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RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Goose - 07-04-2021

Green Portal: ???
Doofenshmirtz emerges from the green portal to find himself in a vast forest that seems to cover most of this planet's landscape. The forest consists of various tree species, including some that look like they should not be growing in this forest's climate, which can be described as "lukewarm".

"A forest? Aw, come on! I was expecting some cool alien planet, not some random forest in the the middle of nowhere?", Doof says. The mad scientist then notices a banana tree growing next to him. Out of sheer curiosity, Doof then picks a banana off the tree and takes a bite into it, and it tastes pretty decent to the doctor. "I was never really big on bananas, but this does indeed taste like a good banana to me!"

Doof then takes a closer look at the tree, which appears to made out of... metal? ""Wait a minute... is that tree made out of metal? Well, that's interesting, I guess." In fact, every single tree in this forest appears to be made out of metal too. Strangely enough, the fruit growing off the trees seems to be completely organic. "Is this forest some kind of artificial fruit farm? Well, if that's true, then that means that there must be aliens somewhere in this dimension! This just got exciting!" Doof then heads back to the hotel to report his findings to everyone else.

Outside The Hotel
Doofenshmirtz emerges from the green portal, with an excited look on his face. "I just found a forest made out of metal inside the green portal! Doof says. It appears to be some sort of alien fruit farm, which means that I'll hopefully get to meet some aliens that actually don't suck this time!" He then runs back into the Metal Forest to see what else it hides.

Meanwhile, Bow is gearing up to explore the yellow portal, with the Eevee putting some Berries in her neck fur to snack on and making sure that her parachute is secured tightly, along with some other stuff. "I hope that this is something I will end up regretting down the line." Bow whispers. She then ties the end of a blanket around her neck to form a rudimentary cape, which serves mostly as something to make herself stand out, and also so that she can have a blanket to curl up under in the case that she gets stressed out.

"Well... I think I'm ready. I better let Alexis know that I'm heading off, and then... it will be time to go on an adventure."

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Kennifer - 07-04-2021

Amanda's been waiting near the portals to find out where they lead.

"A metal forest? Okay, that's kind of cool. Maybe I'll check it out myself sometime. At least if it stays that way, and doesn't end up leading to... oh I don't know, one of those M.C. Escher pictures with all the stairs or something."


meanwhile, Alexis is... just kinda walking around and jotting down notes about whatever has just happened with the hotel.

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Despair's Archon of Memes - 07-04-2021

Monaca's ship comes out of the red portal on the other side, greeted by... A white void with one door in the middle.

...Okay... Now what?

...Try out the door?

Junko and Monaca park their ships right next to the magenta portal... And go into the door. And end up in a library.

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Dookie - 07-04-2021

Dookie jumps up to eat some fruit off of the trees. Yummy!

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Goose - 07-04-2021

Bow heads up to Alexis, and flourishes her new cape in front of her friend for dramatic effect. "Hey Lexi! How does my new cape look on me?" Bow says with enthusiasm. "But anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to go off to explore one of the portals that showed up recently. Do you want to go with me?"

Green Portal: Metal Forest
One can notice that the metal forest is also populated with wildlife typical of a forest. Upon closer inspection, the animals appear to be cybernetic, and you can see them gathering fruit from the tree and carrying them off to holes into the ground, which presumably leads to where the fruit is processed and shipped off.

Dr. D is meanwhile collecting fruit from the metal trees into a basket, presumably so he can sell them off for ridiculously marked-up prices under the guise of the fruits being from another dimension. "Oh, cybernetic animals? Looks like OWCA needs some catching up to do!" Doof snarks.

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - SomeLibre - 07-04-2021

"Hey, Moona, does it seem like the fridge is actually empty now?" Henrik asks after grabbing all of the food from said fridge.

"It is! I was gathering some building materials and found out that all the spare nails in my room have all ran out!" Moona answers.

"...Something tells me we're gonna have to go through those portals if we wanna stay alive. Dammit..."

Agoti bumps into the two from tripping. "WHOAAAA-OOF!"

" okay there?"

"FINEFINEFINEFINE just...what hotel is this?"

"If I'm correct it's the Murder-Free Hotel?"

"'re telling me someone's trying to get rid of me again? Ohhh fucking hell no..."

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Kennifer - 07-04-2021

"Oh hey, Bow. It looks very nice... and sure. I wouldn't mind taking notes on what's on the other side of them."

Alexis smiles at her friend. This could be interesting... hopefully.

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Despair's Archon of Memes - 07-04-2021

...What a dump.

Clearly, this library has seen better days... There are books everywhere, and collapsed shelves. And no librarian to be seen, either. Eventually...

Look, a door!

And said door leads to... A hallway. That's also ruined... And to the left can be seen... The outside... As if a piece of the building was ripped apart from the whole... And in the distance... Can be seen a burning building...

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Goose - 07-04-2021

"Yeah! I even got my parachute, so I'll be ready for anything that comes my way! ...I think. Bow chuckles for a second, before heading back to the yellow portal; expecting Alexis to follow her there.

"I was originally planning to go through the cyan portal, but... Kellensea's back."

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Kennifer - 07-04-2021

Alexis pauses a moment to shudder at the mention of Kellensea and all those unpleasant memories from that game, then flips to a blank page in her notebook and heads through the yellow portal to find...

...I have no ideas lol sorry, been busy with other shit this evening

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Florien - 07-04-2021

After a lot of poking around, checking for traps, then stating "should be clear" followed by another long period of searching for traps as if she's just forgotten, Kellensea finally gives up and walks through the Cyan portal silently (apart from her incredibly loud equipment) and without warning.

Through the Cyan Portal:

She bursts through the portal into what appears to be a house. Not a lived-in house, there's quite a lot of dust everywhere and the room is quite dimly lit, but a house. There's a constant whirring noise with no discernable source that stops seemingly at random, before starting again. Sometimes, there's a series of clicks during the paused times. Other times, there isn't. There are no other sounds.

Well, that's slightly unnerving.

She explores a bit, going through a door at the far end of the room, only to end up in a brightly lit corridor with concrete walls and support pillars every few yards. It seems to go quite a ways in each direction, with doors along the sides, presumably leading into yet more rooms. The whirring noise is exactly as loud out in the hallway as is was in the "house". Signs in an unknown language sit above most of the doors. There's also what looks like caution stripes painted in a ring around the circumference of one of the doors. Kellensea is immediately drawn to the shiny paint and the promise of danger and excitement behind it, and pokes at it for a bit with one of her polearms before going through the door on the other side. That's when...


A pale green forcefield appears between the caution stripes, trapping Kellensea on the other side. Presumably she's furious and cursing, at least that's what her mannerisms imply, as sound doesn't seem able to penetrate the barrier. Neither does her polearm, which just bounces off with a "donk" noise.

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - wingedcatgirl - 07-04-2021

Cyan - Dusty House
Vivi, who had been following cautiously behind Kellensea, Ingrimm Recollection in hand, freezes as the forcefield appears, separating the two.

"Hrm." She inspects the signs near the forcefield, hoping the Echo will help her understand.

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Florien - 07-04-2021

Cyan Portal: Concrete Corridor.

The forcefield is unmentioned on any nearby sign. The sign on the door says "High-risk biological containment" in small red symbols, and through a small window on the door, it looks like it leads into a second hallway. The other signs are similarly unhelpful, merely labelling what's supposedly behind the doors in vague terms like "Medium Security Containment" and "Viewing Platform". Some are more specific, like "Cafeteria" and "Turbine Room One". Notably, Kellensea seems to have gone towards the only door for some distance down the corridor with the caution stripes around it. Kellensea gestures wildly, apparently trying to communicate, though it's not particularly coherent or helpful. Eventually she shrugs and taps on the forcefield. That's the only sound that can get through apparently. She makes a second series of gestures, which could either be interpreted as "I'm cursing you and everyone you spawned from and everyone spawned from you" or "I'm going to try to find another way around, be careful". She then tries the door, which appears to be stuck, and proceeds to start trying to tear it apart with her... not bare, but un-tool-wielding hands. It doesn't seem to be working so well.

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - wingedcatgirl - 07-04-2021

"Well. If that's 'high-risk', I wonder what they think is 'medium'?" Vivi carefully explores the medium-security containment room, keeping an eye out for danger and trusting the Echo to have her back and warn her if something comes out of completely nowhere.

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Florien - 07-04-2021

Inside the "medium security" containment room, there's a surprising amount of nothing. There's cells along the walls, but they look unused. It's quite possible that this place was never finished, or at least never used for the intended purpose. Aside from some suspicious unlabeled cardboard boxes in a corner, there's really not much. Meanwhile, it seems the forcefield only blocked the noise coming into the outer corridor. Here, Kellensea's swearing is quite audible, as is the loud banging of metal on metal and the scraping of a door being pried loose.

Vels, Finally. That took long enough. Need to get out. Doors lead to cells. Can't go back, forcefield. Zezi security field? Something like that, anyway. Tripped accidentally, deliberate trap, one of those. Note: If deliberate, retaliate. Language looks broken, but almost understandable. Magic Translating Items functioning, mostly. Checking walls.

She jibbers on in a similar vein for a while, a surprising amount of it audible, though it's littered throughout with technical terms and proper nouns, which make it rather difficult to understand. It seems she monologues almost constantly when she thinks no one can hear her. The apparent thinness of the wall here might be why this place is seemingly unused, considering that if the wall is thin enough to let a voice through, it surely can't be thick enough to stop a particularly determined someone or something from breaking through it.

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - wingedcatgirl - 07-04-2021

Vivi whistles loudly. "Hey, Kel! We can hear you again from here, the medium security room. ... Not immediately sure what that implies..." She pauses a moment to think.

Explosion time?


RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Florien - 07-04-2021

Wall check continue. Can hear Vivi. Wall hollow. Vivi there? Probably not. Attempting to break. No item. Check boxes. Prybar.

Kellensea doesn't seem to entirely believe what she's hearing.

Place recognizable, almost. Can't dwell on that. Try wall.

There's some banging on the wall, and a crowbar pokes through a hole. There's a second bang, and a crash as Kellensea breaks through the almost paper thin wall, emulating the kool-aid man in exactly two ways, those being that she came through a wall, and the second being that she's leaking some fluid that is normally fully contained within her body. Specifically, blood from under one of her multi-layered gauntlets. She doesn't seem to notice.

Oh. It was you. I thought you understood my message to stay put. Well, too late to worry about that now. I recognize this place, in a way. I certainly haven't been here, but it reminds me of... a certain place I went once. It feels like that but... wrong. Hopefully there's something here worth seeing or getting, because empty cells and commonspeak as wrote by prisoner-scam-letter-senders aren't exactly interesting and certainly aren't worth prying up and taking back. Also, that wall is disturbingly thin, and I can't possibly think why.

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - wingedcatgirl - 07-04-2021

Vivi shrugs. "No, I didn't quite catch 'stay put' in that."

Vivi Elakha uses Afflatus Solace.
Kellensea Harthdareiter regains HP.

"Walls being that thin is... a curious sign, considering the whole 'high-risk biological containment' logic for trapping you in a force field."

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Florien - 07-04-2021

Could just be shoddy design. I've seen it before. On the other hand, it could be wall-scraping giant insects from the depths of the world, as I've also seen those before. Or it could be something else entirely. Also, I think this prybar is a good prybar, and I'm keeping it. I probably should have brought one in the first place.

Kellensea looks at her hand.

Oh, thanks. You didn't have to do that, but I appreciate the gesture. I bleed spontaneously sometimes. Well... Easily. Not spontaneously. I bruise spontaneously. But that's basically bleeding under the skin, right? That probably came from punching the door out of shape. Which, come to think of it, pretty low security door for something labeled so importantly. To state the obvious, something is wrong here. And WHERE EVEN IS THAT COMING FROM?! WILL THE DAMNED CLICKING STOP?!

The strange mechanical clicking sounds interrupt her for the second time only a couple seconds into her rant against them, as if taunting her through whatever apparently random process is controlling them. Then the whirring noise returns and continues the mostly constant drone in the background of the area. For whatever reason, the clicking seems to really be bothering Kellensea, but she's not turning back yet.

Right, Further exploration. Either the viewing platform or the cafeteria I think. Cafeteria might have some useful stuff, like uhhh... food maybe. Most of the people back at our main base eat, right? I don't strictly NEED to any more, but I figure other people might still need food. The viewing platform might be viewing... something interesting, I don't know.

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Goose - 07-04-2021

Green Portal ~ Artificial Orchard
While gathering fruit from the trees, Dr. Doofenshmirtz notices a robot bear lumbering through the trees; acting as if it was on patrol. Suddenly, the bear turns to Doof, and a loud alarm starts to ring throughout the forest while the bear starts speaking in an shrill, unnatural voice.

"Ni fadh jaho ajaga isny kino!" The scientist did not understand what the bear said. I can't understand you, weird robot bear! Can you speak in English? The bear does just that. "Native dialect of entity detected: English. Entity: please identity yourself on the behalf of the Zalronian Fruit Company! the bear demands"Well, I'm Doctor Heinz Doofenshmirtz of the Tri State Area, Earth, Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy, and so on! I come in peace, so may I see your leader?" said Doof.

"You shall be taken to our superior." the bear replies. Suddenly, a hole similar to the ones that the robot animals carry fruit into opens up under Doofenshmirtz, causing him to fall in. "Oh, I hate when this happens- WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

Yellow Portal ~ ???
On the other side of the portal is a sky filled with clouds that seem solid and fluffier then usual. In fact, the other side of the portal is situated on one these clouds, which is indeed solid and fluffy to the touch, and a bit bouncy, too. Bow is a bit excited by all of this.

"Woah. I don't think clouds are supposed to work like this, but whatever. This is really cool!" Bow says. In the distance is some floating islands with buildings situated on them. What these buildings could be is so far unknown, but there appears to be a trail of solid clouds connecting them together, and it appears that this cloud is part of said trail. "Well, Lexi... shall we go check this place out?"

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Kennifer - 07-04-2021

"Huh? Clouds? ...Okay, this is pretty cool. Okay, let's go. And... maybe not look down."

Alexis wrote this all down on her notebook, then carefully began walking along the path of clouds, testing them carefully to make sure they'd support her weight. True, she's a slim lady, but, well... clouds.

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Goose - 07-04-2021

Yellow Portal ~ Cloud Sea
Bow is happily running on the cloudy pathway, with her cape flowing behind her. "Never in my life did I think I would be able to walk among the clouds." Bow remarks... before she realizes that she stepped off the trail.

"Uh-oh. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" The screams become more muddled as Eevee then plunges into the cloudly depths of the sky. However, this doesn't last long, as Bow emerges flying back into view clouds at top speed. "Well... those clouds down there are like a big trampoline!"

Bow then opens up her parachute, using it to float back down onto the trail and next to Alexis. "Well... that was scary. I do have to wonder why these clouds work the way they do."

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Kennifer - 07-04-2021

--Yellow Portal--

"You okay there? That was definitely scary! Good to know falling isn't... as dangerous as you'd think, though."

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Goose - 07-04-2021

Yellow Portal ~ Cloud Sea
"I'm fine now." Bow says. "Let me get my parachute back under my cape, and then... there!" She does just that, and then gets back to walking on the cloudy trial. Eventually, the Eevee reaches one of the buildings that she saw from the yellow portal.

The building itself is a large glass spire with many floors, and the entrance is marked with a sign reading Welcome to the Cloud Nine Travel Center ~ Building #5.Bow takes a deep breath. Well... should we head in?

RE: Murder-Free II: The Portaling Revengeance - Kennifer - 07-04-2021

"Cloud Nine, huh? Well, that's a little on the nose." Alexis chuckles. "I suppose we might as well go see what's up. Might let us know if there's anything to actually do here, you know?"

She'd jot a couple things down in her notes before heading inside the building.