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[Game] Uncivil War: The Future of Obychinzk
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Despite what is contained in this, we know at the very least Lewis is alive, healthy, and living in Ravenna of all places, (Rome Ravenna, not Ohio Ravenna, despite him not speaking a word of Latin.) so clearly not all the Driesslers were willing to die for their country. Though at least Dawn definitely put her actions where her words stood, this was her last column, she was confirmed as killed two weeks after the publishing date, during the shelling of Abarwaty (a small town with a railway station along the border of the Inner Autarkian region and the main railways.) While the Independent was hardly a reliable source, it certainly is amusing to read.

Get those actions in by the 10th of January!
The New Macedonian Empire:

The NMES Khalji moves from Grychak to West Grychak Lake.
The Modern Calvary Unit in the Rail to the Coast* moves to Inner Autarkia
The Modern Calvary Unit at Obychinzk Steelworks* moves to the Rail to the Coast*
The Modern Calvary Unit in Luzhi Valley moves moves to Chylenbol*
The Modern Calvary Unit in Grey Hills East moves to Luzhi Valley
The Modern Calvary Unit in the Innlands Excavation* moves to Luzhi Forest*
The Modern Calvary Unit in the Arzutzk Exurbs attacks the Mechanized Infantry Unit in the Arzutzk Suburbs with the support of the Enforcement Squad in the Arzutzk Government District*, Support: 2, overwhelming and pushing back the Mechanized Infantry Unit.
The Modern Calvary Unit in the Arzutzk Forest moves to the Arzutzk Exurbs.
The other units hold.

The Disorganization is still alive, on the sufferance of those around them.

The Mechanicus Imperium:
The Mechanized Infantry Unit in the Arzutzk Suburbs retreats to Outer Arzutzk, suffering heavy casualties.
All other units hold.

The Movement for Police Authority and Enforcement:
The Enforcement Squad in the Port of Arzutzk* moves to Innamynedd*
The Enforcement Squad in the Northern Prisons attacks the Liberation Team in the Northern Desert with the support of the Enforcement Squad in Northport. Support: 2, slaughtering them all, as they have nowhere to retreat to.
All other units hold.

The Legion for the Light of Liberty holds, failing to adequately respond to the battle for the Northern Desert thus far.

The Alatanian-Backed Separatists hold, but start to feel the squeeze from both sides.

[Image: image.png]
[Image: image.png]

This Phase ends on the 23rd!
[Image: image.png]

I lied apparently, it ended five days after that.
Anyway moving on, get those moves in by the 4th
or any time after that before I update the thread because there's probably going to be another delay where I continuously forget to write the paper
New Macedonian Empire:
The NMES Nemesis moves from the Eastern Delta to the River
The NMES Khalji supports a prospective attack from the North Desert to Port Midland
The Modern Calvary Unit in Inner Autarkia supports the Modern Calvary Unit on the Rail to the Coast*'s incursion into Ladrynopol*, driving back the Mechanized Infantry Unit!
The Modern Calvary Unit in Chylenbol* supports the movement of the Modern Calvary Unit in Luzhi Valley into the Obychinzk Tank Depot, finally crushing the last vestiges of the Organization!
The Modern Calvary Unit in Grey Hills East moves to Luzhi Valley
The Modern Calvary Unit in Luzhi Forest* moves to Arzutzk Forest
All other units hold.

The Mechanicus Imperium:
All Units Hold, watching disaster unfold around them.

The Movement for Police Authority and Enforcement:
The Enforcement Team in the North Desert attacks Port Midland successfully, forcing the SS Peacemaker back!
The Enforcement Team at the Arzutzk Military Base* moves to the Port of Arzutzk*.
All other units hold.

The Legion for the Light of Liberty have not moved. Perhaps they're hoping you'll kill each other first?

The Alatanian-Backed Separatists attempt to pull off one of the most advanced military tactics, the Luigi Maneuver. Time will tell if it works.

[Image: image.png]
[Image: image.png]

Port Midland and Innamynedd are Secured by the Movement for Police Authority and Enforcement!

Ladrynopol, the Obychinzk Tank Depot, and Inner Autarkia are Secured by the New Macedonian Empire!

The Organization has been beaten, broken, and shattered. The few surviving leaders go into hiding, and the criminal underworld of Obychinzk is no longer under one banner. Gang warfare is likely to increase in following years, but one more faction has been fully eliminated from the competition.

I need:
3 Build orders from the New Macedonian Empire
1 Build order from the Movement for Police Authority and Enforcement

1 Retreat order for the mechanized infantry in Ladrynopol
1 Retreat order for the ship in Port Midland

2 Disbandment orders from the Mechanicus Imperium.

Please get those orders in by the 9th.
[Image: image.png]

The New Macedonian Empire rallies Three Modern Calvary Units, filling all supply center slots.

The Movement for Police Authority and Enforcement recruits two Enforcement Teams in the open slots of the Northern Prisons and the Prison Mines, filling all Supply Center Slots.

The Mechanized Infantry in Ladrynopol Retreats to the Gatelands.
The Mechanized Infantry in the Gatelands and the Mechanized Infantry in Olychia desert, unable to be supported by the current amount of Supply Centers occupied by the Mechanicus Imperium.

The SS Peacemaker makes Landfall at the Midland Resorts for emergency repairs.

Let's say this negotiation phase ends on the 15th and pretend that's not going to drift by a day or two.
[Image: image.png]

Get those moves in by, oh let's say the 23rd.
(I'll try to update on or by the 25th)
The New Macedonian Empire:

The NMES Khalji supports a move from Port Midland* to Midland Resorts.
The NMES Nemesis engages with the Peninsula Liberation Squad, which has not moved once, and it continues to not move.
The Modern Calvary in Ladrynopol* moves to Outer Autarkia.
The Modern Calvary at the Obychinzk Tank Depot* moves to the Rail to the Coast*
The Modern Calvary in the Luzhi Valley moves to the Obychinzk Steelworks*
The Modern Calvary in the Inner Farmlands moves to Chylenbol-North*
The Modern Calvary in Grychak Industrial moves to Innlands Excavation*
All other units hold.

The Mechancius Imperium holds, even as Autarkia burns.

The Movement for Police Authority and Enforcement:

The Enforcement Team in Innamynedd* supports the Enforcement Team in the Port of Arzutzk* in an attack upon Avashormynedd, and destroys the People's Democratic Revolutionary Republican Army of Mynedd and Olychia Combined Arms Regiment there.
The Enforcement Team in the Northern Prisons moves to the North Desert.
The Enforcement Team in Port Midland* attacks the Midland Resorts with the help of the NMES Khalji, sinking the SS Peacemaker as it attempts to leave port!
All other units hold.

The Legion for the Light of Liberty does nothing.

The Alatanian-Backed Separatists prepare to make a stand in their last secure territory.

There is no valid retreat location for the SS Peacemaker so it sinks.
[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]

I don't know, let's say negotiation phase ends on the 15th. That seems like a good day.
[Image: image.png]

Combat phase has begun. Get those orders in by the 22nd!
The Movement for Police Authority and Enforcement:
The Enforcement Team in Midland Resorts supports the NMES Khalji's attack onto The Peninsula.
The Enforcement Team in Avashormynedd* supports the Innamynedd* Unit's attack into Geltemynedd, destroying the PDRRAMOCAR holding out there, and eliminating the Separatist presence in the country!
The Enforcement Team in the North Desert moves to Port Midland*.
The Enforcement Team in Northport moves to the North Desert.

The New Macedonian Empire:
The NMES Khalji attacks The Peninsula from West Grychak Lake, and successfully dislodges the Liberation Squad! It is driven back to the Floodplains.
The NMES Nemesis bombards and occupies Delta City* from The River without meeting resistance.
The Modern Calvary Unit in the Innlands Excavation* moves to Luzhi Forest*.
The Modern Calvary Units in the Arzutzk Exurbs and Outer Autarkia support the move of the Modern Calvary in Inner Autarkia* to Autarkia. Only token resistance is met, soon crushed by the tanks. At last, The Mechanicus Imperium has been destroyed!

The 23rd of January came and went without note. The war had been going on for seven long years now. No one really expected it to end. Like with climate change, they'd simply gotten used to the state of affairs. The days without some form of fighting were seen by many as unusual events.

But then March 25th came. It took only a day for the information to spread to every news outlet left in the country, from the minor radio stations to the two surviving newspapers.

The New Macedonian Empire controls 18/18 required supply centers and has won the war!
[Image: image.png]
[Image: image.png]
[Image: image.png]
All other leaders are at your mercy, Alexandria the Great. What do you intend to do with them? You have unprecedented control, not seen since the early days of the nation, to shape its future. What is the future you want for Obychinzk? And how will you get it there?
Congratulations, Alexandra. We worked together real well and took out the majority of our enemies. Since you're now the new leader, I'd be excellent at being the head of security forces in the country if you were willing to offer me such a position.
I like bananas. They're yellow.
Alexandra is grinning. The New Macedonian Empire begins with the takeover of all Obychynzyk.

Mr. Shannon. Thank you. We did work well together. This could have been a lot bloodier. And, not that we haven't spilled blood, but I believe we both prefer to spill blood only for a purpose, isn't that right? Not only the humane thing to do, but encourages loyalty and integration of newly conquered territories...

...And it's difficult to rule a large area without assistance. All empires understood that. It helps to take a historical perspective, don't you find? Yes, I'll take you up on that. Very well. I shall accept your application for Head of the Imperial Security Forces.
Murdergames Characters
Frankie * Dr. Ruby Ramirez * Solanacae Bakersby * Sam BlackSelen(ium) * Reina Schultz * Dr. Francine "Frankie" Frankenstein * Lotta Schadenfreude

Need a bigger bookshelf? Join me in The Library.
Excellent, excellent. Now with that settled, what shall we do with the other leaders?
I like bananas. They're yellow.
We could exile them, like the unfortunate Juniper Banks. Without their bases... but they could raise a new base of support and return to attack, couldn't they. Or attempt to rile their base within the country. I'm not saying Juniper wasn't canny, but she was deposed swiftly... surely not leaving her supporters with further pretensions. And leaving martyrs can hardly be a good idea.

Perhaps we take the phrase 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer' at a literal level. They will be a part of the Empire, but no more than a fairly local level. We shall assign them security guards, two each, one selected by and loyal to each of us, which shall never leave their sides. As long as they tow the line, they shall lead a comfortable enough life. But if they don't... well, that's on them.

I believe that shall be my proposal. Objections?
Murdergames Characters
Frankie * Dr. Ruby Ramirez * Solanacae Bakersby * Sam BlackSelen(ium) * Reina Schultz * Dr. Francine "Frankie" Frankenstein * Lotta Schadenfreude

Need a bigger bookshelf? Join me in The Library.
If that's what you wish to go for, so shall it be. But I may suggest we keep an extra eye on them should they try to rebel. If any of them thinks about overthrowing the government, I shall have my firing squads empty their clips into them. We must show that we will not tolerate detractors.
I like bananas. They're yellow.
Indeed, that's what the 'security guards' will be there for. Not so much security for them but for us. She grins.
Murdergames Characters
Frankie * Dr. Ruby Ramirez * Solanacae Bakersby * Sam BlackSelen(ium) * Reina Schultz * Dr. Francine "Frankie" Frankenstein * Lotta Schadenfreude

Need a bigger bookshelf? Join me in The Library.
Very good. I shall now be awaiting your next orders, Miss President, Titus states while giving her a salute. Now being in a very prestigious position, being in charge of security of a country. Way more bigger than the bustling Crunch City. But he is well-prepared. Dozens at his command, ready to enforce the laws by any means necessary.
I like bananas. They're yellow.
Excellent. ...As long as the former leaders involved agree, that is. If they don't want to agree to our magnanimous offer, I believe they can be locked up for willful disobedience to the rule of law. Alexandra nodded forcefully.
Murdergames Characters
Frankie * Dr. Ruby Ramirez * Solanacae Bakersby * Sam BlackSelen(ium) * Reina Schultz * Dr. Francine "Frankie" Frankenstein * Lotta Schadenfreude

Need a bigger bookshelf? Join me in The Library.
The Future of Obychinzk:

Part One: The Expansion.

The Government after the Civil war ended united fairly quickly under President Alexandria, not that there was much choice. The army rebuilt and prepared to get on a war footing again. A war economy may not be particularly sustainable, but it worked in the past for rapid expansion. The trick would be holding onto the territorial gains.

Two years after Obychinzk was properly secured together, several modern cavalry units crossed the border into Alatania. The war was short and brutal, Obychinzk's military had previously not been nearly as built up as it was at this point, and Alatania's comparatively large size did little to protect it. Mali-Akania objected, but the prevailing attitude at the time was that you needed international support to justify any action, and Alatania was annexed completely by the time that anything had been brought forth.

From there, Obychinzk swiftly set about conquering the entire Caspian region, from the Caucasus Mountains to the Karakum Desert, and even successfully attacked Persia as Alexander once did, taking large portions of the Northern Iranian Plateau. Outside observers looked at it mostly with bemusement. There hadn't been a real world power in the region for a very long time, and the region had been at war so long that no one really questioned as Obychinzk took ever more territory. But times had changed since the days of Alexander. There was much more technology disparity between regions. While The Apostolic Kingdom of Armenia, The Holy Republic of Azerbaijan, The People's Democratic Republic of Syria and Jordan, and even the Republic of Anatolia fell in the attempt to expand Obychinzk's borders to reach Macedonia, they could not defeat the mightiest enemy in the way.

The Eastern Roman Empire, battered over the past two millennia but still ruling the Bosporus from Second Rome, held, with no small amount of assistance from the increasingly worried nations of Egypt and the various Indian Republics and Principalities who feared they would be next in the attempts to reestablish the borders of the Old Macedonian Empire.

Obychinzk however, did not fall when its expansion stopped, as had been predicted by many a pundit. It did not disintegrate. Alexandria's system of puppet governments, mimicking the satrapy system of the various Persian Empires of old, held for the time. But everyone knows how the story of Alexander went. In time, Alexandria had killed most of her older allies, who were planning to betray her. Titus still lived, of course, but as the years went by, Obychinzk gradually faded from the public consciousness. The war economy finally broke down, and Obychinzk was forced to actually rebuild that which it had been conquering. The Entire Caspian region was seen as an up-and-coming economy throughout the 2000s, apart from the occasional incursions into neighboring countries. But in the late 2010s, Alexandria died after a long illness, having achieved what Alexander never could. That is, she lived past forty. Some say she was assassinated by way of poison, but most agree it was natural causes. No one ever claimed responsibility.

Soon after, Obychinzk Macedonia disintegrated, as did the Macedonian Empire before it, and Obychinzk shrank back again. But one key change took place. Obychinzk had been founded over a century earlier, a piece of land ceded to Alatania that had refused to be ceded. But Alatania, in the last days of the brief civil war between the Alexandrian successor states to determine succession, ended up being ceded to Obychinzk from another neighboring nation.

As a quirk of history, and the Obychinzk Macedonian Empire's Satrapy system, for a brief moment, Azerbaijan is ruled by a Dutch President. The religious landscape shifts slightly, and Lyazism syncretizes with a few forms of Zoroastrianism and Armenian Christianity. Those sects never grow particularly large, but they remain present for centuries to come. Obychinzk will go down in history as the Last Great Empire, at least until another happens, which will not be for many years.

Part Two: The Nation.

The successful destruction of the separatist movement effectively doomed Alatania's ambitions on capturing Obychinzk Mynedd, and the swift annexation of Alatania thereafter doomed the ambitions of a century earlier to rule Obychinzk. Obychinzk was not beset with aggressive separatism from that region any longer, though sectarian violence continued for the next several decades.

The fall of Autarkia and the dispersal of the Driesslers largely reunited the Southlands. Autarkian independence movements were gradually squashed, and the region's tendencies eventually cooled down as the new problem region for Obychinzk became one of the outer Alatanian territories.

Freedale briefly attempted to join Siberia, but Siberia was uninterested in protecting a tiny island in the middle of nowhere, distant from them, with nothing on it. The mercenaries eventually lost interest, and Freedale was reabsorbed into Obychinzk.

The death of Ralphael Markham led to a massive ongoing crime problem in the Southlands. Unity among the criminal organizations was not restored for a long time, and Alexandria was more interested in conquest than securing the region. Titus was more interested in getting his cut from the various organizations than shutting it down, not that police action was going to be the thing to stop the crime. The region has never fully recovered.

The Foresters are hated less now, but still suffer much discrimination. The same is true of the Oasians, though in the early 2020s, an increasingly violent social movement successfully wins them some rights they'd previously not enjoyed, much to the irritation of people who don't understand protest's actual purpose.

The Capital remained in Arzutzk. It simply wasn't worth the effort to move all the government buildings, especially when a relatively amicable agreement had been reached and the city still stood mostly intact. Alexandria even stayed in the presidential palace, in between campaigns.

Prison Slavery remained a major industry in Obychinzk. This held back industrialization in several resource extraction sectors, and regularly got them stern letters from human rights organizations. But it endured, as it always did.

Obychinzk got an actual air force, and still has it today.

Democracy was not reestablished for years, even after Alexandria's death. It would eventually be tentatively reestablished in 2024, though it would be a rough road to recovery. Corruption runs rampant in Obychinzk due to decades of dictatorship.

Part Three: The Others.

The various other contributors to the war all met their own fates. The separatist leader, for example, was killed by a car bomb shortly after attempting to escape to Alatania. But the newspaper staffs all had their own things happen.

The Obychinzk Truth Staff:

[Image: The_Obychinzk_Truth_Staff.PNG]
LR back row, Elatian Duopolin, Alanie Orvander, Myrchek Lysand, Thurston Frost, Dr. Cowry Ravyndottor, Verekon Tynlander
LR Bottom two, Martopolous Westwell and Venadia Dorstoyov.
Background Picture: General Tyler Wendemire.

Elatian Duopolin lived for a good while longer, never fully giving up their claim to be President of Obychinzk. They ultimately died in the penthouse suite of a hotel in Brussels, and the Government-In-Exile of Obychinzk died with them.

Alanie Orvander managed to survive the entire war, but she was never really the same after it. She retired when the invasion of Alatania began and spent the rest of her life with her two cats, named Beige Dog and Onion Ring.

Myrchek Lysand continued to work as the de facto head editor of the Obychinzk Truth. Growing up in a dictatorship, and continuing to live in one, he learned to keep his political cards so close to his chest that no one actually knew what he believed. When asked, he said that he believed in not dying.
Thurston Frost found that there was not much appeal in weather reporting during wartime, and resigned from his position before the war even concluded to join the army. He died in the Macedonian War of Reclamation against the Eastern Roman Empire.

Dr. Ravyndottor is still alive and doing archeology today. While she's never returned to Caspia, she's widely respected in her field and most recently was involved in excavations in the Great Plains of North America.

Verekon Tynlander escaped the country during Elatian's evacuations. He now travels the world as a sort of freelance reporter. He claims to be on the trail of something big, but he's grown increasingly paranoid that he may be killed for what he knows. He might be right.

Martopolous Westwell was ultimately arrested for treason for being caught writing articles in favor of deposing Alexandria and reestablishing a democratic system of government, and died in a prison work camp. Today, there's a statue of him in a major square in Arzutzk, but he'd probably have preferred to be alive.

Venadia Dorstoyov managed to get assigned to do reporting abroad. The moment her plane landed in Gran Columbia, she claimed asylum, and now writes articles extremely critical of the Obychinzk government. She has not yet moved back, thinking that the democracy now established will be short-lived. She may never move back.

General Wendemire was dead before the war ended. His attempt to be declared president had been short-lived and unsuccessful. He never saw the inside of a prison though, he was old already.

The Grychak Witness Staff:

[Image: The_Grychak_Witness.PNG]
L-R Mixolydian Eldegard, Marvyn Alodious, The Editorial Staff (No Name Given), Sevi Saravane, Vick Maglodion.

Mixolydian Eldegard survived the war, and then disappeared into anonymity for a few years. They then suddenly resurfaced in the US, as an early "Angry Reviewer of Media" of all things. They ended up defining the genre, had a brief, unsuccessful attempt to break into filmmaking, and then went back to doing the angry reviewer thing. They still do it today.

Marvyn Alodious, one of Alexandria's earliest supporters, managed to work his way up into her inner circle before being shot during an argument with another member of the circle, possibly by Alexandria.

The Editorial Staff of the Grychak Witness was always an obscure figure. As far as anyone could tell, the editorial staff was multiple people, but no one had ever seen more than one of them, and they always covered their face. Rumors of plurality, a secret society, a legacy title held by a long line of anonymous writers, and more abounded. All that is known about who they were is that their hat worn in their few public appearances indicated they were once part of the Sunrise Front, a paramilitary organization based in the desert region that was destroyed during the prewar dictatorships, but that could have been borrowed. The editorial staff never dismissed any of the rumors and to this day remain an enigmatic figure.

Sevi Saravane ultimately was arrested for attempted murder. She'd stabbed one of Titus's police officers after they broke into her house without a warrant. She was shot seven times, but survived, only to die in a prison camp.

Vick Maglodion moved out to the Iranian Plateau, and when the Obychinzk Empire collapsed, he found himself outside of Obychinzk's borders. He took the opportunity to become a celebrity chef, and somehow succeeded against all odds. He has a TV show now that's extremely popular in the Central Asian region.

The Staff of the Autarkia Independent:

[Image: The_Autarkian_Independent.PNG]
L-R: Lewis Driessler, Morton Driessler, Dawn Driessler, Leamond Attsea, Vincent Overdale, Hortense Freiz

Lewis Driessler ultimately fled the country when the first tank crossed into Autarkia. He lives in Ravenna, in Western Rome, but doesn't really speak enough of the language to get around. He rarely leaves his house.

Morton Driessler, former member of the Shadow Cabinet, found himself in an awkward position when he didn't flee the country like the others. He was widely despised outside of Autarkia, and not entirely trusted in it. As the tanks rolled into town, he locked himself in a bunker with several years supply of food and water, and never came back out. His body wasn't found until the bunker was demolished to make way for a subway station years later.

Dawn Driessler died during the shelling of Abarwaty, a small village near the Autarkian Border. She was probably the only one of the Driesslers to follow absolutely through on the message they sent out.

Leamond Attsea, the oldest member of the newspaper's staff, actually survived the war and the arrests of the Autarkian Independent staff because "he's too old anyway he'll die soon" and continued to survive well into his 90s, when his house was burned down during the anti-racism protests. He died of smoke inhalation, and most people decided it was for the best, as he'd been a major player in attempting to revive Gladwellist Fascism in Obychinzk.

Vincent Overdale left Autarkia shortly before the invasion, on the pretense of going out fishing. He sailed up the Volga river, stole multiple boats, and just kept going, right into the Novgorod-Kalmar war. He was ultimately nearly shot by the border guards before being deported back to Obychinzk, where he was arrested. He died in a prison camp.

Hortense Friez didn't actually write the last column attributed to him. He'd been in the country on a visa, and he'd managed to get on a plane out. He moved back to Bavaria, where he resumed being a genuinely terrible economist with some popularity among Goldbugs. He later endorsed cryptocurrency, and makes a few hundred thousand dollars a year running the lecture circuit.

Part Four: The Shadow Cabinet (Or the remaining four members aside from Morton, covered above.)

[Image: image.png]
Harold Redford moved to the US with his vast amounts of stolen wealth, and started an antiques shop to try to launder some of it. However, he abruptly sold the shop for unclear reasons and now is a general manager at the Serenissima Casino in the US. The vast majority of the stolen gold has never been recovered, and there's no evidence he's tried to launder it since.

[Image: image.png]
Yaw Sangui was exiled from Mali-Akania in disgrace after his failed coup, and was removed from Green Star Oil. Like the other three members of the Cabinet who got out of the country, he left to the US, where he bought a hotel and spent the rest of his life as a recluse.

[Image: image.png]
Emma Pryndor-Evans was on maternity leave when the war broke out, and she simply didn't go back to Obychinzk. She then disappeared, apparently out of fear that whoever won the war would come for her. No one actually knows what happened to her afterwards, but most likely she lived anonymously somewhere in the Southern US. If she's not dead, she's probably still there, sitting on an enormous amount of money that she's generally avoided using.

[Image: image.png]
Alvin Strickland left the country as soon as he could, but there was too much evidence tying him to what happened. He was forced off the Strickland Semiconductors board by a close relative after the Obychinzk scandal broke, and then the relative in turn was forced out themselves. He eventually got really into crystal healing and died of lung cancer in the early 2010s after refusing treatment.


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