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[Roleplay] Murder-Free II: The City's Portaling Revengeance
Cyan: Deep Storage 2

Oh. Okay, cool, got it. One's a killer who killed a bunch and the other's a killer who came up with dumb reasons for WHY they killed a bunch. I get why the second one is more annoying. People not admitting that they like it or at very least didn't see anything wrong with it, and coming up with bullshit reasons to justify themselves to a stupid unaccepting society-at-large. Like, you're known to be a killer, so it's not like coming up with dumb reasons is going to make you better liked among the enemies you've made. "Oh, I was in a cult and they mind controlled me to do it", "Oh, I don't know what came over me, I deeply regret it", "Oh, they were going to kill my family or friends or something" or what-have-you. Bullshit, you liked it. UGH. People... though the bargaining thing sounds alright, why are people upset over that? Like, he has the right to try to bargain.
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