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[Video Games] Rhythm games!
The fun (and imo pretty underrated) genre of games where you hit buttons to the beat of the music - talk about whatever rhythm/music games you like here!

I've been playing a bunch of Taiko no Tatsujin lately myself, should get back to beating the final boss in Rhythmic Adventure 2
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nah im gonna talk about how i like project diva.

I like how the opening to PoPiPo spends the first few seconds on Miku below the head so if you put a fucked up and stupid mask on her its like a fucking plot twist as it reveals you put mikudayo on her head and forgot.
"oh hell no, kung fu panda!"
I miss maimai :(

One of the big draws of rhythm games (or arcade games in general) is that they have the liberty of using whatever wacky-ass control scheme the devs thought up. I love seeing a new machine and thinking "what the fuck is that????" followed by "holy shit that looks fun. how do i play it?".
Micro Uzi implies the existence of Mega Uzi.
rhythm games really do be like: 'here's like the wackiest control scheme we ever made while we were hopped in every hallucinogen at once, have fun'
it is me. awe921, the greatest face in all of koridai
man I wish I had an arcade with cool fun rhythm games nearby... though the weeb merch store DID actually get in some cabinets recently (museca and reflec beat) so looking forwards to playing those later... at least I'm assuming they're not just there for decoration.

ALSO SPEAKING OF project diva: fun times! one of my thoughts on it is I hope the next game in the series goes back to the F/F2-style gameplay instead of the arcade/future tone one because the latter just seems to throw in all these unneccessary complicated extra things? But either way, it's fun and i like it
and while on the subject of project diva, my opinion on diva X is... "experimental, in both good and bad ways". GOOD: medleys are fun, it's still a fun rhythm game, urotander, GIFT ITEMS DON'T GIVE YOU THE SAME CUTSCENE OVER AND OVER WHEN YOU JUST WANT THE TROPHY THANK YOU... BAD: most videos are comparably kinda plain and boring with just the character(s) dancing around in the same area (which I get is probably because the stage selection mechanic but I usually just used the default stage for that lol), gift items are just random drops from songs...

(also: rhythm heaven switch when)
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I keep telling myself I'll buy the full Cytus II tracklist eventually but it never seems to happen... :V In other words, I've gotten million master on every normal song now, still working on getting the last couple of ROBO_Head ones on hard because I put it off for a while and haven't been as polished as I used to be. I did manage to unlock most of Ivy's files definitely not through google or anything and get to the main AEsir segment as of now.

Overall it's a pretty damn good game, even completely disregarding the actual rhythm part, it does excellently with storytelling in its distinct style and the worldbuilding is a definitive standout, though the overarching lore takes nearly an entire thesis and a half to explain in full. And it's like a hundred times less cryptic than Cytus already. Jeez, starting to think I just have a thing for ridiculously complex plots.
oh hey cytus II that's another game I've been meaning to play! Looks fun

(though I'm still hoping for a console port like with the first cytus)
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I got FUSER for Christmas and now I can make All Star x Never Gonna Give You Up mixes.

It is legendary.
Almost done with 30 "All Charming" (all perfect hits) in Deemo now, the last trophy I need for the platinum (which will be my 50th)... just 4 songs left...
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Games of the rhythm variety I've been playing lately:

- Mad Rat Dead: part platformer, part rhythm, all great game with awesome music and a cool artstyle
- Arcaea: another "notes drop down on various lanes" game but the upper lanes go all over the place in harder difficulties? The unlock system is both kinda fun and annoying lol

And since the arcade games I mentioned earlier are now playable:
- Museca: I love this, really fun playstyle!
- Reflec Beat: also a pretty cool game, this one's touchscreen-based, overall kinda prefer museca's songlist tho
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UPDATE TO THE ABOVE: jubeat! Recent arcade addition and i Love it... been playing it so much lately

been trying to unlock the Secret Puzzles at the end of a round by playing a certain set of songs and my biggest issue with that is mainly just actually finding the song in time because the timer runs out before I can actually scroll to it rip
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