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Antarctica. The coldest continent on earth. The final place ever discovered by humans. At first glance, no-one seems to live in this snow-covered, blizzard-filled continent, and yet, we can find humans even here. And despite this, a major change is occurring throughout the world, and even here. Much of the mighty glaciers that cover this area are melting.

Near the ocean, a piece of a glacier breaks off, revealing a frozen creature within the ice. It is unlike any creature found on Earth; a being composed of a series of geometric shapes, many of which are disconnected from each other. The ice chunk containing the entity then breaks off and falls into the ocean.

In the middle of the cold wasteland, a research station stands. Inside is a series of well-furnished rooms, including living quarters, a library, a cafeteria, and a break room with video games. A Scandinavian woman, with blond hair, blue eyes, and glasses can be heard chatting from the bedroom. She is Solveig, a scientist and a member of an unknown organization that monitors and contains anomalies and oddities.

“Yes, i have condolences about what happened to Prof. Ai and her little one.” she said while video chatting to someone. “I hope the anomaly will be contained soon. Anyway, we have recently detected readings of an unknown entity in this area. The glaciers of the Antarctic are slowly melting, and it might reveal things unknown to us.”

Outside, a young boy with blond hair is playing in the snow. He is Erik, Solveig's only son. He watches a group of penguins waddling around in the snow. Something catches his eye, however, and it's a frozen entity, the same entity that broke off the glacier, floating in the frigid ocean. Erik's first instinct is to run inside and tell his mother.

“Mom! There's a frozen creature in the ocean!” he told his mother. They both rush to investigate.

After hauling the ice block containing the creature out of the ocean, Solveig comments on it.

“This creature must be frozen for hundreds of years. I've never seen anything like it.”

“Poor thing.” said Erik.

“We don't know whether or not this creature is dangerous. I think we best put it in a safe place.” said Solveig.

The two then haul the frozen creature back to the station, placing it in the cold storage. But little do they know this creature may be a threat to them and their friends.

Welcome to Project Penguin. In this game, an ancient entity known as Geometrix has thawed out from an icy prison. He has been around for a long time and was known by many names, and took many forms. Now he desires to bring an age of chaos upon Earth. His first step is to influence the inhabitants of the research station with his otherworldly powers and make them his minions. But unexpectedly, only a few can he fully influence, the rest merely granted unusual powers. Can Solveig, Erik, and the inhabitants save themselves from Geometrix's plan? Will Geometrix bring a new age?

Our Characters

    Erik, the only son of Solveig. He lives with his mom and is constantly curious about things.

    Solveig, Erik's mother and the manager of Penguin Corp., the research station located within the Antarctic. She works for a mysterious organization that monitors various anomalies.

[Image: IMG_6983.png] Miyuki Minami, one of the inhabitants of Penguin Corp.

    Geometrix, an ancient entity who desires to bring an age of chaos. He was thawed from a glacier, and once he's free, his first goal is to control the workers and inhabitants of Penguin Corp.

In this game, players are divided into two groups; the Innocents, and those influenced by Geometrix. Each day, the Innocents must vote out Geometrix's Minions. Each night, Geometrix's Minions have to kill off the Innocents until the Minions alone survive, or it becomes impossible to prevent this.

  1. Don't turbo-lurk. This game requires people to participate regularly. If you get busy, you can drop out.
  2. Don't god-mod or do any of the sort.
  3. You can't post on the thread while dead.
  4. Massclaiming may be allowed, but not very early on into the game.
  5. Do not edit your posts.


[Image: Project_Penguin_Map.png]

Sign-up Template



[b]Backstory and Personality:[/b]



The Cast

We accept 8 to 10 character submissions.

1. Zelda Fitzgerald (Cutegirl920fire)
2. Kenny McCormick (Dookie)
3. Arthur Skiggs (Lee)
4. Chandra (Kennifer)
5. BEAR (NebulaChimera2211)
[Image: zelda_fitzgerald.jpg]

Name: Zelda Fitzgerald

Appearance: Zelda has short blonde hair, greyish blue eyes, is on the thinner side, tends to wear dresses/clothes from the 1920s, and is 5'6" feet tall.

Gender: Female, she/her

Backstory and Personality:
* Backstory:
** Zelda was born into the wealthy Sayre family who resided in Montgomery, Alabama. Growing up, Zelda was a mischievous girl who got herself in all sorts of trouble, with her high status keeping her from falling in ruin. In 1918, when she was 18, Zelda met F. Scott Fitzgerald at a country dance and they fell in love. Scott proposed to Zelda, but she declined to marry him due to him not being able to provide for her expensive lifestyle. That changed when Scott published his first novel, This Side of Paradise, in 1920, which was an instant best-seller and Zelda ended up marrying him. Afterwards, they moved to New York City and had a daughter, Scottie, together.
** The Fitzgeralds became notorious in New York as they climbed their way up the social ladder with their constant partying and drinking. They were dubbed the "Enfants Terrible" of the Jazz Age as the couple got themselves up in all sorts of shenanigans, such as riding on top of taxis, jumping into water fountains and causing mayhem at hotels and theaters. Zelda in particular was nicknamed "the first American flapper" as she led the example for the young women of the era, who became flappers, women with bobbed hair and knee-lenght skirts (which was considered very short at the time) who broke away from social norms and led wild, independent lives. The Fitzgeralds took delight in their decadent lifestyle and enjoyed it all.
** In 1923, a very drunk Zelda stumbled upon a mysterious blue portal that appeared in an alleyway and carelessly walked through it. There, she ended up at a certain research station in Antarctica, around a century or so after her time. Unable to return as the portal disappeared, Zelda would have to adapt to her new surroundings in order to survive.
* Personality:
** Zelda is a very charismatic, free-spirited woman. She's very daring and bold, doing whatever will amuse her. As a result, she's impulsive and reckless; she may not think about the consequences of her actions. Zelda says whatever comes on her mind, although she's quite amicable, so she'll at least try to be polite.
** Even with her chaotic nature, she still longs to come back home to be with her husband and daughter, so she may try anything to get back to them, especially when she gets desperate and worried for her life.
** Considering her family history of mental illness, Zelda may crack mentally during intense, high-stakes situations. She'll panic and freak out if pushed to her limits in said situations, with the whole time-travel isekai to Antarctica not helping her.
* Charisma: As mentioned earlier, Zelda possesses good charisma which she can use to try talking her way out of problems and win people over to her side.
* Writing and Drawing: She's decent at both.
* Dancing: Having took ballet classes as a child, Zelda knows how to dance but she's also quite agile and physically flexible as a result.
* Zelda speaks in dark orange and a Southern accent.
* When the game starts, she'll probably start drunk as hell as I imagine she just recently arrived in the RP's setting.
Name: Kenny McCormick

Appearance: [Image: KennyMcCormick.png]

Gender: Male

Backstory and Personality: Kenny, as the son of cthulu thanks to a ritual before he was born, has lived his 10 years of life an immortal. Though he is immortal, that does not mean that he hasn't died before. In fact, his powers make him very accident prone, which causes him to die. A lot. But every time he dies, he always respawns the next day. Kenny was also born very poor.

In terms of personality, despite being a child, Kenny is very mature and somewhat jaded due in part to his living conditions. He is also very vulgar and perverted. At the end of the day and in the roughest of times, he is selfless and heroic. He is very protective and loyal to his friends and family.

Abilities: To not make him OP, I'll say if Kenny gets murdered or executed, he wakes up in his bed in South Park the following morning, but the body stays and he has no way of going back to in-game. So while not technically dead to not break the spirit of the character, game wise, he's deader than a doorknob. To at the very least use his powers in-game, I'll say that he's very good at healing himself, and can do a lot of otherwise dangerous things without dying, though he is injured by them and has the good sense not to hurt himself on purpose.

Other: "He talks like this."
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Name: Arthur Skiggs

Appearance: African-American man with short black hair, brown eyes. Wears a purple suit jacket with white shirt, a piano tie and black pants and shoes. Stands 6'1 and average weight for that height.

Gender: Male

Backstory and Personality: Skiggs is something of a Robin Hood-type; someone who steals from the wealthy and gives to the poor. And how he does it? Computer hacking, of course! He runs an operation funded by his clients where he hacks into the bank accounts of corrupt millionaires and billionaires. Something that gives him joy as he's happy to help the less-fortunate and privileged. As fulfilling as his career is, however, it's also one of great danger. He's often on the run just as authorities or other enemies begin to tail him. Other than that, he's a quite cordial person to know, someone who's a friend to all children. And one who's still broken over the death of his friend Pico, back on the zombie park island he once worked at.

Abilities: He's very skilled at computers, specializing in hacking. He can get into anything, no matter how hard it is to break through. In addition, he carries a tranquilizer rifle with him that he got from surviving the zombie island.

Other: He'll speak in this color.

[Image: skiggs.jpg]
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Name: Chandra

Appearance: Slightly tall and slimmer than the usual layers of clothing would indicate. Pale skin, chin-length messy light brown hair, and green eyes. Usually sports prominent dark circles under her eyes. (See Picrew below.)

Gender: Female, She/Her

Backstory and Personality: She studied computer science and has a decently well-paying job with a computer games company. She's also a major insomniac, usually lucky if she gets a couple hours of sleep per night (hence the undereye circles) and has developed an addiction to coffee and energy drinks to compensate. This also means she gets kind of loopy from sleep deprivation and doesn't always have the best judgement.

Abilities: She is a whiz with programming computers and could [i]probably/i] figure out how to hack if she wanted to. She mostly enjoys programming edutainment type games to teach STEM subjects and also enjoys messing with AI stuff. Also she somehow manages to get by on very little sleep without going too insane aside from the occasional hallucination and spouting non-sequiturs (although it does affect her personality, see above).


[Image: download20220201212745.png]
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Name: BEAR (Bionic Environmental Author of Resolutions)
Appearance: An android standing around 5 feet tall, heavier than looks suggest. Has a slim but robust build, a blocky head with a jet black visor but no nose or mouth, a green body with large images of daisies on it, sharp retractable spikes on fingertips and feet and a pair of cutesy ursine ears.
Gender: Agender, she/her. Her voice is robotic, feminine and medium-pitched.
Backstory and Personality: BEAR was an AI made to propose ideas on how to best protect or even improve the environment. She eventually asked for a mobile body for her to be made, which her creators complied with. After that, she disappeared one day and was assumed stolen. In truth, she snuck away from them, intending to spare their lives out of gratitude. She had decided that the best idea was to wipe out the rest of humanity, perhaps even all life, and that was the purpose of her body all along, ever since she decided that.
Hearing news of the strange entity in Antarctica, BEAR decided to investigate herself.
She is smart, serious and can get scathingly sarcastic when she gets snappy. She may be manipulative, but she genuinely wants what's best for the environment. Sometimes she'll say/do something stupid due to flaws in her AI; the decision that humanity/life was beyond saving wasn't the result of such an error.
Abilities: BEAR can consume waste and radiation (leaving nothing behind) and run on all fours efficiently as well as on two legs. She has a flamethrower and a
liquid nitrogen "flamethrower"I couldn't think of a better term
built in to her palms. She has ready access to expert knowledge on recycling waste and how to handle animals. She has defences against hacking built into her AI, but they are not infallible or insurmountable.
Other: Her battery can last a maximum of about 16 hours, and takes about 8 hours to charge back up, meaning she has to plug herself in to a socket. She can only fire her flamethrowers for about 5 seconds in total before having to reload. Her movements are rather slow, and, in all, she's a surprisingly bad fighter once her flamethrowers are used up.
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