

"Well, unfortunately, we currently don't have the means to return to our world, so there's not much that can do for you other then pray for your own safety. said Char. In the meantime, there's a Pokémon Center next door, and you can get anything here as long as you have the money for it. By the way... who is this friend of yours?" asked Char. "Well," Bow says, "her name is Alexis, but I call her Lexi for short. I met her at the killing game I got trapped in, and despite her not being from the same world, we became really good friends over time. She actually ended up saving my life one night in that game. I don't know what would happened to me if we never became friends." Bow lets out a small smile.

The cashier smiles back. "Aww, you do sound like good friends indeed. Anyways, go grab the items you want and I'll get them checked out for you." Bow settles on a small Eevee-size bag that she can easily conceal under her cape. "Here you go, then!" The Eevee hands over the money that she got from Alexis over to Char, who then hands Bow a rather small receipt in exchange. "Thank you for shopping at the Cloud Nine Pokémart! Come back again soon!" Bow waves, before heading outside to the clouds.

"Hey, that reminds me!" Char remarks. "I never found out where my Cinderace went after all... but eh, he was a bit too crazy for my tastes."

After heading back outside into the clouds, Bow stuffs her parachute into her new bag (which can fit in lot of stuff despite it's size because of weird Pokémon bag physics), and then lays down onto the soft clouds, with the Eevee having untied her cape from her body and using it for its original purpose as a blanket. Having gotten herself comfy, Bow redirects her attention to the sunset in the distance.

"I have never thought to myself that I would be watching the sunset on a cloud right in the middle of the sky." Bow muses. "But, hey, I wasn't expecting for any of this to have happened to me, either. I think I may had found the silver lining out of all this."

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Despair's Archon of Memes - 07-05-2021

...A mysterious room with a bunch of computers...

...What's this?

Suddenly, one of the computers turns on...


I think I know the password...

1... 1... 0... 3... 7...

Access granted.

Monaca peruses through the files... Only to encounter a certain file...

CLASS 78 Status

What the...

The computer suddenly displays a table...
  • Junko Enoshima (Status: Dead)...

Okay... I know THAT... But...
  • Hifumi Yamada (Status: Dead)
  • Mukuro Ikusaba (Status: Unknown)
  • Leon Kuwata (Status: Unknown)

We need to go deeper.

Monaca clicks on Junko's list sample...

Last Seen: Applying for a cooking game show... Mysteriously disappeared shortly after the beginning of the show's syndication...

...Why would they know about...

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Florien - 07-05-2021

Cyan: The Cafeteria Section

The refrigerator is bitterly cold. Far, far colder than any food could possibly need to be kept. To describe it as bone-chilling would be grossly understating it, as any warmth bleeds away in seconds. An Antarctic winter would seem warm compared to this refrigerator. The containers which aren't frozen shut contain... stuff. Vague stuff. It's beige squares, circles and blobs. It looks like someone was designing a type of processed food, then completely gave up after getting past the "vaguely food colored and probably edible" part. A sign, previously concealed by a bright light shining on the ice covering, reads "DANGER: Do not break the sealing window. Risk of death." One just below the window is harder to make out, but seems to read "Proof of concept" with some tiny text below it too thickly covered in ice to read.

Vivi, don't go in there! It's too cold! You'll die or lose your fingers to frostbite or both! Put on a, a scarf or something at least! And hurry up, this place is... not right. I don't want to stay here longer than I have to!

Kellensea doesn't chase after Vivi though. She seems unwilling to approach the refrigeration unit. She heads into the kitchen portion of the cafeteria and finds that the faucets don't work. Are they disconnected, off, or are they just decorative? Any of those options raise further questions.

You'd better not be dying of hypothermia in there!

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - SmilyCube112 - 07-05-2021

RED PORTAL ~ Outside

Calli arrives through the portal and finds herself at a cold, wintery place that looks like it could be a prison facility. Except it feels like it's eerily empty. She then pokes her head back through and tells the others this.

"A prison in a winter environment? Not a Bakugo-friendly environment, I'll give you that."
"Say all you want, you know she's right. That Quirk of yours is weaker in a cold place like that. But that kinda place sounds familiar to me. Isn't it reminiscent of that prison known as 'The Wall' from the Henry Stickmin Collection?"
"Cuid be. Mibbie noo ah kin finally hae ice in mah drinks."
"Well, I'm going to look around the place. Seems like it's safe enough for the rest of you to come through it."

Almost as soon as Calli finishes that sentence, Moon divebombs into the portal and immediately begins looking around with intense curiosity.

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - SomeLibre - 07-05-2021

Red Portal ~ Outside

Henka and Glasya tumble out of the portal into the aforementioned cold, empty, prison-like place.

" this a part of the Outside World?"

After landing, Glasya quickly senses something abound in the place, as if they've been to it before. They overhear Calli's group.

"Hyold on a second..."

At a ceiling corner, out of their sight, a security camera observes the group, and observes closely at the sight of Glasya, zooming in. From another place in the place, completely unheard by the group...

"Well well well...look who came back..."

Hotel ~ Outside

"What're you thinking about, man!?" Moona yells at Agoti as the latter immediately rushes to the cyan portal, only to be restrained by her.


"We don't know if you'll get home from going through there!"

Moona slaps Agoti in the back of his head after being called a "clingy shit". "RRRRGH!"

"H-HEY! It's better to risk it than be stuck forever in whatever this eerie hotel is, man! I've had enough from being imprisoned somewhere else a week ago!"

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - SmilyCube112 - 07-05-2021

Hotel - Portal Area
Angel, Leone and Bakugo were just keeping guard at the red portal when Bakugo overheard what some others were saying and just decided to ignore it.

Red Portal ~ Prison Interior
Moon had pretty much been exploring the prison for a good while now, and finds a bunch of cells. She jokingly goes in one pretending to be a prisoner, and closes the door behind her. Then she got bored and went to leave, only to find out the door is now locked. Oops.

Red Portal ~ Prison Exterior
Calli was just looking around the rooftop, wondering what there is to see here. Then she notices someone followed her through the portal, and walks up to them, just to say to them: "Oh, hey there, are you new to the hotel?"

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - SomeLibre - 07-05-2021

Prison Interior

A sharp, blaring siren noise only Moon can hear strikes her, along with a deep, booming voice.

"Do you lack patience, new prisoner?"

Prison Exterior

"Nah, we've been there for a while, right Glasya? Henka answers.

"Beware~ Nyi've been here before...but don't think I know all of this!" Glasya says to Calli.

A floating, cubic object observes from afar, blaring a thin, harmless laser at Calli.

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Florien - 07-05-2021

Cyan Portal: Cafeteria Kitchen.

A burst of clicks sounds once again in the gaps between the vaguely ominous whirring.

Okay, come on, hurry up hurry u...hhh... ugh.

Kellensea trails off, sounding rather uncomfortable.

Well. This place achieves the impossible. Whoop de fucking... eugh. Uhhkh. Look, if you're dying of hypothermia, I won't be able to get you. Even more, I mean. Hope you don't need this basin for anything.

She retches as another rapid series of clicks comes through.

Oh come on, I haven't eaten in weeks, how is this even... I CAN'T FEEL PAIN, WHY DOES THIS HURT...

There's a rustling of armor as Kellensea takes off her helmet and scarf to lean over the sink as a wave of nausea overwhelms her. There's nothing to throw up, but she's not willing to get it on her perfectly nice armor if somehow she does.

I'm not going through this again. I'm not going through this again. I'm not going through this again.

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - wingedcatgirl - 07-05-2021

Cyan - Kitchen
"Phew. Colder than Ishgard in the dead of winter in there," Vivi says, carrying out some of the boxes of generic geometric... food, probably.

"... All right, what is that incessant noise?" The whirring and clicking doesn't seem to be affecting her the same as Kellensea, but she sure is annoyed by it at the least.