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[Roleplay] Murder-Free II: The City's Portaling Revengeance
A lot just happened. We'll go over that later. For now, let's sum up the results.

We were in a hotel, in a pocket dimension. The domain of a glowing pink woman who called herself V.

Long story short, she died, and some shit went down.

It's complicated, but the basic thing you need to know is that this hotel isn't isolated in a pocket dimension anymore. There's a whole city out there. Also some portals.

... Oh, how did you get here in the first place? Well, you were in a murdergame. That subroutine is still running on full blast.

Once again, this is a super-casual may-or-may-not-be-canon RP for characters who exist in the Murderverse.

World layouts are, once again, pretty handwavey, but we've got some info to work with this time.

The Worlds
The Hotel City
  • The familiar hotel from the first thread, but with less chaos architecture. It's got a lobby, a pool, a library, a gym, a dojo, a kitchen, a rooftop, a basement, and a thousand bedrooms with attached bathrooms. And possibly other things that it makes sense for a hotel to have.
  • V's old "no murder allowed" rule still applies here. In this place, nobody can be killed for real. Which doesn't mean this thread is devoid of death... the rule only applies in the hotel.
  • Also there's a whole entire city outside now instead of a void? Nobody's looked into that yet.

Robot Orchard (green portal)
  • A vast forest full of fruit trees. While the fruit seems perfectly normal, the trees are made of metal. The forest is inhabited by robot animals, which harvest the fruit and cart it off to mysterious holes in the ground.

Abandoned Mansion (magenta portal)
  • The remains of an abandoned mansion. May or may not be the setting of Sinister Starlight.

Cloud Nine (yellow portal)
  • A mysterious location in the sky with solid clouds and a shopping mall.

Blue Portal
  • Silas and Charis flew into here and have yet to report back.

Domed City
  • What looks like a military base, with a large turbine generator and some kind of "Modified Deterrence System" that makes certain people very ill. There is a massive dome encasing it and the nearby city.

  • A building dedicated to researching VR technology. It seems like it could be the place Murder RPG was developed.

Wintry Prison
  • A cold place that looks like a prison. It might or might not be the same wintry prison from God Complex.

Again, this is intended to be super-casual. You don't need to worry about the portals if you don't feel like it.
"I think things have stabilized," Vivi says. "Things are going to be a bit harder without the pink smoke, but those portals will probably help.

"... Guess we should start exploring them, huh?" Twelve save me, I'm so out of practice on adventuring...
There's some loud banging and tearing, followed by a splintering sound and a crash as Kellensea crawls out of the woodwork. Quite literally. Apparently she'd hidden herself inside the walls for reasons known only to her. She brushes the insulation off of her armor, and completely ignores the new large hole in the wall surrounded by broken boards and scattered fiberglass.

Exploration, you say? Adventuring opportunities abounding, you say? A chance to not have to be within striking distance of these judgy idiots without breaking their limbs you say?

Her mood, normally a sort of constant irritation interspersed with rapid mood swings, usually to extreme indignation and anger and back again, instantly jumps to "extremely interested and slightly hopeful".

Woo! Back to my career! Let me gear up.

What she could mean by "gear up" when she's already carrying multiple weapons of varying range, shapes, and sizes, and wearing, if anything, even more armor than when she came in, is a mystery, (much like where she got that new armor from.) But all the same, she walks back into the gaping hole in the wall. The sound of tearing insulation follows her. Hopefully she doesn't break through any load-bearing walls.
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"Be careful, Kellensea!" Vivi calls. "I don't have the pink smoke to fix everything instantly anymore!"

Hmm. She's gonna ask why I'm still the leader at some point, I guess.

I mean, the answer is obviously "cause nobody else cares enough to take the position".
Meanwhile, an Eevee is standing in front of one of the portals, specifically the cyan one. "Where even do these weird portals lead to? Can these portals possibly be the key to going home? Guess there's only one way to find out..." Bow muses to herself. "Now the question is, do I check to see what's on the other side of these portals now, or do I wait until the others do so?"

Dr. Doofenshmirtz then walks out from the hotel; the portals having caught his attention. "Hm. First, I witnessed the near-collapse of an entire dimension again, and now, weird holes in the space-time continuum? HECK YEAH! Dr. D is ready to go on a journey through time and space!" The scientist boasts out loud.
Meanwhile, outside the hotel...

Um... Why is the dimension collapsing... Wait... THE DIMENSION IS COLLAPSING?!

Hold on!

Monaca, upon catching wind of the whole "dimensional collapse" thing, immediately goes into her spaceship along with Junko and flies out of the hotel...
I don't understand any of this... I'm in a world of complete insanity...
A dog walks outside the hotel.

“What…what is going on?”
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Henrik can feel a drastic change happening outside. It's as if an Extranormal Event has occured.

"Guys, what's happening?"

"Seems like the hotel changed a lot!" Moona answers.

"HEY GUYS!" Henka yells to the others. "There's this cool red gap thing over here!"

Glasya, still in Moona's hands, smirks devilishly and curiously over the sight. "Something's happened to V, nyeh?"

A.G.O.T.I gets out of his room, quickly noticing that the hotel he's in seems to have drastically changed from the 5-star hotel he and Solazar stayed in.

"Solazar? What's going on that the hotel changed this much? Solazar? Where'd ya go?"
E N D L E S S  F U N

quote list

She's got three murders under her belt, views are gonna be skewed

With some further crashing noises, Kellensea exits through the hole in the wall, looking somehow even more overequipped than usual. Joining her ever-increasing number of weapons, she's now carrying some binoculars, a sextant, several unmarked tube-shaped cases, an ID badge with a lanyard, (presumably describing her) and a passport with "pre-approved" stitched crudely onto the front, probably by hand. Probably by her.

Well, I'm ready. Wait, not quite.

She picks up several longer chunks of broken wall.

Now I'm ready. So. Anyone want to question my expertise or call me a coward for being comparatively sane and not taking stupid risks, or is the rest of whatever first expedition we're doing ready?

Meanwhile, a quiet creaking noise in a disused elevator shaft can be heard, which Kellensea glances towards, then quickly glances away from.

Ignore that. It's probably nothing, I assure you.
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Moon, Angel, Calli, Bakugo, and Leone were all looking at the new portals with a mix of confusion and curiosity.

"This.........can't be real, right?"
"Tis as real as tis aff tae git, lassie."
"YAY! New stuff! Which one should we try out first?"
"Well, let's not rush in there just yet. Who knows what's on the other side."
"Who cares? So what if this place got expanded - We're still fucking stuck here!"
Vivi glances uneasily at the creaking elevator noises. "... whatever, it's probably fine. We're ready to move out. Who else is exploring a portal with us?"
Amanda is here now for... whatever reason.

She is also staying the fuck away from the elevator, especially with whatever those noises are, and eyeing some of the portals with wary interest.

(Alexis, Holly, and... most of my other characters are probably around somewhere as well but we'll worry about that later.)
Stupid doomed timeline...
"Eh, not eager to find out what's behind these portals."

"...I'll stay here. Unsure if I can find my friends again by going through these."

"YEAH! LETS GO THROUGH THE RED ONE!" Henka yells enthusiastically at Vivi.

"Why nyot?" Glasya follows after Henka.
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quote list

She's got three murders under her belt, views are gonna be skewed

Conflicted on the matter, Bow walks up to Vivi. "I...don't know, actually. I still have my parachute, so that, combined with my small size, easily makes me the one of the most agile Pokemon out of anyone here, but on the other hand, I'm small, and I don't know how well I'll do on a trip with Kellensea. What do you think?"

On the other hand, Doof is much more confidant about exploring the portals. "Oh, count me in! I wanna go through a trip through space and time just like that one British TV show about that doctor with his magic police box! And hopefully get back to my empire- er... I mean the Tri-State Area!"
"I think maybe I'll wait for someone to report back with what's on the other side before I go through one. I might feel better than I have in ages, and I haven't done anything too clumsy lately, but I'd still rather err on the side of caution here."
Stupid doomed timeline...
Outside the Hotel
"Well," Vivi says to Bow, "there's six portals, so if you want to explore but don't want to go with Kellensea, you still have options."

"Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Silas cries, being carried by Charis as she dive-bombs into the blue portal, disappearing with a tiny zwmp.

"... that's probably fine," Vivi says.
"Alright then." Bow responds to Vivi. "Let me just get my stuff from upstairs, then."

The Eevee does just that, and returns dragging on the ground some food, a couple of medkits, a few blankets from her room, and of course, her trusty parachute.

" I think I'm ready for exploration! Although., this stuff is a lot to carry, for me at least. I wish they made Eevee-sized Trainer's Bags..."
Right. I move that we take the Cyan gate. Cyan was always Sauthy's color, so it seems like a good random choice to try, considering my favorite color isn't represented. Though I'm mostly curious as to why the gates are different colors. Any objections to that choice of gate?

Kellensea waits for a moment before poking around the gate with a broken chunk of wall. She then pokes the chunk into the portal and pulls it out, to inspect for damage. With nothing she deems relevant detected, she tosses the broken plank back.

Clear, at least at the entrance.
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"I might as well be the first one from our group to go through one of these portals. Which one should I do first, though?" Calli says, which Leone and Bakugo agrees with. And then.........

"I say that one!" Moon says, pointing to the Red Portal. Leone facepalms at this.
"At least she actually chose one for me, unlike the rest of you."
".........Yea I got nothin' to counter that. Go for it."
Meanwhile, inside Monaca's spaceship...

...What the heck are you waiting for, let's go!

Suddenly, Junko grabs Monaca's hand and has her ship blast off to the Magenta portal.

... And then Cirno falls down the hotel down to the entrance near the portals.

...What did I miss?
I don't understand any of this... I'm in a world of complete insanity...
"I'll go check out the yellow portal, then." Bow says outloud, before she starts thinking to herself "This is the first time I'm actually going somewhere sense... has it really been three months already? I hope my friends are going be OK while I'm gone, especially Lexi." 

Doofenshmirtz has already decided to throw himself into the green portal at the prospect of escaping the hotel.
"Cyan's fine by us," Vivi says to Kellensea. "Near as I can tell, the colors don't mean anything, they just make convenient ways of telling one portal from the next."
Calli decides to check what lies beyond the Red Portal, with Leone saying to Bakugo "If anything hostile comes out of that thing, you have my full permission to blast it to atoms." "Aye!" "Did you really need to fucking tell me that?" Calli enters the portal while the rest of the group was talking amongst themselves.
"HEY! WAIT FOR ME!" Henka quickly follows Calli into the Red Portal, with Glasya following shortly after.
E N D L E S S  F U N

quote list

She's got three murders under her belt, views are gonna be skewed

The dogs slowly follows into the red portal.

Whatever's inside…they'll get together.
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