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Mario Party Overboarded: Second Roll

"Hyah!" Capt. Spaceboy fires at the Dice block, where at one point he hits the Cardpet station.

"...No." Capt. Spaceboy responds stoically, skipping the station.


"Reminds me of my past date with Princess Sweetheart." He says seeing the post-wedding scene.
E N D L E S S  F U N


She's got three murders under her belt, views are gonna be skewed

another week, another turn

Gold Saucer - Turn 2

It's Kirby's turn. He pulls out his Sword ability from his stomach's Copy Palette and slices the Dice Block above him in half. Out came a 3. After picking up a
Goomba OrbThe space it lands on takes an amount of coins based on a dice roll from the player who lands on the space and gives it to the player who created the space.
from the Orb Space, he stops at the shop just directly after it to get something to purchase.

Grace: Well, well, well. You sure do look cute... Do you desire anything on sale right now?

The shop items included: Dinergate Orb (10 Coins), Mr. Blizzard Orb (10 Coins), Metal Mushroom Orb (10 Coins)

Kirby purchases a
Dinergate OrbThe player that lands on the space it creates is attacked by a Dinergate, losing a third of their coins, rounded up.
with 10 of his coins. He has 3 coins left.

Grace: Our paths will cross again soon... I mean it!

Kirby has already made a lap around the heart island and stops on the same Blue Space Shinrabanshoumon was already on, and ends his turn with 6 coins.

It's Nagito's turn. He immediately uses his Waddle Dee Orb. A Waddle Dee comes into the scene, hands him a
Mini MushroomThe player can only roll one dice block that goes from 1 to 6.
and leaves. The Ultimate Lucky Student hits his Dice Block above him and gets a 1. Commander Saturn returns from the depths behind the slot machine sea.

Saturn: You're still here... are you sure you want to play the slot machines again? Remember it is 3 coins to play.

Nagito declines, knowing very well his luck has gone down the shitter lately.

Saturn: Suit yourself.

The former Pokémon Trainer walks back into the darkness and Nagito claws the fingers of his hands into his head in pain.

It's Captain Spaceboy's turn. He vaporizes the following Dice Block that came his way. From its remains comes a 3. He stops on a Blue Space and gets 3 coins.

It's Shinrabanshoumon's turn. She hits the Dice Block again and gets another 2. She is initially disappointed, but has a sense of hope when she lands on the Event Space next to a UFO catcher. A Shy Guy comes in to tell her about the machine.

Shy Guy: This here beauty is filled to the brim with goods! You have only one chance to pick up some goodies. Use the joystick to wiggle the claw around and press the button near it to make it drop. Be warned, you only have one chance at this. Good luck!

Currently inside the claw machine are a Coin Coffer Purse, a Cashzap Orb, and a capsule containing a hidden item inside.

Shinrabanshoumon eyes the Coin Coffer Purse and decided it would be a good thing to carry. She moves the claws towards the purse as it descends on it, picks it up with its two fingers and diligently lets it ascend. Unfortunately, the purse slips out of the claw's grasp and falls onto the floor. The claw releases its fingers above the chute... all it's releasing is thin air. The Shy Guy returns from the background to tell Shinarabanshoumon about her failure.

Shy Guy: Oh... looks like the claw wasn't on your side today. I'm sorry, but you'll have to return here next time.

It's a 1-vs-3 minigame! At the reins is Nagito Komaeda. How will he fare against the other three players?

Turn 2 Mini-Game - Candlelight Flight (video of minigame)

Nagito Komaeda finds himself in a room filled with muddy green, stone-like bricks. Near him is the absent-minded Professor Kolorado, who tells him about the minigame and passes a candle to him to carry.

Kolorado: Make sure this candle is still on as much as possible. I must warn you, there is quite a ruckus in that hallway over there. You'd best be prepared.

Nagito, filled with overconfidence, treads his way towards the light at the end of the tunnel. Once he arrives in the room, the other three players are there with Aqua Scepters ready to give the candle a deadly washing. The lights in the room immediately turn off as Nagito can hear a very loud slamming sound behind him. With only his candle to accompany him, he scurries around to avoid being doused as the minigame begins.
  • Despite Nagito's best efforts, Spaceboy manages to catch him unaware as the candle fizzles out as Nagito is shot with a blast of high pressure water, knocking him out unconscious.
The lights of the room turn back on as a skeleton wearing a cloak tosses three bags of money onto the ground as it leaves without another word. The three winners scrounge up their respective bags of cash. Each of the bags has 10 coins inside.

Turn 2 Map & Player Status
[Image: 950c714d024ea817fdd1c5f39abf9ffa.png]
>no ulterior character motive<

"...Fuck, how come I don't get-"

Capt. Spaceboy notices what happens with two other players.



After rushing in, he notices the candlelight, and fires at it, extinguishing it.

"How's that for a change?" He boastfully snarks at Nagito.
E N D L E S S  F U N


She's got three murders under her belt, views are gonna be skewed

"Man, my luck is terrible today," notes ShinraBanshoumon. "Maybe I prayed to the wrong gods?"
"Nice team work, Captain," praised the kitsune sorceress in delight. "You did a great job leading us today!"

"A fit act for a pirate captain like me!"
E N D L E S S  F U N


She's got three murders under her belt, views are gonna be skewed

"I see. I hope this victory is a sign of things to come."

"Got something, poyo!" said Kirby.


underwhelming third turn after an eleven day delay

Gold Saucer - Turn 3

It's Kirby's turn. He takes out his Goomba Orb from his mouth, and tosses it at the Blue Space sandwiched between a Duel Space and an Event Space. Hitting the Dice Block nets him a 1. Kirby loses 3 of his coins due to landing on a Red Space.

It's Nagito's turn. He hits the Dice Block out of spite and gets a 6 for his troubles, which actually surprised him somewhat. He goes ahead with the roll he got and decides to stop by the Capsule Machine on his way, being basically a sentient gachapon.

Capsule Machine: OK, I will give you an Orb. I wonder what you'll get? Here it comes...

The Capsule Machine spat out a
Metal Mushroom OrbPrevents almost all spaces that are created by orb throws from working on the player for one turn.
, which Nagito scoops up anyways.

Nagito Komaeda lands on a Blue Space and earns himself three coins.

It's Captain Spaceboy's turn. Another Dice Block bites the dust as Captain Spaceboy finds a 9 rolling out of its remains. He picks up a
Bowlo OrbThe user turns into a ball that rolls across the board. Players who pass other players steal 10 coins from the player they roll over.
from the Orb Space that directly neighbors the shop, and completes a lap around the heart island, then decides to throw in the towl upon his eventual return to the Magic Cardpet station and declines to pay the Goomba anything.

Goomba: Sure thing! Draw a card from this deck I have. The suit on the card you get decides your destination.

Cpt. Spaceboy picks up a card and braces for impact. It's a 6 of Spades. It transforms and enlarges to become a Magic Cardpet. The Goomba wishes him a good trip as he is whisked towards the spades island. Upon arrival Spaceboy hops off the giant 6 of Spades as it flies away, then travels a bit more before stopping on a Blue Space ending his turn with 29 coins.

It's Shinrabanshoumon's turn. Her Dice Block hit has resulted with a 8, which gave her a sign of relief; an assumption that the prayers she gave to her superiors were finally answered. She takes a side route towards the Magic Cardpet station, not knowing that she'll leave Kirby in the dust.

Goomba: A Magic Cardpet ride? Can do. Draw a card from this deck I have. The suit on the card you get decides your destination.

The drawn card is a 2 of Diamonds. As the card becomes a Magic Cardpet, the Goomba wishes her a safe trip as she arrives at the same island that Nagito is still stuck on. Upon arrival at the diamond island, she picks up a
Klepto OrbThe space it lands on takes the player who lands on the space it created all the way back to the start area.
from an Orb Space. She stops moving on a Red Space and loses 3 of her coins.

A 2-vs-2 mini-game is about to begin! The Star Warrior and avatar of a mysterious kitsune are up against a match against two scrupulous boys!

Turn 3 Mini-Game - Body Builder (video of minigame)

The players walk into a robot factory. Two identical, complex machines are sitting next to each other. A Rocky Wrench comes along and tells the partygoers how to operate the machine. Apparently, he wants a team to finish a robot the fastest. As the machines slowly turn on, the four players take their places onto the two separate machines as the mini-game starts.
  • To the absolute shock of everyone, both of the robots the teams were set to create were finished at the same time causing the Rocky Wrench to declare the mini-game a draw.
Spaceboy is quite upset about the result due to robotics being a tight-knit facet of his sci-fi heritage.
Turn 3 Map & Player Status
[Image: b14363d9d2b971edc3e58f79067c33a4.png]
yes, i know i forgot about an error with kirby here
>no ulterior character motive<
"Dear Zhuqiaomon! What are the odds of this happening?!"
oh neat, another turn just two days later

Gold Saucer - Turn 4

It's Kirby's turn. He pulls out his Hammer ability from his Copy Palette deep within his belly and smacks the Dice Block above him. Spat out of the Dice Block is a 7. He comes across the Magic Cardpet station along his way and decides to check it out. He doesn't pay the Goomba any pence and thus would rather not go to the Star Auction at this moment.

Goomba: A Magic Cardpet ride? Sure. Just draw a card from this deck of cards I have. The suit determines your destination!

The card Kirby draws is a 3 of Hearts.

Goomba: Too bad! Guess you'll have to come around back here again to get somewhere else. Why don't you move back a bit and do a lap around this island first?

Kirby, a bit discontent, then moves across some more spaces on the heart island before stopping on a Blue Space and earning 3 coins.

It's Nagito's turn. Hitting the Dice Block nets him a 3. He arrives at a Magic Cardpet station and does not give the Goomba any coins that would be for travelling to the center of the board.

Goomba: Sure thing! Draw a card from this deck I have. The suit on the card you get decides your destination.

A 2 of Hearts is drawn. Nagito gets on the growing card as it prepares to send him back to the heart island. The Goomba wishes him luck as he is whisked back to where Kirby is still hanging out.

Unfortunately, Nagito realizes by returning to this island, he ends up landing on Kirby's Orb Space. A regular Goomba without a top hat arrives near the orb space to decide Nagito's fate.

Goomba: Heya. I'm gonna have to request you give up your coins to Kirby. Let me just hit this block above my head with a Headbonk to see how unlucky you'll get.

The Dice Block stops flashing numbers as it now shows a 5.

Goomba: That's 5 coins! Time for you to say goodbye to them.

The Goomba scoops up the payment as it waddles its way over to Kirby, gives him the 5 coins he stole and leaves.

It's Captain Spaceboy's turn. Yet another Dice Block falls to his lasers as a 7 comes out of its ashes. He scoops up another
Bowlo OrbThe user turns into a ball that rolls across the board. Players who pass other players who are not moving and are at their destination steal 10 coins from the player they roll over.
from an Orb Space and then stops on a Blue Space, getting 3 coins.

It's Shinrabanshoumon's turn. Hitting the Dice Block nets her a 10. She hits up the Capsule Machine on her way across the diamond island to ask it for an Orb.

Capsule Machine: OK, I will give you an Orb. I wonder what you'll get? Here it comes...

The Capsule Machine spits out a
Super Mushroom OrbAllows the player to roll three dice blocks instead of one when used.

Shinrabanshoumon ignores the Magic Cardpet station for the turn and decides to gather more orbs during her turn, with an Orb Space just nearby. She gets a
Shop Block OrbAllows the player to contact the shop from any space during their turn and before they roll their dice.
from it and ends up going back to the Red Space she began her turn at.

It's a 1-vs-3 minigame with a digital monster as the lone opposition to two boys and a marshmallow!

Turn 4 Mini-Game - Spotlight Swim (video of minigame)

Shinrabanshoumon falls into a sewer, where she notices a series of spotlights in her general direction. The three players arrive at the sewer as well. A Blooper tells them to use the three spotlights to catch the Digimon in the murky waters, as it gives out more general instructions to them before leaving them to their own machinations. The minigame starts as the team of three start controlling the lights.
  • After fifteen seconds, Shinrabanshoumon is cornered by the lights helmed by Captain Spaceboy and Kirby after her relentless attempts to dive under the water to try warding the three players off... but to no avail.
The Blooper picks up Shinrabanshoumon from the water; later it gives each of the three winners of the mini-game 10 coins. The unfortunate loser of the mini-game is curled up in the fetal position and physically feels like she turned into a corpse.

Turn 4 Map and Player Status
[Image: 6854384588995a374c3bb2aacb8869cb.png]
>no ulterior character motive<

"Wow! I have two Orbs! The Gods must be smiling down on me today!"


Shivering in a fetal position, ShinraBanshoumon grumbles, "Note to self: order calamari next time you eat out."
almost a week delay, boy, are we starting this old trend again? lel

Gold Saucer - Turn 5

It's Kirby's turn. With his Hammer copy ability still on, he unleashes a Hammer Flip on the Dice Block and rolls a 4. He passes over the Orb Space just a few steps ahead and gets himself a
Toady OrbAllows the player to target any of their opponents to swap their own inventory with the intended target.
. Right after that Orb Space is the shop, which Kirby happily checks out.

Grace: Back again so soon? Very well... Do you desire anything on sale right now?

The shop items included: Super Mushroom Orb (10 Coins), Cashzap Orb (15 Coins), Lightning Bolt (15 Coins)

Kirby purchases a
Cashzap OrbThe user is surrounded in lightning, allowing the player to choose an opponent to target. Whoever is targeted loses half of their coins (rounded down).
and is left with 22 coins left.

Grace: Our paths will cross again soon... I-I mean it.

Kirby leaves the shop but ends up running into a Red Space leaving him one coin short of having any chance to compete in the Star Auction in the center of the board.

It's Nagito Komaeda's turn. He hits the Dice Block and manages to roll a 4. He picks up a
Spiny OrbThe space it lands on takes 10 coins from the player who lands on the space and gives it to the player who created the space.
from the same Orb Space Kirby went over on his turn. He glances at the shop Grace is running and decides going to shop is not worth a damn. Nagito then stops on a Blue Space and grabs 3 more coins to his name.

It's Captain Spaceboy's turn. A Dice Block gets zapped as it leaves out a 7 from its corpse. He grabs a
Goomba OrbThe space it lands on takes an amount of coins based on a dice roll from the player who lands on the space and gives it to the player who created the space.
from an Orb Space, then stops on a Blue Space.

It's Shinrabanshoumon's turn. Still shivering from the massive letdown of a loss from the previous mini-game, she melts the Dice Block above her with a flurry of hitodama. From its remains sprouts a 6. She takes a big gulp as she walks towards the Duel Space that she will end up on, skipping past the Capsule Machine.

Misstar appears in a flash once a purple flare signalled the fact that someone landed on a Duel Space.

Misstar: Seems like it's time for a Duel... alright! Time for you to pick an opponent to fight!

Shinrabanshoumon gets Mister Spaceboy out of the way first, due to having even more coins than she has; she doesn't want anybody but her having an easy access to the Star Auction's stars!

A star-shaped warp drops Spacebody onto the diamond island from the spade island he was previously on. They take fighting stances and face each other.

Misstar: You two are raring to go! Let's send you both to where the Duel Mini-game will be held...

Turn 5 Duel Mini-Game - Pump 'n' Jump (video of minigame)

The two players find themselves at a grassy plains facing the sea. Upon the large helipad protruding out of the ground like a pimple is a Lakitu accompanied by Nausicaa, who is glad to be in a different and more colorful vision of Earth. She tells the players about the mini-game and its instructions. The Lakitu has already placed parachutes onto their backs.

Nausicaa: These platforms of sorts are able to send you flying into the sky. Our goal is to see who has the greatest jump between you both. Please put yourself into position there and get to work.

Shinrabanshoumon and Captain Spaceboy each crawl their way up onto their springy platform and start pumping their blood and platform up as the mini-game begins.

After 10 seconds, they are shot into the air as the Lakitu flies into the atmosphere to watch their ascent.
  • Spaceboy wins the duel with a huge leap of 470m.
  • Shinrabanshoumon loses it due to her leap totalling 265m.
As the loser, Shinrabanshoumon plummets her way back down to the ground while Spaceboy's parachute allows him to land safely. Shinrabanshuomon's digital muscles spasm out as she fails to get up from the massive fall she made, tearing through the platform she leapt from and hitting the concrete like a sack of bricks. Spaceboy eventually lands safely down to the ground and recoils when he finds the massive mess Shinrabanshoumon made as she struggles to get up.

After the duo returns to the Gold Saucer after a large recuperation interval, Shinrabanshoumon regrettingly gets back on her feet again just in time to see what she'll very likely lose to the imaginary space criminal. Misstar summons a block for Spaceboy to hit. A magical bubble is squirted out of its head. The Star Spirit glances at the picture shown in the bubble and sways herself back and forth with a slight frown as to express distress.

Misstar: Ah... the duel mini-game reward was supposed to be 2 of Shinrabanshoumon's stars for Spaceboy. Neither of you has any stars...

Spaceboy applies direct pressure to his complexion with one of his heavy-duty astronaut gloves for a split second as the Digimon looks visibly unamused.

Misstar: That duel was all for nothing, sadly. Let's bring you two back to your original positions before we start the mini-game phase.

It's a 2-vs-2 minigame with Kirby and Shinrabanshoumon against Nagito Komaeda and Captain Spaceboy! What's going to be their fateful destination?

Turn 5 Mini-Game - Cucumberjacks (video of minigame)

The players arrive in a rural part of Japan. A farmer there has won a cucumber growing contest due to growing two record-breaking giant cucumbers. Unfortunately, the ceremony had to be cut short due to an obese and massive kappa ruining the processions. The only way to get rid of the kappa is to feed it both of the giant cucumbers.

Farmer: We can't possibly deliver the cucumbers whole to this kaiju of a kappa so we have to deliver both to them slice by slice. I already received my prize money for their showcase so it's up to you to satiate his thirst. I don't want those titanic webbed feet of his getting into my rear end!

Two cults of Toadies fly in a drop four supersized slicers for the two teams to try to use. Each Toady adjusts the sliders in a position where the players can easily cut the giant cucumbers. There might be ground residue from each slide cut due to friction but that's not a huge worry. The players start cutting the vast vegetables as the kappa watches silently in the background like a billboard.
  • The team of Nagito Komaeda and Captain Spaceboy finish cutting their cucumber first, taking the win. As the other team is rushing to make sure they finish the cucumber despite knowing later they'll lose the minigame, more Toadies come to feed the massive kappa each slice of giant cucumber bit by bit.
Eventually after the day is saved and the kappa has left, the farmer shares with them some of his prize money. As Nagito Komaeda and Captain Spaceboy receive 10 coins each and wonder why they didn't get more for doing such a feat, Kirby can be seen trying futilely to inhale a smaller but still very big cucumber whole as his mini-game partner tries to stop him from causing more mischief.

Turn 5 Player & Map Status
[Image: 193f40c24677a03fd3a705bf853444c5.png]
>no ulterior character motive<
Pump 'n' Jump

"Well, that was strange," noted ShinraBanshoumon. "No one won in the end."


"Oh, well," sighed a rather disappointed kitsune magician. "A loss is still a loss. You're a good teammate, Kirby."

ShinraBanshoumon pets Kirby like a good dog.
how many days has it been since the last turn?


Gold Saucer - Turn 6

It's Kirby's turn. He takes out his Cashzap Orb and inhales it. Becoming Spark Kirby, he sends out a flying thunderbolt that careens towards Captain Spaceboy's way. Struck hard, the space vigilante loses 27 of his coins. Kirby then finds out a Dice Block has appeared above him and shoots a small plasma disc at it. It spits out a 9.

3 moves in, the Star Warrior checks out the Magic Cardpet station.

Goomba: A Magic Cardpet ride? Can do. Just draw a card from this deck of cards I have. The suit determines your destination!

Kirby grabs a card and flips it over to see what it is. It's a 5 of Spades. The card flies out of Kirby's grasp, lies on the horizontal, and grows in size. Kirby jumps on the Cardpet to fly to the spade island as the Goomba wishes him a good voyage. Upon arrival at the spade island, he uses his last 6 moves to stop on a Red Space, which takes his coin count down even further from 19 to 16.

It's Nagito's turn. Hitting the Dice Block nets him a 3. He lands on a Red Space and loses 3 coins.

It's Captain Spaceboy's turn. Another laser vanquishes a Dice Block as the Dice Block's remains spit out a 7. He stops by the Magic Cardpet Station and pays the Goomba a 5 coin fee to the Star Auction.

Goomba: OK, then. The Star Auction at the center is very risky. Don't say I didn't warn you. Good luck.

A Magic Cardpet of a tarot card flies by as Captain Spaceboy gets onto it and is whisked away to the center of the map. Spaceboy looks determined as the Magic Cardpet edges towards the lone tower extending from the crater in the middle of the board.

The Bony Beetle tells Captain Spaceboy about the rules of bidding.

Bony Beetle: Let's make a deal. Everyone must participate in the auction as long as they can pay the starting price and whoever bids the highest gets a star. The highest bid will be the next star's price but I'll cut that star price in half if I feel like it.

As the Bony Beetle prepares to call in the Boos for the auction process... he gives off a final warning.

Bony Beetle: However... if a tie happens during bidding or the player right here can't even bid for the star to begin with... Ol' Scar's going to have to pay y'all a visit.

The auction process begins. Everyone except Kirby is required to bid the 20 minimum.
  • Captain Spaceboy goes all in with his 23 coins.
  • Nagito refuses to bid higher as Shinrabanshoumon thinks about the situation.
  • Shinrabanshoumon notices she has the coin lead and bids 24 coins to stop Captain Spaceboy from getting the star for sale.
  • The call for going once is called. Nagito bids all of his remaining coins.
  • The call for going twice is called. Shinrabanshoumon drops in all 27 of her coins. She deduces that her Shop Block Orb would be not so great in regards to earning the Shopping Star. Kirby is at a huge advantage when it comes to that bonus star. Shinrabanshoumon did not want to risk wasting it either if all of the items were of no use to her so she abstains from using more coins for purchases due to that orb and makes that aforementioned decision during the bid. Unfortunately, as she tried to give out coins to the Boo above her head, it had already disappeared.
The Bony Beetle had sprouted wings to fly towards him and gave him the long-awaited first star of the game and takes Nagito's 25 coins.

A minute after the auction finishes, the Bony Beetle is back at the middle of the board and tells Cpt. Spaceboy the next auction's star will have a starting cost of 25 coins.

Bony Beetle: All right, you got the next auction's starting price told to ya. Now scram.

Captain Spaceboy returns to the spade island he was once on via the Magic Cardpet he was still on and continues moving. Due to being too eager to go to the Star Auction, he makes a miscalculation on his destination and ends up landing on a Red Space instead... the exact same Red Space Kirby is on. Captain Spaceboy stomps his foot on the ground incessantly in anger while Kirby stares at him.

It's Shinrabanshoumon's turn. She uses her Super Mushroom Orb and crosses her fingers before she eliminates the trio of Dice Blocks that'll come her way with her magic spells. Her three dice rolls end up being a 10, a 5, and a 2, resulting in a move total of 17 spaces. Before she can use any of the moves, she makes a beeline towards the Magic Cardpet station for a toll-free Magic Cardpet ride to any of the four corner islands. The Goomba in the top hat at that island spoke up.

Goomba: OK then. Just draw a card from the deck right on this counter. What suit will it be? Better pick a card up to find out!

Shinrabanshoumon does a thinking gesture for a moment then diligently picks up a card from the card pile. She drew a 3 of Clubs. The clover-suited card grows in size as Shinrabanshumon becomes astonished at the transformed all the while the card is currently evolving into a Magic Cardpet. She sighs, gets on the Magic Cardpet after it is done transforming, and flies towards the clubs island as Goomba bids her goodbye for the turn.

Shinrabanshoumon is given a
Podoboo OrbThe space it lands on burns the player who tries to bypass the space it created, forcing the player to move ten extra spaces and deletes all their items.
from an Orb Space when she was halfway done with her move. She uses up the last 9 of moves to stop on a Blue Space. She shrugs as her turn ends with 30 coins in hand.

Everyone except Shinrabanshoumon landed on Red Spaces... time for a 1vs3 mini-game! Can the Digimon eke out another minigame win?

Turn 6 Mini-Game - Bowl Over (video of minigame)

Shinrabanshoumon finds herself in a bowling alley. Sporty angel Camael of the Strike World is there and tells her about the mini-game while four Magikoopas place pins at the end of the lane in front of Shinrabanshoumonand Camael. Six pins are placed in total, with three of them being baleful polymorphs of the other three players who can do nothing but hop around like fleas.

Camael: Sometimes it feels nice to do some relaxing sports once in a while. Just bowl over the pins to win. Say... it looks like there might be some sentient pins over there... no worries! just pick up a bowling ball and throw it twice!

A fifth Magikoopa sneaks up behind Shinrabanshoumon and places a hex on the bowling ball just before Shinrabanshoumon got ready for her first throw. Seems like the mini-game has just begun.
  • Shinrabanshoumon makes the first throw. She notices the bowling ball has begun to move in an erratic path that would have not been suitable for a regular, ordinary game of bowling in the least as it makes curves, zigzags, and other movements.
  • The bowling ball knows over the pins that happened to be the transfigured Kirby and Captain Spaceboy along with two ordinary pins.
  • Part of the pinsetter of the lane was not working (somehow), so a duo of Broom Hatters cleans up the mess Shinrabanshoumon made in the background as she receives the bowling ball back from the return machine, ready for a second toss.
  • Shinrabanshoumon makes the second toss. She knocks over only one pin, but it wasn't the pin that was actually the transformed Nagito Komaeda hopping away from the ball in fear of being "executed". The team of three have ended up winning the mini-game.
Camael: Well, it looks like the bowling alley is the victor today! I'll make my leave then. May we cross paths again, fellow divine.

Shinrabanshoumon does not know that behind the scenes, the three players are back to their normal selves and are getting their cash prizes from the Magikoopa mob in the restricted, employee-only area of the bowling alley for "thanks" for participating in their shady stickup.

Turn 6 Map & Player Status
[Image: 94556190473802d32973b0346f4d24ed.png]
>no ulterior character motive<
Star Auction

"Why do I have such rotten luck?!"

Bowl Over

"Seriously? Did I anger a rival god or something?"
no comment (aka snark) today here

Gold Saucer - Turn 7

It's Kirby's turn. He hits the Dice Block with his head. A 8 pops out of it. He scoops up a
Sluggish Shroom OrbAllows the player to choose the number of spaces they move from 1 to 10.
from an Orb Space then ends up landing on an Event Space. Kirby notices a green blob of slime slithering up to him and taking on a different form. It's the Stardroid Mercury.

Mercury: Heheheh. I've come here to leech off these lowly non-mechanical lifeforms here. You're my unlucky victim today! Time for a surprise!

Mercury unleashes a typhoon of Grab Buster bullets into the air. Kirby is smacked by some of the bullets as the poor puffball watches coins being spread around like wildfire. Kirby recuperates from Mercury's attack and finds out every player had their coins divided equally amongst each other.

Mercury: I should have learned about how useful this facet of one of my favorite things, communism, was years ago! Time to take my leave before security gets me. Later, peasant!

Mercury returns to his blob form and flees the scene.

It's Nagito Komaeda's turn. He begrudgingly swallows his Mini Mushroom and shrinks to the size of a mouse. Hitting the Dice Block nets him a 2. He returns to his normal size shortly afterward and gains 3 coins due to a Blue Space.

It's Captain Spaceboy's turn. He opens one of his Bowlo Orb and is transformed into a spherical version of himself. A Dice Block appears above him as he bounces upwards to hit it. Out pops a 6. After rolling by an Orb Space that gives him a
Toady OrbAllows the player to target any of their opponents to swap their own inventory with the intendent target.
, he stops upon a Red Space and transforms back to normal. Upon finding out that the Bowlo Orb he planned on using to get back up to Kirby's position and run him over like a road roller flattening loads of asphalt didn't do a good job of doing anything AND that he ended up on a Red Space losing a bit of hard-earned booty, the space pirate becomes enraged and throws a rather immature fit.

It's Shinrabanshoumon's turn. She uses her Shop Block Orb and sees a block with an antenna and a CRT screen appear before her. Grace's face appeared on the screen.

Grace: This is a rather peculiar interaction... Ahem... Well then. Do you mind telling me what you desire?

The shop items included: Toady Orb (15 Coins), Mushroom Orb (5 Coins), Cashzap Orb (15 Coins)

Shinrabanshoumon purchases a
Cashzap OrbThe user is surrounded in lightning, allowing the player to choose an opponent to target. Whoever is targeted loses half of their coins (rounded down).

Grace: We'll cross paths again... I-I mean it...

Shinrabanshoumon hits her Dice Block and becomes irked when it spits out a 1. Probably should have bought a Mushroom Orb instead. To top it all off, it's a Red Space, that will cause Shinrabanshoumon to lose 3 of her coins, she'll stop on.

Another 2-vs-2 mini-game match begins with Kirby and Nagito Komaeda against Shinrabanshoumon and Captain Spaceboy!

Turn 7 Mini-Game - Grabby Gridiron (video of minigame)

The players are in an intergalactic football stadium in the far future. Hermes, delivery man from the thirty-first century Planet Express delivery service and a Meltrandi from the Jenius lineage called Mirage, currently in Miclone form are there to tell the players about the mini-game they're going to experience.

Hermes Conrad: Earth's sports have gone far and wide across the universe, huh? Whaddya say we treat the audience to a showcase of talents! I'll tally up the score while you folks are split up into two teams of two. The first to five points wins.

Mirage Farina Jenius: I know I am sensing you have a galactic criminal amongst you four, but I still must wish you all the best of luck.

The Lumas, Gearmos, and Whittles in the stadium applaud the players with glee as the human and the humanoid alien take their leaves from the center of the football field. The cannons above the recessed stadium start whirring with a familiar sound as the salvos of footballs start being fired. The mini-game has begun.
  • The game eventually goes to the point where the two teams have four points each and the next point is a match point.
  • As Captain Spaceboy struggles to keep working with the Digimon while Kirby tries to keep up the competition trying to handle Nagito's chuunibyou attitude, Nagito manages to hold off the other team trying to score the final point with one football while Kirby runs towards the opposing team's goal with a different football.
  • Kirby drops the football into the opposing team's goal to score the final point and win the mini-game.
Hermes and the part-Zentradi Mirage return to the field to congratulate the players on the great interstellar game.

Hermes: The stadium's managers expected us to give out coin prizes to the winners, so here they are. Don't worry, it's not coming from out of my paycheck.

Kirby and Nagito Komaeda earn themselves 10 coins each.

Turn 7 Map & Player Status
[Image: 6cd76111ddb86feeaa14411630b6fc83.png]

>no ulterior character motive<
ShinraBanshoumon is too busy mulling over her loss to form a proper statement.
ngl seeing someone like kirby gambling is pretty cursed

Gold Saucer - Turn 8

Malevolent Moment begins!

In the Gold Saucer's depths, Scarmiglione sits on his belly, twiddling his clawed fingers like a bored demon lord eating souls in the underworld. The Bony Beetle running the Star Auction on the surface of the casino descends with his wings to tell the master the terrible news.

Bony Beetle: Uh, so our plan to make sure the players have to go through a convoluted process to get into our star stash...

Scarmiglione: Well?!

Bony Beetle: They've managed to get one of them.

Scarmiglione: Preposterous! Make extra sure that they don't get any more ever again.

Bony Beetle: S-sorry boss... I'll multiply the starting bid of the currently auctioned star to make sure this doesn't happen!

The Star Auction has raised the starting price of the next star from 25 coins to 50 coins.

It's Kirby's turn. After a long wait, he returns with new items in his Copy Palette. He pulls out a Copy Essence containing the Fighter ability. He takes his Dinergate Orb out and throws it as hard as he can. It lands on the Blue Space between a Battle Space and a Duel Space and creates an Orb Space for Kirby. He unleashes a Rising Break onto the Dice Block as it breaks into pieces leaving behind a 8.

An Orb Space gives Kirby a
Mushroom OrbAllows the player to roll two dice blocks instead of one when used.
before Kirby takes a few more steps towards the Cardpet Station to get off the club island. Upon arrival, Kirby pays the Goomba monitoring the toll booth nothing.

Goomba: Is a ride to another island what you want? OK! Just pick a card up from the deck and see what you get!

Kirby picks up a card. It's the 3 of Clubs.

The Goomba mimics a wailing horn.

Goomba: Bad luck! I guess you're stuck on this island until you've made a roundtrip back here!

Kirby steps back and continues moving across the island of clubs. He ends up landing on an Event Space and is greeted by a black-haired Japanese girl named Yumeko Jabami. Kirby is visibly afraid. She looked tougher than Adeleine or even Susie!

Yumeko: Ah, a perfect chance to help curb my gambling obsession. You must play Blackjack with me.

She winks for a bit.

Yumeko: Don't worry, there's a book on the table we'll be playing at. That way you know what's up. But first, how much coins do you want to bet, huh?

Her eyes glow red to intimidate her next gambling partner as Kirby bets 24 coins.
  • The game starts as the Star Warrior is dealt a hand consisting of a Queen of Spades and a 9 of Hearts. Yumeko, the dealer, reveals one of her cards is a 5 of Hearts.
  • Kirby chooses to stand.
  • The other card is revealed. It is the Queen of Clubs. Yumeko draws another card and ends up getting a 7 of Clubs, exceeding the 21-value limit. Knowing she has lost the match, Yumeko grits her teeth in frustration before declaring Kirby the winner.
Yumeko: Dammit... how did you get so lucky your first time playing? Alright, here's your payout of 24 coins. Don't be so sure you'll get away with another win next time.

It's Nagito Komaeda's turn. He hits the Dice Block and gets a 10. Just two moves in, he goes towards the Magic Cardpet station and asks to travel to another island on the board.

Goomba: Alright. Just take this shuffled deck I have. Cross your fingers on what suit it'll be!

It's the King of Diamonds. The card enlarges into a Magic Cardpet for Nagito to fly on. The Goomba wishes him the best luck possible as he arrives at the island of diamonds. Hasn't he been here before?

Regardless, Nagito scurries along the path, picking up a
Waddle Dee OrbGives you a free item that replaces this one after being used.
from an Orb Space standing in his way. Nagito ends his turn on a Red Space and looks irked that he's losing 3 of his coins.

It's Captain Spaceboy's turn. He unleashes his Toady Orb as a Toady flies into the casino, hovering above his head.

Toady: What inventory do you want to nick this time, pal?

Cpt. Spaceboy orders the Toady to swap his inventory with Shinrabanshoumon's. The Toady obliges.

Toady: Toodles.

The Dice Block appears above the space pirate and is zapped to oblivion. Out comes a 10. Ignoring the Cardpet Station on the spade island for now, he took a
Foley OrbThe player that lands on the space it creates is attacked by a Foley, causing the player who landed on it and other players who happened to be on the same space as the player to lose 20 coins.
from an Orb Space before arriving there, then eventually ends up being ahead of Kirby by one space... the space Spaceboy lands on is a Red Space, which results in him losing 3 of his already quite low amount of coins. Probably should have kept the Bowlo Orb...

It's Shinrabanshoumon's turn. She hits the Dice Block and gets a 3. Getting even more frustrated due to the fact that all of the three other players have gotten good rolls during the current turn, she goes across an Orb Space that bestows upon her a
Chain Chomp OrbSummons a Chain Chomp who allows you to steal coins for free or a Star for 50 coins from a single target. It can target any player who does not have a Bone Orb in their inventory.
. The Digimon ends her turn on a Blue Space and gets herself 3 coins, but not without mulling over first the possibility of the Chain Chomp Orb she had just received, possibly giving her back the edge she so sorely wanted.

It's yet another 2-vs-2 minigame matchup! It's Kirby and Shinrabanshoumon against the boy masterminds!

Turn 8 Mini-Game - Looney Lumberjacks (video of minigame)

The players arrive in a quaint log cabin in the woods. A effeminate lumberjack ready to go traveling out for a long trip, is all decked out as a girlie that he always wanted to be, just like his dear papa. The players are given the instructions before a horde of male Buneary come in and gives them the saws needed to start the mini-game. The saws are propped up onto the large logs lying around and the players start sawing the logs up. With the click of his high heels, the lumberjacks leaves the field.
  • Kirby's overflowing power given to him by the Fighter ability he inexplicably still has on, Kirby and Shinrabanshoumon manage to eke out a win against the other team when a part of their log falls onto the ground.
A male Lopunny, assumed to be the leader of the pack that gave the players the saws they needed to play the minigame, hops towards Kirby and Shinrabanshoumon, gives them their 10-coin payouts, and leaves. Was that Pokémon planning ahead for that minigame's results all along?

Turn 8 Map & Player Status
[Image: 7bf05c4bcef1e4f420f0ea0c1e395b42.png]

whoops kirby is missing the mushroom orb he just got
>no ulterior character motive<
ShinraBanshoumon just gives Kirby a pat on the head as she studies the Chain Chomp orb for the shenanigans that it will cause in the future.

"Good job, Kirby!"
would rather have given myself eleven minutes than a week

Gold Saucer - Turn 9

It's Kirby's turn. He takes out his Sluggish Shroom Orb to use. The small cyan mushroom comes out of its orb shell and Kirby inhales it into his mouth, allowing his (almost) full rein over the Dice Block. He kicks the Dice Block using one of his feet like Guile as the Dice Block nears 5. Upon his path was one of the Orb Space on the board, which gives him another
Sluggish Shroom OrbAllows the player to choose the number of spaces they move from 1 to 10.

He stops at another Event Space and spots a mysterious photo booth and hops into it. Kirby was eager to leave his mark on this part of the world, and besides, a picture lasts longer.

Once Kirby snaps a picture of his wide smile and a wave at the theoretical screen of the camera, the camera snaps him out of reality. A few seconds later, Kirby rematerialized back at the start of the board, dizzy and missing his Fighter copy ability. He gets up and awaits the next player's turn.

It's Nagito Komaeda's turn. He uses his Waddle Dee Orb to summon a second Waddle Dee. This Waddle Dee wearing a bowtie is carrying a metal plate with a dormant
Spiny ShellAllows the player to target the player in first making them lose 20 coins. If the player who used it is in first place, the person who uses it loses 10 coins instead.
with both of his arms, then flees the casino in a dash as Nagito concerningly picks it up. Nagito Komaeda hits the Dice Block and gets a 1. He stops on a Blue Space and gets himself 3 more coins.

It's Captain Spaceboy's turn. His deep analysis of Kirby during the previous several turns made sure he'd use his Cashzap Orb to target him. Upon being enveloped in the Cashzap Orb's thundering electrical power, he jumps into a spread-out stance to call upon the power of cosmic lightning to zap away 34 of Kirby's coins, marring the Star Warrior's chance to further the lead on the Currency Star.

The space pirate returns to normal, then hits the Dice Block with his blaster's lasers and gets a 2. He picks up a
Mushroom OrbAllows the player to roll two dice blocks instead of one when used.
from the Orb Space Kirby crossed during his turn, then stops on the Red Space just after that same Orb Space and a Blue Space. He loses 3 of his coins and ends up with 15 coins left.

It's Shinrabanshoumon's turn. She takes out her Chain Chomp Orb and calls in a Chain Chomp for aid.

Chain Chomp: Arf arf! <You want me to steal something for you? No problem!>

In a single bound, the Chain Chomp leaps into the air and across the diamond island to crush Nagito under its weight. The impact causes him to bleed out 16 coins, which the Chain Chomp grabs before making another leap back to the area around Shinrabanshoumon.

Chain Chomp: Woof woof! <What a steal! Here's 16 coins for you!>

Shinrabanshoumon thinks about her move for a moment and decides she actually needs 55 coins to win a star all to herself during a Star Auction instead of 50. She hits the Dice Block and gets a 10. She ignores the Magic Cardpet station, goes for another lap around the island of clubs. In doing so, she picks up a
Cashzap OrbThe user is surrounded in lightning, allowing the player to choose an opponent to target. Whoever is targeted loses half of their coins (rounded down).
from the Orb Space directly in her way.

She moves a couple more spaces and ends up on a Blue Space.

It's time for a 1-vs-3 minigame standoff! Captain Spaceboy is duking it out against foes of more moral value!

Turn 9 Mini-Game - Drop Shot (video of minigame)

The team of three finds themselves in the middle of a lava lake in a barren wasteland of magma and volcanoes as a menagerie of drones lift up the climbable fence they are unfortunately latched onto, since taking their hands off it will lead to a fiery death.

Upon the small piece of dry land is a Sarkaz from Terra, Surtr, and a Spike. The Spike tosses him a tennis racket straight from Bowser while Surtr explains what to do.

Surtr: This green folk here will constantly give you bombs you must hit into the fence floating into the air. He says we've got to cook the things on it; he wants a raise from his boss who wanted to make sure the lava traps were making him a profit! Go ahead, hit them as hard as you can.

The Spike tosses him the first bomb as Captain Spaceboy grips the tennis racket with confidence ready to make the shot that will start the mini-game.
  • Kirby and Nagito Komaeda are the first two to be blown off the fence and into the lava below. Instead of a realistic melting demise they bounce around the lava like popcorn popping in a machine in cartoon-ish manner like a plumber would've done on a bad day in the Land of the Koopa Troop.
  • Shinarbanshoumon lasts slightly longer on the fence than the two who have already met their toasty fate, but she couldn't survive long enough for them to win when the Spike had no more bombs in his black hole of a stomach to spit out.
  • Captain Spaceboy had already won the minigame and the Spike did even use all his bomb supplies yet.
Surtr: You've done an amazing job!  Hopefully we can get medics to stop on over. I'm sure the three-race hybrid of a beast the green guy's working under wouldn't mind having a little ceasefire during their stay here.

Surtr hands Captain Spaceboy some Lungmen dollars which are eventually exchanged for 10 coins once Misstar eventually arrives to get the four players back on track for the next turn. It might take a while before all the players are back up and running...

Turn 9 Map & Player Status

[Image: 4a12b5a217c26ef165c0839c219c4806.png]
>no ulterior character motive<
Uh oh! ShinraBanshoumon is already plotting to use the Cashzap Orb on the winner of that previous minigame. She feels a prank is needed to shake things up around here.
sorry for the MASSIVE delay for this tenth turn, rl is truly a bitch

Gold Saucer - Turn 10

It's Kirby's turn. He initially wanted to use his Sluggish Shroom Orb but abstained for the time being. He hits the Dice Block and rolls a 5, landing on a Blue Space and earning himself 3 coins.

It's Nagito Komaeda's turn. Deciding he has nothing better to do in regards to his inventory, he chucks a Spiny Orb onto a Red Space directly across from him, which sat right after the trio of Event Spaces on the island of diamonds. Nagito throws a knife at the Dice Block and it throws up a 10 in response. Nagito sports a smile as he saunters over to the Magic Cardpet Station to talk to the Goomba to move towards another island of the map.

Goomba: OK, then. Take this deck of shuffled cards I have and pick the card on the top of it. The suit determines your destination.

The card is drawn. It's a 4 of Hearts. The card in his hand flies out of his grasp, falls into a horizontal position, and grows in size to form the Magic Cardpet. Nagito Komaeda wordlessly hops onto the magic vehicle as the Goomba wishes the schoolboy a safe trip. After arriving at the island of hearts, he continues using the moves from the Dice Block, picking up a
Thwomp OrbThe space it lands on squishes the player who tries to bypass the space it created, forcing the player to stop moving and stay on the space, immediately ending the targeted player's turn.
and immediately zipping past Grace's shop a nanosecond after before Grace could possibly catch him breaking the shop rules. Nagito lands on a Red Space as his turn ends, as the loss of three of his coins causes him a short fit.

It's Captain Spaceboy's turn. He takes out his Mushroom Orb and watches it imbue him with its effects. Two Dice Blocks appear above his head as he zaps both of them in rapid succession. Out of their remains are a 3 and a 7, which results in a total move of 10 spaces. After picking up a
Chain Chomp OrbSummons a Chain Chomp who allows you to steal coins for free or a Star for 50 Coins from a single target. It can target any player who does not have a Bone Orb in their inventory.
from an Orb Space, he nears the Magic Cardpet Station upon instinct. He did not want to land on Kirby's Orb Space.

The Goomba takes a look at him, gives the space pirate a nod, and hands him a deck of cards.

Goomba: Draw the card on top of this deck. The suit determines where you'll go!

It's a 6 of Clubs. The card grows into a Magic Cardpet which Spaceboy lands on with a pose where one of his hands touches its surface. The Magic Cardpet flies away as the Goomba in a top hat wishes him a safe journey. Cpt. Spaceboy stops on a Red Space and loses 3 of his coins.

It's Shinrabanshoumon's turn. She notices the ominous space criminal arriving at the same island the Digimon is currently on and wastes no time taking the Cashzap Orb out. As the Orb gives her a shield of lightning, she sends a chain of lightning bolts towards Spaceboy, which starts to zap away eleven of his coins, one by one as the hit combo gets larger.

Satisfied with the damage due to Spaceboy, the Cashzap Orb's transformation effect dissipates and Shinrabanshou then rolls her Dice Block. It's a 3. Shinrabanshoumon rolls her eyes in annoyance and moves towards the Blue Space nestled near the throng of Event Spaces on the island of clubs. She ends her turn with 56 coins.

It's time for another marvelous 2-vs-2 minigame! How's Nagito and Spaceboy going to win this one?

Turn 10 Mini-Game - Mole-it! (video of minigame)

The players find themselves in a rural area on real life Earth - located in the middle of the United States, where its financial stability relies on crop-based exports. Invaders from another dimension have ruined their breadwinning farms with their dug tunnels. One of the head honchos of the town in the area explains to the players what to do.

Vice Mayor: Thanks for coming. We have a problem with some pimple-looking creatures making molehills in our farmers' crop fields. My teenage daughter calls them Digletts or whatever. Ground pound them away from this town as much as possible. There's a formation of holes where you'll be doing the dirty work. If you spot any with some hair on it, I'll pay you extra.

The players are directed towards a farm with two sets of noticeably uniform roles of seven mole-like holes. A Diglett pops out of one of the holes on Kirby and Shinrabanshoumons' side of the field. Shinrabanshoumon instinctively pushes Diglett back into the ground using her foot as Kirby grabs his Stone ability for the occasion. The minigame begins as the other team starts ground-pounding the Diglett coming out of their side of the farmfields.
  • Halfway throughout the mini-game, fake Diglett-shaped mines start popping out of the holes and trick the players a few times. After Kirby is blown back by an explosion from the decoy Diglett-shaped mine before the mini-game's time limit is reached, a blonde-haired woman comes by and proceeds to tally up the scores of the players to see how well they did.
  • Kirby and Shinrabanshoumon have 12 points.
  • Nagito Komaeda and Captain Spaceboy have 18 points, scoring the win.
The vice mayor gives the two winners 10 coins each as a Dugtrio fruitlessly chases Kirby and the Digimon around behind the backs of the vice mayor and the winning team.

Turn 10 Map & Player Status

[Image: e414d4caeff6d1b3ce49563818451e19.png]

Yeah, I know I forgot about the orbs for Nagito and Spaceboi
>no ulterior character motive<
As ShinraBanshoumon is too busy running away from the Dugtrio, she doesn't speak at all. Instead, she swears revengeance on the three-headed mole!
...ten days later, the 11th turn gives to us, a control stick rotation mini-game... well, fuck. At least it's not the third round of Squid Game, amirite?

Gold Saucer - Turn 11

It's Kirby's turn. He immediately takes out his Toady Orb. Descending from the skies above is a Toady, in which Kirby asks it to switch his inventory with Nagito Komaeda. With Magikoopa hexes, Komaeda, just a few steps away, finds out he got bamboozled for his stash.

Toady: Toodles.

The Toady, now with his order completed, flies out of the picture. Kirby hits the Dice Block that appears above him with his plushy head. Out comes a 2. Kirby ignores the Magic Cardpet station right near him as he sees landing on his own Orb Space that he created via a Goomba Orb to be more profitable. He lands on said Orb Space and gains 10 coins.

It's Nagito Komaeda's turn. He begrudgingly hits the Dice Block since he is starting to get disgusted by Kirby's presence on the island of hearts. A 5 comes out of the Dice Block and he scurries straight towards the Magic Cardpet station. Not paying a dime, he asks the Goomba in a top hat to take him somewhere else on the board other than the center of it.

Goomba: Sure thing, sir. Just draw a card from this deck I've just shuffled. The suit will determine where you'll go next.

The Ultimate Lucky Student draws the first card from the top of the deck. It's the Queen of Spades. The card grows in size to become the Magic Cardpet, which Nagito hopes on and makes his way over to the island of spades.

Unfortunately upon arrival on the island of spades, Nagito ends up landing on an Orb Space Kirby set up. A Dinergate, straight from the factories of a post-apocalyptic corporation, was rushing into the scene behind Nagito's back, which leaped straight into his backside and knocked him over like a bowling pin. Nagito loses 10 of his coins. He ends the turn slowly getting up from his loss. That looked like it hurt.

It's Captain Spaceboy's turn. He pulls out his Foley Orb and chucks it at the Blue Space just two moves in front of him. He witnesses another Dice Block appear above him and zaps it to oblivion. Out of its remains is a 7. He analyzes the decisions granted to him and decides to get the hell out of dodge. He didn't want to be a victim of Shinrabanshoumon's Bowlo Orb. Immediately, he turns himself towards the Magic Cardpet station and makes a beeline for it.

Goomba: Ah, a Magic Cardpet ride is what you want? And you don't want to pay me any extra coins? Sure. Just pick a card from this deck of cards I mixed up just a moment ago. You'll never know what's on top!

Spaceboy draws a card. It's the 10 of Clubs.

Goomba: Yikes. You're not going anywhere else this turn. Make a lap around this island again first before you can visit me once more.

Spaceboy carries out the rest of his moves, and manages to avoid landing on a Battle Space due to his actions at the Magic Cardpet Station. Cpt. Spaceboy lands on a Blue Space and ends his turn with 24 coins.

It's Shinrabanshoumon's turn. She hits her Dice Block and nets a 4. She passes over the trio of Event Spaces in her way and stops on the Blue Space right after them. Shinrabanshoumon ends her turn with 59 coins.

It's a 1-vs-3 mini-game matchup! The Star Warrior takes the lone spot of the 1-player team. How's he going to fare against the other three players?

Turn 11 Mini-Game - Paddle Battle (video of minigame)

The players find themselves near a foggy area in an enchanted rainforest. There is a giant inflatable boat on the cusp of the raging river, with four paddles inside it, struggling to avoid being washed away from its reins.

A Kansen named Massachusetts waltzes into the player's area, tasked with giving them the instructions on the mini-game. She hands each team a bundle filled with magical sapphires and tells them what to do.

Massachusetts: Ah... don't know what the gems are for? Just make it across the river. There might be scoundrels on the shores on the way there... If any catch you — the gems go towards your foe. I'll wait for you beneath the waterfall.

The four players gear up and ready their paddles, waiting clemently in the boat for something to happen. In the background, an orc comes over and slashes apart the ropes that kept the boat in place. The players notice the boat starting to careen its way down the raging rapids as the mini-game begins, as they rapidly row their paddles, definitely not gently down the stream.
  • The first few seconds has Kirby eventually directing the team of three towards three Spear Guys waiting like vultures at the shore across from his victims which stab the team of three. They lost three of their gems to Kirby's stash.
  • In retaliation, eventually, the team of three win back some of their gems from Kirby. Two Spear Guys within a short distance of each other have indirectly given them back two of their sapphires from their spear stabs.
  • The players keep trading indirect blows to each other via the Spear Guys' ambushes, until the waterfall approaches them. Kirby, exhausted, has 12 gems to his name. The team of three only have 7 gems left, losing the mini-game by default.
Upon a rough landing at the basin right after the waterfall the players had already dropped from, a naiad has directed the boat towards stable land before the players are washed into the sea beyond. Massachusetts deems Kirby the winner of the mini-game as she grants Kirby his 10-coin prize.

Turn 11 Map & Player Status

[Image: 3108c2cf869a3bfc51a740ce5dfa2681.png]
>no ulterior character motive<
After that mini-game, ShinraBanshoumon rubs her palms in agony. That mini-game was harder than it looks. How the hell is Kirby rowing with those flipper-hands of his.

Despite their loss, ShinraBanshoumon praises her other teammates, "Good job, team. Let's hope the rolls next turn are better."

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