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[Roleplay] Murder-Free II: The City's Portaling Revengeance
Cyan: Surface

You don't know Etiri? Etirisosiss Kermann, the greatest arcane engineer of the century? Brutally murdered by a gang of adventurers over a petty political dispute after founding a facility where arcane science could progress without guild interference?

Oh, yeah, that's her full name. Could never remember it. Good to hear I'm right about her indiless though.

She was the GREATEST MIND AROUND, and then a gang of five adventurers came in and killed her and many of our researchers, all because she purchased this land from the wrong people! They stripped her corpse of all valuables, they destroyed our research, and then they left!

...She was a traitor! She worked with us until she turned and joined Selvan! She didn't just purchase land, she ran off with military secrets and bought the land WITH them!

Oh, so you ADMIT you were involved!

WHAT OF IT?! I even have her bracelet key! Yeah? SEE? I stripped this from her STILL WARM BODY! AND I'D DO IT AGAIN! I'D DO IT TWICE! You insult my party member, you demean ME, and you have the GALL to act like this? If this was back during my main career, I'd have VIVISECTED YOU!
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