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The Agatha Christie Books
Ah yes. Agatha Christie. One of the most legendary mystery writers out there. Famous for Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, and a total of 80 stories - 66 novels and 14 short stories.

Welcome, folks, to the Agatha Christie thread. This is where we talk about Agatha Christie and her literature.
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I'm fairly certain that my family owns all of Christie's books in the form of hardcover books. I really should get around to reading them once I'm done with the Sherlock Holmes omnibus. I've read a few Poirot stories and a few Miss Marple stories, but not quite all of them yet.
Big Grin I had a lot of them, some old copies of my mom's, but gave them up when I moved to a tiny place. Moving books is hard and not having enough bookcases!

Anyway, yeah, cool stuff. I've seen a documentary on her life, too, very interesting from what I remember of it, early success and lots of adventurous travel through the middle east. (Wish I could remember more...)
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