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Last Summer
(09-16-2021, 01:54:55 AM)CustardAndPie Wrote: I- I didn't plan that.... heh, it's a nice surprise though

Huh. I guess nothin bad really ever does happen to the Harrisons!  
“Oh, ok. Cool.”

He goes to the snack bar and gets a drink.

“So…I didn't die. Cool. Welp, good game, everyone!
THE WARNING IS ISSUED! For the first time, we have information about threats out in the world other than a silly band of assassins. We have new people to bring crashing down as the ETERNAL PARADE OF THE FORGOTTEN ONES COMES TO FRUITION!

And with that, Big Ben marches out the smashed open doors, breaking through the lintel instead of ducking, grave-dirt in his beard and hair, and bloodlust in his eyes. Will he return? Only time will tell. But whatever drove him to fly into rages and kill burns strong yet. The Present Beware. The Future Beware. He's coming.
I am the They who says it!
A chuckle escapes the Counselor as they watch the entire situation sink in for the survivors.

Well, in that case....

The Counselor nearly snaps their fingers, only to pause for a moment.

....No, no. We did that last time. A little too cliche for my tastes. Bummer, I'll have to let them go off easy this time... unless keeping them saddled with all the trauma they've faced counts as.... oh yes...

They procure a roll of 16 mm film stock from behind their back, the unnaturally wide grin appearing once more as their opaque, shiny glasses slide down their nose a bit, revealing more of the voids behind.

What I will say before I let you go... you all made fine actors for my upcoming film. I'll make sure to credit you all... no guarantees on royalties!

With a final snap, the survivors disappear, all sent back to whence they came from. The Counselor surveys the arcade once more, taking note of the mutilated corpses scattered around. In a spark of inspiration, they grab their film camera once more, getting one last lingering shot of Sylvi's flayed, decaying skin on celluloid.

The audience will love this one....


I refuse to be polite or heterosexual

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