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] Experiment #194

Commercial "RCC" Script
To air on 4/05/04

Innovision Labs: The Future Is Now.

Here at Innovision Labs, we're focused on bringing the newest technology to your home. Safely, and efficientely. That is why we announce our new Rax Research Center, located in 


17 months later...


At the start of the game, you will be assigned a monster. This is both your role, and the monster you change into during the night.

Every evening and night, you will change forms from a human into a monster. You may explore the laboratory, use the role, and possibly kill someone during the night.

If you kill someone, you will also have the chance to kill a scientist. Their body will not be investigatable, as the other scientists will haul that body away, but you can double your body count without doubling the holes in the player list.

During the day, you may investigate a murder, find out lore, or try to figure out whatever the fuck is going on.

Game ends after 6 in-game days.

Backstory:Innovision Labs is a scientific company based around technological advancements and biological ways. They use these to develop great machines, find new species of animals, and advertising to you in the scummiest way possible.

But what they found on that fateful day...November 18, 2003. Jay-Z releases The Black Album. Blink-182 releases Blink-182. And a certain scientist from Innovision finds something amazing, yet terrible whilst investigating a crator that crashed in his home town...


Defensive Monsters:

Fursona: On the first night, you may use your puppy eyes to form an alliance with another person. You can talk in Discord PMs until one of you dies. The other player may kill others, but they cannot kill you, and vice versa.

Slime Monster: Twice a game, you may protect yourself from a kill (and "slime" your potential killer) if you feel like you are going to be targeted.

Imposter/Alien: sus. You can convince people that someone, including you, is not the killer. During voting, you may protect somebody, including yourself, from being voted out. You can only do this once.

Kemonomimi: You hear real good with those cute ears! Each night, you may hear someone. You will learn everyone who visits that person.

Monster Clown: It's hard to find a good clown these days, huh? Tragic! [mad chuckling] Twice per game, they may swap themselves with another player at night, which affects all actions targeting you and the swapped player.

Candyman: A man made of candy! Every night, you can share your candy with another person, who can eat the candy any other night and be protected from any killers.

Offensive Monsters:

Reverse Mermaid: The reverse mermaid has a gun, for some reason. It has one bullet. They can choose to fire it at someone during a night phase. In the day, it will become known that they shot it. This shot is mainly to be fired at either a bad player or a sus one, but if you randomly shoot it at a non-bad non-sus person, I won't judge. You cannot be voted out because of your shot.

Invisible Man: Every night, you must visit someone. If that person was supposed to be killed, you protect them. The second time you stumble in front of someone you were supposed to kill, you die in their place.

Gorgon/Medusa: Your stone cold stare could turn anyone away! Every night, you may use it to stop someone from using their role each night.

The Troll: Wake up, you're gonna do a little trolling. You can "troll" another player at night, which can impose impedements in investigation during that night, and the following dayphase.

Shapeshifter: Each night, you may target a living player. You will use the ability of the player you targeted the previous night on them.

Ghost: If you can get yourself lynched during the day, you may leave alive, and execute someone else.

Rules1. This is set in October of 2005. I'm not going to limit any characters, but if you choose a character from the present day, I am not going to explain how they got there...that's on you.

2. No godmodding or stuff like that.

3. For characters who already are one of the monsters. They are allowed,but they'll just turn human instead. They'll have the same powers, though.

4. If you do not have any significant posts (E.G., invstigating, interacting with others, investigating the map) for one in-game day, unless you have a reason, I will warn you. If you continue to turbo-lurk, I will kick you.

5. Don't be a jerk to others OOC.

6. If you're dead, you cannot post in the thread, and don't even think about revealing your killer.

7. PM all night actions to me. Do not post in the thread at night.

8. Votes will be formatted as /Vote [X]. You willl have to "Whisper" them to the scientists. AKA voting will be anonymous. You will send in any vote you have through Discord PMs.

9. Have fun. It's not mandatory, but it's suggested.

Sign-Up SheetName:
Height and Weight (For the hell of it):
Any Additional Info:

Subject Test Sheet:

1. Jack “J.S.” Smith (PointMaid)

2. Melissa (Kennifer)

3. Spamton G. Spamton (Zanreo)

4. Ashley & Red (Tales)

5. Hallie Matthews (Sylvi)

6. Cirno (MP)

7. Michael Afton (Geek)

8. Banch (Libre)

9. Zen (Lavender)

10. Kirby (Oggy)

11. Enoch Trebber (Weirdguy)

12. Jevil (Door)


Name: Jack "J.S." Smith
Picture/Appearence: Blond hair, blue eyes, thinks he's very good looking. See picture above.
Age: 25
Height and Weight (For the hell of it): 6'0", 150 lbs.
Personality: Cocky. Likes to be in charge.
Abilities: Coding, hacking, general technical computer knowledge. Experience starting a company. Also snowboards and skateboards.
Any Additional Info: Was a script kiddie and hacker, but then with his friend in college leveraged his knowledge and the dot-com bubble into starting a website all about skateboarding and snowboarding. It had a million users... and promptly crashed. Now he is looking for the next opportunity. And living at home.
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[Image: download20210906180849.png]

Name: Melissa
Picture/Appearence: see above; she's a bit below average height and slim, wild black hair with white streaks, has a tendency to wear striped shirts
Age: Nobody knows her true age. She looks to be in her early-to-mid thirties though.
Height and Weight (For the hell of it): 5'4, 110 pounds
Personality: She's usually pretty friendly but has a tendency to tease; she likes speaking in a singsong voice when teasing. Likely to offer you a jar of honey and will be offended if you don't accept.
Abilities: Beekeeping, as well as VAMPIRE SKILLS (mostly strength and speed, lacking a reflection, liking to eat honey with blood mixed in, etc.)
Any Additional Info: She's a friend of Kennifer's and will speak in this color.
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Name: Spamton G. Spamton
Picture/Appearence: [Image: Spamton_battle_static.png]
Age: who even knows
Height and Weight (For the hell of it): Uh, smol I guess? Probably doesn't weight much either
Personality: Kinda weird, speaks a lot of nonsense and often tries selling people stuff
Abilities: Sending out tiny versions of himself, sending out strings of letters (words like $VALUES$" and "$$DEALS$"), inhaling money
Any Additional Info: USUALLY SPEAKS IN [[All Caps]] WITH SOME TEXT IN  [[Brackets]].
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Name: Ashley and Red

Picture/Appearence: See above. (Ashley is on the left, Red is on the right)

Age: 15 (Ashley), unknown (Red, because he's a demon; he could be 6 or 100 for all we know)

Height and Weight (For the hell of it): Ashley is below average height and weight for a girl her age, and Red... well, Red is what we academically call “smol”, meaning he's about a tenth of Ashley's height. So in other words, both are easily puntable.

Personality: Ashley is very aloof and introverted, and gives off a creepy demeanor on the surface, but deep down, she just wants to make friends. However, piss her off, and she will NOT show any mercy. Meanwhile, Red is very extroverted and enthusiastic, but rather cowardly in the face of major danger.

Abilities: Ashley is a witch, so this obviously means she can cast magic, but nothing major that can kill someone unless she gets really pissed off. Meanwhile, Red understands demonic languages in addition to English, and frequently acts as an interpreter for other demons.

Any Additional Info: Ashley speaks in dark red text. Whereas, Red speaks in a brighter red.
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[Image: enforcersona_picrew_701767.png]
Name: Hallie Mathews
Gender: 🤷‍♀️ (any pronouns)
Age: 17
Height and Weight: Average for a 17 year old.
Personality: Hallie is... enigmatic. They can be brash, they can be quiet, they can be cruel, they can be kind. Almost like they don't know what kind of person they want to be. they're not secretly plural it's for a different reason
Abilities: Good at playing card games and keeping secrets.
Any Additional Info: They're not a catfolk in this continuity, that's a headband.
[Image: 193-1935667_transparent-cirno-png-cirno-...wnload.png]
Name: Cirno
Gender: Technically Genderless, identifies as Female, she/her
Age: 5-10 mentally, actualy 60 AT LEAST.
Height and Weight: 4'3", 132.3 lb
Personality: Quite cocky and energenic, Cirno's the type of girl who won't back down from a fight or threat! ...Or at least... she was. After a murdergame where she faced certain death and got miseliminated for it, she's a bit more cautious and chill. But only by a bit.
Abilities: Ice and cold manipulation, the ability to respawn, flight, superhuman reflexes, etc.
Additional Info: She has six swords that she carries around that can individually combine into one large sword. They're all popsicle themed, comprising of the popsicle stick, a watermelon popsicle, two chocolate popsicles, and two waffle cone swords.
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Name: Michael Afton
Picture/Appearence: [In attachments.]
Age: *shrug* He's definitely an adult though.
Height and Weight (For the hell of it): I . . Think I made him around 5'7"(~170 cm)? As for weight . . A lil' under the average weight for a man that tall.
Personality: Mike's a guy who mostly keeps to himself. In the off-chance he talks, he's a pleasant, albeit a bit snarky, person to have a conversation with.
Abilities: He's got some experience in fixing up robots and stuff. Also pretty observant and sneaky.
Any Additional Info: ". .well . . What do we have here?"

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Name: Banch
Pronouns: they/he
Picture/Appearance: Their appearance...varies, but a consistent parameter on them is that they look like a very slightly-off-looking human, have green hair with a flower accessory, and red irises.
Age: ??? (if asked, would answer with their age being at 28 years old)
Height and Weight (For the hell of it): 5'11", and slightly overweight for someone of that size.
Personality: They tend to be on edge quite a bit, as a result of their human suit not fully fitting them and their attempt to make sure it fits, making them worry people will find out they're not human. Tends to put on a vibing dude facade when interacting with people.
Abilities: Within their human disguise, they've only got standard human capabilities (other than seemingly weaker skin that's more prone to tearing than regular human skin, but they've got a knack for sewing, which helps them patch up holes in their human suit.
Any Additional Info: "Crikey...it's all a bit daft, ain't it?" (as evident there they've got an accent that swings constantly between a British, Scottish, and an Australian accent) Oh and uh...they're an alien wearing a synthetic suit that makes them look human. Underneath that suit...the most complete description i've given so far is that it's a mess of animal bodyparts, with bunny ears, crab claws, a tentacle a mantis shrimp eye at the torso. Their synthetic suit is hard to get in general, which is why they don't just...tell their fellow alien friends to get them a new one.

E N D L E S S  F U N


She's got three murders under her belt, views are gonna be skewed

Name: Zen
Gender: Male, he/they pronouns
Age: 17
Height and Weight (For the hell of it): Stands at about 5 feet. 123 pounds.
Personality: Although he isn't that sociable at first, once he becomes comfortable with the people that he surrounds himself with, he can become very talkative.
Abilities: He has some experience in the medical field. He is also fluent in a number of foreign languages. 
Any Additional Info: Speaks in evil orange text.
Name: Kirby
Picture/Appearance: [Image: SSU_Kirby_artwork.png]
Age: Unknown
Height and Weight (For the hell of it): Not very big. He is, however, not 20 cm high. Headcanon him to be around 30 or 40 cm.
Personality: He's quite cheerful, optimistic, and innocent. He also loves eating.
Abilities: He can inhale other creatures and things and copy their powers, and puff up and float.
Any Additional Info: Speaks in pink.
  • Name: Enoch Drebber.
  • Gender: Male
  • Picture/Appearance: https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/aceatt...0817222648
  • Age: 35.
  • Height and Weight (For the hell of it): Complete shot in the dark but just guessing: 6' and 120 pounds.
  • Personality: A con artist that acts rather mechanical but is quite smug regardless.
  • Abilities: An expert at sleight of hand trickery and contortionism.
  • Any Additional Info: Some parts of his sentences are colored orange.
Name: Jevil
Picture/Appearence: [Image: Jevil_battle_static.png]
Height and Weight (For the hell of it): 3'1", 50 lb
Age: Unknown, very old.
Personality: He's an insane jester who believes that all choices in life are meaningless due to no one being truly free - incredibly nihlistic and viewing everything as just a game.
Abilities: He can use any of the card attacks of the other enemies in chapter 1, as well as being able to use the Devilsknife and a carousel.
Any Additional Info: Voice claiming his MOTI appearance. Speaks in "GOLD, AND IN COMPLETE CAPS, CAPS!"
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