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The Wikipedia Band Game
This is a forum game. Go on Wikipedia, hit random article, and see what you get.

The first thing you get, no matter what, is the band name. The next people you get will be the lineup, until the full lineup (of four people) is done. The person-to-instrument in that order is Vocals, Guitar, a bass, and Drums.

The first non-person you get will be the album title. The ten next things you get will be the songs on the album. Feel free to rearrange the songs however you like.

You may add song lengths, what the hits off the album were, whatever you find necessary. Heck, you can even make a double song with two articles! In the end, you should have something like this:

Band: Toby Lightman

Lineup: Daniel Rupf, Ed La Forge, Hernán Galíndez, Zuzana Martináková

Album: Koshish


1. North Washington, Colorado (2.59)

2. Alti (6.39)

3. Madrid Royal Conservatory (3.09)

4. Dudley De Groot (2.47)

5. Quasi-Star (5.00)

6. Cary Family (3.49)

7. Simeon Berry (4.01)

8. WTAO-FM (3.09)

9. We Shaozu/Grotto of the Repuplic (6.45)

10. Saiki Staition (4.44)

I'm thinking this would make a good progressive rock band.
Band: Puerta Real (Seville)

Lineup: Wilfrid Oulton, Mary Jobe Akeley, Elizabeth Blair Lee, Russian (comics)

Album: Ottnang am Hausruck


1. Hangdown (apple) (4:32)

2. AWS (band) (3:24)

3. Rowing at the 2013 Summer Universiade – Women's coxless four (5:10)

4. Has the World Gone Mad! (3:50)

5. Biathlon Junior World Championships 2007 (4:40)

6. Wonka (surname) (2:58)

7. Potted Shrimp (4:12)

8. Camberwell, New South Wales (3:51)

9. Central Lake Township, Michigan (4:41)

10. Ehrenfeld Group (5:02)
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Band: Fatman Mountain
Lineup: Martin Brozius, Josh Law, Eamonn Butler, Sébastien Caron.
Album: Tansyzarovo
1. 1993 Humboldt State Lumberjacks football team (Runtime: 2:37)
2. Jim Evans (politician) (Runtime: 3:22)
3. Tommy Thomas (sheriff) (Runtime: 2:58)
4. Eastern Acipa language (Runtime: 3:26)
5. Aruba at the 2008 Summer Olympics (Runtime: 3:41)
6. Whittard Canyon (Runtime: 3:20)
7. KRJO (Runtime: 4:15)
8. Bulbophyllum kemulense (Runtime: 2:43)
9. Gibson Falcon (Runtime: 3:12)
10. Benjamín Lacayo Sacasa (Runtime: 3:23)
(Total Runtime: 32:57)

Genre: Pop/Country
The album received mixed reviews from critics, most praised the sound and production of the album, but criticized the rather boring and repetitive lyrics throughout.
It had sold over 400,000 copies in its' first week and over 900,000 within a year.
"In the pages of a book! / In the pages of a book! / I can lose myself or find myself in the pages of a book!"
I should make it clear that you don't have to include what's in the “()”.

Band: Kruger Millions

Lineup: Harrison Farber, Eddie Sauer, Mary Ann Buxton, Colette Pichon Battle

Album: Libchavy


1. Exochorda (4:00)

2. Darden Restaurants/WPWR-TV/Cochinwala Markets (3:50, Darden is 0:00 to 1:38, WPWR is 1:39 to 2:40, Cochinwala is 2:40 to 3:50)

3. Kivalliq News (2:47)

4. Coming Down from Red Lodge (5:20)

5. Icing (4:29)

6. Thanga (2:12)

7. Peter Ruehl (8:00)

8. Union County Courthouse (2:34)

9. Theodore of Tarsus (3:17)

10. Mr Big (4:30)

This is probably a Punk-Alternative-Metal style album, with influences from all three.

It was released in 2000, and received generally positive reviews from critics. The singles were Mr Big, Exochorda, and Coming Down from Red Lodge.
Band: 1985 in South Korea

Lineup: Eivind Astrup, Aleksey Skvernyuk, Edward H. Dewey, Christian Scarlato

Album: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

1: Conventional Weapon (4:59)
2: Çaybağı (3:12)
3: Rannaküla (1:31)
4: Daïat Labguer Massacre (10:13)
5: Mount Chittenden (4:02)
6: Combined Shipping Adjustment Board (5:23)
7: Ridge Meadows Flames (2:07)
8: Mexican Bean Beetle (3:14)
9: Eriosema (8:17)
10: Pringle Manoeuvre (3:45)

Overview: 1985 in South Korea (often referred to as "the 1985") is a metal band, whose styles range from ominous doom metal to frantic thrash metal to uplifting power metal. Founded in 2007 after a game of football, they have been a minor success in Nordic and Baltic nations.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is their fourth studio album, released in 2019. Five years had passed since their last one, Elephant Seal had been released. Former bassist Leslie Ward had been paralyzed in his right arm in a train crash, forcing him to step down. This is, thus, Edward H. Dewey's debut for the band. (He had, however, already performed with Screaming Skull.)

The first single released from the album is the long, proggish track "Eriosema". Dewey's bass performance, including his solo at the 7-minute mark, had the entire fandom sold on his skill. Other popular tracks from the album include "Conventional Weapon", made popular by a Sherlock Bones AMV, and "Ridge Meadow Flames", which was made the ice hockey team's anthem.

The band were sued by NBC for usage of the name of their series without permission. However, executive producer Dick Wolf was a fan of the album, and placed several songs within the show, even offering The 1985 cameos in an episode. The band declined, but got permission to release a "Deluxe Soundtrack Edition", which featured a cover of "Theme of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and a brand-new song, "...but the clouds...".

The album also marked the start of 1985 in South Korea's world tour, starting in Seoul and ending in Oslo. Tickets sold well, but the band only sold out to max capacity in Sapporo, much to Astrup's confusion. He ranted about it on a web-based talk show and become a minor meme in the Law & Order and Far Cry fandoms.
Band name: OMOTENASHI (translates to "hospitality," and is the backronym of a satellite or something)
Vocals: Tom Snyders (comedian who drives around and comments on highway signs)
Guitar: Ossee Freeman Schrecongost (baseballer; "no crackers")
Bass: Jackie Linehan (hurler)
Drums: Alisha Rai (writer of erotic and romantic books; advocates equality in the genre)

Title: 1939–40 Idaho Vandals Men's Basketball Team

1. Sneaton (small village with a church for St. Hilda, who is the patron of teaching, etc.)
2. Goomburra railway line (random Australian closed railway)
3. Etterbeek ("rapid stream" or something; municipality of Brussels)
4. Mortgage Elimination (type of scam where a mortgage is played as invalid)
5. National Association of Photoshop Professionals (you can guess by the name)
6. Study Butte-Terlingua (A consensus-designated place in Texas, not even current)
7. Tropical Horticulture (horticulture in the tropics)
8. National Register of Historic Places listings in Franklin County, Georgia (...)
9. Foundation for Student Life in Oslo and Akershus (now just Akershus, you can tell by the name)
10. Piran (tourist town in Slovenia)

The album has a dumb name, but I can see a few of these names actually ending up having a theme! Sneaton could be about small village learning or something; Etterbeek about life; NAPP about some sarcastic photoshopper jokes, maybe a few metaphors about it; Piran has some rich culture I can't be bothered to study.
Generally, though, the cast is horrible.
Band Name: Darling Memorial Hospital

Band members: Enrique Perez Santiago, Dmitri Ivanov, Noel Long, Ronny Borchers

Album name: Deltistes


1. Bulbophyllum taiwainese

2. Basket Moon

3. Thumbelina (Horse)

4. Lavras

5. Sicco Mansholt

6. Registered Fax

7. Raissa Dapina

8. Fort Ripley (Minnesota Fort)

9. Ida-Viru County

10. Karhi Khas

11. Year's Best SF 8

12. Afamin

Ranking every song (using a wheel on the internet) on the album from best to worst: Bulbophyllum taiwainese, Thumbelina (Horse), Karhi Khas, Registered Fax, Fort Ripley (Minnesota Fort), Afamin, Sicco Mansholt, Basket Moon, Year's Best SF 8, Raissa Dapin, Ida-Viru County, Lavras.
Band Name: When Lost At Sea

Band Members: Alfred Staats, Stanley Copp, Charles A. Chase, Marvin Schwäbe

Debut Album: Fleming Companies, Inc.

Track List:
1. Yamaha PSR-E323
2. Millionaire
3. Dottie Berger MacKinnon
4. Roberto Azurdia
5. Bouchard de Marly
6. Kazkan
7. Tuklabad, Razavi Khorasan
8. Papuan Sheath-Tailed Bat
9. 2002 NY40
10. War Zone C
IF YOU'VE [[Lost Control Of Your Life]] THEN YOU JUST GOTTA GRAB IT BY THE [[Silly Strings]]
(ooc: when lost at sea is actually a REALLY good band name. gives me alt-rock or post-punk vibes )

band name: Völsunga Saga
members: Arthur C. Townley, Hong Yun-Sang, Hjalmar Bergman, Renan Lavigne
album: National Register of Historic Places listings in Fulton County, Indiana
the initial concept of this album ( referred to by fans as NROHPLIIFCI, pronounces "nuh-raw-huh-pull-if-see" ) was to pay homage to places that were important to the band members ( or places they just thought were cool ), but halfway through production, arthur suddenly got ideas for the tracks "sorrel soup" and "leo welch", so in the middle of the night he picked up his mic and recorded them. while recording, he also got the idea for "yuri kara" and recorded that too.

track list:
1. Symphony Nova Scotia
2. Leo Welch
3. Yuri Kara
4. Hamdaniwala Halt railway station
5. Portland Castle
6. Sorrel Soup
7. Idoteidae
8. Indecline
9. Chwałowice, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship
10. Spring in My Hometown/Saguenay City Council

portland castle - hjalmar's intricate bassline is given the spotlight on this track, whose lyrics are about the two sieges on the eponymous castle during the english civil war.
sorrel soup - a raw, intimate song about soup.
spring in my hometown/saguenay city council ( SIMH/SCC ) - the band does a good job of really pouring their feelings of longing, nostalgia, and love in this song.
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and here's my character list!
Band name: Thomas Comber (dean of Carlisle)

Members: Kim Kyong-hwa, Paddy Burke (hurler), Javi Salamero, Claire Breen

Album Name: Philadelphia University (Jordan)

Track List
1. John Bacon Sawrey Morritt
2. 2009 IPC Swimming European Championships – Men's 150 metre individual medley
3. 98th Infantry
4. Lithuania at the 2017 World Aquatics Championships
5. 2012 Czech Senate election
6. Bryansk Automobile Plant
7. List of aerial victories claimed by Günther Rall
8. Mawuko Girls Senior High School
9. Milwaukee County Stadium
10. Larraín
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Band Name: Cycling at the 2020 Summer Olympics – Women's individual road race
Many fans often shorten this to "Cyc-20."

Members: Bạch Diệp (vocals), U Thaung (guitar), Zhao Hongzhu (bass), Christopher Atkins (drums)
This band was rather unique; Atkins was on a business trip to Manila when he met Diệp, Thaung, and Zhao auditioning for a drummer, and decided to become a part of their band. He brought a rather interesting punk drummer flair to the generally more progressive-influenced group, earning them the nickname of "Filipino No Means No". The lyrics are often written in Tagalog, but Cantonese and English also are found at times, especially considering that Zhao and Atkins are the bandleaders.

Album: Ruhans
The album title was somewhat of a coincidence, considering that drummer Chris Atkins, being a military brat, had been in that village at times; it came from the track "Guiers," which discussed the little-known parts of France.


  1. EuroLeague Best Defender (4:29)
  2. Government in Exile (of the Commonwealth of the Philippines) (2:13)
  3. Ainavillilanka (3:31)
  4. Guiers (5:09)
  5. Jeżewo (1:38) / Łódź Voivodeship (5:05) (6:43 total)
  1. The Underdog (3:44)
  2. Loss of Load (4:01)
  3. Ladder Interview (4:47)
  4. Mutineer (2:49)
  5. Refractive Error (8:01)

The album's best-known singles are "The Underdog," "Mutineer," "Loss of Load," and "Ainavillilanka." "EuroLeague Best Defender," despite not being a commercial single, became a major hit in Papua New Guinea, and "Refractive Error" has become a major favorite song for fans—some have called it their "Bohemian Rhapsody" or "Master of Puppets" due to its dynamic sectional shifts.

Highlights of the album include the aforementioned "Refractive Error," especially the climactic chorus at the end that truly lets Diệp's vocal chops shine through, "Jeżewo," which displays Zhao's virtuosic bass chops underlined by sparse drumming from Atkins, the driving snare rhythm that underscores "The Underdog," the middle eight of "Guiers" where Atkins sings a verse, and the Belew-inspired guitar solo of "Mutineer."

While the album was well-received on release, it is regarded as more of a cult album today (not a Cult album; it's Cyc-20, after all). It has sold about 50,000 copies so far, although the album has been cited as an inspiration for other bands such as Secret Agent; its drummer Lee Holsgrove even considered it his second-favorite album of all time, after Brimmington Train Station's self-titled debut.
rip neptune
band name: dorothy klenkle nash ( called "the klenks" to differentiate the band from the eponymous lead singer )

members: dorothy klenkle nash, manju warrier, george greenfield macdonell, francisco maría ruiz

latest album: yuraq qaqa ( lima )
1. the gifted - this song was originally made as a contender for the theme song of the thai television series of the same name. it was rejected in favor of ben long and daniel falzon's prog-rock hit, "macdonagh park", so klenkle nash rewrote some of the lyrics and released this updated version a few years later.
2. malik khizar hayat tiwana - a thinly veiled criticism of colonialism and governmental issues in india, both historical and modern. most songs in this album were written by klenkle nash, but this one was written by warrier, who is indian herself.
3. archeria comberi
4. branchinella simplex - supposedly came from a joke made between macdonell and klenkle nash while they were taking a break between recordings.
5. ECLR-attributed gramma
6. octubre ( magazine )
7. eucalyptocrinites
8. james albaugh
9. antah railway station - a redone version of a song written by ruiz as a teen.
10. serov constituency ( feat. simone stelzer ) - a behind-the-scenes video about working with stelzer on this song was given to people who pre-ordered the album.
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and here's my character list!
Band name: Calonectria quinqueseptata

Members: Eddie Shaw, Dan Matheson, Robert Sharples, Karine Auclair

Album name: Jessica Galli

1. Friedrich August Wolf
2. Laogai Museum
3. Unity (peer education project)
4. Hokkaido Sapporo Higashi High School
5. Alexander Sproat
6. 1919 Middle Tennessee State Normal football team
7. Falcon Lake, Manitoba
8. Kabamba Floors
9. Kirinyaga University
10. Xie Tiao Tower
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