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[OOC] Magical college planning/signup/OOC
Magical college won the poll over in the interest check thread, so we're gonna start getting that constructed.

Some scattered ideas about the concept:
  • It's a college, so students will generally be young adults, plus some older folks coming back to do more learning and the occasional tiny grade-skipper
  • For roleplay convenience, people attend classes on their own schedule (so nobody's gotta worry about "wait is my character available for this event or not")
  • There's a surrounding city with stuff to do outside of classes
  • The whole place (college+city) is mostly isolated from the non-magical world; mundanes can find their way in by accident but it's rare
  • Mundanes can become magicals, full details not yet worked out, but one thing we know is that a mundane finding their way into magical places without assistance is generally treated as a sign they should become magical

we'll need to work out some more about the setting before we open signups, we think
I agree that more should be known about the location this RP takes place in before signups should be open, which is why I'm going to mention that with the very wide range of supernatural abilities that exists, I feel like there should be something covering this. I mean, there's such abilities as (but not limited to):
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oooh sounds cool

How would the magic develop? What's the difference between someone who was born with it and someone who learned it?
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That's a question I can help with. For starters, there's such a thing as Power Inheritance, meaning those born with powers may have gotten them through their parents, thus allowing them to train themselves in using said powers throughout their entire life. Though some powers may affect their bodily physique (e.g. 'Mutant' or 'Transformation' type Quirks from My Hero Academia, such as Mezo Shoji's Dupli-Arms or Tamaki Amajiki's Manifest).

Then there's the case of those who had no powers to begin with, only to wind up gaining some anyways. The speed at which they learn to use those powers is different compared to those who've had it their entire life, primarily because they're making up for the time lost. It's like comparing a Lv.100 player to a Lv.1 player in a RPG - The Lv.1 player will progress much more quickly than the Lv.100 player.

I hope that's enough to help.
Yes, you're seeing it right. He really is able to bend his own hands into surprising shapes. | AO3
Up arrow Up arrow That'll depend on how the setting is determined to work, which it doesn't seem to be particularly fleshed out yet. Hell, at this point it's not entirely clear whether it's a wizard-school type thing where everyone has roughly the same set of powers to work from and differing skills and specialties within that, or more a superhero type thing, where everyone has distinct and roughly unique abilities, or a weird hybrid system where everyone has very distinct and unique specialties, but ostensibly could learn to use the other abilities out there.

(Though I think it's the first, in which case, all the talk of specific powers may be irrelevant)
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Hmmmm, wonder if I could bring back Cordelia for this
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Maybe I could develop Liz a bit in this, out-of-universe or something.
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