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The Mockingbird Watches
This seems to be of importance, make this of worth to me.....

> Fly to the Cornucopia, if Thawn's not already in it.
(OOC: Sorry to announce this, but this game has to be canceled because I got burnt out and also busy with other stuffs. However, if you are still interested in the concept of Hunger Games, maybe you cna look forward to the second season of TC HGS and the eventual RP instead.)

TMW Epilogue, Part 1

As everyone does their own thing, Thawn tries to replenish his own energy to recharge his ki. However, it goes better than he thought it would. In fact, he won't even need to return to the Cornucopia ever.

The fighting or escaping tributes can see the Arena Forcefield around them shutting down, while the Arena Speakers suddenly become silent. Amiya, who is currently fighting Canderous with the help of Jindra, sees this. Using the distraction, she yells, "everyone, keep it together! This is our chance to get out from this hell!" Using her Originium Arts, she summons another black energy and shoot it to distract Canderous, before making her way out while motioning other tributes to follow her.

At the same time, the Gamemakers are unable to see the escaping tributes because the cameras are shut down. On the other hand, the Peacekeepers are able to see the escape, so they start shooting down the tributes, while some others fire the cannons used to announce tribute deaths in order to give additional obstacles. Few other Peacekeepers, meanwhile, goes to hunt down the tributes.
LGGZ suddenly realizes, out of nowhere, that the cult of the obscure is probably not located around here. It would probably be faster to hunt them down in a different way. The forcefield down, he immediately vacates his shell, leaving a normal lawn gnome behind. In far distant pastures, a different lawn gnome is suddenly armed to the teeth, and ready to kill kings, presidents, and capitalists.
I am the They who says it!
This is my chance!

Henry proceeds to loot the Cornucopia as much as he can before proceeding to attack the Peacekeepers with his hammer and whatever other gadgets he has on hand, while also following Amiya's signal as well.
I don't understand any of this... I'm in a world of complete insanity...
Bandana Waddle Dee then takes his chance to run away.
I won't go down that easily..., Canderous says as he wards off the black energy, before he turns his attention to the peacekeepers and begins to fight them off.
I like bananas. They're yellow.
"W.. Wait, what the..?!"

Wally uses his blaster weapon to fight the Peacekeepers away.
"I can't tell you how many times I've burned everything to the ground and started over."
Yeah, Kennifer's gonna get the fuck out of there; any Peacekeepers try to stop her she's gonna put up a fight.
Stupid doomed timeline...
“What the fu-“

At that moment, a cannonball hits Kenny in the face.

He's almost dead, which is good enough for him.
Wally G wastes no time. He follows Amiya towards the edge, Shooter Mini in hand.
(We're IN PA! :D But still settling in, so activity everywhere is still decreased. A bit.)
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Tehehe, the end is nigh, yet you sincerely think that such miserable limitations can keep a universe hopping assassin down? How cute.

> Turn gold and fire a Sphere of Destruction.

Henry creates a distraction for the others by distracting the Peacekeepers with a familiar dance...
I don't understand any of this... I'm in a world of complete insanity...
Melody absolutely froze when she saw the Peacekeepers approaching.
(OOC: Sorry for the delay. Admittedly I've been procrastinating on it, but finally I'll bring this to a closure, as this post is going to be the real final post from me)

Epilogue Part 2

As the Peacekeepers continue their assault, Amiya manages to fend off some Peacekeepers by dodging their gunfire while firing back with her Arts. She then thinks as Ash, Blitz, Frost and Tanchanka come to her mind, "why can they continue firing their guns without getting exhausted? They aren't Sanktas or someone with tremendous Arts capability. Are they like Ash and her team?" She soon tries to find fellow tributes to save once the Peacekeepers coming after her are defeated. She sees that everyone is present in the field, except LGGZ. Concerned, she goes into the jungle to find him, as it seems to be the only other area that the tributes have seen.

She then comes across a seemingly lifeless lawn gnome. Alarmed, she says, "Giuseppe! Please, run away now!" After getting no response, she tries to shake the gnome while reading his emotions. However, she gets nothing. There is no sign of life from the gnome anymore.

She then returns to the rest while thinking about LGGZ, "this is odd. I've never encountered any phenomena like this in Terra." Amiya then comes across Kenny, who gets his head hit by a cannon. She shouts, "No! Please fight for your life, Kenny!" as she tries to do some first aid to him. She also spots Melody freezing in the distance, and saves her by firing her Arts to knock the Peacekeepers coming after her. She then loudly says to Melody, " please stay strong, Melody! We must stay together as one so we can escape alive!"

Amiya then carries Kenny's body while seeing the Peacekeepers being wiped out by the tributes they are trying to kill. In addition, she gives a confused look when she witnesses Henry doing the distraction dance, which surprisingly works.

Then at this moment, everyone sees Thawn flying into the sky while making a hammy declaration and charging up a Sphere of Destruction. Amiya immediately springs into action, "you will never destroy us, Thawn! We are going to stop you!" With a determined look, Amiya releases a part of her sealed strength by activating what is called Chimera Mode, an intimidating-looking logo that is made out of her Arts building up behind her as she charges. In addition, others can also see that she now has a tiny floating, black crown over her head. Amiya and Thawn are now locked in a standoff as they charge their respective attacks.

But then something happens. A large portal appears behind the tributes as another hooded man comes out. His robe has golden-colored circuit board patterns over them, and while his face is concealed by the darkness, his eyes glow red through the dark. He is also accompanied by the trainer woman from earlier. The figure then says, "you are not worth my time in this experiment, so I am going to spare you all. Go forth, go back to your home or alternatively, the so-called Murderfree hotel. Enjoy your fortunate reprise."

With this cue, the tributes can now run away from the Arena and Panem entirely. The woman helps with it by helping to lead the tributes while carrying Kenny. Any tributes who get close to her can also see that her armband is saying something. It spells a shocking name for the Panemians, "Katniss Everdeen".

However, one final hurdle then appears. A wolf mutt charges out of nowhere to attack the escapees. Katniss seem to hesitate, but she then musters just enough courage when the mutt suddenly switches focus to her. The mutt is eventually struck by an arrow in the middle of its head and dies. Katniss then pays respect to the body using her body language, while tears start falling down from her cheeks. Melody will know that she is spelling, "I'm so sorry that I have to do it, Peeta. May you rest in peace with Prim, my entire family, and my dead friends." It reveals to Melody that the wolf mutt was made from Peeta's body and thus its face resembled Peeta's. In addition, the tributes will suddenly recall something. This body was the same one that was inside the awakening pod at the beginning.

Now with little interruption, the tributes can continue running, while Amiya and Thawn are still stuck in a struggle, but the sphere then stops growing for an unknown reason, while smaller spheres start appearing around the main sphere. Unbeknownst to everyone, as they aren't imbued with the specific power, the hooded figure is using his Stand, which takes the form of 50 different drones to absorb the energy of the Sphere of Destruction and reuse it as his own energy.

As the hooded figure is stopping the sphere, he remembers how he got here before the rescue.

In the Capitol Mansion, where the president of Panem lived, the same hooded figure quickly appeared in front of the leader through a portal. The leader then asked, "greetings, Timeline Master Billy. What is the purpose of your visit? Do you want to grant me even more power after our feast?"

The hooded figure then took off his hood, revealing his appearance. Not only was his eyes glowing red, but his body also had the same circuit board pattern as glowing cracks. In addition, his hair was longer compared to the Billy from the other Panem universe or the certain Victorian-era town that was infested with werewolves. He then snarled, "no! Far from it! In fact, I want to take back what I owed to you, President Snow!"

Snow then took off his hood, revealing that his face had been warped. It now looked like a cross between Palpatine and Voldemort's, including the snake nose amd yellow-colored slit-shapes pupil like those of a snake, as well as many wrinkles. He then said, "...I thought we made it clear that in exchange for my power and chance to reclaim my rule over Panem after my resurrection, you promised me that you would aid me in setting up this whole game and never touch my newfound power!"

"I see you have still maintained your fatal flaw. This is your sense of honesty when it comes to certain promises. But I will make you realize that this way of thinking is incompatible with your deeds, and my way of thinking. Anyway, I see you do not have a chance to use your poisonous feast to dispatch backstabbers like me." TM Billy smirked after saying the last word.

"You will never take away the republic from me! I won't let you get away with this!" Snow's eyes then glowed as he started producing rose-colored gas from his hands and mouth. However, TM Billy used his Stands to dispel the gas by purifying the air. Seeing this, President Snow summoned his own Stand, which looked like a snake with rose patterns. However, TM Billy quickly had his Stand hold the Stand and Snow in place using restraining beams. He then walked into President Snow as he said this.

"Now, your hubris once again leads to your downfall. As I expected, no one will ever surpass my strength, not even those that I have granted portions of my power to. Such a disappointment. Katniss, Peeta, and Coin are already worthless as subjects because those two were too traumatized to lead Panem, while I found Coin to be worse than you. And we do not speak of Paylor. I could never break her, so I had to personally perform the disposal work."

"Any last words, Snow?" Surprisingly, Snow seemed to be resigned to his fate as he just laughed like he did during his execution. With a smirk, TM Billy had his Stand absorb energy from Snow. The process took just few seconds to be finished, with a drained husk of Snow being what remained. TM Billy then said, "it feels great to regain parts of my power. Anyway, why do I feel mercy for those tributes? Actually, I will grant them that."

Now back to the present day, TM Billy then has his Stand redirect the absorbed energy of the sphere against Thawn. Now Thawn has three choice: be hit by his own energy, use his abilities to quickly run away from the Arena and into Panem, or go into the  escape portal. As for the others, TM Billy then has Drones stabilize Kenny's condition by sending a unit after him to heal his body from the cannon shot. Meanwhile, an exhausted Amiya furiously says to TM Billy before leaving for the portal, "... So you have been using us this whole time! I may have heard of countless atrocities back in Terra, but exploiting us like pawns for the Hunger Games is still wrong!"

TM Billy chuckles as he responds, "I am surprised that managed to hold on to your ideals after all those. I expect you would become nihilistic by the state of your world, but no, you held on to your light. Meanwhile, I had to suffer from this! Look at my body! I never want to suffer the same fate as Dark Billy, and yet, here we are!"

"I believe that no matter how much darkness enveloped us, we will always find a light somewhere. And you are driven to the depths of despair by your pain?"

"I have to admit that you are right. Anyway, I do not have time left, so please, get out of my sight. Be grateful that again, I have granted you mercy when I could just destroy you like Thawn."

With this, TM Billy forms his own portal to leave the Arena, leaving the tributes to their own device. In the end, the tributes will see a mockingbird flying as they leave one by one. Thus, the mockingbird is watching over the fortunate tributes.

The End.

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