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Murder in the Mountains signup (15/15)
Game thread | Murderverse OOC thread

You signed up for a perfectly ordinary hiking trip. Get outdoors, y'know?
You made a normal scheduled stop at a normal cabin, just to rest for the night.
You weren't expecting a blizzard to trap you there for days...
... you've heard rumors of death cultists in the area. Weird rumor. Well, in this weather, they'll be trapped too, so if people turn up dead, you've at least got a limited suspect pool.

  1. @Dookie and @SomeLibre are our co-GMs. Listen to them when they say things.
  2. This is a mafia-type game. In the day, everyone picks someone to eliminate. At night, the Death Cultists pick someone to kill, and anyone with night actions chooses what to do with that.
  3. No godmoding, puppeteering, etc. Your character is your character, other players' characters are their characters.
  4. No editing posts. If you made a formatting mistake, holler a mod. If you made a wording mistake, double-post.
  5. Please no turbolurking. Try to post at least once per day. Ideally more. If you need to drop out, drop out, we'll find a replacement.
  6. This is a murdergame. You might die, you might roll scum. Please don't enter as a character who you're not okay with those things happening to.
  7. ... this game is probably not even remotely balanced. Hopefully it's the fun kind of unbalanced rather than the boring kind. We Shall Seeℱ.

Be aware that there are more roles here than players. Not every role will appear, but Wannabe is guaranteed, and Coroner and Janitor will either both appear or neither appear. Additionally, the Death Cultists will have a "safeclaim" - a role they know no innocent holds, and so they can claim it without fear of contradiction.

Death Cultist rolesYou are a Death Cultist Dualgunner.
Always keep a backup.
As a Death Cultist, you have a shared scumchat, and one of you may visit and kill one player each night. Your partners are [player] and [player].
As the Dualgunner, once per game, during the night, you may visit and kill one player, independently of the normal Death Cultist nightkill.
You win when Death Cultists are the only players left, or it becomes impossible to prevent this.

You are a Death Cultist Janitor.
Don't make a mess.
As a Death Cultist, you have a shared scumchat, and one of you may visit and kill one player each night. Your partners are [player] and [player].
As the Janitor, you will "clean up" the body of the Death Cultist nightkill, preventing their role from being revealed. Additionally, once per game, you may "deep clean" the nightkill, removing almost all evidence.
You win when Death Cultists are the only players left, or it becomes impossible to prevent this.

You are a Death Cultist One-Shot Vanillaizer
We all scream for ice cream.
As a Death Cultist, you have a shared scumchat, and one of you may visit and kill one player each night. Your partners are [player] and [player].
Once per game, during the night, you may target a player. That player will permanently lose all abilities, becoming a Death Cultist Goon or Vanilla Townie. This ability will have no effect if it targets a Wannabe, Amnesiac, Mason, or Unjester.
You win when Death Cultists are the only players left, or it becomes impossible to prevent this.

You are a Death Cultist Two-shot Rolecop
What does it say on my badge? Cash bribes only.
As a Death Cultist, you have a shared scumchat, and one of you may visit and kill one player each night. Your partners are [player] and [player].
Twice per game, during the night, you may target a player. You will learn that player's role.
You win when Death Cultists are the only players left, or it becomes impossible to prevent this.

You are a Death Cultist Wannabe
Your ideas are intriguing and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
You are a Death Cultist, but you do not know who they are, nor vice-versa, and you do not have access to their scumchat. If you are targeted by the Death Cultist nightkill, instead of being killed, you will be recruited, gaining access to the scumchat and full knowledge of the scumteam.
You win when Death Cultists are the only players left, or it becomes impossible to prevent this.

Innocent rolesYou are a Jailer.
Squadalah! We're off! (to prison)
Each night, you may visit a player. That player will be unable to act or be acted upon that night, including kills.
You win when there are no Death Cultists remaining.

You and [player] are Masons.
Who keeps the Martians under wraps? We do!
As the Masons, you know each other's identities and have a shared mason chat.
You win when there are no Death Cultists remaining.

You are a Bus Driver.
Beep beep.
Each night, you may visit two players. Anyone who attempts to visit one of those players that night will visit the other player instead.
You win when there are no Death Cultists remaining.

You are a Fruit Vendor.
Yummy yummy, fruit salad.
Each night, you may visit one player. That player will receive a fruit.
You win when there are no Death Cultists remaining.

You are a Gunner.
And if that don't work, use more gun.
Each night, you may stand ready. If you do, you will kill any player who visits you that night. If you are targeted by the Death Cultist nightkill, you will shoot each other simultaneously and both die.
You win when there are no Death Cultists remaining.

You are a Stalker.
Every breath you take, every move you make...
Each night, you may visit a player. You will learn whether that player visits anyone that night, and who.
You win when there are no Death Cultists remaining.

You are a Watcher.
They've all got the gannet, it's a standard British bird!
Each night, you may visit a player. You will learn whether anyone visits that player that night, and who.
You win when there are no Death Cultists remaining.

You are a One-Shot Bulletproof.
Your weapons will not work on me!
Once per game, when you are targeted by a nightkill, the kill will fail and you will survive.
You win when there are no Death Cultists remaining.

You are a Coroner.
đŸŽ”Blunt-force trauma to the back of the head~
Each night, you may target a dead player. You will learn their role and alignment.
You win when there are no Death Cultists remaining.

You are a Two-Shot Commuter.
And he used portals to push henemy headquarters into a portal.
Twice per game, during the night, you may commute. When you commute, all actions targeting you that night will fail.
You win when there are no Death Cultists remaining.

You are a Heavy.
*pokes self with a stick* I think Heavy is dead.
The scum already killed you before the game started, but it looks like your body hasn't caught on yet. At any point during the game, while still alive, you may reveal yourself as the Heavy. From that point on, you will be unable to vote and immune to all actions, but can still post in the thread during the day as normal.
You win when there are no Death Cultists remaining.

You are an Investigator.
I wouldn't believe them if they swore they were lying.
Each night, you may name up to three roles and visit up to two players. You will be informed whether or not any of the players you visited have any of the roles you named.
To be clear, all you'll get is a "yes" or a "no", so you'll need to strike a balance between speed and precision.
You win when there are no Death Cultists remaining.

You are a One-Shot CPR Doctor
Anyway, that's how I lost my medical license.
Once per game, during the night, you may target and visit one player.
If that player would be killed, instead they survive. If that player would not have been killed, you will kill them.
You win when there are no Death Cultists remaining.

Third-party rolesYou are an Amnesiac.
Where am I? Who am I?
Once per game, during the night, you may visit a dead player. You will receive their role, including their abilities, win condition, and access to shared chats. The fact that the Amnesiac has remembered their role will be publicly announced, but further details will not.
You must remember a role in order to win.

You are an Unjester.
I am the only serious character in this show. That's the joke.
Each night, you may visit a player.
You win if you are killed during the night.
You lose if you are eliminated during the day, or if you are still alive when the game ends.

Gag roleThe Rickroller.
Never gonna give you up!
In addition to their confirmed role, at least one random player is secretly a Rickroller. Any player who visits a living Rickroller will receive a Rickroll instead of a result PM. (Other effects of their visit will not be changed.) When a Rickroller dies, by any means, their role-flip will be replaced with a Rickroll.
"Rickroll" does not necessarily mean "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley. It might be a different gag.

[b]Appearance[/b]: Description or image.
[b]Backstory and Personality[/b]:
[b]Distinguishing Abilities[/b]:

Murder in the Mountains has fifteen (15) slots. If we get more than 15 apps in 72 hours, we'll close signups at the 72 hour mark and pick 15 applicants at random, the rest being on-deck as replacements. After that, signups will close with the 15th applicant, and anyone who applies after that will be on-deck as a replacement.
  1. Tainted Soul (KungFuCutbug)
  2. Dr. Benjamin Kondraki (TheGeekArtist08)
  3. Mitsuha Sugawara (psychedelicate)
  4. High Priest of Death and Destruction Malakhiri, Herald of the Seven Circles (Florien)
  5. Xrendak "Nellie" Nel'ren (Goose007)
  6. Lloyd Henrick (Matthew Somebody)
  7. Vera Acker (LavenderDream) Knuckles the Echidna (door-kun)
  8. Jean Greyerl (TalesofUnder)
  9. Freddy Fazbear (Weirdguy149)
  10. Chip and Ada Lieber (PointMaid)
  11. Amy (Kennifer)
  12. Bonus Boss Z (Zanreo)
  13. Blue (MadameButterflyKnife)
  14. Midnight Red (TenOfSwords13)
  15. Lotus (Magolor)
Name: Tainted Forgotten/Tainted Soul/"The Fettered"/Edith
Appearance: pasted (art credit: @boundtobones on Tumblr)
Gender/Pronouns: was a she/her in life; goes by they/them now
Backstory and Personality: Tainted Soul is a very reserved individual. They almost never speak unless spoken to first, and even when they do speak it's very quiet and terse. As a result,
their backstory is largely shrouded in mysteryThe normal versions of the Forgotten & the Soul are one (two?) of multiple posthumous Isaac's in-canon; whether the Tainted variation's origins are the same is yet to be confirmed or denied.
. The only person they're willing to speak to consistently barely even counts as a person—their inert skeletal companion, Tainted Forgotten, who cannot speak and can only swing its bones around like a club at the Soul's whims. The Soul is perpetually melancholic and view themself as undeserving of good things, passing anything they receive onto the Forgotten instead. They view the Forgotten as something of a security blanket, an idol of protection in the face of the unknown... and they will not appreciate it if it gets taken away.
Distinguishing Abilities: throwing the Forgotten around and remotely controlling its bones to use as battering weapons like clubs, limited flight/hovering capabilities, and... that's it
Other: talks like this, in all lowercase and the smallest size possible. on discord, where changing the size of the text is impossible, speaks in strikethrough instead.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Name: Dr. Benjamin Kondraki
Appearance: A man with brown (and somewhat greying) hair and light skin. Wears a sweater, a coat, and jeans. (picture something like this — art by Miregari on Tumblr)
Gender/Pronouns: Male; he/him
Backstory and Personality: Kondraki started working at the SCP Foundation at the age of 35, joining as a regular low-level researcher. That is, until the Foundation caught wind of his photography skills. He then became an avid photographer, often accompanying agents out in the field to take photographic evidence of new finds. Due to his report on SCP-408 (Illusory Butterflies), he was promoted to level 3 clearance, and after an unknown event, he got promoted to Site Director as well. | Kondraki's one of those characters who, while not exactly a blank slate, is susceptible to the "no true canon" rule. Due to this, his personality varies wildly from tale to tale. However, his personnel file has mentioned him as a gruff, antisocial man. He's also quite. .impulsive, to say the least - A master of the Indy Ploy, so to speak. For example, he managed to survive pissing off a
vampire-like SCPSCP-083-D, aka Duke
and riding the infamous SCP-682 (Hard-to-Kill Lizard). All in the same tale.
Distinguishing Abilities: An excellent sword-fighter, especially with a rapier. Also a skilled photographer, as mentioned earlier.
Other: Remember the butterflies I mentioned in his backstory? Yeah, some of them hang out near Kondraki. "Call me the King of the Booooterflies and you're fucking dead."
Name: Mitsuha Sugawara
Appearance: [Image: 210483_8EQ4mido.png]
Gender/Pronouns: Female (she/her)
Backstory and Personality: A painfully shy thirteen-year-old who has always had trouble making friends (though not by lack of trying.) Very quiet, doesn't talk much. She decided to go on this hiking trip in the hopes of making new friends outside of her tiny hometown.
Distinguishing Abilities: She loves animals, so if animals are involved in any capacity, she may be pretty good with them.
Other: Speaks in this colour.
Name: High Priest of Death and Destruction Malakhiri (Herald of the Seven Circles)

Appearance: They're tall, rail-thin, and wear an absurdly oversized dark red cloak that obscures most of their features, but the little that can be made out reveals that they're extremely pale-skinned and have long grey hair, even if their hood constantly keeps most of their face in shadow.


Backstory and Personality: They're the Herald of the Seven Circles and the High Priest of Death and Destruction, whatever that means. They're not about to elaborate, nor are they about to elaborate on their no doubt VERY DETAILED and COMPLEX backstory filled with MANY EVENTS. The scars and cuts on their face definitely come from tripping on their robes or walking into walls while wearing that eye-obscuring hood and definitely not EVIL RITUALS PERFORMED WITH THE BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT AT THE TENTH HOUR UNDER THE SIGN OF THE CROCODILE! They're utterly devoted to whatever being a "herald of the seven circles" and "high priest of death and destruction" involves, though they never explain what devotion to that entails, and they're very into accusing others of being unfaithful to the "old gods" who are involved somehow in being those things.


Other: This is a good idea that can only possibly go well. Also they talk in THE EVILEST OF EVIL TEXT! and when they're not shouting everything, they speak in small text. Definitely not because of permanent damage to their vocal chords or anything, but because they're... saving their voice energy. For when they need it, you see.
Shill for Weetabix
Political Scientist
But Still Cool.
Name: Nellie (real name Xrendak Nel'ren)


[Image: unknown.png?width=422&height=422]

Gender/Pronouns: Male (he/him)

Backstory and Personality: Nellie is a very introverted person, to say the least. He is very shy and acts as if he is under constant pressure from some outside source, and he seems to be stingy about his backstory However, if you manage to take a close look behind his back... you will find a pair of wings, revealing that the seemingly normal person is not as normal as first thought. Nellie is actually an dimension-traveling angel known Xrendak Nel'ren, who used to be a well respected explorer within the dimensions he visited, until one day, when a powerful criminal known as Lord Yanatick the Celebrated became angry at Xerndak's activities and ended up fooling the governments of multiple dimensions into getting Xrendak classified as a "dangerous fugitive", forcing him to go into hiding on "Earth" and blend in with human society under the guise of "Nellie" to avoid being hunted down by the various bounty hunters and mercenaries who was now out for his blood. To this day, Nellie has lived a nomadic lifestyle, and ended up joining this hiking trip to help him socialize with more people.

Distinguishing Abilities: Despite being an angel, Nellie doesn't really have any magical powers (other then interdimensional travel, which he refrains from using except for dire emergencies and that would be gamebreaking anyways, so maybe come up with an excuse for him not to just portal away?), but he is more agile then most humans, and can also withstand strong winds better then regular humans.

Other: Speaks in glowing green.
Name: Lloyd Henrick
Appearance: [Image: attachment.php?aid=211]
Gender/Pronouns: Male
Backstory and Personality: Lloyd is quite a high-strung and moody person, mainly stemming from his paranoia after escaping from prison. Years prior, he robbed a convenience store in an attempt to get some money. However, things took a dark turn when his gun accidentally went off, killing the clerk. Police came in and arrested him, sentencing him to life for armed robbery and murder of the clerk. Something he finds an obstruction of justice since the death was accidental. Becoming increasingly agitated and restless behind bars, Lloyd eventually managed to make his escape. Now a fugitive on the run, Lloyd stumbled onto this hiking trip. Now stuck on the mountains, he's here to look out for himself, hoping to eventually get out of here and somewhere where he can avoid the pursuit of the law for good.... that is, if he doesn't get killed first.
Distinguishing Abilities: Being on the run and staying outdoors for the most part, Lloyd has learned several handy survival skills, whether it's for shelter or hunting for food. He is also armed with a pistol, though he's not exactly the best shot and can be shown to be a bit shaky, after the accidental death he caused in the robbery. Though, if pushed far enough, he may very well be quite deadly.
Other: Speaks in this color.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
I like bananas. They're yellow.
Name: Vera Acker
Gender/Pronouns: Demigirl, she/they
Backstory and Personality: Vera is an energetic individual with a heart of gold. It all started whenever Vera was a young child. She would always go on hikes with their father. That is, until Vera's dad died from hypothermia in the mountains. Luckily Vera was rescued by a group of professional hikers in the area, eventually realizing that they had to live with the hikers. She left the tundra whenever she turned 18. At age 22, she found a woman named Sophie Walker, who would go on to become Vera's romantic partner. Vera decided to go on this hiking trip in hopes of saving others from her father's fate, and to hopefully have fun as well.
Distinguishing Abilities: Can survive in extreme cold, helpful in situations where first aid is needed.
Other: Speaks in orange text.
AO3   Wattpad   Quotev
Name: Maki Harukawa
Gender/Pronouns: she/her
Backstory and Personality: Maki was a perfectly normal, if somewhat antisocial kid who grew up in an orphanage... when an organization of assassins arrived and started talent scouting the orphanage for possible recruits. Maki volunteered so her friend at the time wouldn't have to, and was trained as an assassin for pretty much her entire life up to the age of 17. As such, Maki can be incredibly uncooperative and tends to speak bluntly. However, she does have a soft side, and at heart, really does want to make friends, but is concerned that being an assassin would make that impossible.
Distinguishing Abilities: Maki, being the Ultimate Assassin, is naturally good at stealth, and has good dexterity. She's also surprisingly strong despite her relatively average figure for a girl her age, being able to hoist up 97 pounds with a single arm.
Other: Speaks in red text.
For my next trick, how about I kick your ass?
Name: Freddy Fazbear

Appearance: https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/freddy...1206191712

Gender/Pronouns: He/him as his theater persona, it/its as its robot persona, and she/her as her ghost persona

Backstory and Personality: Back in the 90's, he used to be a kid that went to Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria, a restaurant with a huge history of corporate fuckups, lawsuits, serial killer shenanigans, and animatronic malfunctions. Speaking of the latter two, this was how this kid died: by being stuffed into an animatronic suit by William Afton, a serial killer that worked at the establishment. Now his ghost haunts this animatronic bear. He wandered off into these mountains after chasing someone up there.

His personality is very scatter-brained due to three personalities filtering through: a goofy trickster that mostly manifests himself in the day, a terrifying Terminator-esque force that mostly manifests itself in the night, and a scared little girl that shows up when both personalities are compromised.

Distinguishing Abilities: He has a very strong grip, stronger jaws, and an ear-splitting jump scare scream.

Other: Speaks in Brown, DARK GRAY, or blue depending on the dominant personality.
Name: Chip and Ada Lieber
She is 5'5", He is 6'2"
Gender/Pronouns: Male/He (Chip), Female/She (Ada)
Backstory and Personality: They met while working on website design at a startup. She's the coder, logical, direct, problem solver. He's good at design, and usually follows his heart. They have a shared love of jazz music, crossword puzzles -- and hiking. They just got married, and this hiking trip is supposed to be their honeymoon!
Distinguishing Abilities: Ada is good at computer coding and logic. Chip is creative, and and emotionally sensitive.
Other: Ada will talk like this, Chip will talk like this.
Murdergames CharactersFrankie * Dr. Ruby Ramirez * Solanacae Bakersby * Sam Black * Selen(ium) * Reina Schultz * Dr. Francine "Frankie" Frankenstein * Lotta Schadenfreude

Need a bigger bookshelf? Join me in The Library.
[Image: download20210503194552.png?width=473&height=473]

Name: Amy. She's... ostensibly got a last name, but she's not sharing it. Because I haven't thought of one.

Appearance: (See above). She's average height and slender, with
greenish-blue eyesdue to picrew variations they're usually one or the other in most pics
, thick blonde hair that falls in loose curls. Usually partly pins her hair back with black ribbons on each side. Dresses in a white long-sleeved T-shirt, skirt (usually plaid or solid black), black tights and boots, and a loose black cardigan sweater. She often ties the sweater around her waist.

Gender/Pronouns: Female, She/Her

Backstory and Personality: Amy has had a pretty normal life. Parents, a sister, yada yada yada. She appreciates cute and pretty things. She also loves comedy. She's not actually a comedian herself, though. Her favorite TV shows are Seinfeld and South Park (especially the older seasons of the latter). She'll eagerly listen to anyone's stories as long as they're not super boring or something. (Funny? Yes. Weird? Yes. Twisted? Sure. Just not boring!) She's here because she thought a mountain hike sounded fun. (Or at least more fun than when the South Park kids went ziplining...)

Distinguishing Abilities: She's able to find humor in... most situations. (Maybe not so much when the bodies hit the floor, unless they died of toxic envelope glue or something...). She's also probably smarter than she looks/acts a lot of the time.

Other: Her favorite animals are rabbits. She'll talk in this color.
Stupid doomed timeline...
Name: Only known as "Bonus Boss Z"
Gender/Pronouns: she/they
Backstory and Personality: Not much is known about her, though she does bear a close resemblance to someone... She likes to ham it up and often speaks dramatically, and aims to be a powerful fighter. Joined the trip since she saw it as a good opportunity to grow stronger.
Distinguishing Abilities: As befitting of her "bonus boss" status, she's a strong fighter with lots of weird powers, such as floating, laser beams, beam swords, laser knives (noticing a pattern?), exploding small roombas(?), framerate drops (???) and similar. When her shades turn blue, she's preparing lightning powers, and when they're red, she uses fire powers.
Other: Speaks in purple
Glitchy Bootleg Lasers
Name: Blue
Appearance: A medium-height android with a feminine figure. Wears a sleeveless black top, black pants, tall boots, and a clear plastic poncho when she has to brave the elements. White skin, blue hair, and blue eyes. [Image: image0.jpg]
Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her
Backstory and Personality: Blue is passionate, if a bit high strung, and slightly paranoid; she's always worried that someone's watching. She tends towards being a skeptic in situations, and is very loyal and loving to those she trusts.
She hails from a corporate-run city in post-apocolyptic California, known as Battery City. There, she was built as and worked in it's slum districts, colloqually known as the Lobby, as...well, a companionship and pleasure droid. Over the years, she fell in love with another such droid, Red. The two of them shared a long relationship in there, but as Red became outdated and on her last legs of life, they decided to make a plan to escape the city. Blue managed to escape, but Red didn't make it. As Blue ran through the desert, she happened to awaken a huge mecha, known as DESTROYA, that was worshipped like a god by the droids in the city, including her late love. Said awakening was one of the factors that led to the fall of Battery City; now that the city had fallen, Blue's traveling what remains of the world. And ends up here, in a mountain death cult. Great.
Distinguishing Abilities: Blue, being an android, is stronger than your average person. She's also a good shot, and realtively skilled with improvised weaponry.
Other: Speaks like this.

Name: Midnight Red
[Image: 28750_1SVheKfD.png]
Gender/Pronouns: He/Him
Backstory and Personality:A somewhat successful playwright, screenwriter, and novelist, Midnight likes to tell tales of tragedy and suffering. He tries to befriend people, mostly to bounce ideas off of, but they are often put off by his cryptic attitude, never giving straight answers for anything.
Distinguishing Abilities: Midnight has great literary skill, but that is largely where his skills end. He is of average fitness, and is not blind to his surroundings, but Midnight's writing is the only notable ability of his.
Other: Speaks in that colour of rage and calamity which matches his hair, eyes, and rags.
What a coincidence to meet you here. What about buying me a drink to celebrate this moment?
(NOTE: This is an alternative bio. I still haven't decided whether I want to stay with Maki or go with Jean: time will tell on that one.)

Name: Jean Greyerl


Gender/Pronouns: he/him /she/her

Backstory and Personality: First off, Jean isn't actually a boy; she's a girl. Not just any ordinary girl, but a witch. With that in mind, Jean Greyerl was born to a happy, but not well-off family. She discovered she was a witch at a young age, and decided to use the spell “Goldor” on a leaf in the yard, thus turning it into gold and ensuring a source of profit for her family. Unfortunately, she also turned the family's goat into a statue, effectively killing it, and overwrought with grief, she attempted suicide by jumping into a cold river. She was rescued by an alchemist named “Newton Belduke”, who agreed to let her stay at his residence under two conditions: firstly, if she worked as his personal maid/butler. Secondly, that she had to disguise herself as a boy so no one would figure out she was a witch. However, unbeknownst to her, Newton committed suicide by drinking poison, but Jean thought she had strangled him to death. Again struck with grief, she was then suddenly and mysteriously teleported to a mountain range...

Distinguishing Abilities: Since she's a witch, you'd assume her to have magic, but you'd assume wrong. She, along with most other witches, can only use magic when holding a specific staff, and even then, it's restricted to two spells, which are determined by which two gems are in the staff. So it's safe to say she's relying solely on her wits for this one, which, thankfully, are pretty sharp.

Other: Speaks in blue text.
For my next trick, how about I kick your ass?
Name: "Lotus"/Hazuki Kashiwabara
Appearance:      (She is indeed rather... underclothed compared to some people.)
Gender/Pronouns: she/her
Backstory and Personality: Mother of two daughters, and divorced, she investigated the Nonary Game to figure out what exactly transpired during her children's kidnapping. After going through the Nonary Game run by Zero, she understands the exact events, through going through it herself. She's a highly intelligent programmer with seemingly exceptional skill, but has taken on a freelancer lifestyle. She's also a belly dancer, hence the stimulating appearance. Also, she was born 1987, with this image being her appearance in 2018. She'll be whatever age this takes place, I suppose. Probably 2021, so 34 at that time.
Distinguishing Abilities: Nothing besides, uh, logical skills. She's not consciously displayed any esper abilities, either.
Other: She'll talk in this color.
N I G H T M A R I Z Eplay NitW
And that's a full cast!

We'll continue to accept apps for replacement reserves if anyone's interested, but for now - Murder in the Mountains will probably start Friday afternoon.
Role PMs are out. Please confirm by responding to them with a description/summary of your role. CCing Dookie and SomeLibre would be helpful, but is not required.

Confirmation count: 15/15
Name: Knuckles the Echidna
Gender/Pronouns: Male, He/Him
Backstory and Personality: Knuckles is the guardian of the Master Emerald, having been alone guarding it for much of his life. As a result, he's rather stubborn and while intelligent, naive and easy to trick.
Distinguishing Abilities: Super strength, super speed, and gliding.
Other: Last game for him is Generations. Also has his Cowboy Hat from the OVA.
That one guy who RPd Hifumi Yamada for some ungodly reason.

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